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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Groundhogs  Cherry Red   Favoriting Split  Arkarma  1971/1999  it IS their day, right?  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
AC/DC  Snowballed   Favoriting For Those About To Rock We Salute You  Epic  1981/2003    0:05:24 Pop-up)  
Triple Hex  Winter   Favoriting EP  Mon Amie Records  2013    0:08:58 Pop-up)  
Resineators  Superbowl   Favoriting Don't ____ With the Fantasy  Siltbreeze  2001    0:11:56 Pop-up)  
Stiv Bators  It's Cold Outside   Favoriting L.A. L.A.  Bomp  1979/1994    0:14:13 Pop-up)  
Jim Price & Scott Williams  Welcome to Mondays   Favoriting         0:16:56 Pop-up)  
Jack White  Lazaretto   Favoriting Lazaretto  Third Man  2014  kicked ass at the Garden last Friday. best guitar solo of 2014  0:19:33 Pop-up)  
The Number Ones  Boy   Favoriting s/t  Deranged  2014    0:23:01 Pop-up)  
Tiger High  Mania   Favoriting Inside the Acid Coven  Trashy Creatures Records  2014    0:23:54 Pop-up)  
Los Tones  Cry   Favoriting Psychotropic  Off the Hip  2014    0:38:33 Pop-up)  
Ar-Kaics  No Good   Favoriting s/t  Windian  2014    0:42:26 Pop-up)  
The Monsieurs  Fallon Gong   Favoriting s/t  Black Gladiator / Slovenly  2014    0:44:10 Pop-up)  
The Bloodhounds  Crackin' Up   Favoriting Let Loose!  Alive  2014    0:47:35 Pop-up)  
Outrageous Cherry  Megalomania Blues   Favoriting The Digital Age  Burger  2014    0:50:41 Pop-up)  
The Love Me Nots  Motel Hideout Love Song (Fine)   Favoriting Sucker  Atomic A Go Go  2014    0:53:53 Pop-up)  
The Special Pillow live in the studio!  
playing Feb 14 at the Cake Shop!  
Engineer: Glenn Luttman; recorded Feb. 1  
Dan Cuddy - bass, lead vocals; Katie Gentile - violin, vocals; Peter Stuart - guitar, vocals; Eric Marc Cohen - drums, vocals; the Special Throw Cushions - backing vocals on 'To No Avail'  
The Special Pillow live on WFMU!  Workaround   Favoriting         1:01:20 Pop-up)  
The Special Pillow live on WFMU!  To No Avail   Favoriting         1:05:35 Pop-up)  
The Special Pillow live on WFMU!  Airlocked   Favoriting         1:07:54 Pop-up)  
The Special Pillow live on WFMU!  Staring at the Screen   Favoriting         1:09:59 Pop-up)  
The Special Pillow live on WFMU!  Contradictionary   Favoriting         1:11:56 Pop-up)  
The Special Pillow live on WFMU!  Bad Luck and Bad Living   Favoriting         1:15:55 Pop-up)  
The Special Pillow live on WFMU!  Retrograde   Favoriting         1:18:07 Pop-up)  
The Special Pillow live on WFMU!  3rd of July   Favoriting         1:20:35 Pop-up)  
The Special Pillow live on WFMU!  interview   Favoriting         1:24:08 Pop-up)  
The Church Bats  Is It a Lie?   Favoriting     2015  playing live here on the show next week!  1:37:42 Pop-up)  
The Tripwires  How In Heaven's Name   Favoriting Get Young  Folc  2014    1:39:19 Pop-up)  
Wax Witches  Social Introvert   Favoriting Center of Your Universe  Burger  2014    1:41:50 Pop-up)  
Plimsouls  Sorry   Favoriting One Night In America - Live 1981  Oglio  1981/2005  easybeats cover  1:46:05 Pop-up)  
Flesh Lights  Teen Filth   Favoriting Free Yourself  12XU  2014    1:48:32 Pop-up)  
The Impediments  2012   Favoriting s/t  Happy Parts Recordings  2009    1:52:00 Pop-up)  
The Fumestones  Get Away   Favoriting Fiver Than Ever  H-Records  2004    1:56:27 Pop-up)  
Wonder 3  Stop the Time   Favoriting various - Benten label sampler 2001  Benten  2001  from osaka  1:59:52 Pop-up)  
JD McPherson  It Shook Me Up   Favoriting Let the Good Times Roll    2015    2:09:39 Pop-up)  
The Bama Lamas  (Do) The Hurt   Favoriting Going Up?    2014    2:11:35 Pop-up)  
Bloodshot Bill  Jill   Favoriting Shook Shake  Norton  2014    2:13:46 Pop-up)  
Louis (Blues Boy) Jones with Bobby Scott Orchestra  Come On Home   Favoriting various - Souvenirs of the Soul Clap Vol. 1  Norton  ?/2015    2:17:07 Pop-up)  
The Hecklers  What Ever Happened To?   Favoriting various - Fancy        2:19:12 Pop-up)  
Gino & the Goons  Babydoll   Favoriting Shake It!  Black Gladiator / Slovenly  2014    2:22:27 Pop-up)  
6X  High School   Favoriting       mc5 cover. any know anything about 6X?  2:24:28 Pop-up)  
Krontjong Devils  Action!   Favoriting Action!  Kuriosa  2014  great 10-inch  2:27:07 Pop-up)  
Denny and the Jets  Broke   Favoriting Mexican Coke    2014  this one goes out to ME!  2:29:12 Pop-up)  
Big Quiet  Ghost   Favoriting various - Serious Rockers: An Unblinking Ear Mix Tape  Unblinking Ear  2015  record release show saturday night at Pine Box rock shop in brooklyn  2:39:35 Pop-up)  
Invisible Days  In Your Sleep   Favoriting various - Serious Rockers: An Unblinking Ear Mix Tape  Unblinking Ear  2015    2:41:23 Pop-up)  
Lame Drivers  I'm Ready   Favoriting various - Serious Rockers: An Unblinking Ear Mix Tape  Unblinking Ear  2015    2:46:37 Pop-up)  
Ian McLagan & The Bump Band  Don't Say Nothing   Favoriting United States    2014    2:51:38 Pop-up)  
Soft News  Holocaust   Favoriting Used Melodies  Mother West  2014    2:55:41 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar 12:03pm Cheri Pi:

Nice blast off JB!!
Avatar 12:04pm Claw!:

Buenos dias, Joe!
Whaddap, Y'all?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:04pm chris:

Punxsutawney Phil on Lead Guitar!
Avatar 12:04pm Carmichael:

Good start, Joe! Is it really Groundhog day today?
Avatar 12:05pm SmokinJ:

Mornin' Joe & faithful..
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:07pm common:

Avatar 12:07pm Joe B:

Hi everyone, thanks for tuning in! Live music from Hoboken's Special Pillow coming up around 1 pm!
Avatar 12:07pm Toddophonic:

Leave it to Belock to find a good rarely heard AC/DC track.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:08pm efd:

Exactly right, Todd!
  12:08pm V Priceless:

Hey Joe and peeps!
Avatar 12:08pm Sem Chumbo:

Hiya. Joe B., and all, everywhere.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:08pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Rarely heard and a title that fits today's weather situation.
Avatar 12:10pm Andy M.:

What's for lunch?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:10pm efd:

Belock is the master!
Avatar 12:10pm Claw!:

V! There you are! I was popping in the comments board over weekend to find you, with no luck.
10:00. They went on at 10:00, and they were AWESOME.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:12pm Stevel:

All hail the B!
  12:12pm V Priceless:

Hey Claw! ! Thanks for the heads-up! Much appreciated! We got some crazy snow to ice event going on here.
  12:13pm V Priceless:

They do 'Lost Machine'?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:15pm ChrisB.:

What, no Pezband, Joe?
  12:15pm Bluesman:

It sure as hell is. Wishing the metaphor was the only "cold" right now!
Avatar 12:16pm Claw!:

Yeah, you got it, Buddy.
And no, they didn't do Lost Machine, but it won't matter. Their set was killer. If you can make it to the show, you must!
  12:16pm Frank Above:

Hot tracks about cold weather.
Avatar 12:16pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

Rockland County checks in!
Avatar 12:17pm Claw!:

I still don't have my voice back. ;-P
  12:17pm Bluesman:

Rockland County is gonna have some pretty sore backs and muscles tomorrow!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Dave Hill can also use "Welcome to Mondays."
Avatar 12:18pm Claw!:

Their new bassist, Rocky, was good. I approve.
  12:21pm KevinWho:

sounds like the Jack White Chili Peppers
Avatar 12:24pm Joe B:

maybe if the Chili Peppers had a singer and a guitar player
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:24pm efd:

Number Ones was released in 2014, didn't arrive at WFMU until recently.
Avatar 12:24pm Joe B:

thanks efd, was just headed to discogs!
Avatar 12:25pm TDK60:

Not into Jack White all that much, I mean he's okay. But that was a wild geetar solo.
Avatar 12:25pm Mailman Tom:

