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Playlist for 17 February 2016 Favoriting | Porn for the Humpback

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Label Images New Approx. start time
Matmos  Ultimate Care II   Favoriting Title Track  Thrill Jockey 
Fat White Family  Whitest Boy on the Beach   Favoriting Songs For Our Mothers  Without Consent / Fat Possum 
*   0:07:57 (Pop-up)
DJ Female Convict Scorpion  Iron Man Exodus / The Southern Pinwheel   Favoriting Space Cadet  No Label 
*   0:12:19 (Pop-up)
Bulbul  331/345   Favoriting The Schizo Box  Rock is Hell 
*   0:19:24 (Pop-up)
Whales and The Main Ingredient  The Main Ingredient of Whales   Favoriting none  Important Records 
  0:28:59 (Pop-up)
DJ Prince  Pick up the Harmonium   Favoriting Straight Outa Ireland!  No Label 
  0:33:16 (Pop-up)
DJ NoNo  Cha Cha Like Its Hot   Favoriting Ballroom  No Label 
  0:36:20 (Pop-up)
Luna Lee  Voodoo Chile   Favoriting none  No Label      0:39:34 (Pop-up)
Red Hot Chilli Pipers  Voodoo Chile / Baba O'Riley   Favoriting Bagrock to the Masses  Rel Records 
  0:43:30 (Pop-up)
JC Satan  Hell Death Samba   Favoriting Title Track  Slovenly 
  0:51:57 (Pop-up)
Olga Podluzhnaya (Ольга ПодлужнаяY)  That Olga Song that Begins with Bong SFX   Favoriting That Olga Album That's Available  Plexus Music 
  0:55:56 (Pop-up)
  1:02:38 (Pop-up)
Lizzy Mercier Descloux  Milk Sheik   Favoriting Mambo Nassau  Light In The Attic / Ze 
*   1:09:46 (Pop-up)
Nino Rota  Lo Struscio   Favoriting Amarcord (soundtrack)  CAM 
  1:12:03 (Pop-up)
Carla Bley Band  8 & 1/2   Favoriting Amarcord Nino Rota  Hannibal Records 
  1:14:57 (Pop-up)
Martinibomb  Operation Fascination   Favoriting A Girl's Bike  No Label 
  1:26:33 (Pop-up)
Gotz Allsmann  Dein Kuss Von Gestern Nacht Mein Schatz   Favoriting German Pop Vol. 1  No Label 
  1:30:43 (Pop-up)
Vicki Bennett and Pearl Frost  Magneto And Titanium Man   Favoriting No Album  No Label      1:33:26 (Pop-up)
Sid Vicious  She's Something Else   Favoriting The Great Rock and Roll Swindle  Virgin  
  1:36:41 (Pop-up)
Gael Garcia Bernal  Quiero Que Me Quieras   Favoriting Rudo y Cursi Soundtrack  Nacional 
  1:38:52 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Sinfonia Agridulce   Favoriting Soy Sauce  Nacional 
  1:41:27 (Pop-up)
ToToM  Lay Bittersweet Lady   Favoriting Dylan Mashed  No Label 
  1:45:31 (Pop-up)
Bob Dylan  Fourth Time Around   Favoriting The Cutting Edge 1965 – 1966: The Bootleg Series Vol.12: Collector’s Edition  Columbia Legacy 
  1:49:38 (Pop-up)
The Beatles  Norweigan Wood Slooowww   Favoriting Rubber Soul  Capital Records 
  1:54:06 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Blues   Favoriting Self Titled  Joseph Tito Records and Tapes 
  2:05:00 (Pop-up)
David Arvedon  Write It on My Epitaph   Favoriting The Best of Volume 1  Mighty Mouth Music 
*   2:09:12 (Pop-up)
David Liebe Hart and Adam Papagan  Hillary Clinton   Favoriting New Songs Improvised Live: 6-05-08  No Label 
  2:13:24 (Pop-up)
The Passionate and Objective Jokerfan  Andy Breckman   Favoriting none  Andy Breckman      2:16:18 (Pop-up)
Michael Intergalaxon  Birdhouse Boogie   Favoriting The Art of Bird Mutation  No Label 
  2:17:01 (Pop-up)
Kreisky  Ballet   Favoriting The Schizo Box  Kreisky 
*   2:20:13 (Pop-up)
Chico Buarque  O Malandro   Favoriting Opera do Malandro  no label 
  2:23:51 (Pop-up)
Ney Matogrosso  Idade De Ouro   Favoriting Nuts for Brazil: Scott Williams' 2015 Marathon Premium  No Label 
  2:28:42 (Pop-up)
Marta Ren & the Groovelvets  Let's Talk About the Kids   Favoriting Stop Look Listen  Record Kicks 
  2:31:51 (Pop-up)
Lurdez Da Luz  Ping Pong   Favoriting Rolê: New Sounds of Brazil (V/A)  Mais Um Discos 
  2:36:51 (Pop-up)
Steinski  The Big Man Laughs   Favoriting What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective  Illegal Art 
  2:40:52 (Pop-up)
The Real Tuesday Weld  Bathtime in Clerkenwell   Favoriting I, Lucifer (Soundtrack)  Six Degrees 
  2:45:56 (Pop-up)
Matia Aguayo  Desde Rusia   Favoriting Ay Ay Ay  Kompakt      2:49:09 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:22am -Ken:

Guten Tag, Early Morning Party People.
Avatar 6:38am People Like Us:

Morgen! Wow, what movie does Harpo burn books in?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:48am -Ken:

I think it was Horse Feathers.
Avatar 6:49am People Like Us:

oh so it is, thanks
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:15am cory:

hiya kens and un-kens
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:54am -Ken:

Hi Cory
  7:54am LandOfJƏrƏmy:

Hello fellow Kenizens
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:02am -Ken:

Good news for the people who think I use too much echo. The echo unit is broken.
  8:08am LandOfJƏrƏmy:

Echo unit is broken? Rush would be disappointed. All their tests would fail.
  8:14am Listener Robert:

No, Miss Vicki, you were supposed to write, "Horse Feathers!", & then Ken was supposed to write back, "No, really, they did do that in a movie, so which one was it?"
  8:19am ƒ≡f≡ (:

Hello, Ken and good people!

Happy pre-Birthday Ken!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 8:24am Ken From Hyde Park:

Quick...someone run down to the studio with an empty coffee can for echo effects!
Avatar 8:35am glenn:

in case you need an excellent cat gif. -
  8:36am LandOfJƏrƏmy:

I think reverb apps exist
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:42am -Ken:

Thank you f0f0!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:43am -Ken:

I got reverb on my laptop but no reverb for the board. and NO DEMON VOICE :(
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:44am Guido from Cologne:

Many happy returns Ken!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:47am Marcel M:

Good morning Ken and friends. Great top photo! HAHAH!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 8:48am Lizardner Dave:

Gluten Tag to one and all, except for Celiac sufferers.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 8:51am Murakami Whywolf:

Chico's character's comment to Groucho's 'Wagstaff' is a simple 'He gets mad 'cos he can't read.'
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 8:57am Murakami Whywolf:

Suddenly I want to hear Scalia, delivering an opinion, mashed-up againt {RIAA/Howlin' Wolf/Doughbelly Stray}'s "Down in Mississippi"—a truculent boast-fest.
Avatar 9:00am Wild Neil:

Good morning Ken et al!
Avatar 9:00am glenn:

scalia really was a gigantic piece of shit, wasn't he?
Avatar 9:00am egal:

Scalia was an Abba fanatic.
Avatar 9:02am Wild Neil:

Scalia was probably murdered. His death seems very suspicious.
Avatar 9:03am egal:

Wild Neil: it was a case of karma.
  9:04am LandOfJƏrƏmy:

I think this is an echo!
  9:05am ƒ≡ƒ≡ (:

Avatar 9:05am Wild Neil:

@Egal-wow. So you disagree with his views, so he should be killed? What ever happened to reasoned debate?
  9:05am Brendan:

I'm trading my Blue Cross Blue for this Ultimate Care 2
  9:07am Brendan:

Good bathroom CD
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:08am Marcel M:

Neil, I wouldn't take offense or take a comment meant to be half serious too seriously or you are going to do very badly here; especially with right wing leanings.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:08am Goyim in the AM:

WN is right. Overweight dudes in their 70s who are known for type A personalities and overeating and who haven't been in the best of health don't just die, sheeple!
Avatar 9:09am egal:

Wild Neil: he wasn't murdered.
  9:11am Cliff:

Good morning Ken & everybody
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:12am Marcel M:

  9:12am ƒ≡ƒ≡ (:


His body hasn't been found yet. So we cannot rule that out.

