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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options February 19, 2009

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Zenlo  The Crab   Options Skeletal Antics       
ST-37  Chapel Perilous   Options The Invisible College      0:03:31 ()
Beyond the Implode  This Atmosphere   Options This Atmosphere 7" EP  1979    0:08:08 ()
MX-80  Someday You'll Be King   Options Out of Control (Out of the Tunnel / Crowd control)    there you go Cecile  0:10:10 ()
Shoukichi Kina  Haisai Ojisan   Options Peppermint Tea House      0:12:53 ()
Naushad / Shamshad & Chorus  Chod Babul Ka Ghar   Options sdtk, "Babul" 7"      0:16:38 ()
Sunburned Hand of the Man  Olive Gold Pit   Options A Grand Tour of Tunisia      0:19:54 ()
Jonathan Kane  Blissed out Rag   Options Jet Ear Party      0:24:09 ()
BLue Cheer  Out of Focus   Options Vincebus Eruptum      0:31:33 ()
GR & Full-Blown Expansion  Transfiguration on a Sepiachord   Options S/t      0:35:47 ()
Volcano Suns  Truth is Stranger Than Fishing   Options The Bright Orange Years      0:48:28 ()
Barnes  tr 3   Options Cassi Demos      0:50:54 ()
Jeri Cain Rossi  I Need a Jerk Like You   Options Ophelia's Mad Songs      0:53:16 ()
Destroy All Monsters  You're Gonna Die   Options Bored      0:56:56 ()
Pere Ubu  Life Stinks   Options The Modern Dance      0:59:50 ()
The Hat Shoes  Tom-ta-kati-e-ta-cote   Options Differently Desperate      1:01:44 ()
Frank Zappa  Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus   Options The Grand Wazoo      1:04:27 ()
Raspberries  With You In My Life   Options 45 @ 33      1:07:16 ()
Laura Rivers  That's Alright   Options V/a, Oh Graveyard, You Can't Hold Me Always      1:10:55 ()
Franklyn MacCormack  Deep Relaxation   Options Stanford Institute MindDevelopment: A Sleep Teaching Record      1:13:57 ()
Tall Dwarfs (International)  The Severed Head of Julio   Options Stumpy      1:19:49 ()
The Residents  Stars & Stripes Forever   Options 7"      1:21:27 ()
Cheer Accident  Disenchantment   Options Fear Draws Misfortune      1:23:51 ()
Faust  I've Got My Car and My TV / Picnic on a Frozen River   Options So far      1:27:40 ()
Entrance  Careless Love   Options Honey Moan      1:50:35 ()
Question Mark  Be Nice to the People   Options Be Nice to the People      1:54:48 ()
The Dirtbombs  Livin' For the City   Options Ultraglide In Black    cover: Stevie Wonder  1:58:57 ()
Dusty Springfield  Don't Forget About Me   Options Dusty in Memphis      2:01:52 ()
The Third Wave  Once there Was A Time   Options Here And Now      2:04:35 ()
Spectrum  Baby Don't You Worry (California Lullaby)   Options 7"      2:07:57 ()
The Dream Syndicate  Season of the Witch   Options The Day Before Wine And Roses      2:10:46 ()
Psychatrone Rhonedakk  Torsades Du Point   Options The Best of Black Plastic Sound      2:18:41 ()
Spider  Sweepin' the Ruins   Options S/t 12" EP      2:23:18 ()
Schizo  Schizo (and the little girl)   Options 7"    Richard Pinhas  2:27:42 ()
Growing  Innit   Options All The Way      2:33:42 ()
w/ Arrigo Lora-Totino  english phonemes (1971)   Options V/a, Source Records 1-6, 1968-1971    "Live Your Dream Stay Off Drugs"  2:37:50 ()
LYDSOD  Flyp Your Lyd   Options Ancient Age    "Live Your Dream Stay Off Drugs"  2:38:30 ()
World Standard  Billy Strange Country   Options Country Gazette      2:42:35 ()
Hawkwind  Master of the Universe   Options In Search of Space      2:47:55 ()
Walls of Genius  Squeezing & Spreading   Options Before ... and After      2:53:34 ()
Rev. Lonnie Farris  Peace in the Valley   Options V/a, Oh Graveyard, You Can't Hold Me Always      2:55:46 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 2/19/09 12:02pm Cecile:

hola, scott!
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:06pm Cecile:

Scott, do you have any MX-80 (sound) floating around?
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:10pm Cecile:

  Thu. 2/19/09 12:10pm PMD:

Scott! Hi! Listening as I budget cut... Make happy noise, please.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:12pm Cecile:

I love these guys...so...much
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:14pm annie:

oooh, man i was gonna go and cut wood... i have to get speakers for the window.. .. i'll just wait.. i have time.. hehe
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:14pm m turner:

thank you so much for playing this. it's making me nostalgic for okinawa.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:15pm Cecile:

Wasn't this the song that Thompson/Frith/Kaiser and Reynolds covered?
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:15pm Sean Daily:

Ninth comment! Woo hoo!
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:16pm Marshall Stacks:

Haisai Ojisan sounds so familiar... Maybe Cecile nailed it.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:16pm Parq:

This Shoukichi Kina is way-cute. It reminds me of those giddy manga illustrations my daughter used to dig.

(Scott, don't be afraid of Pokemon for Lila, it makes for a much cooler kid than that pseudo-educational stuff.)
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:18pm Cecile:

Parqkachoo, I choose you! LOLOl!
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:22pm still b/p:

I may have to get Haisai Ojisan as an all-purpose gloom purger for my place. "In case of gloom, break glass, play track, gambol."
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:24pm Cecile:

and frolic, too?
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:26pm still b/p:

....all over, I say, all ooooovah the furnitchah!
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:28pm Parq:

Still, if you get that together, I will pay you to install a clone in my office.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:28pm Marshall Stacks:

When gamboling and frolicking, don't forget to caper.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:28pm postmanpaul:

aaaaagh! no cigarette papers.

it can wait, no it can't, aaaaaagh!
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:31pm PMD:

Annie, how do you ever get anything done?
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:32pm AnAnonymousParty:

Blissed out Rag is kind of like Guitar Trio, but more complex.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:33pm Parq:

Scott, what a jaw-dropping-open first set this is!
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:35pm annie:

i devote the first part of my day to research, posting said info,etc... then putter around the house ...if i find alot of info to post it takes longer..
i seem to be able to fit everything in.. also.. i have no job yet. soon i will be out in the garden and on farms where i will be working.. i will be rare here.. :(
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:35pm AnAnonymousParty:

For some reason I want to hear Janis Joplin singing Out of Focus.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:37pm annie:

i admit, i love this morning routine, which oftentime stretches to three. a nice squall is allowing me to postpone my trip outside.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:38pm Marshall Stacks:

This (Transfiguration on a Sepiachord) is great, Reminds me a bit of the Clean.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:44pm stingy d:

hey scott did you ever get any feedback on the college class you helped teach a while back?
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:46pm Cecile:

great minds, man.

Hey, stingy!
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:48pm Cecile:

YAH! I still have this album
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:50pm Lou:

These guys need to do a reunion tour
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:50pm stingy d:

there must be 57 tits!
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:52pm stingy d:

it says sprocket not socket!!
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:52pm postmanpaul:

scott, that first set was best first wfmu set ever this year.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:54pm Scott:

Hi everyone, and thanks a ton for the verry kind wordzes. Stingy, yeah, seemed ilke there was a ton of feedback while that show was happening. Gen Ken said the academic feedback was slammin.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:54pm stingy d:

oh you wanna know what's cool? i met andrew wk... nicest guy, quiet.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:56pm stingy d:

oh that's cool. i would debate going to college if they told me to listen to the radio.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:56pm postmanpaul:

and now for a cuppa and feet up for five mins. (first idle comment, woohoo)
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:56pm Cecile:

Andrew WK is awesome. I wish he'd make another record.