Fairfield County checking in !
  12:32pm KevinWho:

sorry for the snark!!! i go to box ....
Avatar 12:33pm Joe B:

i dont care, just guaranteed to generate emails, comments, phone calls. wait till i play pearl jam next week!
  12:33pm Bluesman:

Superb Owl!
  12:35pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Hello Joe & all Belockland. Enjoying poolside from SE Fla. Little strategic repositioning!
  12:38pm KevinWho:

hey, my guilty pleasure is Orleans ... so if (God forbid) I had a radio show there would be much suffering!
Avatar 12:41pm Joe B:

I have no guilty pleasures. playing jack white always - like clockwork - gets a negative response. two emails, phone ringing. there are plenty of bands some like and some don't but he is the only one i can think of that is a guarantee to get a response.
Avatar 12:41pm Claw!:

Does anyone else think Los Tones sound *just* like Thee Oh Sees? They tricked me last week, too! I heard the song start, and I though, "Aw, some new stuff! Nice!" But no. Los Tones. I like em, tho!
Avatar 12:44pm Claw!:

Kevin, as long as you're still havin' fun, then you're still the one. No shame.
Avatar 12:45pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

Nobody can say you don't give equal time as you feature both Jack White and Jack Black on the same show.
Avatar 12:46pm Andy M.:

This Monsieurs song is great.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:47pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Oui, oui, The Monsieurs!
Avatar 12:49pm Joe B:

in addition to non-Back in Black brian johnson-era AC/DC and Jack white, I am also one of the handful of FMU DJs uncool enough to have actually played the Chili Peppers
Avatar 12:51pm TDK60:

Joe, was it off the first R.H. Chili's album? That's a good one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:52pm nickybones:

The Hillel Era is pretty good.
Avatar 12:53pm Joe B:

no, i played that album in college. it was from around 1999 or 2001, i forget the name of the cut or how it sounded even!
  12:54pm KevinWho:

i'm not in that JW reactionary camp. (tempting as it maybe be!) however, I am firmly in the "always make the obvious pun" camp, and that tune had the "Give It Away" groove
  12:54pm johnk77:

anyone who doesn't like
Jack White
has not seen'm
Avatar 12:57pm KP:

Should we make ThreeChordMonte one word just to be on safe side?
Avatar 12:59pm TDK60:

Johnk77: I admit I've not seen Jack White live. But I think White is "okay" since I only have some recorded material back at the crib.
Avatar 1:00pm Listener 102356:

Seattle checking in!
Avatar 1:00pm Cheri Pi:

name check!
  1:00pm KevinWho:

(Todd not just checking in, but with the clear winner comment thus far)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:01pm drr:

checking in from Austin!
  1:01pm johnk77:

  1:04pm johnk77:

rocking the party
  1:05pm Glenn L:

@johnk77 Trained party professional. You taught me well!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:06pm Neil:

Sounds great. I especially like the auxiliary vocalists.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:06pm Mike East:

Glenn was featured on his company's recent monthly newsletter. Whaddup JohnK!
Avatar 1:07pm Carmichael:

How about Jackie Green?
  1:08pm johnk77:

did they fix the piano
in 4?
send me a link to the luttman
  1:10pm johnk77:

harmony vocals crucial
in country rock
poco, buffalospringfield etc.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:11pm Mike East:

@JohnK- G Box is on the job...hopefully making it all better
  1:13pm johnk77:

did gbox have
a personality crisis?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Lucky that The Special Pillow was scheduled for yesterday and avoided the messy snow. They sound very polished. Good job by the engineer!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:16pm Mike East:

that's kind of his M.O.
  1:16pm KevinWho:

i'm embarrassed to say I never heard Gene Clark's "No Other" until yesterday, it blew my mind
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:16pm Mike East:

tuners are strange people.
  1:18pm Glenn L:

@KFHP Thank you!
Avatar 1:22pm TDK60:

KevinWho. It's alright. "No Other" isn't that well-known. But now that you've attained enlightenment, welcome to the Gene Clark ashram.
  1:30pm KevinWho:

love the D&C stuff and I have other GC records, but somehow I missed that one. and in my past I knew Sid Griffin, so I REALLY have no excuse
  1:30pm P-90:

"...like a book on menopause" Haha!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:32pm efd:

One more Headless Horsemen fan here!
Avatar 1:41pm TDK60:

Well, KevinWho, you may know more than me about Gene Clark. I did get to briefly meet Clark once at a gig.
Avatar 2:02pm Sem Chumbo:

Been quite a show so far, Joe. Doing taxes but my heart isn't in it, just can't seem to concentrate:-D
  2:03pm johnk77:

gene clark wrote a
bunch of great songs
died young:<
  2:04pm KevinWho:

@Sem Chumbo
if you don't take all your deductions, then the terrorists win!
Avatar 👻 Swag For Life Member 2:04pm Jeff from Rahway:

Joe, I really dig that Los Tones record. I can't find a copy in the States, though.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:05pm Mike East:

That Wonder 3 track got some smiles here at the office.
Avatar 2:06pm Listener 102356:

Wonder 3 song was ridiculous, but I like strange music.
Avatar 2:06pm Sem Chumbo:

@KevenWho: fear not. Even this comment is now a *business meeting.* Deducting the cost of the bandwidth to send this.
  2:07pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

Go go Joe!!!!
  2:16pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

Can't wait to see JD again!
Avatar 2:18pm Michael Shelley:

I'm shoveling to the hits
  2:18pm KevinWho:

wow, Blues Boy Jones has some pipes!
  2:19pm Andy the painter:

this set rocks. I dig it.
Avatar 2:19pm Claw!:

You got me dancin with this, Joe! Woo hoo!
  2:23pm johnk77:

i never met Gene Clark, always a huge fan.
Korchmar, keyboardist Doerge, bassist Lee Sklar, Kunkel all good guys
i hung out with and worked with a few times in the late seventies.
Kootch a killer rock lead player, studio and live.
double or triple scale session players, when not in Jackson Browne,
Linda, or James Taylor road bands etc.
that business model no longer working.
  2:23pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

I love them even more now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:24pm Guido from Cologne:

also going for Blues Boy Jones
Avatar 2:26pm SmokinJ:

The 5 are smiling..
Avatar 2:26pm Slater:

6X was an Atlanta Georgia rock band with Lara Kiang, Kevin Rej, Rob Gal, and Tim Johnston. But they disbanded in March 2003

They released two CDs through Daemon Records: Kung Pow and Thunder Cat
  2:27pm JakeGould:

  2:28pm JakeGould:

“Thunder Bomb” www.allmusic.com...
Avatar 2:28pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

Belock always takes us Where The Action Is!
  2:28pm JakeGould:

“Kung Pow” www.allmusic.com...
Avatar 👻 2:29pm Hoboken Jack:

But will he take us to Acton PA
  2:29pm JakeGould:

Where do I pick up my “No Prize?”
Avatar 2:39pm Parq:

JakeGould, your profile includes a pic of 7th Avenue showing the back door of the Rivoli. I knew that door; I worked in that theater in the summer of '77. You also have a pic referring to a blackout. Coincidentally, had I not had the night off, I would have been in that theater when the blackout of '77 began.
Avatar 2:40pm KP:

Yippee, Big Quiet!
Avatar 👻 2:41pm Hoboken Jack:

Nice "There She Goes" riff from the quite good Big Quiet
  2:45pm JakeGould:

@Parq: Cool! That pic is not mine, but one I found on Flickr. I though the pic captured a great period in NYC. I mean a lady is walking around with a kitten in her hand like it’s normal. That was 7th Avenue and what exactly? 50th and 49th, right?
  2:46pm JakeGould:

And the blackout was a personal apology from the Raccoon that caused the Jersey City blackout a month or so back.
Avatar 2:46pm Joe B:

thanks for the 6X info everybody!
Avatar 2:47pm Parq:

Jake, 49th and 48th, if I remember. The block you mention was, and still is, the back of the Wintergarden. Used to be a nifty little candy store on 49th, the kind long gone from this American life. The whole building's gone now.
Avatar 2:48pm Parq:

Joe, thanks for tolerating this side-chat. You are killing it, as usual.
  2:51pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

Another home run, Joe!!!! See ya soon!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:53pm ChrisB.:

Hey Joe, see you at Lydia Loveless @Brighton Bar Thursday?
  2:54pm JakeGould:

Parq, here is the source of that Rivoli photo I have in my profile. www.flickr.com...
Avatar 2:55pm Joe B:

will be there Chris!
Avatar 2:55pm Parq:

Thanks, Jake. Will look into that later.
Avatar 2:56pm Sem Chumbo:

Thanks, JB. Properly monte'd for the rest of the day.
  2:58pm JakeGould:

Hey! I like Lionel Ritchie! Shaddupayouface!
  3:00pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

  5:27pm Defiance!:

More info on 6x http://atl-6x.tripod.com/released.htm
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