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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Atlantic Thrills  On My Mind   Favoriting s/t  Almost Ready  2015  new favorite LP!  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Triple Thick  Another Wasted Night   Favoriting Tuesday Night Fever    2014    0:03:20 Pop-up)  
St. Phillip's Escalator  Sick On You   Favoriting Elevation  Teen Sound  2015    0:05:26 Pop-up)  
The Woggles  Something To Believe In   Favoriting Get Tough!  Telstar  1997  Thanks everyone who came out to this great gig last week at Monty Hall!  0:07:52 Pop-up)  
New York Dolls  Seven Day Weekend   Favoriting A Hard Night's Day  Norton  1973/2000  going out to Tom from Detroit!  0:10:58 Pop-up)  
Wendy  Bye Bye Johnny   Favoriting various - From the Kitchen To the Garage: Dutch Girls and Girl Groups in the Sixties  Distortions  1966/?    0:13:59 Pop-up)  
The Sloths  A Cutie Named Judy   Favoriting Back From the Grave  Lolipop  2015    0:16:20 Pop-up)  
Guantanamo Baywatch  Mr. Rebel   Favoriting Darling... It's Too Late  Suicide Squeeze  2015    0:18:46 Pop-up)  
Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake  Hang 11   Favoriting Modern Surf Classics  Swami  2015    0:20:37 Pop-up)  
Krontjong Devils  Pink Elephants   Favoriting Action!  Kuriosa  2014    0:22:35 Pop-up)  
Bloods Band  Penelope   Favoriting Work It Out  Minty Fresh  2015    0:33:32 Pop-up)  
Vicky and the Vengents  The Day He Went Away   Favoriting A New Dawn  self-released  2009  just signed to Burger!  0:36:38 Pop-up)  
Nude Beach  Loser In the Game   Favoriting Nude Beach II  Other Music  2012    0:38:55 Pop-up)  
Warm Soda  I Wanna Know Her   Favoriting Symbolic Dream  Castle Face  2015    0:41:25 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences  Just Can't Wait   Favoriting Full Tramp  Slovenly  2015    0:43:34 Pop-up)  
Mac McCaughan  Box Batteries   Favoriting Non-Believers  Merge  2015    0:46:19 Pop-up)  
The Blind Owls  track 4 on demo CD   Favoriting         0:49:13 Pop-up)  
Fleshtones  Gotta Get Away   Favoriting 7"  Norton  2015    0:53:41 Pop-up)  
Kurt Baker  Lost In Translation   Favoriting Brand New B-Sides  King Yum  2012    1:02:22 Pop-up)  
Kurt Baker  Don't Go Falling In Love   Favoriting Brand New Beat  Jolly Ronnie  2013    1:05:50 Pop-up)  
The Leftovers  Get Out of My Head   Favoriting Eager To Please  Oglio  2009    1:08:36 Pop-up)  
Kurt Baker  Everybody Knows   Favoriting Brand New Beat  Jolly Ronnie  2012  playing at Hank's in brooklyn Thursday with the Electric Mess and Palmyra Delran!  1:10:52 Pop-up)  
Kurt Baker  On the Run   Favoriting Brand New B-Sides  Rum Bar  2013    1:13:03 Pop-up)  
The Electric Mess  Cause You Think You're a Star   Favoriting s/t    2010  also on the bill Thursday at Hank's  1:16:32 Pop-up)  
The Gulls  Say   Favoriting Hex    2015    1:25:56 Pop-up)  
The Ar-Kaics  That's Not Fair   Favoriting s/t  Windian  2014    1:26:18 Pop-up)  
The Golden Dawn  Starvation   Favoriting various - Never Ever Land: 83 Texan Nuggets From International Artst Records  Charly  1967/2008    1:30:12 Pop-up)  
De Hoje Haele  Ud I Kilden   Favoriting Mund Til Mund    2013  from Copenhagen. don't know how to pronounce band name or song  1:32:41 Pop-up)  
Max Pain and the Groovies  Electro Cosmic Chronic Jam   Favoriting Electric Cosmic  Eager Waves  2015    1:38:21 Pop-up)  
Sunshine and the Rain  C'mon and Take a Ride   Favoriting various - Serious Rockers: An Unblinking Ear Mix Tape  Unblinking Ear  2015  great set last week at Monty Hall!  1:43:04 Pop-up)  
The Stones  Seeing Red   Favoriting Three Blind Mice  Captured Tracks  1982/2015    1:54:02 Pop-up)  
Rubber City Rebels  Such a Fool   Favoriting various - PUNK 45: Burn, Rubber City, Burn - Akron, Ohio: Punk And The Decline Of The Mid-West 1975-80  Soul Jazz      1:55:35 Pop-up)  
Xetas  The Butcher   Favoriting The Redeemer  12XU  2015    1:58:26 Pop-up)  
The Blind Shake  Apes Live A Life   Favoriting Fly Right  Slovenly  2015    2:02:10 Pop-up)  
Eastern Anchors  Central, Ohi   Favoriting Drunken Arts and Pure Science    2012    2:05:47 Pop-up)  
Andy Dale Petty  That Ol' Day   Favoriting Frick's Lament  Voodoo Rhythm  2014    2:06:55 Pop-up)  
Al Huckabee and the Huckabee Family Band  She's Gone   Favoriting I Think You May Enjoy This    2014    2:08:56 Pop-up)  
John Paul Keith & The One Four Fives  Pure Cane Sugar   Favoriting Live at the Hi-Tone  Big Legal Mess  2009    2:12:03 Pop-up)  
Stumbleweeds  Look Out Heart   Favoriting Evil On Your Mind  Spinout  2006    2:14:55 Pop-up)  
Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys  Wasted Days and Wasted Nights   Favoriting various - Making Singles, Drinking Doubles  Bloodshot  2002    2:16:59 Pop-up)  
Buck Owens with Emmylou Harris  Play Together Again Again   Favoriting The Warner Bros. Recordings  Rhino  1979/2007    2:20:44 Pop-up)  
Orange Peels  Satellite Song   Favoriting Begin the Begone  Mystery Lawn Music  2015    2:27:50 Pop-up)  
Flashing Lights  Friends You Learn To Hate   Favoriting various - On Tenterhooks: Pseu's Thing With a Hook marathon premium 2012        2:33:12 Pop-up)  
The Bad Losers  Gonna Find Her   Favoriting Easy  Equation  2015    2:37:09 Pop-up)  
Davie Allan & The Arrows  The Young World   Favoriting Devil's Rumble: Anthology '64-'68  Sundazed  1967/2004  also known as Fuzz Theme  2:39:57 Pop-up)  
King Automatic  Rhapsody Angel   Favoriting I Walk My Murderous Intentions Home  Voodoo Rhythm      2:41:21 Pop-up)  
The Pastels  Why Don't You Love Me   Favoriting various - Ho-Dad Hootenanny Too!  Crypt  2015    2:42:58 Pop-up)  
Starlites  I Can't See You   Favoriting various - Eastern Pa Rock Part Two (1966-69)  Arf Arf      2:44:44 Pop-up)  
Davie Allan & The Arrows  Cycle-Delic   Favoriting Devil's Rumble: Anthology '64-'68  Sundazed  1967/2004    2:50:39 Pop-up)  
The Flowerz  Flyte   Favoriting Flyte  Arf Arf      2:55:55 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar 12:03pm Toddophonic:

