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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Resineaters  Super Bowl   Favoriting Don't ____ With the Fantasy  Siltbreeze  2001    0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Bobby Long  Jersey City   Favoriting     1960    0:02:26 Pop-up)  
Bob Moore & the Temps  Trophy Run   Favoriting various - Dancehall Stringbusters! 2: Crunchy Guitar Instros from the 60s  Sundazed  1963/2005  Roy Buchanon!  0:04:26 Pop-up)  
The Masonics  Don't Look Down   Favoriting Royal and Ancient  Circle  2008    0:07:37 Pop-up)  
The Shindiggers  A Certain Girl   Favoriting s/t 2CD comp  Off the Hip  1985/2008    0:10:12 Pop-up)  
Beatles  The Hippy Hippy Shake   Favoriting On Air: Live at the BBC Vol. 2  Apple  1963/2013    0:11:46 Pop-up)  
Bad Sports  Back In Time   Favoriting Bra  Dirtnap  2013    0:14:23 Pop-up)  
Brimstone Howl  Green Machine   Favoriting Magic House  Certified PR  2013  2009 recordings produced by Jim Diamond  0:16:01 Pop-up)  
Moby Grape  Omaha   Favoriting Vintage: The Very Best of  Legacy  1966/1993  by request from some Peyton Manning fans hanging out at Milano's  0:19:15 Pop-up)  
Bloodshot Bill  Moon Is Hiding   Favoriting The Lonesome Road  Norton  2013    0:31:51 Pop-up)  
Cheap Time  8:05   Favoriting Exit Smiles  In the Red  2013    0:34:14 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences  Kreistalrite   Favoriting Too High to Kross  Volcom  2013    0:36:45 Pop-up)  
Nagg  Branded On My Heart   Favoriting s/t  Dollar Records  2004    0:40:04 Pop-up)  
Bipolaroid  Mark Twang   Favoriting Twin Language  Get Hip  2013    0:41:49 Pop-up)  
Tranzmitors  Last Night   Favoriting s/t  Deranged  2007    0:42:46 Pop-up)  
The Last  Look Again   Favoriting Danger  End Sounds  2013    0:44:55 Pop-up)  
Black Joe Lewis  Guilty   Favoriting Electric Slave    2013    0:49:56 Pop-up)  
Wooden Shjips  Ghouls   Favoriting Back To Land  Thrill Jockey  2013    0:53:04 Pop-up)  
James and the Ultrasounds  Flat On My Back   Favoriting Lovers and Ghosts  Kanoy's Kid Records  2013    0:58:15 Pop-up)  
La La Brooks  Your Love is Amazing   Favoriting All or Nothing  Norton  2013    1:06:30 Pop-up)  
The Split Squad  You'll Never Change   Favoriting Now Hear This ...    2014  Bettye LaVette cover  1:09:07 Pop-up)  
Richie Allen and the Pacific Surfers  The Rising Surf   Favoriting The Rising Surf  Sundazed  1963/2006  aka Richard Podolor  1:13:18 Pop-up)  
Night Beats  Catch a Ride To Sonic Bloom   Favoriting Sonic Bloom  Reverberation Appreciation Society  2013    1:16:08 Pop-up)  
Velvet Underground  I'm Not a Young Man Anymore   Favoriting White Light / White Heat (45th Anniversary Edition)  Universal  1967/2013    1:21:03 Pop-up)  
Bud Benderbe  Run Run Run   Favoriting The Velvet Underground & Nico & Bud Benderbe  Boo-Hooray  2013    1:26:47 Pop-up)  
Original Sins  That's What They All Say   Favoriting Sins '88  brotherjt.com  1988/2007    1:29:47 Pop-up)  
Micragirls  White Devil of the Yellowstone   Favoriting Feeling Dizzy Honey?  Bone Voyage  2006    1:33:08 Pop-up)  
Fergus & Geronimo  Spies   Favoriting Funky Was the State of Affairs  Hardly Art  2012    1:36:52 Pop-up)  
Golden Boys  Yeah I Wanna KNow   Favoriting Whiskey Flower  Emperor Jones  2007    1:45:28 Pop-up)  
The Dentists  Kinder Still   Favoriting Some People Are on the Pitch They Think it's All Over it is Now  Trouble In Mind  1985/2013    1:48:04 Pop-up)  
Lee Ranaldo and The Dust  Blackt Out   Favoriting Last Night On Earth  Matador  2013    1:51:21 Pop-up)  
Los Kahunas  Daredevil   Favoriting Otro Reverberante Encuentro con Los Kahunas  No Fun  2008  Argentina  2:02:42 Pop-up)  
Shoes  The Atlantic   Favoriting Bazooka  Numero Group  1975/2013    2:04:34 Pop-up)  
Instant Orange  Silent Green   Favoriting s/t  Shadoks  1973/2008    2:07:28 Pop-up)  
Jook  City and Suburban Blues   Favoriting Jook Rule  Sing Sing  1974?/2013    2:10:06 Pop-up)  
Warlocks/Grateful Dead  Standing On the Corner   Favoriting Birth of the Dead  Rhino  1966/2003    2:13:12 Pop-up)  
Druids of Stonehenge  Who Do You Love   Favoriting various - Garage Beat 66 Vol. 6: Speak of the Devil  Sundazed  1965/2007  previously unissued  2:16:51 Pop-up)  
The Shoremen  She's Bad   Favoriting various - Teenage Shutdown Vol. 6: You Treated Me Bad  Teenage Shutdown  1965/1998    2:19:28 Pop-up)  
The Blues Company  She's Gone   Favoriting various - Scream Loud!!! The Fenton Story  Way Back  1968/2006    2:25:48 Pop-up)  
Kavaliers  Get Your Feet Off Of Me   Favoriting various - Party Party Party  Arf! Arf!  ?/2004    2:27:52 Pop-up)  
Davie Allan & the Arrows  The Angry Mob   Favoriting Cycle Breed  Sundazed  1968/2006  from the movie The Hell Cats  2:30:24 Pop-up)  
Robin and the 3 Hoods  The Marauder   Favoriting various - Surf-Age Nuggets: Trash & Twang Instrumentals 1959-1966  Rock Beat  1963/2012    2:33:09 Pop-up)  
The Rick-A-Shays  Turn On   Favoriting various - Surf-Age Nuggets: Trash & Twang Instrumentals 1959-1966  Rock Beat  1965/2012    2:34:35 Pop-up)  
The Love Generation  Consciousness Expansion   Favoriting Love And Sunshine: The Best Of The Love Generation  Sundazed  1968/2002  complied by Bob Brainen!  2:38:04 Pop-up)  
Dom Mariani & the Majestic Kelp  Smoke Signals   Favoriting Turn Up the Sun  Head Records  2013    2:41:26 Pop-up)  
Etta James  Almost Persuaded   Favoriting various - Dirty Laundry: The Soul of Black Country  Trikont  1969/2006  Billy Sherill co-write  2:49:59 Pop-up)  
Giant Sand  Well Enough Aone   Favoriting Provisions  Yep Roc  2008    2:52:14 Pop-up)  
David Bowie  Boss of Me   Favoriting The Next Day  ISO  2013    2:55:37 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:03pm Stevel:

Go, Joe, Go!
Avatar 12:03pm Dr. Goot:

Hello Joe, let's go, go, go!
Avatar 12:04pm KP:

did she say jim belock?
  12:04pm Frank Above:

It's that time again!
  12:05pm Dan Eletxro:

Got a quarter inch of snow on the Tuscaloosa tundra---schools closed! Panic stations! Send help, Joe!
Avatar 12:06pm ken in denver:

So many heroes in Jersey City today: Peyton, Elway, Belock.
Avatar 12:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

..okay - a different version from Vol. 1 - & worthy...
Avatar 12:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...them BeDulls can still excite like that 50 years later - remarkable lads...
  12:15pm KevinfromBayRidge:

It's the SuperBelock Bowl!
Avatar 12:19pm KP:

Go Omaha!
Avatar 12:20pm KP:

Go Omaha!
Avatar 12:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...what's purple, huge & too top-loaded w/ talent & madness to last - ??...
  12:20pm Woo:

Omaha sounds much like Jellyroll Gum Drop by The Mothers of Invention as Reuben and the Jets.
Avatar 12:21pm SmokinJ:

Hey Joe & all!
  12:23pm Mosh:

  12:25pm Peyton:

Did somebody here order a pizza?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:25pm efd:

Christopher Columbus Drive previously known as Railroad Avenue.
Avatar 12:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...you look @ them Mark Lewisohn books - & The Beatles were one seriously hard-working club band in them Early days...
  12:32pm Bubba:

Pete Seeger died
Avatar 12:32pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Pete Seeger Lived.
Avatar 👻 12:36pm David Shortell:

Cheap Time are playing the Brighton Bar on February 21 (with Ribeye Brothers opening).
Avatar 12:38pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...not to be confused w/ *MobyGrape's* '805' - !; my theory is theirs references the SantaBarbara area code...
Avatar 12:58pm Sem Chumbo:

Nod.Nod.Nod. You've got what it takes, Joe.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:00pm Mike East:

  1:01pm marmalade kitty:

Avatar 1:04pm SmokinJ:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:07pm Mike East:

Avatar 1:07pm SmokinJ:

Avatar 1:08pm SmokinJ:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:11pm Dominick:

Avatar 1:13pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  1:17pm P-9Ø:

Avatar 1:17pm KP:

Drone is good
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:18pm SeanG:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:21pm Stevel:

Nice segue.
Avatar 1:21pm KP:

I'll say.
Avatar 1:25pm Joe B:

thanks Stevel! Hi everyone, thanks for tuning in! sorry have not been able to keep up with the comments, must be the excitement of the super bowl or something
Avatar 1:26pm KP:

where are my bifocals?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:27pm Mike East:

is it unpatriotic to not watch the superbowl?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:28pm Stevel:

Bud Benderbe for president, or something.
  1:30pm Bubba:

How about some rocking electric guitar Dylan in honor of Seeger's cable pulling!?
Avatar 1:30pm Parq:

That's the first time I've understood all the lyrics to "Run Run Run".
  1:39pm Bubba:

If I'd had a hammer I would whack a few folks in the mornin'!
Avatar 1:40pm KP:

Play it on Monday, Monday
Avatar 1:45pm fleep:

In a bit of a time warp today. Thanks to anyone out there who pointed/discussed the NYT piece on Lonnie Holley earlier. Neurotypicals like the writer try to categorize things they cannot comprehend.
Avatar 1:46pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Neurotypicals !!
  1:55pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Dammit! Wanna so some laps but can't tear myself away from this frakkin great show
Avatar 1:58pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- this article - ?? :
...I dunno - he's not dismissive of Lonnie Holley as an Artist - on the contrary, he has much praise for it - & seriously - when Lonnie Holley sings praises for the Queen, for instance, some of it is a little challenging to relate to. What I hope isn't lost is how beautiful & uplifting his stuff is, if you let it be - & if you have, it's natural to feel defensive on LH's behalf...
Avatar 2:00pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...the writer *does* say - 'outsider? - outside of *what*?'...
Avatar 2:02pm fleep:

Only speaking to the writer's attempt at categorization, as you just mentioned. Otherwise the piece is respectful and appreciative.
Avatar 2:03pm fleep:

BTW Great show, Joe, really energizing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:10pm Mike East:

Did Lonnie Holley really play for 17 hours straight without a pee break?
  2:12pm Woo:

73-75 was a good time for music. Too bad the radio didn't play it.
  2:15pm zzz:

love hearing early GD on the show, thanks!
Avatar 2:17pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...compare it to the Press Hendrix got when he came out ! - & what a lot of people still associate him w/ ; I think we just don't want to see LH get painted as strange in some sensationalistic way @ the expensive of his value either artistically or personally....
Avatar 2:23pm Parq:

Just spent my lunch break looking at about a dozen on-line news pieces about Pete. This, by far, is the one most worth passing on.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:26pm Mike Sin:

Yes, I've gotta second the endorsement for the Sing Sing label -- great reissues of so much material that I never had in any form. Great attention to detail. I've practically worn out my copy of the "Rockin' Horse" LP.
Avatar 2:30pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Cheers Parq.
Avatar 2:33pm SmokinJ:

Go Davie!
  2:36pm P-9Ø:

@parq: Thanks for posting that link, you waded through the predictable morass of shallow mediocre shit and skimmed the cream; now I don't have to!
Avatar 👻 Swag For Life Member 2:37pm Jeff from Rahway:

No "Broadway Joe" references today?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:37pm Nate K:

Regarding Sing Sing, if I'm not mistaken both of the guys who run it are trained graphic designers, so they have a keen eye for packaging. Certainly one of the many things that label is doing right.
Avatar 2:44pm Parq:

P-90 (and Rev), glad to be of service. <tips hat> <well, would tip hat if was wearing one>
Avatar 2:47pm Dr. Goot:

Avatar 2:48pm Dr. Goot:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:49pm Nate K:

Nice Etta choice.
  2:53pm P-9Ø:

"buy Fenton merchandise"...there's a Fenton gift shop? Does everyone/thing that does ANYthing have to have an official line of merch?
Avatar 2:57pm KP:

How about Just Super without the Just
  3:06pm digmum:

  3:06pm digmum:

  3:13pm digmum:

raspberry bulbs?
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