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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Mr. T. Experience  I Feel Love   Favoriting Our Bodies Our Selves  Lookout!  1994  donna summer cover, duh  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Dave Edmunds  Get Out Of Denver   Favoriting Chronicles 1968-1984  Connoisseur  1977/1994  seger cover  0:02:47 Pop-up)  
Cher  Cry Like a Baby   Favoriting 3614 Jackson Highway  Rhino Handmade   1969/2001    0:05:11 Pop-up)  
Monkees  You and I   Favoriting Instant Replay  Rhino  1969/1994  only song that features both hal blaine and neil young  0:07:44 Pop-up)  
Los Yetis  Sabos cuanto te Quiero   Favoriting Nadaismo A Go-Go!  Munster  1967?/2009    0:09:41 Pop-up)  
The Walker Brothers  Land of 1000 Dances   Favoriting Take It Easy with the Walker Brothers  Water  1965/2008    0:14:04 Pop-up)  
Scott Walker  The Old Man's Back Again (Dedicated to the Neo-Stalinist Regime)   Favoriting It's Raining Today: The Scott Walker Story 1967-1970  Razor & Tie  1969/1996    0:16:18 Pop-up)  
Frankie Valli  The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore   Favoriting Jersey Beat box set  Rhino  1965/2007    0:20:14 Pop-up)  
Teardrop City  It's Later Than You Think   Favoriting It's Later Than You Think  Teardrop City  2018    0:32:21 Pop-up)  
Neil Young and Crazy Horse  Cryin' Eyes   Favoriting Life  Geffen  1987    0:35:43 Pop-up)  
Ty Segall  The Loner   Favoriting Fudge Sandwich  In the Red  2018    0:38:36 Pop-up)  
Girls On Grass  Down At the Bottom   Favoriting Dirty Power  Girls On Grass  2019  playing live here on the show april 15  0:41:13 Pop-up)  
J. Mascis  Sometimes   Favoriting Elastic Days  Sub Pop  2018    0:44:56 Pop-up)  
Gold-Bears  Her Fears   Favoriting Dalliance  Slumberland  2014    0:48:18 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams and The Sadies  Your Old Lady   Favoriting Night & Day  Yep Roc  2012    1:02:54 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams and The Sadies  Bored   Favoriting Night & Day  Yep Roc  2012    1:05:23 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams and The Sadies  Weapon of Mass Destruction   Favoriting Red Dirt  Bloodshot  1999    1:08:00 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams and The Sadies  America (You Say 'A Change Is Gonna Come')   Favoriting Night & Day  Yep Roc  2012    1:10:19 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams and The Sadies  Shake A Tail Feather   Favoriting various - For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records  Bloodshot  2005    1:13:03 Pop-up)  
The Hornets  Give Me a Kiss   Favoriting various - The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 4: 1964  Hip-O Select  1964/2006    1:20:33 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams  My Imagination   Favoriting various - Motown Unreleased: 1964  Hip-O Select  1964/2014  1964 motown recording went unreleased at the time. digital comp put out for copyright protection  1:22:55 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams  Shoo Doo   Favoriting various - The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 2: 1962  Hip-O Select  1962/2005  1962 motown single on the miracle label  1:27:15 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams and Ronnie Spector  It's Gonna Work Out Fine   Favoriting Bait & Switch  Norton  2001    1:31:14 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams  Three Sisters   Favoriting Aphrodisiac  Pravda  2006    1:33:46 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams  Bury Me Deep   Favoriting Don't Ever Give Up  Pravda  2017    1:36:52 Pop-up)  
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones  Shake 'N' Stomp   Favoriting Surfer's Choice  Sundazed   1962/2006    1:45:46 Pop-up)  
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones  King Of The Surf Guitar   Favoriting King of the Surf Guitar  Capitol  1963    1:48:05 Pop-up)  
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones  Nitro Fuel   Favoriting Mr. Eliminator  Capitol  1964    1:49:38 Pop-up)  
Dick Dale  Ghost Riders in the Sky   Favoriting Unknown Territory  Hightone  1994    1:51:42 Pop-up)  
Dick Dale  The Pit   Favoriting Calling Up Spirits  Beggars Banquet  1996    1:55:12 Pop-up)  
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones  Let's Go Trippin' '65   Favoriting Singles Collection '61-'65  Sundazed  1965/2010    1:57:47 Pop-up)  
Plastic Device  Teenagers From Outer Space   Favoriting E Pluribus Plastic    1982/2019  reuniting at hank's saloon thursday night! with swilson and the martinets!  2:10:50 Pop-up)  
The Sound  Heartland   Favoriting Jeopardy  1972  1980/2012    2:13:39 Pop-up)  
Personality Cult  Motivation   Favoriting s/t  Drunken Sailor Records  2018    2:17:20 Pop-up)  
Faux Ferocious  Who I Become   Favoriting Cloning the Rubicon  Striped Light  2016  at berlin april 26, new lp coming soon  2:19:59 Pop-up)  
Mozes & The Firstborn  We're All Saints   Favoriting Dadcore  Burger  2019    2:22:33 Pop-up)  
Lost Balloons  You Tried   Favoriting Hey Summer  Dirtnap  2017    2:24:58 Pop-up)  
Robert Kimbrough Sr.  Laugh At Me   Favoriting I Been Fixed  Reverb Unit   2018  live here on the show next week!  2:31:04 Pop-up)  
Fanny  Blind Alley   Favoriting First Time in a Long Time: The Reprise Recordings  Rhino Handmade   1972/2002    2:37:57 Pop-up)  
The Crack Pipes  Sea of Beverly   Favoriting Fake Eyelashes  Super Secret  2018    2:42:11 Pop-up)  
Shannon Shaw  Lord of Alaska   Favoriting Shannon In Nashville  Easy Eye Sound  2018    2:45:44 Pop-up)  
Dares  Mercury   Favoriting single  Dares  2019  live here on the show May 13!  2:50:47 Pop-up)  
Savak  Elapsed Remaining   Favoriting Best of Luck In Future Endeavors  Comedy Minus One  2016    2:54:58 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:02pm Hopey Sockmonkey:

Good ol' Mr T Experience.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:02pm steveo:

disco rulez
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:02pm G:

We feel it, too
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:03pm Cmurtha:

Howdy everyone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:03pm tim from champaign:

Is this the Bob Seger song?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:03pm joe:

'ello folks
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:05pm steveo:

any song that name checks loveland pass is ok with me :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:08pm Kelly Jones:

'ello Joe! Top of the afternoon to ya!
Avatar 12:09pm V Priceless:

hey JB!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:09pm Krys O.:

Howdy, Joe B!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:10pm Hopey Sockmonkey:

What a great opening set!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:11pm tim from champaign:

This weekend I introduced the Monkees to my almost 3 year old daughter. Now she wants to hear the Monkees theme song on repeat and jump up and down for the whole song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:13pm Cmurtha:

@tim, that's awesome. Also an appropriate reaction. Much like hearing the Banana Splits' theme
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:13pm Phillippe Bastille:

Hi all.
Avatar 12:14pm VincentNifigance:

@Cmurtha did you hear about The Banana Splits being 'reimagined' as a horror movie? www.pastemagazine.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:16pm tim from champaign:

@cmurtha - she calls the Monkees the '5 Little Monkees'. I can't wait until she's older to introduce her to Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution.
  12:18pm Andy the painter:

maybe my favorite Scott tune. dig the bass....
thanks, joe! RIP Scott.
  12:18pm KP in DC:

The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore
  12:19pm KP in DC:

This is a great one, Andy
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:19pm Cmurtha:

@Vincent as much as I love b-movies, scyfy originals are too on the nose for me, but, that one could be fun. Also, in response to the question posed by that article, kids in early 90s were exposed to The Splits, it ran on Cartoon Network/somewhere else when I very young, I barely remember it, but the theme song/Shriner cars stuck with me.
@Tim That's pretty cute.
  12:20pm John from Florham Park:

Howdy fellow 3 card Monty fans
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:20pm Phillippe Bastille:

Let's take tomorrow off. Nobody dies today, okay?
  12:21pm John from Florham Park:

@Vincent oh hell no that would really suck big time
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:23pm fred:

This sounds like something Vicki might have used
  12:26pm Andy the painter:

@KP in DC. i think Walker is one of the great pop existentialists. for reals.
Avatar 12:28pm SmokinJ:

Great ride thus far jb! Howdy all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:29pm tim from champaign:

Joe, that was an excellent show last week. It was so informative a cool to listen to.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:31pm Mick:

Karyn Kuhl's set was so amazing!
  12:34pm fullmetalmonkey:

Karyn Kuhl rules !!!
Avatar 12:34pm Joe B:

greetings all! thanks for tuning in!
  12:35pm John from Florham Park:

Your welcome joe b
Avatar 👻 Swag For Life Member 12:36pm karlward:

I want to share a studio apartment with that Teardrop City track.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:37pm tim from champaign:

Just when I thought my Neil Young collection was complete, here comes another one I need to get.
Avatar 12:38pm Joe B:

i wouldn't say Life is a 'need' album!
Avatar 12:39pm Joe B:

thanks Tim!
Avatar 12:39pm Joe B:

agreed andy
  12:39pm John from Florham Park:

@Tim I think Neil has wrote a lot of songs that will never see the light of day
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:44pm tim from champaign:

@Joe - thanks for the tip, Joe. I still need to pick up Eveybody's Rockin.
@John - agreed - I really dig the archive series he's put out. those are real gems.
Avatar 12:45pm Joe B:

now everybody's rockin' is essential, as far as i am concerned, though i am in the minority on that one
  12:51pm Chi Bill:

Cmurtha: Bannana Splits theme was in my head for many years, and it was a good thing!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

When I do karaoke at some point in my life, the "Tra La La" song is what I plan on singing.
Avatar 👻 12:54pm Hoboken Jack:

Hey Krys, hey Joe! Spring rock!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:58pm Cmurtha:

@Chi Bill it's a great song. Like I said their buggies and that song are what stuck with me through the years.
  1:02pm Puffedhell:

It’s as if he was moving through fluid. So smooth on stage at that night at Brownies.
  1:05pm Listener Robert:

As to the remark about "WRIP", I've noticed that tendency. Hard to say when it started, as it was gradual. Maybe the past 5 years, maybe longer. Could just be the age of a certain cohort. What else you gonna do?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:08pm tim from champaign:

"Throw a brick at an ambulance". That's excellent lyricism!
  1:18pm Tim from LH:

Is Shake a Tail Feather written by Andre?
  1:22pm John from Florham Park:

This song sounds almost l like the Beatles song
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:23pm Krys O.:

I wanna hold your kiss!
  1:25pm John from Florham Park:

@mjrts guess I was not The only one who felt this way
  1:25pm John from Florham Park:

I meant Krys sorry
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:32pm tim from champaign:

Whoa! I had no idea that Andre and Ronnie did a record.
Avatar 👻 Swag For Life Member 1:34pm karlward:

That reverb on "It's Gonna Work Out Fine" is insane.
  1:36pm John from Florham Park:

@Tim I don’t know where WFMU finds these gems but I am happy they do
Avatar 1:36pm Joe B:

@karl - matt verta-ray on the production and the guitar!
  1:37pm Morphe':

Are we saying Andre Williams has died? Just came back home? "Bury Me Deep" all my ex-girlfriends and all my friends hate it!!! My anthem... I often play it 3-5 Xs every morning before leaving the house
Avatar 👻 Swag For Life Member 1:37pm karlward:

I'm pretty sure that reverb made my head both wider and deeper.
  1:39pm Tim from LH:

I hope they honor his wishes!
  1:42pm Morphe':

Heard it first on Ken's show:

It is a deadly few months, no????
Ken's comment was super funny!!!!
  1:42pm listener monica:

i saw andre perform circa 1995? @mercury lounge? somewhere in that neighborhood. he played for a long time! i was sorry my friend had to call it a night and i had to leave with her.
  1:42pm John from Florham Park:

@Listener Robert I noticed since David Bowie died back in January 2016 that a bunch of people we used to listen too are dead kinda freaky
Avatar 1:49pm zpulpa:

oooooh yes this is it!! WWeeEEoooooeEEeeooOO
  1:50pm KP in DC:

Andy the Painter, definitely. He gets way out there but never loses it. Maybe that O)) stuff ...
Avatar 👻 Swag For Life Member 1:53pm karlward:

Oh man, someone should drop the Johnny Cash vocal into this Dick Dale "Ghost Riders in the Sky." I would also accept Marty Robbins.
  2:00pm Morphe':

Just told Simon - my 7 year old madrid son that the earlier song was sort of Surf-Sphagetti-Western but the other one was pure Surf. Simon said:"I KNEW THAT!!!"
Thanks Joe!!! and all the good dead folks... we shan't mention the horrible folks - living or dead
Avatar 2:01pm Melba Toast:

Joe Belock - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for honoring the late great Dick Dale.
Avatar 2:04pm Melba Toast:

Saw him so many times, he was always so gracious to sign LPs, etc. - And he would let you hang out with him post show. He was the best. His wife Lana is crushed, she was for sure his biggest fan and manager towards the later years! Can't believe he's gone...He died of heart failure.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:06pm DonJuanTijuana:

The World.. End of the World Club was on 2nd St & Ave C...mid 80s was a tough neighborhood then but a hipster spot more underground than Danceteria
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:07pm ChrisB.:

I had the same experience when I saw Dick in AP 2017. Was not expecting much, was blown away instead!
Avatar 2:15pm Melba Toast:

He was kickass.
Avatar 👻 2:15pm David Shortell:

I think the last time I saw Dick Dale was at the Tradewinds in Sea Bright in 2002. Strangely, Hunchback were the opening act! I don't know how they landed that gig.
Avatar 2:20pm Melba Toast:

I believe I was there...Wunderbar 2 years ago, Club Bene in Sayreville way back when...Saw him in NYC a few times, last August at Newton Theatre in Newton, NJ...Was looking forward to seeing him again. Boo hoo of the highest order.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:20pm tim from champaign:

The Marked Men guys and their 8 dozen spin off groups can do no wrong in my book.
Avatar 2:21pm Joe B:

club bene dick dale show was '96, unless he played there more than once.
Avatar 2:36pm đ¢ ÞäŦ:

Way to go getting Robert Kimbrough on the show, Joe.
Avatar 2:38pm đ¢ ÞäŦ:

Avatar 👻 2:43pm David Shortell:

I had to upbraid the Langosta Lounge for not listing Friday's Kimbrough show on their website.
Avatar 2:45pm đ¢ ÞäŦ:

This set rules.
Avatar 2:45pm Joe B:

it's on robert's facebook events is where i saw it
Avatar 👻 2:48pm David Shortell:

Said event is also confirmed by Fancy! magazine:

  2:49pm KP in DC:

Lord of Alaska is awesome!
Avatar 👻 2:53pm Hoboken Jack:

Female vocals for Dares, nice!!
Avatar 2:53pm Chris from DC:

Digging this Dares track.
Avatar 👻 2:56pm David Shortell:

I've never heard these Dares. It appears they'll play at Bowery Electric on April 4.
Avatar 4:38pm Nickel City Brando:

the sound - heartland. What a song!...thanks for introducing. Adrian Borland...tragic story.
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