Off to a good start!
Avatar 12:03pm Claw!:

G'day, Mr. Belock!
Howdy, Pardners!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:03pm common:

joe! all!
Avatar 12:03pm Tom from Detroit:

Hey Todd Hey Joe
Avatar 12:04pm Cecile:

Avatar 12:04pm Cheri Pi:

Yo Joe!
Avatar 12:04pm bobdoesthings:

heyyy joe.
Avatar 12:05pm Joe B:

Hi everyone, thanks for checking in!
Avatar 12:05pm Toddophonic:

Avatar 12:06pm Tom from Detroit:

haha TOT.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:06pm Stevel:

Rolling the rock with Joe Belock!
Avatar 12:07pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Long Live Rawk!
Long Live Belock !
Avatar 12:09pm Cecile:

damn, the woggles always sound tight.
Avatar 12:10pm Tom from Detroit:

The Peoples Champ knocking it out of the park! Something to Believe In!!!
Avatar 12:11pm Cecile:

Avatar 12:11pm Tom from Detroit:

Avatar 12:11pm Cecile:

I love US and every cover of him.
Avatar 12:12pm Tom from Detroit:

Funny Cecile, that was my request: US or any cover of him!!!
Avatar 12:13pm Cecile:

  12:15pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

I need a seven day weekend....go Joe!
Avatar 12:19pm Cecile:

this is awesome
  12:19pm KP:

Hello, Joe
Avatar 12:21pm Claw!:

Awww, snap!
Avatar 12:21pm Cecile:

This is pretty great. Michael Yonkers was talking to me about that the other day.
Avatar 12:23pm Sean B.:

These new surf tracks are somethin' Joe!.
Avatar 12:24pm Cecile:

Surf is the little black dress of rock 'n' roll
Avatar 12:24pm Sean B.:

And that Sloths track was killer man...killer.
Avatar 12:27pm Richard from Venezuela:

Amazing starts.
Avatar 12:27pm Cecile:

My first skating show, at age 12, we were dressed up like pink elephants and skated to Baby Elephant Walk.
Avatar 12:28pm Tom from Detroit:

God I long for the halcyon days of pink elephant drug references. Its all gone now.
Avatar 12:28pm Claw!:

omg, Cecile. So friggin cute.
Avatar 12:29pm Cecile:

it kind of wasn't. We were the advanced beginners and were all gawky pre-teens with spindly legs. It was more funny than cute.
Avatar 12:30pm Claw!:

Whoo - I need some caffeine up in dis. It's too early to feel this faded at work.
Avatar 12:31pm Claw!:

Yeah, I guess 12-year-olds aren't that cute, come to think of it. I was imagining small kids. I definitely need that coffee. Back in two shakes.
Avatar 12:32pm Cecile:

it would have been amazing if it was 5 year olds.
Avatar 12:32pm Tom from Detroit:

Hey I know, lets fly all the way back to JC to see the Cobras.
Avatar 12:33pm Tom from Detroit:

Hey I know, lets fly all the way back to JC to see the Cobras.
Avatar 12:34pm Toddophonic:

Bloods Band rule! Great cut!
Avatar 12:35pm Claw!:

Yeah, that's closer to what I was imagining, C.
Avatar 12:35pm Claw!:

Now I'm ready.
Avatar 12:35pm Cheri Pi:

sounds like "Don't let him come back" in parts
Avatar 12:42pm Sean B.:

@Joe These guys are signed to burger and I have been trying to turn people on to them because they are a great band...;Right up this alley for sure man...when you get a chance after the show= massenger.bandcamp.com...
Avatar 12:44pm Michael K.:

Hey JOE!!
Great to get a chance to hear you live again! Been keeping up with the archives tho' Sounding great as usual ,I love Warm Soda!
Avatar 12:46pm Joe B:

hey MK! great to hear from you!

thanks Sean will check it out later today
Avatar 12:47pm Sean B.:

@Joe ONLY because I care for your ears as you do ours!.
  12:48pm paula pc:

very sweet
Avatar 12:55pm Toddophonic:

Sticky Fingers reissue out tomorrow. Unfortunately, unlike Some Girls, I don't think there will be any Freddy Cannon covers on it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:00pm efd:

2012 is correct!

p.s. Hi Joe!
  1:01pm Mark:

Cool story in the Times today about all the logistical hang-ups with that cover, Todd. The zipper damaged the vinyl when the albums were stacked--they figured out if they pulled the zipper down a little, it would rest on the center label part of the record and not dent the vinyl. So they had people at the end of the assembly line unzipping.
Avatar 1:03pm Toddophonic:

@Mark: There is also a hilarious letter Jagger wrote to Warhol about it on the wall in the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.
Avatar 1:09pm Cecile:

this guy makes me feel how I feel about Shoes sometimes. I love the music, but the lyrics hint that he might be the worst boyfriend ever.
  1:10pm thegidge:

song of the summer? don't go falling in love!
Avatar 1:10pm Joe B:

I'll ask him that thursday!
Avatar 1:10pm Joe B:

it was the song of summer of 2012!
  1:11pm thegidge:

NY Post did a fun story on who's crotch is it anyway (but it remains a mystery).
Avatar 1:12pm Cecile:

I'd like to see that gameshow:
"whose crotch is it anyway?"
  1:12pm thegidge:

Would like your submissions for summer 2015.
  1:13pm Bluesman:

Hi Joe. Nice after lunch (burp) pick me up set.
Avatar 1:13pm FernandoBelmondo:

Today's show is rocking good!

