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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
The Id  Tamelle   Favoriting s/t  The Id  1982    0:00:00 Pop-up)  
The Two Tens  Dreams   Favoriting Volume  Ugly Sugar  2016    0:01:57 Pop-up)  
Giuda  It Ain't Easy   Favoriting Speaks Evil  Burning Heart  2015    0:05:17 Pop-up)  
The On and Ons  Before Our Eyes   Favoriting It's the On and Ons Calling ...  Citadel  2015    0:08:00 Pop-up)  
Shannon & The Clams  I Will Miss the Jasmine   Favoriting Gone By the Dawn  Hardly Art  2015    0:13:16 Pop-up)  
Miriam  Take Me For A Little While   Favoriting Down Today  Norton  2015    0:13:46 Pop-up)  
Mystery Lights  Too Many Girls   Favoriting 7"  Wick  2015    0:17:44 Pop-up)  
The Missing Souls  Got To Have Your Lovin'   Favoriting 7"  Hidden Volume  2016    0:19:15 Pop-up)  
The Plastiques  By Your Side   Favoriting Plastiques 101  P. Trash  2004    0:22:38 Pop-up)  
Music behind DJ:
The Ventures 
Night Train   Favoriting Walk Don't Run Vol. 2  Sundazed  1964/2013    0:24:45 Pop-up)  
Brad Berwick  I'm Better Than the Beatles   Favoriting various - Better Than the Beatles: 26 Tunes That Failed To Oust the Fab Four From the Charts  Brad Berwick  1965/2002    0:30:27 Pop-up)  
Rod Bernard  Recorded In England   Favoriting 7"  Scepter  1965    0:32:22 Pop-up)  
The Buggs  Buggs Vs. Beatles   Favoriting various - Better Than the Beatles: 26 Tunes That Failed To Oust the Fab Four From the Charts  Knight  1964/2002    0:34:47 Pop-up)  
The Hi-Riders  Stamp Out the Beatles   Favoriting various - Beatlemaniacs!!! The World of Beatles Novelty Records  Ace  1964/2006    0:36:47 Pop-up)  
The Fondettes  The Beatles Are In Town   Favoriting various - Beatlemaniacs!!! The World of Beatles Novelty Records  Ace  1964/2006    0:38:33 Pop-up)  
Utopia  I Just Want To Touch You   Favoriting Deface the Music  Bearsville  1980  Not played at the Wellmont!  0:40:42 Pop-up)  
The Morells  Ain't No Beatle   Favoriting The Best Bar Band Ever!  The Morells  1984/2009  still missing lou whitney  0:43:05 Pop-up)  
The Fowls  The Yanks Are Back   Favoriting 7"  Rotten Rat  1976  upcoming 40th anniversary reissue for Record Store Day  0:51:58 Pop-up)  
Hoodoo Gurus  Where's That Hit   Favoriting Magnum Cum Louder  EMI  1989    0:51:19 Pop-up)  
The Baseball Project  They Are the Oakland A's   Favoriting 3rd  Yep Roc  2014  going out to Chris B  0:55:35 Pop-up)  
Tommy Lasorda  Talkin' About Dave Kingman   Favoriting various - Baseball's Greatest Hits  Rhino  1978/1990    0:58:09 Pop-up)  
The Chicago Cubs  Pennant Fever   Favoriting 7"  Chess  1969    1:00:37 Pop-up)  
unknown  Falstaff beer commercial   Favoriting various - The Great American Baseball Box  Shout Factory  2005    1:01:58 Pop-up)  
Bob Mould  The End of Things   Favoriting Patch the sky  Merge  2016    1:05:46 Pop-up)  
Iggy Pop  In the Lobby   Favoriting Post Pop Depression  Loma Vista  2016  backed by queens of the stone age  1:09:02 Pop-up)  
Dave Davies  Lincoln County   Favoriting Something Else By The Kinks  Castle  1967/1998  Dave solo single included as a bonus track to this reissue  1:13:16 Pop-up)  
Tall David  Trail of Tears   Favoriting Remedies  Tall David  2015    1:17:08 Pop-up)  
Night Beats  Sunday Mourning   Favoriting Who Sold My Generation  Heavenly  2016    1:19:10 Pop-up)  
The Sadies  Another Day Again   Favoriting Darker Circles  Yep Roc  2010  Dallas Good coming up at 2:30 today!  1:23:18 Pop-up)  
Jon Langford & His Sadies  Looking Good for Radio   Favoriting Mayors of the Moon  Bloodshot  2002    1:33:25 Pop-up)  
Drunken Prayer  Any Other Way   Favoriting I Intend To Comprehend the Devil & the Blues  Fluff & Gravy  2015    1:35:50 Pop-up)  
Swamp Dogg  The World Beyond   Favoriting Total Destruction To Your Mind  Alive Natural Sound  1970/2012    1:38:21 Pop-up)  
Sarah Shook & The Disarmers  The Nail   Favoriting Sidelong  Disarmers  2016    1:42:14 Pop-up)  
7Horse  400 Miles From Flagstaff   Favoriting Livin' In a Bitch of a World  Horse Music Ltd.  2016    1:45:51 Pop-up)  
Javier Escovedo  Gypsy Son   Favoriting Kicked Out of Eden  Saustex  2016    1:48:59 Pop-up)  
Dinos Boys  She Cut Me   Favoriting 7"  Oops Baby Records  2014  at union pool friday! coming to the show soon!  1:53:02 Pop-up)  
Long Ryders  Lights of downtown (captain's mix)   Favoriting Final Wild Songs  Cherry Red  2016    2:03:36 Pop-up)  
Yo La Tengo  Nothing To Hide   Favoriting Popular Songs  Matador  2009  playing this saturday at Loews Theater in jersey city!  2:04:20 Pop-up)  
Elvis Presley  Wearing Loved On Look   Favoriting From Elvis In Memphis  Legacy  1969    2:07:07 Pop-up)  
The Sadies  Loved On Look   Favoriting Tremendous Efforts  Bloodshot  2001  Dallas Good coming up at 2:30; Sadies Friday and Saturday at Hill Country BBQ  2:09:09 Pop-up)  
Them  Little Girl (version one)   Favoriting The Complete Them 1964-1967  Legacy  1965/2015    2:11:24 Pop-up)  
Dave Alvin  Dynamite Woman   Favoriting various - Keep Your Soul: A Tribute To Doug Sahm  Vanguard  2009    2:14:19 Pop-up)  
The Derailers  Blood of a Man   Favoriting Guaranteed To Satisfy  Palo Duro  2008    2:18:36 Pop-up)  
The Sadies  Another Tomorrow Again   Favoriting Internal Sounds  Yep Roc  2013    2:24:51 Pop-up)  
The Sadies  Cut Corners   Favoriting Darker Circles  Yep Roc  2010    2:26:05 Pop-up)  
Dallas Good  interview   Favoriting         2:35:18 Pop-up)  
The Sadies  Wasn't Born To Follow   Favoriting Tremendous Efforts  Bloodshot  2001    2:47:43 Pop-up)  
Freakwater  Number One With a Bullet   Favoriting Scheherazade  Bloodshot  2016    2:50:00 Pop-up)  
Sunshine & The Rain  Pale Blue Skies   Favoriting 7"  Ernest Jenning Record Co.  2016    2:53:15 Pop-up)  
King Automatic  Welcome To Disney World   Favoriting Automatic Ray  Voodoo Rhythm  2005    2:58:38 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar 12:02pm V Priceless:

Mr. B - hey!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:03pm SSS:

Unlock the Belock!!!
Avatar 12:03pm Cecile:

Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 12:03pm Stevel:

Joe. Joe. Joe. Joe...
Avatar 12:04pm Marc Francis:

Hey Joe!
  12:04pm Polyus:

that Id song was a winner.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:06pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Afternoon, Joe #2!
Avatar 12:07pm Cecile:

Electric Prunes as a Second Language! I dig it.
Avatar 12:09pm V Priceless:

safe bet Giuda own some Slade records
Avatar 12:10pm SmokinJ:

Go Joe!
Avatar 12:11pm KP:

Happy Monday, Joe!
  12:11pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

Can't wait for Guida!
Avatar 12:14pm Joe B:

Good afternoon everyone, thanks for tuning in! Dallas Good of the Sadies coming up at 2:30 pm today!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:18pm Fuzzy:

Go Joe -- play dem rekkids!
Avatar 12:19pm glenn:

oh yeah? tell dallas to honk on bobo. he'll laugh.
Avatar 12:20pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

Great start..please get in all the good songs before 2:10 when The Giants' season starts...thanks in advance!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:22pm Sem Chumbo:

Unpossible to do taxes listening to this show.
How may I thank you, Joe?
Avatar 12:27pm Cecile:

I looked it up. Easter Bunny was provoked!
Avatar 12:32pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

