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Playlist for 31 December 2014 Options | Open Phones, in for Seven Second Delay

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Listener comments!

Avatar 6:01pm Paul D:

Happy Neu! Year. I had to...
Avatar 6:02pm dale:

i'd like to call in from 1986.
Avatar 6:02pm Marcel M:

Happy New Year! Anyone want to come to my last minute NYE party?
  6:04pm oks:

Avatar 6:06pm dale:

ken - can you ask someone from the future is this spot on my forehead is cancerous?
  6:06pm Kathy:

oh Ken you are so BAD!!!!
  6:07pm joe:

portrait so amaze
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:07pm steve:

Marcel where are you in Brooklyn?
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:07pm Asheville Jon:

Avatar 6:07pm Marcel M:

OKS I JUST CALLED YOU! Dale, Bushwick.
Avatar 6:08pm Marcel M:

I'm making simple syrup
Avatar 6:08pm Marshall Stacks:

FYI: You are allowed to write the tetragrammaton, but ixnay on the aying-say, nome sane?
  6:09pm Listener Phillip in Brooklyn:

2015 big Fricken deal!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:11pm joebot:

2015 seems bleak
  6:12pm Robert:

Darn, I forgot to clarify that by "you people" I meant EVERYONE AT OR SUPPORTING WFMU.
Avatar 6:12pm Marcel M:

Blur haaaaaaa. Dale are you near Bushwick?
Avatar 6:13pm Marty McFly:

What a lame idea.
Avatar 6:14pm dale:

me? lord no - upstate. lived in windsor terrace from 85-99, though
  6:14pm Robert:

If you keep having power failures, you may NEED pedal power.
Avatar 6:16pm Marcel M:

Ah I see. WFMU listener NYE meetup at my place in Bushwick!
  6:16pm benny: says the episode of SSD in which Andy made a kid cry was the 20th best podcast episode of all time. Will we see more kids crying in the new year?
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Ken, are you sticking around for Andrea's show after this? She's had a couple of WFMU people on her show as guests.
Avatar 6:19pm Marcel M:

Owning chickens is god's work.
Avatar 6:20pm Marshall Stacks:

Celestial soul portraits always add 10 lbs.

Will it be a Marathon premium?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:20pm chad from oregon:

This glorious image needs to be on a new plate.
Avatar 6:24pm dale:

our futures sound drunken and filled with whitefish
Avatar 6:24pm groucho:

Happy New Year. 40 mins til new year here.
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:24pm Asheville Jon:

it's a walking stick!
  6:25pm Robert:

Benny, what about when Andy made a baby vomit?
Avatar 6:25pm Marshall Stacks:

@dale Herring in wine sauce?
  6:25pm El Duco del Earlo:

Oh jesus you've lost your fucking signal at 91.1. This is bad!
  6:25pm Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

The signal keeps dropping.
Avatar 6:26pm dale:

it's your future meal marshall!!
  6:26pm grubbus:

Happy New Year, Ken
Avatar 6:26pm Marshall Stacks:

That tunic is a kinda Sgt. Pepper's/Haile Selassie deal. It looks good on you, Ken.
Avatar 6:27pm Green Mountain Man Mark:

Can we call in to cuss?

(eek, 3rd dropout on fm)
Avatar 6:27pm Paul D:

Just listen with the pop up player.
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:27pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Vladimir Putin hails the "return home" of Crimea in his New Year speech. Whatever that implies.
Avatar 6:27pm dale:

can't you just trick andy into not keeping kosher? maybe slip him some pork rinds or cocoanut shrimp?
Avatar 6:28pm northguineahills:

I've eaten a ghost pepper at a chili-eating contest, i got through a half before I got tunnel vision and my ears started to ring. I got third place.
Avatar 6:28pm Marshall Stacks:

@dale I'm ready for the future! But what if it's permanently 9:45 in the future, like some crazy Zeno's Herring Paradox?