The new summer schedule seems great but the best thing is TCM staying at my day off work.
Avatar 1:14pm Cecile:

this has a nice Thin Lizzy vibe.
Avatar 1:15pm Joe B:

great call Cecile! as usual!
Avatar 1:16pm Joe B:

thanks Fernando! Hey Blues!
  1:16pm thegidge:

yes, cecile. smoking! i need to acquire some Kurt Baker! best surprise of my monday so far! thanks tcm
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:16pm Mike East:

yeah, totally, his voice and phrasing slips into it every couple bars. Nice one, Cecile.
Avatar 1:16pm Joe B:

hey Gidge - Day at the Beach by the Atlantic Thrills. can't play it as it has 2 curses but I am working on an edit version
  1:20pm Mark:

Todd, I think I've seen that letter--at least, I've seen one that was the original request for an album cover. I never saw one specifically about the trousers, if that's what you mean. And yes, the mystery continues--whose crotch was it, anyway? Some say it was Gerard Malanga, others say Joe Dallesandro. One thing we know for sure: it wasn't Mick's!
Avatar 1:23pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

@Mark: NY Post had article on the crotch controversy yesterday...seems like at least 6 people claim it is their crotch!
  1:24pm Derek D.:

Thanks a lot, Joe!! Officially Mess CD came out Dec. 31st 2009. It's being reissued on LP this summer on Soundflat Records...
  1:25pm JakeGould:

Someone should do a new “Manspreading” version of thr “Sticky Fingers” cover.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:26pm Jeff from Rahway:

Kurt Baker puts on a FUN live show. He's back from Spain!
Avatar 1:27pm Joe B:

thanks DD. I'm calling it 2010!
Avatar 1:27pm Cecile:

these names make me smile.
Avatar 1:29pm Carmichael:

Heya Joe and rocker types.
  1:31pm johnk77:

@joeb nice selecting
@mikeeast i sent u a
business email
Avatar 1:32pm Cecile:

Joe did you catch the interview with U-Ron Bonds of Really Red on Diane's show? He talked a lot about seeing Texas psych bands back in the day.
Avatar 1:32pm Toddophonic:

Eve and The Exiles do a great cover of "Starvation"!
  1:34pm johnk77:

my texas sources
who were there back in the day
often cite bubble puppy
as most underrated
Avatar 1:35pm Joe B:

same label John!

cool TOT, I'll have to request it next time I see them!

cecile i did not, will have to go back and check it
Avatar 1:36pm Joe B:

welcxome to everyone joining in progress! thanks for tuning in and checking in! appreciate it!
Avatar 1:36pm Cecile:

the whole interview was great. Houston was really the wild west back in the 70s and 80s in some ways.
Avatar 1:36pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Bubble Puppy followed the Elevators - as I think most did. (I read 'Eye Mind'...)
- That U-Ron interview was the stuff - loved the 1st-hand accounts of how much Punk was harassed then...
Avatar 1:39pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- this one: wfmu.org...
  1:43pm johnk77:

billy gibbons is extremely mellow
and 1 of the coolest humans
i've hung out with
many kinds of rock
have always been both
popular and controversial
strongly condemned locally
Avatar 1:44pm Claw!:

I really dig this cut
Avatar 1:51pm Hoboken Jack:

Somebody get Joe a cup o' joe! Still totally rockin' though.
Avatar 1:55pm Cecile:

wow, this sounds like a Television rehearsal tape. Great stuff.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:55pm Jeff from Rahway:

A darker, moodier Clean perhaps?
Avatar 1:56pm Cecile:

that too.
  1:56pm Mark:

Like the Stones a lot. I wouldn't name my band that, but...great song.
  1:58pm Mark:

All the FMU jocks have been playing this album--who knew Akron was so hip? Bet you can get a house for like $80,000, too.
  1:59pm Mark:

Just googled it: median home value in Akron: $60,700. That's so low it's a little off-putting. Maybe it's not so hip, after all. In spite of the fact that the Rubber City Rebels came from there.
Avatar 1:59pm Claw!:

Fuck yeah, Xetas!
Avatar 2:23pm pzolla:

Killer set, Joe!
  2:25pm KP:

Joe play Play Together Again Again again
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:29pm Jeff from Rahway:

This new Orange Peels record is really growing on me.
  2:29pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

This one is beautiful.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:36pm Jeff from Rahway:

Yeah the Flashing Lights! Fantastic Canadian band! The Super Friendz live!
Avatar 2:41pm Claw!:

Yeeeeah! Davie!
Avatar 2:43pm V Priceless:

happy birfday to Davie Allan! Hey Joe and Belockians!
Avatar 2:49pm Claw!:

Hola, V!
  2:51pm Bluesman:

Joe, thanks for doing such a great show today! Got me through an otherwise lousy work day.
  2:51pm johnk77:

on this date in 1969
brian jones leaves the stones
Avatar 2:51pm V Priceless:

Heya Claw! Fuzz on, Davie!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:54pm common:

vp, claw! all!
Avatar 2:54pm Claw!:

Yo, common!
Avatar 2:58pm V Priceless:

Hey common!

Thanks Joe!
Avatar 2:59pm Kurt Gottschalk:

Thanks V Priceless!
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