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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
The Bangles  Bitchin' Summer   Favoriting Ladies And Gentlemen . . . The Bangles!  Omnivore Recordings  1982/2015  co-write with dave roback  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Tom Cats  Summertime Blues   Favoriting various - Jewel/Paula Rock Story  Airline Records  1966/2015  shreveport la.  0:02:07 Pop-up)  
The Accelerators  Summer's Here   Favoriting Four-Wheel Drive EP  Russo Syndicate Records  2020  union NJ  0:04:20 Pop-up)  
The Beach Boys  Drive-In   Favoriting All Summer Long  Capitol  1964    0:06:02 Pop-up)  
The Silver Thunders  Summer in the City   Favoriting Me Gritan Melenudo  Munster  1968/2019    0:07:48 Pop-up)  
Mudcrutch  Lover Of The Bayou   Favoriting s/t  Reprise  2008  byrds cover  0:12:34 Pop-up)  
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  Farmer John   Favoriting Rust Bucket  Reprise  2020??  nov 13, 1990, santa cruz, calif.  0:16:39 Pop-up)  
Deniz Tek  Hondo's Dog   Favoriting Lost For Words  Wild Honey  2018    0:22:33 Pop-up)  
Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue  Radioactive   Favoriting The Collection  Rave On  1978/2019  g.e. smith on lead guitar  0:25:00 Pop-up)  
The Shivvers  Teen Line   Favoriting various - Teen Line No. 1 (Hyped 2 Death 4)  Hyped 2 Death/Teenline  1980    0:29:54 Pop-up)  
Z.Z. Hill  Clean Up America   Favoriting various - Say It Loud: Brotherhood, Pride & Grooves on Blue Note  Blue Note  1974/2002    0:41:31 Pop-up)  
Sir Henry Ivy  He Left You Standing There   Favoriting various - Stone Crush: Memphis Modern Soul 1977-1987  Light In the Attic  1977/2020    0:43:53 Pop-up)  
Iggy T and the Crazymakers  Still Keep Coming Back   Favoriting Just Can't Get Enough  Underground Sun  2020    0:46:46 Pop-up)  
Swamp Dogg (featuring John Prine)  Please Let Me Go Round Again   Favoriting Sorry You Couldn't Make It  Joyful Noise Recordings  2020    0:50:13 Pop-up)  
The Jack Cades  What Am I Going To Do   Favoriting live on the Todd-o-phonic Todd Show on WFMU  The Jack Cades  2020    0:54:32 Pop-up)  
The Resonars  I Wonder   Favoriting 2020 Blindside  The Resonars  2020    0:57:23 Pop-up)  
Los Cheyenes  Y Olvídame   Favoriting various - Algo Salvaje: Untamed Beat and Garage Nuggets from Spain Vol. 1  Munster  1965/2014    0:59:59 Pop-up)  
The Exbats  Hey Dummy   Favoriting E is for Exbats  Burger  2019    1:09:55 Pop-up)  
R.M.F.C.  Greaser   Favoriting Hive, Vol. 1  Warttmann Inc.  2018    1:12:00 Pop-up)  
Guided By Voices  Man Called Blunder   Favoriting Surrender Your Poppy Field  Guided By Voices Inc.  2020    1:14:31 Pop-up)  
Bad Moves  Towards Crescent Park   Favoriting Untenable  Don Giovanni Records  2020    1:17:23 Pop-up)  
David Backlands Marshall  Treat Me Cruel   Favoriting s/t  self-released  2020  philly  1:20:50 Pop-up)  
Habibi  Mountain Song   Favoriting Anywhere But Here  Muddguts Records  2020    1:24:01 Pop-up)  
Don Bryant  I'll Go Crazy   Favoriting You Make Me Feel  Fat Possum  2020    1:31:48 Pop-up)  
