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April 4, 2020
Options April 4, 2020 Encore Presentation! Jody Gilbert Rides Again!
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Artist Track Label Approx. start time
The Catalinas   Options Destruction   Fortune  0:00:00 Pop‑up)  
Eddy Seacrest and His Rollin Rockets   Options Able One   K&C   0:04:59 Pop‑up)  
The Champs   Options Sombrero   Challenge   0:07:21 Pop‑up)  
Del-Rays   Options Wild Ride   Fan  0:09:29 Pop‑up)  
Jimmy Haggett   Options Rabbit Action   Sun  0:14:53 Pop‑up)  
Buddy Burke and the Canadian Meteors   Options That Big Old Moon   Bullseye  0:17:15 Pop‑up)  
The Buccaneers   Options Bye Bye Baby   Cupid  0:18:53 Pop‑up)  
Skip Stanley and The Satellites   Options Satellite Baby   Satellite   0:21:29 Pop‑up)  
Roy Hall and his Jumping Cats   Options Three Alley Cats   Hi-Q  0:24:29 Pop‑up)  
Ray Phillips   Options Twenty Cigarettes   Boyd   0:26:12 Pop‑up)  
Lulu Belle and Scotty   Options I'm No Communist   Mercury   0:29:01 Pop‑up)  
Webb Dixon   Options Rock Awhile   Astra   0:36:26 Pop‑up)  
The Sly Fox   Options Hoo-Doo Say   Spark   0:38:45 Pop‑up)  
Joe Hughes   Options Make Me Dance Little Ant   Kangaroo  0:42:19 Pop‑up)  
Chocker Campbell   Options Walking on My Thin Sole Shoes   Apt  0:44:09 Pop‑up)  
Smiley Lewis   Options Play Girl   Imperial   0:46:23 Pop‑up)  
Bo Diddley   Options Downhome Special   Checker   0:49:21 Pop‑up)  
Hal "Cornbread" Singer   Options Buttermilk And Beans   Coral   0:52:24 Pop‑up)  
The Rolling Crew   Options Home On Alcatraz   Aladdin  0:57:39 Pop‑up)  
Huey "Piano" Smith & His Clowns   Options Don't You Know Yockomo   Ace  1:00:34 Pop‑up)  
The Quails   Options Over The Hump   Harvey  1:02:40 Pop‑up)  
The Quails   Options Over The Hump   Harvey  1:02:45 Pop‑up)  
The Lamplighters   Options Smootchie   Federal  1:06:05 Pop‑up)  
The Velvetones   Options The Story Of Love   Imperial  1:07:28 Pop‑up)  
Dave and the Saints   Options Leavin' Surf City   Band Box   1:14:53 Pop‑up)  
The Distortions   Options Hound Dog   Sea  1:16:07 Pop‑up)  
The Cosmic Tones   Options Gonna Build Me A Woman   Discovery  1:21:47 Pop‑up)  
Thee Impalas   Options Oh Yeah!   Whittier   1:22:16 Pop‑up)  
The Sotos Brothers   Options Little Lila   Fredlo   1:24:13 Pop‑up)  
The Victors   Options We Struck A Match   Alpha  1:27:00 Pop‑up)  
The Pattens   Options Say Ma Ma   TTens  1:32:35 Pop‑up)  
Dave Clark Five   Options Chiquita   Jubilee  1:35:37 Pop‑up)  
The Shades   Options Walkin' Wanda   Maypole  1:37:51 Pop‑up)  
Freddy Cannon   Options Too Much Monkey Business   Warner Brothers  1:39:56 Pop‑up)  
The Swing Tones   Options Piggy Wiggy   Rhythm Records  1:42:01 Pop‑up)  
Johnny Lance with Al Casey   Options The Big Tragedy   Brent  1:44:21 Pop‑up)  
Pat Patterson   Options Rat-a-Ma-Cue (Pt. 1)   Warwick   1:48:54 Pop‑up)  
The Spinners   Options Itching For My Baby But I Don't Know Where To Scratch   Tri-Phi   1:51:27 Pop‑up)  
Teddy Reynolds   Options Drop That Gun   Newman  1:53:20 Pop‑up)  
The Starfires  Options Three Roses   Decca  1:59:55 Pop‑up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar 12:59pm Rex:

Ahoy! Set your sails for destinations unknown...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:00pm DJ Guin:

@Rex..is the show with Joey Bishop and Lola Heatherton?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:01pm Handy Haversack:

Hey, Rex, all the Fools!
Avatar 1:02pm Rex:

Sadly, Joey and Miss Lola Heatherton had to cancel at the last moment. Sammy Maudlin said he may swing by...
  1:02pm SeanG:

rock on REX
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:03pm adubato:

hello listeners i have a question maybe someone could help me with
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:03pm DJ Guin:

@adubato: 42
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:04pm adubato:

oh thank you!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:06pm adubato:

but for real i wanted to know if the AAC stream is higher quality than the pop up stream
Avatar 1:07pm woim:

'Higher quality?...this is Fools Paradise !
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:08pm DJ Guin:

yeah..if you want quality..go listen to Wolfman Jack or Casey Kasem.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:08pm Handy Haversack:

Here's the info on the station's help page, @adubato:

Broadband Users

AAC Stream (128 K Stereo): Best sound quality, requires most bandwidth

Recommended players: VLC Player (Mac or PC) | iTunes (Mac or PC) | Winamp (PC only)

MP3 Stream (128 K Stereo): Near-best sound quality, requires most bandwidth

Recommended players: VLC Player (Mac or PC) | iTunes (Mac or PC) | Winamp (PC only)

Pop-up Stream: Good sound quality (128K MP3 Stereo). Must be played inside your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc) as a pop-up window.

