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Playlist for 05 March 2008 Options | Marathon Week Two with Monica

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Artist Song Album Approx. start time
Marvin Gaye  Got to Give it Up   Options   0:00:00 ()
Electrelane  To The East   Options No Shouts No Calls  0:14:45 ()
Dave Krooshof / Britney  Never Met a Girl Like You Before   Options   0:20:25 ()
GOB  Mr Sandman   Options   0:20:30 ()
Turzi  Animal Signal   Options A  0:31:18 ()
Led Snoopelin  Drop It Like Its a Whole Lotta Love   Options   0:34:40 ()
The Minutemen  Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing   Options   0:37:27 ()
Dave Krooshof / Britney Spears  Toxic   Options   0:38:39 ()
New Radicals  You Get What You Give   Options   0:46:02 ()
Classic & 86  Ridin'   Options   1:02:41 ()
Von Sudenfed (A prize! Pledge at 800-989-9368 or in that box at  Speech Contamination / German Fear of Osterreich   Options Tromatic Reflexions  1:05:41 ()
Psychedelic Furs  President Gas   Options   1:15:22 ()
rx  My Generation   Options   1:15:30 ()
Craig Mitchell  In Between Hearts Lock3Down   Options   1:18:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
Curtis Mayfield 
Don't Worry, If There's a Hell Below...   Options   1:19:19 ()
Moonman / Prince  Kiss   Options   1:38:14 ()
Go Home Productions  Girl Wants (To Say Goodbye) to Rock & Roll   Options   1:39:55 ()
Camera Obscura  Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken   Options   1:43:46 ()
Cleaners from Venus  Mercury Girl   Options   1:50:30 ()
Pizzicatto Five  Thank You   Options   2:07:32 ()
Laibach (A prize! Pledge at 800-989-9368 or in that box at  Rossiya   Options   2:13:14 ()
Rachid Taha  Barra Barra   Options   2:16:57 ()
Satanicpornocultshop (Their CD is a Prize now! Pledge at 800-989-9368 or in that box at  Get Ur Freak On   Options   2:30:06 ()
Nettaiya  RIP Slyme   Options   2:35:27 ()
Music behind DJ:
    2:41:02 ()
Daniel Urria  Believer   Options   2:53:36 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/5/08 9:04am Listener Dave:

800-989-9368. Go WFMU!
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:05am Listener David:

Ken, will the H&M Sinfonia be on cam this year?
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:07am Jack:

Hi Monica!!!
Oh...and hi Ken, of course.
Good luck with today's pledging.
We love your show.
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:07am Parq:

  Wed. 3/5/08 9:09am Ken:

Prizes up now: Electrelane and Daniel Jonston Documentary.
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:11am Guest MC Monica:

OK, Folks!! Get in the running now for the Electrolane CD and The Devil and Daniel Johnston DVD. 1-800-989-9368
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:12am Negator:

I'm broke, Ken! Okay! I gave you and Kenny g all my money last week, Okay? More yesterday on Joe Shmo's show and I won a Bobby Fuller record! You didn't give me diddly.... I'm broke, Ken. Loan me some money till next week.... I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today! By the way, awesome show last week.
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:12am Listener Dave:

Click on that box over there to the left to pledge. The blue one. You can see it. Do it for Our Lord Zatumba.

Marathon gimmick for next year - have the playlist math quesions always add up to "800" or "989" or "9368".
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:15am Negator:

Rush has mashed bananas in his pants!
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:16am rob woiccak:

all my pledge are belong to you!
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:19am Ken:

No, sorry, no webcam for H&M this year, but videos up in the next days on the blog.
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:20am dei x:

I pledged BEFORE! the marathon which means I'll be early for the TaTu movie and I'll have to sit through all the trivial movie trivia waiting for the rest of you. Bring more jujubees.
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:24am chris in london:

oh well, at least I don't have to stay up until 6am to watch the whole thing..!
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:27am Ghengis Jung:

Zatumba should give Rush Limbaugh a call...
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:37am Guest MC Monica:

Turzi CD & Anna Electronische CD!!
1-800-989-9368, call now or pledge online.
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:40am Negator:

Zatumba should give Rush Limbaugh a call... This is a great idea! Does Knockem has his digitz?
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:42am Negator:

Excuse me, Knock'em. Can he get us Rush's digitz?
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:50am dj -Copenhagen, Denmark:

Pledge it up! Congrats Ken!
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:50am Listener Dave from NH:

So what about Rush Limbaugh showing up on Nachum's show? Rush shares a name with an unfortunate band (I know, they're great musicians...), Ken shares his show with Monica who puts together banana premiums of her own - the Celestial Choir track on her premium from last year never fails to put a smile on my face.
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:51am Torbjorn:

The "Was it .." line of arguments is really working for me, this program is the beset program on WFMU, but still I gave all my money to Seven Second Delay.
Why ? .. Because you can't turn away from the trainwreck, natch !
Anyway, thank you, Ken, for donating so much time to keeping us amused, and I hope you're having a blast doing it !
Next time around, your program is getting my money, no doubt about it.
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:52am -max-:

All Hail Ken!! (and Zatumba, of course)
  Wed. 3/5/08 9:59am Todd 76%:

On behalf of all the tapped-out multi-pledgers out there, if you're listening and reading this and haven't pledged, c'mon and kick in! Ken and Monica (and every other DJ and volunteer who make this station the richest listening experience ANYWHERE) deserve your GENEROUS-AS-POSSIBLE support.
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:02am Negator:

Don't forget the leap year adjustment which makes the daily listening cost THIS year even less!
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:06am pat:

  Wed. 3/5/08 10:06am Negator:

Irwin's show transitioning into Kenny G's show is some of the funniest shit I ever heard. Painful, but hilarious!
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:08am Guest MC Monica:

Von Sudenfed CD
Yoko Ono CD
Foom CD
CALL NOW 1-800-989-9368
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:17am rob woiccak:

at a low volume, on the edge of hearing, that von sudenfed track sounds like ... OMD!
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:35am evan in vegas:

thanks ken!
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:35am dei x:

It's fun to listen in on Monica's education in the esoteric. Has she tried to commandeer the Tim Wink Train Whistle?
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:39am William:

Somebody needs to nominate WFMU for a Macarthur genius grant. Would that be considered a sullied form of underwriting?
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:42am Guest MC Monica:

Psychedelic Horsepukky CD
Flaming Fire CD
Pledge now!!! 1-800-989-9368
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:46am pat:

great prizes, how can you not send $10 in?
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:49am Ken:

When we all go to the tATu movie and then out for drinks afterwards, I will have a list with me. I'm just sayin'....
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:50am Cassie:

Ah, you guys are making me happy! I'm so glad to have you to listen to every Wednesday morning in my cubicle, but I'm sure my co-workers hate me. Hah! Nuts to 'em.
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:55am -max-:

Ooo, forgot about the tATu movie. Do we have an opening date yet?
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:55am Negator:

The Krampus is now part of my family Xmas tradition! Thanks, Ken
  Wed. 3/5/08 10:58am Rush Limbaugh:

I'll pledge $2500...

(Bill me later)
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:07am jojo:

limbaugh in the parking lot, hence the Dilaudid reference?
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:08am William:

Did I mention that I turn off the radio everytime I hear the word Dilaudid?
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:11am Guest MC Monica:

American Yodeling Comp CD!!
Laibach CD!!
Nirvana DVD!!
Call now 1-800-989-9868
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:14am William:

That wasn't me! I love Dilaudid!
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:18am mandy:

how much to get in the running to win the Laibach??
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:19am arn:

rudy giuliani remix, i remember that. That was hilarious. got to pledge just for that. Oh, and a great fundraising show too! thanks Ken and Monica!
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:19am Ken:

$10 or more to be in the running for any CD prize.
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:22am ?:

Ken, a face for radio.
Just kidding, YOU rock!
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:29am pat:

hipsters rule! Your favorite band sucks!
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:35am Guest MC Monica:

Laura Veirs CD
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:37am Laurie:

I won't be able to listen live to 7SD tonight, but I will pledge from the lobby of the Colony Theater on South Beach if it mans Andy will get tazed or have to wear peanut butter shorts.

I will be seeing a movie:
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:39am Laurie:

Er, means. Not mans.
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:41am dei x:

Andy getting tased? Make sure the batteries are full power. And don't try to bring the taser in to Canada.
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:44am -max-:

Ken: We forgot to include in Andy's total the $1000 that he pledged to NOT get tased last week! Have to add that to the soaking total.
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:49am Sean Daily:

But... but I LIKE elitist hipster crap...
  Wed. 3/5/08 11:54am Steve Barton:

Thank you James for your big contribution. Mmmm...lunch.
  Wed. 3/5/08 4:04pm Ken:

Thanks a lot to everybody who pledged! It was the best show ever for me, just $500 short of $20 grand. Thank you!
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