Tyler Keith  Beat Temptation   Favoriting The Last Drag  Black & Wyatt Records  2020    1:35:20 Pop-up)  
Country Westerns  Guest Checks   Favoriting s/t  Fat Possum  2020    1:38:50 Pop-up)  
Mojo Matt  Please Come Back To Me   Favoriting various - The Benefit of Things To Come  Wild Honey  2020  benefit album for new hospital in northern italy  1:41:52 Pop-up)  
Dead Ghosts  Bad Vibes   Favoriting Automatic Changer  Burger  2020  vancouver  1:45:10 Pop-up)  
Dead Ghosts  Saying Goodbye   Favoriting Automatic Changer  Burger  2020  not sure why they made this two separate tracks  1:47:14 Pop-up)  
Jack Oblivian and the Dream Killers  Boy In a Bubble   Favoriting Lost Weekend  Black & Wyatt Records  2019  demo of 2016 track Jack released with the sheiks on lone ranger of love album  1:49:05 Pop-up)  
The Outta Place  Batman Theme   Favoriting Monaural  Screaming Apple  1983/2011    1:50:52 Pop-up)  
The Coffin Daggers  Yume Wa Yoru Hiraku   Favoriting Eleki Album  Cleopatra Records  2020    1:52:57 Pop-up)  
Sohail Rana  The Khyber Twist   Favoriting various - Pakistan: Folk and Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976  Sublime Frequencies  1966/2011    1:55:09 Pop-up)  
Atta Boy  Corpus   Favoriting Big Heart Manners  self-released  2020    2:04:17 Pop-up)  
David Quinn  Long Time Gone   Favoriting various - Too Late To Pray: Defiant Chicago Roots  Bloodshot  2019    2:07:11 Pop-up)  
Trevor Lake  Big Footed Dan   Favoriting Bunker Stew  self-released  2020    2:10:16 Pop-up)  
Fox Sisters  Run Rabbit Run   Favoriting Bust Out  Dive Records  2020    2:11:48 Pop-up)  
Bloodshot Bill  Don't Cry Alone   Favoriting Get Loose Or Get Lost  Goner  2020    2:14:37 Pop-up)  
Ribeye Brothers  Crawling Disaster   Favoriting Every July Peas Grow There  self-released  2020    2:16:38 Pop-up)  
The Apartments  Write Your Way Out of Town   Favoriting In and Out of the Light  Talitres  2020    2:22:22 Pop-up)  
Gary Olson  The Old Twin   Favoriting s/t  Tapete  2020  from ladybug transistor  2:25:18 Pop-up)  
The Special Pillow  Serious Eyedrops   Favoriting World's Finest  Zofko  2020  this band one of the few cool things left in hoboken  2:28:20 Pop-up)  
Eiichi Ohtaki  Yubikiri   Favoriting various - Pacific Breeze Volume 2: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1972-1986  Light In the Attic  2020    2:31:13 Pop-up)  
MAITA  Pay To Play   Favoriting Best Wishes  Kill Rock Stars  2020    2:34:28 Pop-up)  
Scott the Hoople  Fell So Deep   Favoriting Sad Box & Other Hits  Scott the Hoople  2020  portland double shot!  2:38:13 Pop-up)  
Redd Kross  Pretty Please Me   Favoriting Show World  Third Man  1997/2020  quick cover  2:46:21 Pop-up)  
Fun Time Objects  Breakout   Favoriting 20/20 Go-Go  Fuzzy Warbles   2020  with WFMU's tom dash  2:49:55 Pop-up)  
No Age  Puzzled   Favoriting Goons Be Gone  Drag City  2020    2:51:45 Pop-up)  
Randy Rainbow  Cover Your Freakin' Face   Favoriting     2020    2:55:35 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar 12:00pm zivilars:

Let's do this!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:01pm David (in London):

Howdy Joe and all Lockers.
Rock us Amadeus.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:01pm coelacanth∅:

hey Joe; chordettes
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:02pm spodiodi:

Joe B!
glad to be here listening with everyone
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:02pm Yes:

Avatar 12:03pm TDK60:

Hello Joe. Groovy Bangles cut (Rickenbackers? Mosrites?)
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 12:03pm Handy Haversack:

For only bad reasons, I will be on a call the first half hour. Damn this world!

But hello, Joe and the Montebanks, all!
Avatar 12:04pm Nulsh:

Howdy Joe!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:04pm David (in London):

TDK, oh man, I always wanted a Mosrite after having seen 'Sonic' Smith play one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:04pm mariano:

Heya Joe and crew, (ir)regulars.
Avatar 12:05pm thatpatsmith:

Hey Joe! How about the Blue Cheer version, too?
Avatar 🎸 12:05pm Krys O.:

Good afternoon!
Avatar 12:05pm TDK60:

Ha! David in Londonberg.
Avatar 12:09pm Joe B:

greetings all! thanks for tuning in
Avatar 🎸 12:09pm Krys O.:

Avatar 12:11pm zivilars:

great version indeed
  12:12pm ami ad:

Hello DJ. Hello all.Ahh,if only summer in the city was fun as it sounds.
  12:12pm Dennis Diken:

hey Joe! wow, pretty wiggy version of "Summer In The City"!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:12pm Jim the Poet:

Hey, Joe! Let's go!
Avatar 12:14pm zivilars:

Tom Petty ALWAYS highly appreciated!!!
  12:14pm SeanG:

Hell yeah love some Mudcrutch
Avatar 12:15pm zivilars:

I miss new episodes of his "Buried Treasure" radio show – these were great, and Tom chill as hell as the presenter
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:16pm Brian in New Orleans:

Crocodilies??? LOL ain't none in the bayou.Alligators yes
Avatar 12:18pm Joe B:

@Brian - tell it to mcguinn and jacques levy!
  12:19pm Kenny rotten:

Hi Joe, Killer Farmer John from Neil!!
  12:22pm Woo:

This is why it's called Three Chord Monte.
Avatar 12:25pm zivilars:

Does anybody know where I can get the best quality version of this Neil Santa Cruz bootleg? Does he sell it on his Archives pages or is it the one that will officially be released later this year?
Avatar 12:25pm Joe B:

he claims it is coming out in august!
  12:25pm Brian St Cyr:

@Joe B as soon as I am in Heaven I will...
Avatar 12:26pm zivilars:

Joe B.: Good to know, I need this! You already played another song from it a few weeks ago and I searched for it without look ... Will wait until August then, although the quality of your source also already seems perfect
Avatar 12:26pm zivilars:

without luck
Avatar 12:27pm SmokinJ:

Always Rockin'! Thanks Joe & greetings all!
Avatar 12:27pm Joe B:

every friday he puts up a new sample on his website, then it comes down, i try to record some. i played country home previously
Avatar 12:28pm Joe B:

oh, also played surfer joe & moe the sleaze
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 12:28pm efd:

every week I say to myself "I need to play something from that Roger C. Reale collection again" and every week I fail. This week I will do better.
Avatar 12:29pm zivilars:

@Joe B.: Definitely need to buy this whole recording when Neil puts it out, seems to be a killer gig!
Avatar 12:29pm Joe B:

don't worry efd, i am playing something from this every week!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 12:30pm efd:

Thank goodness! I'm glad you are!
Avatar 12:30pm Joe B:

@zivilars - triple LP minus one song; also blu ray including the tape damaged song (cowgirl)
Avatar 12:30pm zivilars:

Saw a quarantine video of Neil Young playing a little private gig for his chickens a few weeks ago ... I envy those damn privileged VIP chickens.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:35pm David (in London):

Anyone got their Three Chord Monte Marathon beer cosy yet?
Avatar 12:35pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 12:36pm Handy Haversack:

No, David, and while it's not putting me off beer, the pain is real.
Avatar 🎸 12:36pm Hackensack Slim:

Great opening set, Joe.A Solid Ten!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:39pm David (in London):

Handy, likewise. We must soldier on despite the sorrow.
Avatar 12:41pm Photoline:

We're the kids in Milwaukee-ee
  12:43pm Steve Harsh:

And now, off to the beach - thanks Joe as always for setting the perfect tone with the perfect tunes. You Rock AND Rule ...
  Swag For Life Member 12:46pm captain beef fart:

got my swag yesterday. felt like I received little orphan Annie's secret decoder ring.
  12:50pm Tim from LH:

Great show so far Joe! This is a cool song!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:55pm Chop Scott:

Good Afternoon Joe!
Avatar 12:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Yes this Dovers cover.
Avatar 12:57pm zivilars:

Is this a recent band? Damn, they really got their sound right to sound authentically 60ties
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 12:57pm efd:

this was a great set on Todd's show.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 12:57pm Handy Haversack:

(It's killing me to watch the playlist update and not be able to listen!)
Avatar 12:57pm zivilars:

fantastic live recording
Avatar 12:58pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

The 'simple' songs - you better bring it just right - like touching a bug's wing that turns to dust. Who would even try to do this one? Wow.
Avatar 12:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Bring Back The Beatles by David Peel :P...
Avatar 🎸 1:03pm Krys O.:

Another excellent cover!
  1:04pm franz:

Greetings Joe!
Playing your show loud and louder while we're working our monday evening shift at Edoné venue, Bergamo!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:04pm Crudbringer:

I had to work the chicken fryer at the Hardee's instead of the register because I wouldn't cut my long hair.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:06pm spodiodi:

hah, Crudbringer
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:07pm Crudbringer:

Not exactly the same as defying Franco I guess.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:07pm spodiodi:

i did time at BK
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:09pm spodiodi:

the broiler station was possibly a dirtier job than the fryers
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:09pm Crudbringer:

Okay - so, sometimes, the comment board gets stuck in a mode where it's not auto-scrolling as new comments appear. I have to hit the ghostly gray down-array to get it to scroll down. Is there an auto-scroll checkbox somewhere I'm not seeing?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:09pm spodiodi:

Class Action Park sounds like it was a hoot (if you survived)
Avatar 1:10pm PKNY:

@Joe B - where did they have concerts on the Action Park grounds?
Avatar 🎸 1:10pm David Shortell:

Did you see the Action Park-inspired 2018 flop comedy "Action Point"? Deke Dickerson scored it.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:11pm Handy Haversack:

Back for Exbats!!!

Inez for Prez!
Avatar 1:11pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

I think you forgot to dedicate "Hey Dummy" to me and Lamont Sanford.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:11pm spodiodi:

lol topt
Avatar 1:15pm brainiac:

This set is inspiring me to start misusing commas and making typos right off the bat this week. Syntax, schmintax!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:16pm Crudbringer:

I bleev you'd getchur ass kicked sayin somethin like that, man.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:16pm spodiodi:

it's very liberating brainiac
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:17pm David (in London):

Brainiac, come back in from the edge.
Avatar 1:18pm brainiac:

This old article had me howling like a mental patient this weekend:
Avatar 1:19pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

new Bad Moves!
Avatar 1:22pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Thrust in Jesus !
  1:25pm GG Allin:

I am the highest power
  1:25pm MarkM:

Just logged in to note the Bad Moves song: Big like!! I see I am in good company, with Todd giving it a shout as as well ;)
  1:26pm ledzeppelinsucks:

Panhandlers have ample time to proof read and edit cliche's and boring religion slogans. Protest signs often have spelling and punctuation errors. Sports fans should work on their signage spelling.
  1:28pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

Surfs up for the People’s Champ! Great seeing ya down the Jersey Shore Joe
Avatar 1:28pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Yay! Panhandlers...
  1:29pm ledzeppelinsucks:

In Fast Food Nation the Burger King broiler smell that is fanned away from the restuarant is an alleged fabricated aroma to attract customers.
Avatar 1:30pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Boo! Pohleez Brootality.
  1:30pm ledzeppelinsucks:

Were #1
Avatar 1:31pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Still are in plague fatality.
  1:32pm ledzeppelinsucks:

God Bless what?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:32pm Crudbringer:

FreedomEagle.Facebook says the Plannedemic is a elitist plot to destroy small business! Private equity and REITs just weren't cutting it, so it became necessary to use bioengineering.
Avatar 1:32pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Great Depression.02 - Civilization on Pause - Plague
...but yerknow - my contribution:
Get a job hippie!
Avatar 1:34pm brainiac:

If this is a call for volunteers, I'll go, crazy.
  1:35pm ledzeppelinsucks:

Now Hooters and Applepees can move in on The Mission District and Capitol Hill. Tattoos allowed on employees.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:36pm listener 126464:

i need a new Follow Me To Hooters bumper sticker
  1:36pm Charbird:

Charlie here from CA, greetings all! Hey Joe, thanks for playing so many great tunes. Hey Todd! Special thanks to all the DJs and hardworking staff at WFMU, love you all!
Avatar 1:36pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

So glad Don Bryant was able to record and perform again. Such an underrated gem.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:37pm Handy Haversack:

What Charbird said!
Avatar 1:37pm brainiac:

I agree with Handy.
Avatar 1:38pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

On Ray Harryhausen's Centennial Day:
Way to go Skellingtons ! :)
  1:40pm David in London:

I had beet temptation.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:41pm Handy Haversack:

That's sweet, David.

Also, brainiac, check out Therese's playlist from yesterday!
  1:43pm carl from providence:

Hey Joe,
Thank you for all your hard work over the years, personally your selections have helped me out alot.. not to mention the last four months....... Keep on, Keepin' on
  1:43pm Dungaroos Kipawah:

Killin’ it today, Joe.
@TOPT: that Don Bryant gig at Baby’s All Right was glorious.
Ahoy Handy!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:44pm Handy Haversack:

Dungaroos K! Friendly Greenpoint greetings, pal!

I have that Country Westerns album in the Bandcamp cart for Friday.
Avatar 1:51pm Hubig Pie:

Ray Harryhausen night on TCM. Baronni the little genie in 7th Voyage of Sinbad is from the land Beyond , Beyond is Beyond !!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:51pm p/b:

Loving this show today - exactly what I need for work, do not stop. Love to all from Bklyn

Keep your masks on you sexy bastards
Avatar 1:55pm brainiac:

@Handy Haversack: Wow, Therese really had it going on yesterday. A veritable Pandora's box, but full of good releases!
  1:56pm Frank P:

Back when i was in college in Columbus, Ohio, there was a guy named Don B that would make the bands play Bat Man or Louie Louie and he would sing. RIP Don B!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:56pm Handy Haversack:

Ha, exactly, brainiac!

Gotta run out for pet food. Back ASAP!
  1:57pm Mr. Palchepo.:

I grew up in the 80s punk scene in Oklahoma and Batman was a staple of the Flaming Lips’ set. Fun fact.
Avatar 🎸 2:00pm David Shortell:

@Hubig Pie
I see they're televising the 1961 movie "Mysterious Island". I've never read the Verne novel but I'm pretty sure there were no giant monsters in it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:01pm spodiodi:

nice buzzfeed link, brainiac :D
Avatar 2:01pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Voivod does a ripping Batman !
...got the 'Guano!' comp of BatTrax on playlists...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:01pm spodiodi:

godspeed handy petfoodsnack
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:02pm spodiodi:

Country Westerns were great on Todd's show
Avatar 2:04pm brainiac:

-Will somebody please tell me why I read these damn listicles?
-VERONICA (smiling) Because you're an idiot.
-Oh yeah, that's it.
Avatar 2:04pm Hubig Pie:

You know what they say David S., no giant monsters, no Ray Harryhausen
Avatar 2:10pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

This Batman Guano : www.garagepunk.com...
  2:12pm ledzeppelinsucks:

I went to a Flaming Lips show 1990 at Spirit Club in San Diego. That band was too fucking loud. Many regulars went outside because it was unbearable. When I told friends that weren't there they laughed and called me a pussy. The next weekly rag was published and the Spirit Club ad had a comment saying The Lips had been too loud.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:12pm Gaylord Fields:

I've been in video meetings for the past two hours, so I'm rewarding myself by treating my ears to some Three Chord Monte right now!
  2:13pm ledzeppelinsucks:

..club owner mentioned The Lips being too loud in the weekly rag.
Avatar 2:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Lips were too fricative Loud!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:16pm spodiodi:

glad you're here, Gaylord!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:19pm McGroovey:

Good rockin' goin' there, Joe.