Wait. Are we talking about the same Scalia?
Avatar 9:13am glenn:

god, i hope there isn't more than one.
Avatar 9:14am Losermom:

Oh, CRAP, no demon voice. Signing off.
Avatar 9:15am egal:

f0f0: then it could have been zombies.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:15am Marcel M:

I love this DJ FCS track.
  9:16am Cliff:

Reverb's been broken since Monday night, Dave Hill was complaining about it too
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:17am Ken From Hyde Park:

Well, I hope Olga is not broken.
  9:18am Cliff:

Olga is invincible, she could singlehandedly burn down the entire Kievan Rus if she wanted to
Avatar 9:19am glenn:

without the demon voice, it's the goldarned dave hill show.
  9:19am ƒ≡ƒ≡ (:

I bet she is. At least I haven't heard of any rich Jew's harp musician
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:20am -Ken:

By the way, for those who missed the launch of Rate That DJ last week:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:22am Marcel M:

@Ken: Has it been getting a lot of visits?
  9:24am Cliff:

Andy Breckman STILL rated higher than Joseph Goebbels. I demand a recount!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:26am Marcel M:

@Ken: Is the order of the DJs not in order of who is in first and last anymore?
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:27am Ken From Hyde Park:

Paris Hilton has anchored the bottom rung since she appeared.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:27am pygmylunch:

So amped for whale song
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 9:28am Murakami Whywolf:

Now I see 'Bulbul' as looking like "Inside Out"'s 'Bing-Bong'.
Avatar 9:28am Wild Neil:

@Egal-they found him in bed with a pillow over his head. That's odd.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:28am MD:

Andy shall start a 1000 Year Radio Reich! HIS RADIO NATION WILL ENDURE FOR 1000 YEARS!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 9:28am Murakami Whywolf:

'This Justice has no real friends -- nobody knows what he was doing here. It'll be as if he never existed, except for all those precedents. All that's left is our friendship.'
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:28am Ken From Hyde Park:

Gee, you'd think the biggest CD on Earth would be hard to lose and easy to find.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:29am Goyim in the AM:

Can't bring myself to be too cruel to Andy, so I gave an extra star to Goebbels because he made the station ids run on time.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:30am -Ken:

Wild Neil, I sleep with an Antonin Scalia pillow on my head every night.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:30am Marcel M:

I'm sure the murderer left the pillow on his head kind of like a calling card. He does that to all the people he merks.
  9:31am mary:

Guess who I had a meal with last wk at Berlinale Film Fest?
Michael Rather. Yep. Neu, y'all.
He did some sound for a movie I worked on.
Uncle Howard- a doc that is in the Panorama.
It's 3:25 in the very fun and very civilized Berlin! I kinda do not want to go back to the usa. It's gross- except for fmu.

I told Michael I love listening his music on Ken Freedman's show doncha know. He smiled.

Just tuned in and will listen to archives- of course!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:32am -Ken:

Wow Mary, thank you!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:32am Marcel M:

These whales sound like they are in the middle of a slapstick routine.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:32am foofs:

I just wish Goebbels wouldn't play so much Abba. We can hear that anywhere! Plus some of the quips he comes out with are, frankly, borderline racist.
  9:32am mary:

Guten tag to you too.
  9:33am Brendan:

Ken . A porn sound track (w/ wah wah and bubbles sounds) would pair nicely with the whale.
Avatar 9:34am Wild Neil:

@Marcel-you know, I was shocked when Tony at Tony's machine shop told me "you know, the US government has people killed all the time.". I was incredulous. It was 2000. Now, nothing surprises me. I wonder how long it will be before ordinary people are hauled off to jail for their beliefs??
  Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:35am tadpoles:

Excellent sampling of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra thanks Ken.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:37am Ken From Hyde Park:

Ted Cruz can do all sorts of Simpsons characters, badly.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:37am Marcel M:

Is Tony at Tony's machine shop an ex CIA member, Neil?
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 9:38am bbell:

damn, did you have to cut off the cha cha for bad language?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:41am -Ken:

Yes Barbara I did dangit ! Dangit all to hell. Im having a DJ nightmare this morning. BUT IM AWAKE!!!!!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:41am MD:

god Bless America LLC...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:42am -Ken:

Wild Neil - I also heard on Alex Jones' show that Hillar was photographed with pillow feathers under her FINGERNAILS. You heard right. It was on the internet!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:43am MD:

Head! More Pipes!!! NOW!!!
Avatar 9:43am Mark S:

If it was on the internet then it must be true!
Avatar 9:43am glenn:

i like dj. nono's mashup of just lose the accordion [eminem vs. myron floren]
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:44am Ken From Hyde Park:

The Pipers!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:44am -Ken:

Oh God its soundexchange week!! What label is this freaking red hot chilli pipers on?! I need help bad people....
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:45am Marcel M:

I can never tell if your joking, with this, Ken, but its "Bagrock To The Masses" according to Amazon.
Avatar 9:47am egal:

The Internet says Obama killed Scalia during a pagan human sacrifice.
Avatar 9:48am Mark S:

and the label for Bagrock to the Masses is Rel Records
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 9:48am bbell:

Your dj nightmares make for a good morning for the listeners. p.s.-I grew up with a capuchin monkey as a sort of cousin. Cappy, the only clothing he had was a diaper.
Avatar 9:49am βrian:

My wife found me in bed this morning with a pillow over my head. She's eager to nominate.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:50am Webhamster Henry:

Morning Ken ! You know who I miss? DJ Jesuspants! But, with no effects machine, no Jesuspants.
  9:50am Cooh John:

For a moment I thought Mary Wing had taken over with 3oak.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:51am Andrew Waterloo:

wow, how does a a band named after the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sound so good?
Avatar 9:53am Wild Neil:

@Marcel-well, funny you should ask. He was a "frogman" for the Navy back in the 50's...predecessor of the Seals....geez, I just put 2+2 together....oh my God....
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:54am Andrew Waterloo:

I've reserved a special eye-roll for people Alex Jones fans that tell me I shouldn't believe everything I read.
  9:54am Cliff:

And here I was thinking somebody in the Red Hot Chilli Peppers could play the bagpipes. I need to pay closer attention to the band name spellings on the playlist
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:55am Marcel M:

@Neil: Its not that funny I should ask... you credited what sounds like a mechanic who told you some sort of conspiracy theory.
  9:55am Cliff:

Is it.....OLGA???
Avatar 9:56am Wild Neil:

@Ken-Vince Foster and numerous others....probably hits.
  9:57am ƒ≡f≡ (:

Olga's label: Plexus Music
Avatar 9:57am Mark S:

this is burrowing into my brain
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:57am -Ken:

Absolutely Wild Neil. Did you hear the news about Joe Biden and David Bowie? Also a great deal of evidence to suggest it was a hit.
Avatar 9:57am glenn:

olga would go very well with whales.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:58am Yvang:

Olga Podluzhnaya is the ####
  9:59am ƒ≡f≡ (:

From the label site:

"Plexus Music is a Russian Internet record label, founded in 2011. We publish electronic music styles and regardless of the popularity of the artist."
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:59am Marcel M:

It was really weird with Bowie tho, the pillow was found INSIDE of his stomach.
  9:59am Cliff:

I like all labels that publish regardless of the popularity of the artist
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:59am Ken From Hyde Park:

Can Olga be our next president, please?
Avatar 9:59am Wild Neil:

@Ken-Bowie had LOTS of hits, you are right.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:00am Goyim in the AM:

WFMU, where the hits keep coming, sheeple.
Avatar 10:01am βrian:

Damn, that triple espresso gave me whiplash!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:02am Andrew Waterloo:

where the hits hit
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:03am Ken From Hyde Park:

Introducing Supreme Court Justice Olga Podluzhnaya!
  10:03am ƒ≡f≡ (:

I think is more like "WFMU, Where are the hits?!'
  10:05am ƒ≡f≡ (:

Uutai. Live Jew's-Harp (Plexus Music 2012)
Avatar 10:05am Wild Neil:

The court is essentially tied so whoever gets nominated will be the tiebreaker is my understanding. White Punks on Dope. Heh.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:07am Andrew Waterloo:

Olga is on Bandcamp too
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:08am Andrew Waterloo:

Two albums there, and there are English titles too
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:08am Yvang:

Feekls weird to vote for Goebbels
Avatar 10:09am βrian:

Vote for gerbils.
Avatar 10:09am βrian:

Facebook = voter suppression
  10:10am ƒ≡f≡ (:

This is my favourite cover album art from all the discography of Olga's record label Plexus Music:

Insane - I could be Dizziness
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:12am Greg from ZONE 5:

Morning, gang!
  10:12am ƒ≡f≡ (:

Is this Nino Rota? I think this song is heard in Amarcord, the best movie ever!
  10:14am Cliff:

That's the techno album Andrew, the one with just Olga is here:
  10:14am ƒ≡f≡ (:

Next time I'll read the playlist to avoid redundancy
  10:16am ƒ≡f≡ (:

J.C. Satàn – Hell Death Samba. Label: Slovenly Recordings
Avatar 10:18am pierre:

morning morning Ken and Kenanigans
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:19am Planet Tyler:

This reminds me to tell y'all there is a new Pee Wee movie coming!
  10:19am Hunter:

Ken, I can't seem to find and there are some DJS I have very strong feelings about
  10:21am Sam:

Why do they wrap foods in wax paper? There's nothing grosser than wax paper stuck to your food. Or eating some by mistake.
  10:22am ƒ≡f≡ (:


(Those were 42 exclamation marks by the way)
  10:22am @djelrock:

Good morning all. Going to NOLA tomorrow and have no idea what weird sound n otherwise hangs there are in what I hear is alligator land. Zydeco is nice, Delta Blues ok, what Im looking for is post punk and goth and subterranean fuck u establisment kind of thing. Any help Ill bring you a beer cosi. Txs much much.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:23am the Canterbury wood-elf:

@Hunter NOT funny
Avatar 10:25am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar 10:25am Wild Neil:

  10:26am Mark R.:

This is perfect dogs jumping rope music!
  10:26am Sam:

You got that right Mark!
Avatar 10:26am Wild Neil:

This Carla Bley song appears to be quoting The Saber Dance..
  10:27am Billy London:

Ahh music to spin plates to!
  10:27am Sam:

I think those are bears though
Avatar 10:28am Rev. Turnip Druid:

ahoy, the feral Neil of Note!
  10:28am Mark R.:

Yes, Neil, as did "Pee Wee's Big Adventure."
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:29am -Ken:

Those are BEARS!
  10:30am ƒ≡f≡ (:

I think Andy and Ken should be rated together and not separately. Otherwise Ken's overall rate results should reflect those coming from his own show and those from SSD. Don't you think?
  10:30am Mark R.: I saved this for you, Neil
  10:31am Sam:

They're probably dogs dressed as bears. Those look like costumes.
  10:31am Mark R.:

I thought they were bears, then the one's head looked like a dog, but looking again, I see they are indeed bears, which is even better. I never could jump rope. But dogs and bears can. Hmmm.
  10:32am Mark R.:

This is exactly the kind of shit that I'll have on at work and somebody pops their head in, "Hey, I was wondering--what the hell are you LISTENING to?"
  10:33am ƒ≡f≡ (:

I meant to say:

Otherwise Ken's overall rate results should DISTINGUISH those coming from his own show and those from SSD. *

Damn you, autocorrect!

Wait..I don't have autocorrect feature!
  10:33am Sam:

You're listening to some smooth German seduction
Avatar 10:33am Wild Neil:

@Mark-you know, ten years ago it was "a conspiracy theory" that our own government was spying on us. Now, thanks to Snowden (a hero) it turns out they actually were trawling hard on everybody.
  10:33am Mark R.:

These two have real chemistry. Get it? Chemistry?
  10:34am ƒ≡f≡ (:

Avatar 10:34am Chris M.:

way better than the original
Avatar 10:34am βrian:

They're covalent, even.
  10:36am Mark R.:

Whenever an FMU DJ says "No album," "No label" I always picture them picking up a cassette off the sidewalk that had been tossed out of a passing car, and saying, "Hmmm, I think I'll play this on my show."
  10:36am Sam:

Here's an idea for 7 second delay: Which WFMU DJ should Obama appoint to the Supreme Court? I vote for Michele. She's tough, but fair.
  10:37am ƒ≡f≡ (:

Little People By Us
Avatar 10:37am Losermom:

I love this whole album. I have it but it's so trashed from all the college parties.
Avatar 10:39am glenn:

stashu for s.c. justice.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:40am -Ken:

Dj Elrock, I dont know of any clubs in NOLA other than Rock 'n' Bowl but you should have no problem finding tons of music while you're there.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:40am Marcel M:

Diez cosas que odio de ti
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:42am Marcel M:

@DJ ELROCK: I was in NOLA fairly recently there is a ton of music everywhere but so much of it sucks and is for tourists. Do research before you go to places for sure.
  10:42am Cliff:

Have to check out early today, thanks Ken!
Avatar 10:42am Wild Neil:

@Cliff-later dude.
  10:43am Mark R.:

Mexican Institute of Sound also recorded for Nacional, Ken.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:43am -Ken:

Thank you Mark!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:45am Marcel M:

@DJ ELROCK: Siberia in the bywater is cool and has post punk/goth shows sometimes I think.
  10:48am ƒ≡f≡ (:

sid Vicious - Sid Sings Year: 1989 Label: Virgin Records
Avatar 10:48am glenn:

ooooh. zombie bob dylan.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:49am Mike East:

cool Dylan mashup!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:50am steveo:

Ken. First time caller. I love the show. Are you taking requests? I'd like to request "I Wanna Dance with some Bono".
Avatar 10:53am fekner:

cool mash track by ToToM Bittersweet w/ Andrew Oldham Orchestra - The Last Time
  10:54am brandon:

there is some awesome death metal version of Norwegian Wood
  10:55am Mark R.:

So we all know that "Fourth Time Around" was Dylan's shot at Lennon for stealing the melody of "Norwegian Wood." But I forget, what was the Dylan song John stole it from?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:56am Yvang:

It's Norvegian weed
  10:56am Mark R.:

I'm curious how you slowed this down?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:57am Mike East:

just loaned my wfmu bottle opener to Eddie Palmieri
  10:57am ƒ≡f≡ (:

Even slow Norwegian Wood is still the most psychopathic song ever.
  10:58am Mark R.:

The Verve Pipe. Shame on me for knowing that.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:59am Goyim in the AM:

yeah, but at least Slow John has the excuse of being drunk.
Avatar 11:01am glenn:

hmmm. well, since norwegian wood employs that major to minor key modulation that the beatles had previously used many times, and dylan hadn't used it at all [at least not to my knowledge], then i'd have to say lennon was right, and dylan ripped off the beatles. not that that's a bad thing.
Avatar 11:02am People Like Us:

and the Beatles didn't rip off anything, ever, no
  11:02am Mandrax:

I agree with your Vinyl assessment but I'm still intrigued to see where it goes
  11:03am MONEYBAG$:

I can tell by Ken's pronunciation of Nino Rota that he's never heard a Francis Ford Coppola DVD commentary
  11:04am Guerin:

I'm so with you, Ken, regarding 'Vinyl". Unwatchable. But my wife liked it -- she had just finished off a bottle of wine.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:04am Mike East:

my company made some good money renting props to Vinyl. I'm looking forward to checking it out and I hope they do another season so my kids can go to college.
  11:04am ƒ≡f≡ (:

There was no music before The Beatles. There were just hisses and weird noises.
  11:04am a listener:

what happens if Andy dies before next week's show?
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:04am MD:

Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:05am Vivian:

I remember when Twisted Sister use to play clubs near Mahopac.
Avatar 11:06am SueAdynamo:

DAFOE art short:
Avatar 11:08am Nick from Indy:

Slovenian (SLO) Rock
Avatar 11:11am Nick from Indy:

can you play something off of PPotU "Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned" next?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:11am -Ken:

Mark I slowed it down in Adobe Audition. Speaking of Twisted Sister, the Good Rats got TWO shoutouts on 'Vinyl.'
Avatar 11:14am Mark S:

The Good Rats? Oy vey
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:15am MD:

Up Da Hill Wit Hil!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:16am Mike East:

dang, I was hoping for poop into a wormhole today.
  11:17am Mandrax:

Filmmakers RARELY get music period pieces right. That punk band in Vinyl? Really, people? Everything about it was awful. I felt like I was watching the "punk" episode from "Chips" in the early 80's.
Avatar 11:17am MenfussMike:

can you play "Caroline Kennedy" by the Bunny Brains next please
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:17am MD:

Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:17am Webhamster Henry:

If you like slowed down stuff, there's plenty available in the Radio Boredcast on demand archives:
Avatar 11:18am Wild Neil:

@Mandrax-check out the CPO Sharkey "punk episode". The Dickies!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:18am Goyim in the AM:

"You're the best guy in the whole wide world" really makes me question this guy's objectivity.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 11:18am Stashu:

My ears tickle
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:19am courtneynoir:

Andy Breckman is very important - he has a Wikipedia page.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:20am MD:

Andy...Andy..Let me get this Right Andy....You want 2 orders of French Fries and one large Chocolate Shake...Is that right Andy???
Andy...Andy... I am so excited...Andy...!!!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:23am MD:

  11:24am Sam:

How bad are the elevator delays?
Avatar 11:24am Okasa:

@ƒ≡f≡ - I heard that. Please watch those sorts of blasphemous comments. "If you don't want to smell my smoke, don't monkey with my gun." ~ Jimmie Rodgers, 1930.
  11:25am Sam:

Ha, he rhymed caixa and baixa. I don't know what either of those mean.
Avatar 11:25am FernandoBelmondo:

now that carnaval is over, samba can be fun again.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:26am Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks for that traffic update, Jim!
Avatar 11:27am Trolleybus:

You played a pro Hillary song. Quite right. You should play Laibach's Sympathy for the Devil to keep the political ballance . That wanker Trump would be thrilled.
  11:31am ƒ≡f≡ (:

Ok Okasa. I'll not monkey with you again. Maybe with a little monkey, but no with a full one.
  11:31am Ike:

Speaking of Vince Foster, I was mildly surprised to learn that Irwin does NOT think Hillary had him killed. Barring more evidence, of course.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:34am Rich in Washington:

I think righties are just freaked out by the resort owner's statement that it was peaceful, how he died..
It's like in Goodfellas when Jimmy hears over the phone how Tommy got whacked.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:35am Rich in Washington:

Scalia, I mean. Not Vince Foster.
Avatar 11:36am Okasa:

@ƒ≡f≡ - :) Hey hey hey.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:36am Rich in Washington:

There are conspiracy theories on how the 79 year old morbidly obese hate monger had died, in case you haven't heard.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:37am Ken From Hyde Park:

Future 7SD episode: Ken & Andy write a demon voice app, with optional reverb feature.
Avatar 11:40am Chris M.:

@Ken label is "Mais Um Discos"
  11:41am Brendan:

Hello Ken Big Man
  Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:45am tadpoles:

Amazing Steinski GIF!
Avatar 11:46am βrian:

Like an auctioneer musical face-off.
Avatar 11:47am Mark S:

I, Lucifer (Soundtrack) label Six Degrees
Avatar 11:47am Michael:

Ken: [PIAS] Recordings
  11:47am Listening Out There:

Nifty video for Bathtime in Clerkenwell =,d.cGc
Avatar 11:49am Mark S:

Seems the US label is Six Degrees, UK label PIAS
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:50am Goyim in the AM:

...and the artist is usually listed as "The Real Tuesday Weld".
Avatar 11:51am Mark S:

Kompakt Germany - Matia Aguayo
  11:53am βrian:

URL for the same Bathtime video:
  11:55am ƒ≡f≡ (:

Whalederful show today!

Thanks, Ken and people! Till next episode!
Avatar 11:55am Wild Neil:

@Ken-good show!
Avatar 11:56am Carmichael:

Heya Ken and acolytes. I've been sick as a bastard all weekend. 2 Bastards, in fact.
  11:58am Listening Out There:

Thanks again, Ken - Thanks again, Ken - Thanks again, Ken - Thanks again, Ken - Thanks again, Ken - Thanks again, Ken - etc.
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