That would suck.
  6:29pm mb:

somebody gotta flip the record, maaan
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:29pm fleep:

So I guess I'm typing from the past.
  6:29pm grubbus:

I love Ken's boutineer!
Avatar 6:29pm Snortley:

Same as before: the 91.1 transmitter is putting out a good strong signal, but there's no audio to it. Sound is on and off sporadically.
  6:29pm grubbus:

I love Ken's boutineer!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:29pm steve:

ngh - i put a ball and a half of wasabi in my soy sauce when i have sushi... am i ready for a ghost pepper??
  6:29pm mrmucho:

91.1 FM is cutting out
  6:30pm juanrapido:

mp3 stream is working, hasn't dropped
Avatar 6:30pm tonyb:

...are you my pal benny
who works for j&j
in west jersey?
if not
best regards for '15 anyhoo :)
Avatar 6:33pm dale:

i would hate for it to be permanently 9:45. it's that point of the night where you get tired but feel like you need to stay awake or else you've become an old fart. forever stuck in that malaise would suck.
  6:33pm deborah:

Can't get the internet stream to play either. I am doing nothing this year. Just reading Tolstoy, listening to music, and thinking about the New Year and how it will be so much better.
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:33pm Asheville Jon:

they are not using a possum this year
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:33pm Asheville Jon:

  6:33pm deborah:

Possum drop was canceled, I think.
  6:33pm Tim:

What is this music looping in the background?
  6:34pm andy the painter:

yes, i second robert (from the bronx?):
long live us people who are, and support, free-form!
for better or worse, wfmu is at the center of my cultural life, and i hope it's around for a long time.
happy new year to ken and everyone listening.
Avatar 6:34pm dale:

jon - do they just drop a possum out a window or is it going down slowly in a nice cage?
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:34pm Ken From Hyde Park:

It's Hallogallo time! It's Hallogallo time!
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:34pm Asheville Jon:
  6:35pm benny:

@deborah: I'm going to finish Anna Karenina in just 150 more pages!
@tonyb: nope, different benny here.
Avatar 6:35pm glenn:

embrace your inner old fart, dale.
Avatar 6:36pm Marcel M:

This is fun!
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:36pm Asheville Jon:

i've not personally been to the possum drop, but my understanding is that they put it in a cylinder and lower it, then let it go
see the link i posted for more info
  6:37pm eternal optimist:
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I'd love it if the pizza delivery guy called in as he approaches room 163 at the Best Western.
Avatar 6:38pm dale:

i like ms. possum 2007
Avatar 6:39pm w41:

No entries so far :(
Or maybe: random guy, mistook for a bengal fire, Jan 1
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:41pm Mutant:

This reminds me of the puppeteer episode
Avatar 6:43pm dale:

the b side of 2525 is called mr. turnkey. i liked it.
  6:45pm Americircus:

Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:46pm Asheville Jon:
Avatar 6:48pm Bryant:

Ken, you totally need to get someone from the U.K. to call in so we can hear the future happen at the top of the show.
Avatar 6:48pm Bryant:

The end of the show. The top of the hour. You know what I mean.
Avatar 6:48pm fred:

There were call for a raccoon drop (no early release) but my understanding is that there were complaints. Yes, I'm making this up
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:49pm Mutant:

I feel left out since I'm in the past
Avatar 6:50pm fred:

@Bryant: that's a great idea! Get Vicki on the phone
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:51pm Asheville Jon:

thanks for everything this year Ken. well, everything except that horrible bohemian crapsody show.
  6:52pm vote4grouchoOrPLU:

groucho,vicki, please call in at the top of the hour. we need to hear from the UK correspondents.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:53pm Mutant:

That reminds me that I didn't get any of my swag this year
Avatar 6:54pm fred:

@Asheville Jon: don't mention it! Saying that it was his most memorable show this year only encourages him to do it again
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 6:54pm Asheville Jon:

Avatar 6:55pm groucho:

I'm scared to call america. do you have skype?
Avatar 6:55pm northguineahills:

@Steve: Not even close. Wasabi is more horseradishy, while a ghost pepper has an insane load of capsaicin that puts habaneros to shame.
Avatar 6:55pm Marcel M:

Record Fair in BK! WOO!
Avatar 6:55pm groucho:

Plus vicki has a nicer voice than me
Avatar 6:55pm northguineahills:

Happy New Year Ken!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:56pm steve:

yay Greenpoint, good move. afterparty at steve's.
  6:56pm Marc:

Can you get Monty Hall to appear at Monty Hall?
  6:56pm vote4grouchoOrPLU:

Skype! My kingdom for a Skype for groucho!! Ken?!
Avatar 6:56pm Marshall Stacks:

Bye Ken! HNY, everyone!
Avatar 6:56pm Marcel M:

Happy New Year Ken and all!
Avatar The Kenschlampen Marathon 2020 Swag For Life Member 7:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Good luck to the station in 2015. May you make all the required payments and stay in the black.
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