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This Is the One, One, One
The party at the radio station was in full swing on the floor above the studio. What were they doing? Wrestling? I made sure to pipe some of the party sound into my show.

Songs with Meaning?
End of a Century Kill Henry Sugar  
Can't Have Your Cake (and Eat It, Too) Kenny Neal Devil Child
e/or Heavy Vegetable Frisbie
really like this oneSay What You Want Thin Lizard Dawn  
Lonely Highway Science Park Futurama
Blessed Brian Benson One Mississippi
The New Turntable
I Love You (excerpt) The Zombies Collection: Time of the Zombies
I Love You The Bent Scepters Blind Date with Destiny
Superman Goldfinger Hang-ups
Hallelujah Chorus kazoo alert!
Elm Street All-Kazoo Band Talent Night 1976
Phonobaloon Song Takako Minekawa Cloudy Cloud Calculator
Up Your Jurassic Park (excerpt) Bingo Gazingo  
Micro Mini Cool Takako Minekawa Cloudy Cloud Calculator
Little Miss Echo (excerpt) Raymond Scott Soothing Sounds for Baby Volume 3
The Music No One Likes Carter USM Post Historic Monsters
Day in the Life (excerpt) Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
really like this oneWhy I Write Such Good Songs Kleenex Girl Wonder Why I Write Such Good Songs
Comme un Tigre El Toro & Le Cyclones  
Tum'oublies Les Planètes  
There Is Only One Lie, There Is Only One Truth
-Cornelius Cardew
P.C.A. Singers and English Chamber Choir Ghosts and Monsters: Technology and Personality in Contemporary Music
Galletas La Casa Azul El Sonido Efervescente de la Casa Azul
That's a Bearcat, Bob The Towne Dandies My First Stampede
Cowpunk Scott Goddard You Break It, You Bought It
They Glued Your Head on Upside Down BellRays Grand Fury
The Typewriter Leroy Anderson The Best of Leroy Anderson
Das Abgeflachte Rotation Elipsoid Extroverde  
When the Music Ends Experimental Pop Band The Tracksuit Trilogy
Vinyl Time
L'Orgue de Barbarie Mélina L'Îillet Rogue
Two Guitars Jan Hubati & His Gypsy Orchestra Dance, Gypsy, Dance
really like this oneDance in the Smoke Argent Argent
What Is Life George Harrison All Things Must Pass
Down Together The Refreshments Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy
Shag Critters Buggin Guest
Sustain Spanish Fly Collection: City of the Future
Coming on Strong Doc L. JNR Collection: Prima Norsk, a Collection of Groovy Norwegian House Music
Mania Babel Fish  
Partyup Prince Dirty Mind
S-E-X-X-Y They Might Be Giants Factory Showroom
Moanin' (excerpt) Goober and the Peas The Jet-Age Genius of...
Party Doll (Out of Control) Apocalipstick  
Flem Office Systems Travesty, Ltd. Teen Comedy Party 2000
You Must Learn All Night Long Fantastic Plastic Machine Luxury
Bryggar-Antes Polka    

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The K (kazoo alert!) indicates the presence of one or more kazoos.

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