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Genre-surfing tokenism. (Visit homepage.)

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Options November 26, 2008: I'm not at my desk right now. I'm under it.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Eurythmics  Belinda   Options In the Garden  0:11:41 ()
Le Sun Ra & His Arkistra [sic]  Medicine for a Nightmare   Options Sun Ra: The Singles  0:15:37 ()
The Ladybug Transistor  Hangin' On the Line   Options self-titled  0:18:11 ()
Joe Jackson  Cancer   Options Night and Day  0:23:51 ()
Rasputina  State Fair   Options Cabin Fever  0:29:41 ()
Matthew Sweet  Daisychain   Options Sunshine Lies  0:32:49 ()
Jeffrey Lewis  A History of Rough Trade Records   Options youtube.com/watch?v=YaMD0JQYkoQ  0:36:05 ()
Joan Marie Polo  Go, Go, Fight, Fight   Options The Love and Affection I Used to Have  0:38:22 ()
Ariel Pink  Didn't It Click   Options Haunted Graffiti 6  0:40:37 ()
The Gothic Archies  The World is a Very Scary Place   Options The Tragic Treasury: Songs from A Series of Unfortunate Events  0:43:55 ()
Happy Apple  Koala Bear Wearing a T-Shirt With Your Corporate Logo   Options Sound Unseen 2001  0:46:17 ()
Earlimart  Before It Gets Better   Options Hymn and Her  0:52:56 ()
McCoy Tyner  Fly With the Wind   Options Fly With the Wind (The Keepnews Collection)  0:57:18 ()
The Clean  Dunes   Options Vehicle  1:05:41 ()
Siouxsie & the Banshees  Stargazer   Options The Best of Siouxsie & the Banshees  1:08:43 ()
Grateful Dead  Box of Rain   Options American Beauty  1:14:37 ()
The Cleaners from Venus  Follow the Plough   Options Golden Cleaners  1:19:37 ()
Ben Folds Five  Battle of Who Could Care Less   Options Whatever and Ever Amen  1:23:06 ()
Eric Alexandrakis  I.V. Catatonia   Options I.V. Catatonia  1:26:38 ()
Eric Alexandrakis  The Bells of Irony   Options I.V. Catatonia  1:28:26 ()
Fugu  Monocorde   Options Fugu 1  1:31:55 ()
Lisa Germano  The Dresses Song   Options Happiness  1:35:09 ()
Alice Cooper  Halo of Flies   Options Killer  1:44:31 ()
Andrew Hill  Mira   Options Grass Roots  1:52:40 ()
Elvis Presley  Poor Boy   Options Love Me Tender  1:59:06 ()
Babe Ruth  Gimme Some Leg   Options Amar Caballero  2:01:18 ()
School of Seven Bells  Chain   Options Alpinisms  2:10:19 ()
Steely Dan  Black Cow   Options Aja  2:14:25 ()
Richard C. Hackley  That's Believing in Your Product   Options Jesus Made Me Do It ... Volume Two  2:19:23 ()
The Beach Boys  You're So Good To Me   Options unreleased demo  2:22:45 ()
The Kings  This Beat Goes On / Switching To Glide   Options The Kings Are Here  2:27:38 ()
101 Strings  Dizzy Fingers   Options 101 Strings Plus Dynamic Percussion  2:33:26 ()
That Petrol Emotion  It's A Good Thing   Options Manic Pop Thrill  2:37:00 ()
Joan Marie Polo  (My Name Is) K   Options The Love and Affection I Used to Have  2:41:15 ()
The Hold Steady  Magazines   Options Stay Positive  2:44:01 ()
Michael Fobes  Rock Around the Clock   Options Stairway To Stardom Public Access TV Show  2:47:25 ()
Suddenly, Tammy!  Beautiful Dream   Options We Get There When We Do  2:51:13 ()
Billie Holiday  God Bless the Child   Options Sixteen Most Requested Songs  2:57:31 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 11/26/08 3:06pm Irwin:

First Comment. SUCKAH!!!!!!
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:06pm annie:

2nd comment!!!!
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:07pm oatman:

whoooo 2nd comment! wow, huh!
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:07pm Cecile:

I didn't know that you 'FMUers saw us commenters as adversaries, as "frenemies" of sorts.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:07pm oatman:

annie - i'll be comment 2.5

irwin - dooooooon't delete the comments mannnn
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:09pm Bad Ronald:

I for one like that the comments have become integrated. We've been validated which is better than violated. Of course that is unless violation is your bag.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:09pm annie:

word oatman, we were typing at the same time, i threw irwin the curve ball.. he missed it!! and the commenters are the glue!!! the glue!!!
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:10pm Bad Ronald:

1st rule DJs cannot have first comment rights. If just plain unfair!
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:11pm Cecile:

you have the right not to be killed...
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:12pm Proph:

play some Biffy.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:12pm Bad Ronald:

2nd Rule - no outside food.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:14pm oatman:

I think that the whole 'comment talk' on the tail end of kenny g's show is to mask the fact that kenny g and irwin are actually the same person! i think there was a whole coast to coast (art bell) show dedicated to the conspiracy. it's a conspiracy mannn.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:16pm Bad Ronald:

You have the right to free speech, that is if you're dumb enough to actually to actually try it!
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:17pm Bad Ronald:

Did I just hear a thud then a swoosh?
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:18pm Cecile:

that Eurythmics song was probably the best thing I heard from them. really nice.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:19pm annie:

what was that BR, i just fell and dropped my fan...
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:19pm fishmonkeystew:

awwww. I missed the Sun Ra... Darn it.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:23pm Irwin:

18th comment. Whoooooowooooooo!!!!
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:25pm Bad Ronald:

It does feel good. Doesn't it Irwin?
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:25pm Oatman:

Smoking now.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:27pm Bad Ronald:

Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays O-Man? I bet you're all "hopped up on goofballs" now too!
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:27pm doc:

what genre is this considered? Some form of jazz, I assume
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:28pm Bad Ronald:

Joe Jackson Lite
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:29pm Oatman:

Yes Ronald, very hopped on oats and that wacky tabacooo
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:30pm Bad Ronald:

(me too)
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:30pm zoey:

hey kenny! Do you read all the posts? What was that spoken word piece that you played--"please tell stella"; with the different accents? I had a guy play it for me a long time ago. He told me it was an experiment he did in college, recording people with different accents reading the poem he said he wrote. Hmmmmm...
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:31pm HotRod:

  Wed. 11/26/08 3:35pm Oatman:

Ronald, we need to be hopped up - i am always anticipating Irwin's detour into new pop country tunes. Irwin, I love ya, and i still listen with white knuckles gripping my cup of spirits.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:36pm fishmonkeystew:

I always prefered "all hepped up on goofballs".
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:39pm Oatman:

Can we add "all hepped up on goofballs crazypants" - I really do like the addition of 'pants' adding on to words. I'd rather someone scream "hey otispants" down the street then "hey otis".
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:39pm fishmonkeystew:

Actually, I meant "all goofed up on hop balls". Is work over yet?
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:42pm Oatman:

No not yet, 75 minutes left to go.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:42pm fishmonkeystewpants:

I have to say I agree with you, Oatman.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:50pm Oatman:

Irwin - tell us a classic story about WFMU - something that once happened on your show maybe?
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:52pm paulthepostman:

salutations posters and yeah, agree with all the above.
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:00pm paulthepostman:

having not denied myself of several appetizers, chicken kiev awaits is next.
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:05pm Laura L:

Irwin, if a classic story doesn't come to mind, how's about the kitten mew or hairball impression from days of old? All this talk about hop balls, how 'bout a hairball?
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:05pm annie:

alright for all of you who will be travelling tomorrow, be safe and happy. off to fight some dragons. those of you who will be around tomorrow, see you tomorrow..
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:06pm Carmichael:

With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:10pm Sean Daily:

They can, Carmichael, just... not very well.
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:13pm Swami:

Nice. Wait. The Dead?! Still nice.
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:14pm Peter K.:

The drummer on "Fly With the Wind" is Billy Cobham. And thanks for the shout-out to my old man.
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:14pm Sean Daily:

Two things about your kitten-coughing-up-a-hairball imitation, Irwin:

1. That was probably the creepiest thing I've ever heard over a pair of headphones.
2. Just how, exactly, did you find out that you coud DO that? On second thoughts, I'm not sure if I want to know...
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:16pm Irwin:

This was pre-Mahavishnu, Peter? Or just moonlighting? Cobham, that is, not your dad.
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:21pm Peter K.:

It was actually post-Mahavishnu, or at least after Cobham's tenure: 1976. I believe he was leading his own band by this time but still occasionally did sideman dates, undoubtedly for a very high price -- which in this case at least was clearly worth it!

By the way, how nice to hear someone on WFMU actually play the Dead (and presumably without irony); I had thought it was against the rules. Lovely song, too. But for the record the Dead is Grateful, not Greatful.
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:23pm Carmichael:

Martin Newell! Irwin, you opened my ears to them via "Clara Bow"
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:24pm Irwin:

Spelling corrected. We have an auto-spell feature on the accu and it picked up someone else's miscue. I'm graettfill for the proofraeding.
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:33pm Sean Daily:

I ar not seing nuttin rong wit yur spelin, Erwin.
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:34pm paulthepostman:

this is becoming a nice frilly trippy set irwin.
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:44pm Bad Ronald:

Back in time for Alice. Sweet!
  Wed. 11/26/08 4:58pm Carmichael:

Back in time for Elvis. Just as sweet!
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:04pm Carmichael:

Jeeesus, I can barely tolerate this guy's voice. Higher than Dream Theater.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:13pm Jason:

Great show, great Steely Dan!
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:16pm Graeme:

Does anyone still drink Black Cows ?
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:16pm Ismael:

love big "Black Cow"!
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:18pm Bad Ronald:

What constitutes a Black Cow?
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:18pm Ismael:

  Wed. 11/26/08 5:19pm Graeme:

Milk , Guinness and vodka. I'm guessing.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:20pm Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 11/26/08 5:20pm Cecile:

It's a Coke float. Coke and ice cream.
A brown cow is a root beer float.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:22pm Graeme:

That's slightly disappointing. I always assumed the bloke in the song was drowning his sorrows in the traditional way ; not having a chuffing ice cream.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:25pm Bad Ronald:

Seems like he was a pedophile...
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:26pm Bad Ronald:

Great BBs track btw...
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:28pm Cecile:

I always imagined the suject of the song being stoned out of their mind and stuffing their face with sweets. Just a mess. Like in the Basketball Diaries when they are eating at the dairy delicatessen.

Oh, man, Irwin, I think this is the Lower Michigan national anthem.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:29pm Cecile:

also, positioning ice cream treats with serious drug use I always thought was a great image.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:29pm chloe:

this is a serious staple of canadian radio + cancon; memories of hearing this so so many times as a kid.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:30pm randy in NC:

the kings, an efd fave....
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:30pm Graeme:

Oh no I'm all Black Cow confused now .. a bloomin' Paedo !
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:30pm Cecile:

yeah, I was in the Detroit area when this song came out, lots of cancon overflow
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:30pm Bad Ronald:

The organ in this Kings track is steller!
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:31pm Andres:

Irwin, I thought you had friends here in Canada? You have at least legions of fans and admirers. Anyway, this Kings son is an epic classic of our glorious nation. Glad you finally heard it and thanks for playing it!
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:31pm chloe:

i've never heard it in such.. high quality though. i kind of like it now.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:32pm Parq:

This is okay, but what you really want to hear is Evan "Funk" Davies performing this classic medly in front of the Hoof and Mouth Synfonia during last winter's marathon finale.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:32pm Joe:

Isn't this Evan Funk Davies?
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:32pm Bad Ronald:

Heroin is known to lead to a sweet tooth. Take "Savoy Truffle" for example.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:33pm Cecile:

Graeme, my joke about Steely Dan is that all their songs are about dope and/or jailbait, and this covers both.

That too, BR.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:36pm Graeme:

Thanks Cecile ...what about FM though ? No static at all , or little girls ..or dope
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:37pm Cecile:

yeah, but you know that "party time" probably involved some of both off camera....
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:37pm Carmichael:

Irish Rock! Now we're talkin', cuz ...

And none o'that bolloxy U2 shite.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:40pm Parq:

Ah, see that? I'd forgotten that OPI was pounding the skins on that one. Even more reason to regard the original as mere prologue.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:40pm Graeme:

...yes Carmichael , quite right. Lets have some Microdisney !
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:42pm Carmichael:

Deadly, Graeme! Or some Stiff Little Fingers ....
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:43pm Graeme:

Do you remember The Stars Of Heaven ? I loved those. I only ever heard them on Peel.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:44pm Bad Ronald:

Wottabout the Dropkicks? Or is that too yank?

And amen to the U2 bit!
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:45pm Graeme:

I don't remember them BR . What period ?
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:46pm Cecile:

criminy, the Hold Steady really think they are the E Street Band now.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:46pm Graeme:

mad child alert !
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:46pm Bad Ronald:

Dropkick Murphys now - http://www.dropkickmurphys.com/
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:47pm Sean Daily:

AGH! It's Kenny G! He's snuck back into the studio while Irwin was taking a leak!
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:48pm Carmichael:

Irwin, you are truly twisted. Just the way I like it.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:48pm Graeme:

cheers BR - i'm heading there after the show
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:49pm Graeme:

bet he was at Neverland once or twice
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:49pm Carmichael:

BR must be talking about the Dropkick Murphys. Boston Irish?? They're a whole different breed of Celt, if you ask me.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:50pm Bad Ronald:

We did a PATV show once debuting "We do Herion" but we were upstaged by a group of 5 yr. olds doing "Buck Barney" dressed as PE (w/plastic uzis).
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:51pm Bad Ronald:

Yeah Charmichael. That's why I asked if it was "too yank". Kinda like the Pogues really aren't Irish.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:54pm Carmichael:

Graeme, Stars of Heaven sounds vaguely familiar. I'll have to research them. I'm an old geezer, by the way, so I thought I knew it all from that era.

I was around when they was mad about Gilbert O'Sullivan. And of course, Lizzy live at the Rainbow.
  Wed. 11/26/08 5:55pm Graeme:

Oh i'm ancient too. Theres a little bit of them on Youtube and a few tracks on Itunes. Worth a look.
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