  Swag For Life Member 1:09pm WallCharger:

Ahoy Rex & fellow no-brows!
Avatar 1:09pm Rex:

If you're a true audiophile, you're in the wrong place...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:09pm Handy Haversack:

So: near best, I think, for the pop-up?

FP episode with Rex -June 30, 2018
Avatar 1:11pm woim:

I'm listening to this 2 minutes into the future (archival chicanery)...yer not gonna believe what Rex is about to say....children should leave the room now
  1:11pm egould310:

Avatar 1:12pm Rex:

Radio rehash for lunch!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:12pm adubato:

oh ok thanks y'all
  1:12pm Toothgrinder Tom:

How ah ya??
Avatar 1:13pm Mailman Tom:

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
Avatar 1:14pm Rex:

Welcome aboard, Toothgrinder!
Avatar 1:14pm spacecowboy:

upside of the corna viruse- i get to stay home and listen to wfmu shows i never had time to listen to before - this show kills!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:14pm Kevin-san:

Rehash will do fine... prolly haven't changed the grease in that fryer since the original air date
Avatar 1:15pm Rex:

Mailman Tom! The Pride of the Nutmeg State rises again!
  1:15pm The Butterman:

Hey Rex! Finding you on the dial ( accidentally)back in 2000 made me discover WFMU! You’re my gateway drug!
Avatar 1:16pm Rex:

Keep it churnin', Butterman!
  1:16pm yerfriendpaul:

Listening to Fools Paradise on my back deck with Mabel, my dog. That’s the stuff
  1:16pm Bill W:

I know that smoking waitress from somewhere...
  1:17pm Toothgrinder Tom:

There’s nothing quite like Fool’s Paradise (well maybe Dave the Spazz is in the same ballpark but you know what I mean).
Avatar 1:17pm woim:

Lazy eye Jo waiting here forever to sling some hash her ownself
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:17pm DJ Guin:

Is Rex more akin to Carbona or the Devil's Cabbage? Asking for a friend..
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:20pm listener 126464:

Avatar 1:21pm Rex:

Hey Mabel the Dog! Scratch them fleas!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:21pm DJ Guin:

@Bill W - it was ID'ed earlier.."Never Give A Sucker An Even Break (1941)"
Avatar 1:22pm Rex:

Don't forget Jody in Willard!
  1:23pm The Butterman:

It’s amazing how old Fool’s Paradise shows translate so well to actual, current crises and disasters.
Avatar 1:23pm spacecowboy:

apparently all i need to get by is wfmu and take out
  1:23pm yerfriendpaul:

Ha ha!
Avatar 1:24pm woim:

Rex has been the 'Master of Disasters' for nigh on a quarter cent i bleev
  1:25pm Chad From Philly:

Found my way to WFMU in the same way as the Butterman but it was in 1998. Do I remember correctly that FP aired on a weeknight (Monday?) then?
Avatar 1:26pm Rex:

Yeah...years ago Fool's Paradise was on Monday nights!
  1:27pm Elle Tor's Husband:

Exceptional presentation today Mr. Shelter. May I call you Rex?
Avatar 1:28pm Rex:

Mr Rex, please...
Avatar 1:29pm woim:

Rex the Hex?
  1:31pm Toothgrinder Tom:

The antidote to Woody Guthrie?
Avatar 1:33pm Don Gorden:

  1:33pm choggie:

rickety rickety wreckety, REX!!
  1:33pm Toothgrinder Tom:

Bring back fins on cars!
  1:34pm Bill W:

Jody Gilbert, sure, i've seen a ton of her resume, including HELLZAPOPPIN
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:34pm Handy Haversack:

Avatar 1:35pm woim:

Bring back fins in wallets...c'mon IRS !
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:36pm Handy Haversack:

Boy, the rest of the internet sure is boring without baseball.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:40pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Hello Rex & NoBrow Nation. Reruns feel just so right heah!
Avatar 1:44pm woim:

Say , aint some dj's doin shows from home?...Mr.Rex should give er' a whirl
Avatar 1:45pm Hackensack Slim:

Hey Rex, "Walking on My Thin Sole Shoes" Converse Wearers Theme Song.
Avatar 1:47pm Rex:

It's a high-top homily!