For a few minutes, I thought you were going to do a ticket WROCK block.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:20pm McGroovey:

Autocorrecto disaster

That was supposed to be ROCHESTER wwrock block
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:20pm Handy Haversack:

Yeah, Gaylord, I keep treating myself to it, too, after *tasks*.

Pet food secured, spod!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:22pm spodiodi:

is your dog excited? (man, i miss my dog)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:22pm spodiodi:

and wb too, Handy
  2:23pm Martin:

I could go for a Ribeye's show right about now.
  2:23pm listener monica:

checking in. listening while i FINALLY clean my kitchen.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:25pm Handy Haversack:

The dog is always excited for that errand since Mo at Animal Planet tosses him treats pretty much the entire time we are there.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:26pm Crudbringer:

monica I meant to talk to you about the kitchen. Honestly.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:27pm spodiodi:

hah. cool :) does he tell Mo that he's NEVER been fed? my dog always tried that *eye roll*
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:29pm Gaylord Fields:

@spodiodi: Thanks! No better place for us to be.

@Handy: Yeah, "tasks"!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:33pm Handy Haversack:

spod, it's strongly implied. Even though we are buying his ridiculously expensive food *while this happens*.
  2:36pm bigplanetnoise:

Good afternoon Joe and all Monte-folk!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:38pm spodiodi:

poor dog ;)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:39pm ratso:

hey, joe! been busy, but listening the whole time. Great little show you got going on today.
Avatar 2:41pm Joe B:

thanks everybody for tuning in and checking in, fell behind on the comments, sorry! appreciate it!
  2:43pm Tim C.:

Great show today, you’ve been on fire the last few weeks. All over the place in the best possible way
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:47pm Jim the Poet:

Hey great show Joe
Avatar 2:47pm Joe B:

thanks tim and ratso! hey bpn and gaylord! thanks JTP!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:48pm spodiodi:

solid show as always, Joe B.!
*many humble thanks*
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:49pm myron feld:

Pretty Please Me is such a great song. Didn't hear your intro, Joe, but if you didn't mention it, it's a Quick song. Fantastic band (as are Redd Kross, of course).
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:50pm Mike Sin:

Heard most of the show in the car. Nice!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:52pm Handy Haversack:

Great show, Joe! Sorry to have missed any of it!
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 2:53pm McGroovey:

I love Show World. It's great for playing loud with the windows open in the car. Actually, it reminds me of doing that in Rochester when I lived there. Also an album by The Shazam, the first two Quitters albums, one by the Donnas, and other garage-poppy window blasters.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:55pm coelacanth∅:

Thanks Joe Great show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:57pm radioronan:

Thanks Joe! Thanks skeleton crew!
Avatar 2:57pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

: D
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:57pm mariano:

Thanks Joe and crew, great show - brilliant song to close with!
Avatar 2:57pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Rrrrrandy !
  2:58pm ?:

  2:58pm dug:

definitely a chuckle at this song
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:58pm spodiodi:

sweet closer
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:58pm Gaylord Fields:

Rainbow '20!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:58pm Mr. Pumpy:

Avatar 2:59pm brainiac:

Thanks for a great show Joe!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:59pm Jim the Poet:

Randy is Grandy
Avatar 2:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

: D
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:59pm dave wuz here:

not sure if this violates your no politics in the comments section policy but the president is a real piece of shit
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 3:00pm McGroovey:

Is there such a policy?
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