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Options March 28, 2015: I Just Want To Celebrate

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Artist Track
Marshall Crenshaw  I Just Want to Celebrate (from Even More hits of the 70s)   Options
Sam Elwitt Orchestra  In Another Land   Options
JD McPherson  Let The Good Times Roll   Options
Cliff Nobles & Co.  Love is All Right   Options
Tony Bennett  This Could Be The Start Of Something Big   Options
Dirty Looks  Let Go   Options
Blond  I Wake Up And Call   Options
Shotgun Red Hildreth  Keep The Gravy Hot   Options
Dave "Baby" Cortez  Funky Robot Pt. 1   Options
Tripwires, The  Be All End All   Options
Jack Herbst  Jimmy's Party   Options
Cactus Blossoms, The  Stoplight Kisses   Options
Lazy Lester  You Better Listen To What I Say   Options
Nina Simone  Work Song   Options
Ramones  Don't Come Close   Options
Chad & Jeremy  The Girl Who Sang The Blues   Options
Tex Williams  Suspicion   Options
Buster Brown  I'm Going But I'll Be Back   Options
dB's, The  Black & White   Options
Bobby Goldsboro  Little Things   Options
Jerry Reed  I'm A Lover Not A Fighter   Options
P.P. Arnold  God Only Knows   Options
Oscar Aleman  Swingin On A Star   Options
Crystal Robots  Hate Most Of It   Options
Los 4 Jets  Shake Baby Shake   Options
6 String Drag  Happier Times   Options
Jessie Belvin  I'll Mess You Up   Options
Nines, The  Hard Luck   Options
Marc Eric  Laura's Changing   Options
Mac Wiseman  The Fool   Options
Bo Diddley  (Extra, Read All About) Ben   Options
Cherry Walner  Tico Tico   Options
Paul Collins Beat, The  Let Me into Your Life   Options
Cattanooga Cats  Wait A Minute For Country   Options
George Jones  Smack Dab In The Middle   Options
George Jones  Bringin' It Home   Options
La La Brooks  Dear Boy, Love Girl   Options
Translator  Everywhere That I'm Not   Options
Troubled Water  We've Only Just Begun   Options
Ben Lee  Away With The Pixies   Options
Yolks, The  You Dont Live Here No More   Options
Pelican  My Glasses   Options
Jerky Boys, The  Tarbash   Options

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Listener comments!

  11:02am David in ATL from NJ:

I LOVE this cover!
Well done, Marshall!
Thank you MS for getting it covered for your premium CS!
  11:02am V Priceless:

Good morning, Michael! Rock!
  11:03am David in ATL from NJ:

Read that "CD". Thanks again, Michael for your hard work putting that CD together.
Avatar 11:07am BadGuyZero:

  11:09am Montmaster J:

Hey! Saw the Wrecking Crew doc. Was blown away by Carol Kaye!
Just the coolest.
Avatar 11:10am Michael Shelley:

BadGuy - how ya feelin?
Avatar 11:12am glenn:

i remember the dennis coffey interview on this program where he said carol kaye got the credit for a lot of stuff she didn't actually do.
Avatar 11:12am Toddophonic:

Was that the dreaded CD player 2?
Avatar 11:12am BadGuyZero:

Feeling a lot better than I did Monday morning!
Avatar 11:13am Todd-o-phonic Todd:

@BadGuyZero: Glad to hear it!
  11:15am Moammar:

Every time I hear "The Horse," all I can think about is the band at my high school in Texas bleating it out at the mandatory pep rallies.
Avatar 11:15am BadGuyZero:

The blessing in disguise is that I'm not medically cleared to fly. So looks like I'm going to be "stuck" in Jersey City for a couple of weeks!
  11:16am lloyd michigan:

The only Steve Allen song anyone knows.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:17am drr:

Hearing "The Horse" on mom's car radio was the first song that gave me an inkling that I liked "oldies" music...the song was about ten years old at the time.
Avatar 11:17am Juke Joint Jonny:

Has anybody seen that clip of Gene Vincent reading the lyric to "Start of Something Big" in a really arty-pretentious manner? Comedy gold.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:17am drr:

I finally got Cliff Nobles' "The Horse" LP last week.
  11:18am whattawino:

Dirty Looks!....who's better than you, Michael?
Avatar 11:20am Michael Shelley:

BGZ - hopefully it will start to show some signs of spring before you're cleared for takeoff.
LM- yeah, Steve had an amazingly low hit to sh*t ratio
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:24am Mike Sin:

Blonde featured the members of the Tages after that band's demise.
Avatar 11:25am Michael Shelley:

you are correct MIKE SIN - who will be filling in for me here on 4/25!
Avatar 11:29am Billy Jam:

loving the tunes on this snowy saturday morning in new york city - michael shelly - music to clean by!
  11:33am Adam:

Is that spelled Herbst?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:35am Ken From Hyde Park:

@Moammar - Our band, too.
Avatar 11:35am Michael Shelley:

Avatar 11:35am Billy Jam:

I need to subscribe to your Podcast
Avatar 11:38am Michael Shelley:

Paul McCartney Tells a Dirty Joke

Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:40am Mike Sin:

Just my observation from the cheap seats -- there is indeed a renewed interest in vinyl LPs, but the market seems reticent to pay the current retail price required by a record label to make a fair profit.
Avatar 11:41am MuttonChops:

Nice font on the playlist.
Avatar 11:43am glenn:

vinyl. - www.thestar.com...
Avatar 11:43am Michael Shelley:

Euphemia is the default font
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:45am doctorjazz:

Hey Ho, let's go!
  11:49am Michael from the Left Coast:

Jimmy Page playing guitar on the Chad and Jeremy tune?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:49am doctorjazz:

Vinyl is back, for sure, (for sale in trendy clothing stores!),though who knows if it will last, $25-30 for single albums (though, if you're into hi resolution downloads, they can cost comparable dollars.
Avatar 11:50am MuttonChops:

Thanks Mike for the font, fun and finyl!
  11:50am JakeGould:

Hello! Hearing the Ramones this morning is just reminding me of the whole building explosion in the East Village. Just saw this pic of folks taking a selfie-stick pic on 2nd Avenue. AMERICA! twitter.com...
Avatar 11:52am MuttonChops:

Maybe Marky's ghost was practicing in the basement.
  11:52am JakeGould:

Marky is still alive.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:52am drr:

Avatar 11:53am MuttonChops:

Oh yeah!
  11:53am JakeGould:

Also, Vinyl is back in the sense that it’s a relatively low-cost fetish/art object. Yeah, there’s music on vynil, but it’s an act of conspicuous consumption. In this digital age you can carry your record collection in your pocket but you cannot visually show it off. LP’s are like art prints to this kids nowadays.
Avatar 11:53am Billy Jam:

@doctorjazz - was about to say same thing - have noticed that with more and more hip-hop albums being pressed up by both indie and major and the prices are double what they used to be…..@JakeGould - just saw that selfie those fools posted - - damn!
Avatar 11:54am MuttonChops:

Crank it!!!
  11:55am JakeGould:

@BillyJam: “loving the tunes on this snowy saturday morning in new york city…” There’s no snow I see?
  11:56am ?:

scattered snow showers were forecast -- maybe they happened *somewhere*!
Avatar 11:57am Billy Jam:

snowing in Queens NY unless some fool is tossing white flakes from above for a two block radius :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:58am doctorjazz:

Not snowing Staten Island (at work) or Central NJ (where I live), not complaining, though
  11:58am JakeGould:

Brooklyn has no snow. Therefore we are the snowless superior of the two boroughs.
Avatar 11:58am Juke Joint Jonny:

I've got the same jerk throwing flakes in Sunnyside, Billy Jam
Avatar 11:59am MuttonChops:

My coke stash! Who tossed it out the window. Moooom!
Avatar 12:00pm Billy Jam:

ha hah - yeah it has been snowing here for about an hour or so - not heavy but not appreciated either - worst damn winter in NYC - wish it would end
  12:01pm JakeGould:

@BillyJam: This winter in NYC has been like a mild (aka: still bad) midwest winter.
Avatar 12:02pm MuttonChops:

It will end. It will all end. In the meantime, there is WFMU!!!!
Avatar 12:03pm Toddophonic:

Wow! Never heard this P.P. Arnold version!
  12:03pm JakeGould:

Feh. Heading outside. I’m at that point in spring/winter transition where I just need to be outside no matter how cruddy it is.
Avatar 12:04pm Billy Jam:

@JakeGould - guess I'm spoiled by Cali winters….couldnt handle midwest weather
Avatar 12:04pm Toddophonic:

It's always sunny when you're listening to Michael Shelley! Must be his disposition!
Avatar 12:04pm MuttonChops:

  12:05pm JakeGould:

@BillyJam: Oh no, I am still complaining. I grew up in NYC and moved to the midwest then moved back because I could not stand the midwest winters. Always bad even when it was a “mild” winter.
  12:06pm Todd:

Sweet Beach Boys cover!!! Wow!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:07pm joe:

Michael after you mentioned the thing about the Dirty Looks I've been bouncing around the internet trying to find info. Find it funny the drummer won't return your emails as he seems to still be pretty active and does other stuff in regards to the band.
Avatar 12:09pm Michael Shelley:

I'll try again Joe. last time was about 2 years ago - so worth a shot!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:17pm drr:

Eric Carmen has a new band?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:20pm joe:

As recently as 2014 www.kfab.com... interview with Peter Parker
Avatar 12:21pm Jimmy Wipper:

Rockford gets 200 dollars a day, plus expenses!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:22pm Uncle Michael:

Love the Marc Eric stuff. Steve Stanley reissued it on his Now Sounds label, I thik.
  12:23pm Elias (Fan Club Member #40):

You need to take every cruise ship on earth. It's the only answer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:27pm joe:

and here he is on Facebook www.facebook.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:27pm joe:

@jimmy wiipper and all the fine fine women
Avatar 12:27pm tmbrett:

Avatar 12:29pm Michael Shelley:

Joe - maybe he's busy with work at The Daily Bugle
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:30pm joe:

LOL that's what I was thinking
Avatar 12:30pm Billy Jam:

excellent show today…..especially loved hearing the dBs and Nina Simone songs - thanks Michael Shelly -
  12:32pm SeanG:

Hey Billy your version of Paralyzed was hilarious and awesome!
  12:33pm Michael from the Left Coast:

The best Cattanooga Cats song ever
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:34pm drr:

Better than My Birthday Suit?
Avatar 12:34pm Michael Shelley:

AGREE - www.youtube.com...
  12:37pm Michael from the Left Coast:

You do know that the singer of Wait a Minute for Country is Michael Lloyd, who produced the Osmonds, Lou Rawls and Belinda Carlisle, among other great things he's done
Avatar 12:38pm Michael Shelley:

Did not know that!
  12:45pm SeanG:

great tune
  12:45pm ListenerJohn:

I think this was great band. 'Unalone' was a killer tune!
  12:49pm Paul:

You are having Denny Tedesco on? Any questions forthcoming Re: Carol Kaye?
Avatar 12:50pm Michael Shelley:

yes, yes
  12:50pm Paul:

that is a must listen to!!!
  12:52pm Paul:

very proud of you!
Avatar 12:53pm Michael Shelley:

I misjudged you
  12:57pm timurf:

crisis & prices...
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