 Point Blank wil be on this afternoon at 12:35 pm PDT (3:35 pm EDT)
  1:51pm Papito:

Broadcast Fools Paradise on every radio, tv and internet station and give all citizens a two hour brain vacation ! Feels sooooo good !
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:54pm KevinfromBayRidge:

When was this show originally broadcast?
  1:55pm The Butterman:

Buttermilk? Sounds like my kinda thing. Ants too. I have 6 ant tattoos or one tattoo with 6 ants.
  1:55pm Susan:

Avatar 1:56pm Rex:

Thank you, Sac-Town Susan!
Avatar 1:56pm woim:

I'll trade Rex a roll of TP for this record
Avatar 1:58pm Rex:

Kevin- Today's show was originally broadcast back in the early 70s...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:01pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Afternoon, Rex & Fools!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:01pm Handy Haversack:

Appreciating the oil crisis updates, Rex!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:02pm Handy Haversack:

Hey, Greg!
Avatar 2:03pm woim:

Get over one hump...theres always another
  2:03pm Don F.:

Still had drive-ins.
  2:04pm egould310:

@KevinBay Ridge the show was originally broadcast on 6/30/18. I remember listening to this show (granted I listen pretty much every Saturday) and drinking on my sofa. The wife and I got fairly twisted and Ubered to Festival Obscura in Long Beach, CA.
Avatar 2:04pm woim:

bafroom brake
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:09pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Thanks egould310. You may listen to Fool's Paradise but you don't have a Fool's Memory!
  2:15pm @ egould310:

Fest Obscura on April 26, 2020 !? What planet are these folks living on!?
  2:17pm yerfriendpaul:

Mabel’s into this one
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:18pm Handy Haversack:

Wise dog, that Mabel!
Avatar 2:18pm TDK60:

I ain't nothin' but a hound dog? Ya ain't gonna feed me no more?! Waaaahhh!
Avatar 2:18pm woim:

They got Leggo kits for ever damn thing
  2:19pm Crei6hton:

Good afternoon
  2:20pm egould310:

@Anonymous commenter. Looks like the Festival Obscura/Macabre(w) event scheduled for 4/26/20 has been postponed. Relax.
  2:22pm yerfriendpaul:

Hey Handy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:24pm Handy Haversack:

Hey, yerfriendpaul! Kate just made Bagpipe go running, so he is very demonstratively napping.
  2:28pm egould310:

I’m a no brow.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:28pm Handy Haversack:

Kate's making our No Brow stickers dance along, Rex!
Avatar 2:29pm Rex:

Attention valued listeners: lPlease form a Joe E Ross conga line!
  2:30pm yerfriendpaul:

Bagpipe’s a great name, I love it
Avatar 2:30pm Rex:

Handy- Tell Kate to be careful with those Fool's Paradise No Brow stickers. They're now sought-after collector's items!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:31pm Handy Haversack:

We have 24-hour guards stationed 6' away from them, Rex!
Avatar 2:32pm woim:

I'll trade David Bowie's shaved off eyebrows for one of those stickers
  2:32pm T-Man:

Just wanted to say my 4 year old loves the high brow steel drums. She's always asking me to play "the eyebrow song." Anyway, we're just a whole family of no-brows over here.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:33pm listener 126464:

She has good taste!
  2:33pm mr_donutsu:

Are we gonna get loose mother goose?
Avatar 2:34pm TDK60:

Ahh, that Tottenham Latin sound.
Avatar 2:35pm Rex:

T-Man: Remember, the family that listens to Fool's Paradise together, stays together...
  2:39pm T-Man:

That's exactly what I'm worried about.
Avatar 2:41pm woim:

i hope Rex snorts along to this one
  2:45pm McGroovey:

I vote "yea".
Avatar 2:47pm kyle a.:

how we doing on the cheese doodle supply?
Avatar 2:49pm Rex:

Kyle! The Cheese Doodle supplies are perilously low! Please use your Hollywood connections to airlift more snacks to the Fur-Lined Fallout Shelter!
Avatar 2:50pm mr_mike:

Craziest 2 hours of radio. Was there a time when all radio was like this?
  2:51pm yerfriendpaul:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:52pm listener 126464:

Thanks again Rex.
  2:54pm egould310:

Great show, Rex. Thanks! Listen at ya next week.
Avatar 2:54pm Rex:

Tune in next week as we present an ALL NEW episode of Fool's Paradise as we broadcast harborside here in beautiful St George, Staten Island!! Lots of weird 45s will be presented along with insightful and trenchant analysis!!!
Avatar 2:55pm Rex:

And be safe everyone!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:55pm radioronan:

Thanks Rex! See ya next Saturday, like every Saturday for last 20 years...
Avatar 2:56pm woim:

  2:56pm Papito:

My Joy Level spiked to a all time high ! Thanx Rex !
Avatar 2:56pm TDK60:

Thanks for spinning the records DJ Rex.
  2:57pm yerfriendpaul:

Thank you Rex! You delivered the goods once again!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:12pm Handy Haversack:

Crap -- was in the kitchen. Thanks, Rex! Hope to hear you live next week!
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