Beatles must have bought up all copies of Brad Berwick's 45...can't find it in any stores!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 12:32pm Mike Sin:

Hi Joe -- Listening live and loud today -- Just in time for Brad Berwick!
Avatar 12:32pm Cecile:

The Beatles probably slept quite well the night this record came out
  12:32pm Cliff:

Yes, this is how you beat the Beatles, by doing a goofy imitation of them
Avatar 12:33pm Joe B:

by any means necessary Cliff!
  12:34pm Cliff:

All's fair in love, war, and charting a reckkid
Avatar 12:34pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

NEWS FLASH! Paul is refusing to mow Brad Berwick's lawn because he isn't a vegetarian!
Avatar 12:35pm Cecile:

Joe, do you have anything from Utopia's Deface the Music?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:37pm Greg from ZONE 5:

The Buggs would go on to have 35 consecutive #1 hits, and The Beatles were never heard from again…
Avatar 12:37pm Cecile:

Beatles still got royalties. Der!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 12:38pm Parq:

Alan Sherman's "Pop Hates the Beatles" -- please, oh please.
Avatar 12:41pm Cecile:

  12:42pm suea:

i googled the hi-riders and they r commenting on their old song here. LOL
  12:47pm Dennis Diken:

nice show Joe! hey, do you got "Beatles Polka"? - can't recall the artist. but it's great!
Avatar 12:50pm Cecile:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:51pm coelacanth:

Hey Joe and Chordettes

i'm bummed i missed an indirect beatles tribute.
Avatar 12:51pm V Priceless:

Roy White shout-out!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:52pm coelacanth:

and it's not raining 90 mi.north of jersey city; it's SNOWING like crazy!
Avatar 12:52pm Joe B:

former jersey city resident!
Avatar 12:53pm Joe B:

hey Dennis! whoops, sorry didnt see your request until just now, sorry!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 12:53pm ChrisB.:

I think this calls for some Baseball Project, Joe.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:54pm coelacanth:

...i'm sorry...90.1 mi.north!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:55pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 12:56pm Uncle Michael:

Nice to see the Royals underscore their championship last night. (ducking)
Avatar 12:57pm glenn:

oh oh, as the mets fans take umbrage.
Avatar 12:58pm Cecile:

the 73 A's had the best facial hair in baseball.
Avatar 12:59pm glenn:

and the best shoes.
Avatar 12:59pm Cecile:

This is the less patient version of this:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:00pm coelacanth:

ha! Cecile, my sister had a crush on that whole team!
Avatar 1:00pm Cecile:

they shaped a lot of what constitutes ideal manhood for me
Avatar 1:00pm Cecile:

coel, I did too!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:01pm Lizardner Dave:

Couldn't find a bleeped version of this but Lee Elia>Tommy Lasorda: www.youtube.com...
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:01pm Uncle Michael:

I like Lee Elia's rant better than Tommy's...but Tommy's is good.
Avatar 1:01pm glenn:

hell, 12 year old me had a crush on that team. they were fabulous.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:01pm Uncle Michael:

Dave slipped in!
Avatar 1:02pm Cecile:

It was like having a whole team full of Joe Namaths
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:02pm Brian C.:

Next song as per magic 8 ball: Bruce Springstone's Take me out to the ball game?
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:02pm Uncle Michael:

I love you Joe!
Avatar 1:07pm Cecile:

I'm going to start a band called Husker Don't.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:09pm Nate K.:

Hey, Joe.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:11pm ChrisB.:

Thanks, Joe!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:13pm coelacanth:

back when my main source of punk rock was Paul Cavenaugh on wfmu, he didn't try very hard to enunciate and i, having never heard of them, thought the band name was "who's for do?"!
Avatar 1:15pm V Priceless:

Kool Kinky Dave kut!
Avatar 🎸 1:15pm David Shortell:

I've been reading "No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes". Ex-bouncer Gentleman Jim recalls the worst violence at a City Gardens show was incredibly when the Hoodoo Gurus played!
Avatar 🎸 1:19pm David Shortell:

There's a cafe chain in Monmouth County called "Booskerdoo".
Avatar 1:20pm Joe B:

hmmm ... saw them there twice. nothign compared to the asshole behavior at CG for a bad brains show
Avatar 1:20pm Cecile:

Slayer shows are my low-water mark.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:22pm coelacanth:

by my experience was that a bigger-than-usual % of nazi punks would show at city gardens. -even at a dead kennedys show, which was ironic!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:24pm Guido from Cologne:

Night Beats went directly to the shopping cart.
Hi and thanks for the inspiration Joe!
Avatar 1:24pm glenn:

huh. i've seen more fights at weddings than rock and roll shows, in all honesty.
Avatar 1:25pm V Priceless:

mine was lords of the new church - ambulances and all - but only from manic stage diving. Stiv wouldn't leave the stage - had to be carried off - he held the mic out to some kid in the crowd and asked 'why are you so angry?', to which the kid screamed, 'Mets!'
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:27pm coelacanth:

"i'm so pissed about the mets i'm not leaving here unless it's in an ambulance!"
Avatar 1:27pm V Priceless:

Avatar 1:27pm glenn:

although i did see gordie lewis from teenage head put one of the viletones through the front window of the horseshoe tavern. that was pretty epic.
Avatar 1:28pm BadGuyZero:

Hiya, Trichordiacs!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:31pm coelacanth:

i've only seen the through-the-window trick once -in newark,nj - and once they were outside the gunfire began.
i decided to drive drunk and save my life. (and my friends')
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:33pm Gaylord Fields:

It pains me as a Mets fan to admit that "The Yanks Are the Champs" is the pinnacle of baseball-related rock.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:34pm Uncle Michael:

I gotta go with Terry Cashman.
Avatar 1:34pm glenn:

it should just pain you to be a mets fan. bazing!
Avatar 🎸 1:34pm David Shortell:

@V Priceless
That was not the 1985 show I saw which the Three O'Clock opened, was it? (Michael Quercio now hosts a Luxuria Music show on Sundays.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:37pm Gaylord Fields:

@glenn: Noah Syndergaard and Travis d'Arnaud say hello.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:37pm Uncle Michael:

Has Matt Harvey reached his innings limit yet?
Avatar 1:38pm glenn:

hey, did anybody notice that phil manzanera is david gilmour's second guitarist on his current tour?
Avatar 1:38pm Joe B:

Gaylord I concur re The Fowls
Avatar 1:41pm glenn:

meh. i'd like to have syndergaard, but russell martin's better than d'arnaud.
Avatar 1:41pm V Priceless:

@ David - hmm...don't recall the opener - but the year sounds about right. It was at the long-defunct Rum Runners in Oyster Bay, LI.

@ glenn: yes!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:43pm Gaylord Fields:

@glenn: Better to his mother, perhaps.
Avatar 🎸 1:44pm David Shortell:

My first encounter with the white-power folks there was at the Sham 69 show in 1988. There's a lot in the book about the nazis--such as their brutal comeuppance at the 1990 Leeway show, and their "comeback" at the 1993 Fear show (which was my last time there, but I recall none of that!).
Avatar 1:44pm glenn:

oh, gaylord. jealousy is an unbecoming trait. especially when it comes to catchers.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:45pm Uncle Michael:

This Sarah Shook & The Disarmers kicks butt.
Avatar 1:45pm V Priceless:

(@ glenn - that was re: Manzanera)
  1:45pm Cliff:

Here's a country song that doesn't rely on chiasmus in its lyrics.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:47pm Uncle Michael:

I got married about 85 miles from Flagstaff.
  1:49pm Clay:

I missed the Oakland A's conversation, but I was huge Vida Blue fan. Sounding good, Joe!
Avatar 🎸 1:50pm David Shortell:

7Horse are playing April 19 at the Brighton Bar (121 Brighton Ave, Long Branch, NJ) with Bobby Kennedy's "Acid" opening.
  1:50pm looking stuff up:

Flagstaff is 78 miles from The Grand Chiasmus
Avatar 1:50pm glenn:

there's a country song in that line, uncle michael.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:51pm Gaylord Fields:

@glenn: While I watch the Mets' pennant being hoisted at our ballpark, enjoy your new addition — extra dirt.
Avatar 1:52pm glenn:

"i got married 85 miles from flagstaff, divorced 15 miles from winslow".
Avatar 1:53pm glenn:

hey, that's going to be world series quality dirt.
  1:53pm Uncle Michael:

Never been to Winslow...figuratively speaking.
  1:53pm Cliff:

"She took the dog, but I kept the pickup truck"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:54pm coelacanth:

David@1:44 i left for n carolina somewhere in there and when i went back to nj (-c.1986?) i never went to city gardens again. maybe it'd calmed-down?
...i should get that book though.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:55pm Gaylord Fields:

@glenn: As long as we both can despise the Skankees, you're okay with me. At least neither ballpark has a goddamn MOAT separating the corporate seats from the great unwashed.
Avatar 1:56pm Cecile:

Gaylord, I took your advice and worked on some stuff at a friend's house. Got a lot done!
Avatar 1:58pm glenn:

oh, i hate the yankees. not as much as i hate the red sox, but pretty close.
  1:59pm Clay:

I keep waiting for the Brewers to have a year.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:00pm Gaylord Fields:

@Cecile: Glad it worked out! I'm also back at my friend's house today.
Avatar 2:01pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

Don't forget Yo La Tengo at The Loew's Theatre in Jersey City on Saturday night!
Avatar 2:02pm Joe B:

oh yeah!
Avatar 2:02pm Cecile:

Was it me, or were the Long Ryders way more popular in England and Europe than here?
Avatar 🎸 2:03pm David Shortell:

The Legendary Shackshakers are also playing at Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse on Saturday. That's at 745 Bound Brook Rd, Dunellen, NJ.
Avatar 2:03pm Cecile:

Clay that year was probably 1988
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:07pm Greg from ZONE 5:

YLT @ the Loew's = social event of the season! I'm only going so I can rub elbows with high society…
Avatar 🎸 2:07pm David Shortell:

David Bowie fans might want to go to the State Theatre (15 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick, NJ) on Wednesday. Ex-bandmates will perform the entire "The Man Who Sold the World" album.
Avatar 2:17pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

Another great show Champ! Hit after hit!
  2:17pm tino:

this dave alvin is the shit
  2:20pm JakeGould:

When will Yo La Tengo play Home Depot?
Avatar 2:21pm Joe B:

spelled differently than lowe's
Avatar 2:23pm Cecile:

Elvis had a very infectious laugh!
  2:24pm JakeGould:

@JoeB: Aw, way to ruin my bad joke. :/
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:25pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Hello everyone...Can I use Mr. Met as a shield as I enter this Baseball battleground!?
Avatar 2:27pm Cecile:

the Sadies are a stealth band, they sneak up with you with their goodness.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:29pm ChrisB.:

I will be at YLT Saturday! Cant wait to check out Lowe's. Hope to see Joe B and ToT as well.
  2:29pm miketp:

Sadies delivering the goodies!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:29pm JP from KC:

Hey everyone, I... uh oh. Mets fans. I'll just back away, slowly...
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:30pm ChrisB.:

Meant Loew's. Home improvements later.
Avatar 2:34pm glenn:

dallas and travis' father was in the good brothers, canadian country dudes.
Avatar 2:35pm Cecile:

were they ever on the Tommy Hunter show?
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:35pm ChrisB.:

Who else has these kind of parents???
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:35pm Greg from ZONE 5:

You shant be disappointed, ChrisB—it's an amazing place.
Avatar 2:37pm KP:

Sadies = Good!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:37pm ChrisB.:

@Greg: Cool. As a JC baby, hope to run into some family skeletons.
Avatar 2:38pm glenn:

the good brothers, for sure, cecile. i think tommy was off the air by the time the sadies came around.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:38pm ChrisB.:

Garth played with John Doe and The Sadies at City Winery around the release of Country Club.
Avatar 2:38pm Cecile:

that's who I mean, Glenn. Thanks!!!
Avatar 2:39pm Cecile:

it was reverse psychology
Avatar 2:47pm Cecile:

awesome interview!
Avatar 2:47pm glenn:

joe beloock; lyricist to the stars.
Avatar 2:48pm glenn:

honest to god, i'm the world's worst typist.
Avatar 2:49pm northguineahills:

I always thought the Sadies had a strong Byrds vibe to them....
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:50pm doctorjazz:

Nice version!
Avatar 2:50pm Cecile:

glenn, just call it the Canadian spelling and you're good
Avatar 2:51pm glenn:

no, that would be belouck.
  2:53pm Bluesman:

Diggin' all the Sadies fest today!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:54pm Greg from ZONE 5:

MAN, I love this song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:56pm coelacanth:

Thanks Joe!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:57pm Sem Chumbo:

Hit the spot w/ today's show, Joe. Thx, and see ya later.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:58pm listener monica:

sadies and freakwater both closely associated with my favorite band, the Mekons.
Avatar 2:58pm Cecile:

ha, glenn!
Avatar 2:59pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

Going to be hard for Jim Price to top your show today...esp. considering he has only a minute to work with.
  2:59pm Cliff:

Thank you Joe!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:00pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Thanks, Joe!
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