He probably bought records from me back in the day in Ann Arbor, and I don't even remember him.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:57pm BSI:

Destroy All Monsters!
It is a good day after all....
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:57pm Cecile:

hay, scott! How about some 11th dream day?
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:58pm stingy d:

well he was working on something. in the meantime, check aleister x and lee perry for his productions.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:59pm Scott:

Awrright Cecile, take it easy!
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:59pm johN:

Hi. Love ya. Keep it coming. Amen. Back to work.
  Thu. 2/19/09 12:59pm Cecile:

I know he's done some stuff with to live and shave and LA, and also helping out his A2 buddies Wolf Eyes from time to time.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:00pm owen:

yeah, and apparently he parties pretty hard too...
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:01pm Cecile:

can't help it, Scott, the show is inspiring me!
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:01pm stingy d:

pum pum come and pum pum go. it's awrright.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:02pm stingy d:

santo's party house has the best sound system in new york city!
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:03pm Cecile:

do they have mean doormen? Cause I'd like to go there some century.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:05pm stingy d:

uh... they are big and uninterested. i bet if they generate an interest in you, they are a laugh riot though.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:05pm Marshall Stacks:

Awreety awrighty awrooty!
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:05pm fishmonkeystew:

Thanks for the ZAPPA, Scott!
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:08pm thecleef:

zappa made my day
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:11pm stingy d:

i feel like i've met more people that dislike the beatles than dislike frank zappa. i personally dislike frank zappa, and no one ever seems to agree with me. but i could certainly find someone to dislike the beatles if i felt like it. why is that?
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:13pm Mark:

I find the opposite is true. I think it's easier to find lots more people who dislike or don't know of Frank zappa than finding one person who actively dislikes the beatles. That's just me.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:14pm postmanpaul:

caus you/they didn't drop any californian sunshine in the 70's perhaps stingy d.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:15pm Cecile:

The only Zappa albums I like are the Grand Wazoo, Freak Out and Reuben and the Jets.
I don't like any others.

I'm appreciating the Beatles the further I get away from the 70s and their worst songs getting all the airplay on the radio.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:15pm stingy d:

yea mark but i think i mean more in terms of people who are firmly aware of both.

acid sucks your brains off.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:15pm Bad Ronald:

I saw Zappa cover "I Am the Walrus" and I loved it!
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:16pm Franklyn MacCormack:

I've found that people who dislike the Beatles, but not Zappa, nevertheless also dislike Yoko Ono. But those who dislike both Zappa and the Beatles at least appreciate Yoko's work...except her occasional uncredited appearances on Zappa's recordings. Then there are those who are perfectly blasé as to the Beatles and most post-1980 Zappa, but who also dislike Yoko, particularly her work with Elephant's Memory, and yet early Zappa and the Mothers is the bee's knees to these folks! Go figure.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:16pm BSI:

HOLY CRAP! My mind is transporting me to a peaceful place! How the EFF did this happen?!?!?!
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:18pm stingy d:

i want to hear the golding institute suddenly.

yea i guess we can probably conclude that all types of people exist. and sweeping statements also exist in people. yoko is the bee's knees to me's.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:20pm Cecile:

scott, you got mail.

I love that you just played the Tall Dwarfs.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:24pm Stannerlee:

Now, the Residents......everybody likes them.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:25pm stingy d:

on the contrary
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:26pm Cecile:

down, down down, ships are going down!
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:26pm BSI:

god I hope so.
ESKIMO changed my life.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:27pm Cecile:

cheer-accident - I didn't know they had this kind of 70s prog vibe to them...
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:43pm Ike:

This show is terrific so far. I am so fascinated that my job is failing to make me tear my hair out. So, WFMU = hair!

Wait, this is sunny?!?
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:45pm annie:

only one, one, dj will claim my measly donation...narrowing it down...
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:48pm Parq:

Wasn't "Whittier Batter" the poet who read at Millard Filmore's innauguration?
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:53pm paul from Sheffield UK:

this is all terrific stuff. I'm glad I was led to this station. Hello to all the Americans in the former colonies.
  Thu. 2/19/09 1:56pm J-O:

Sounds like Ofege!
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:08pm JEff m:

thanks Scott, love this song
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:10pm dragonflyshards:

Yoko's earlier work wasn't as annoyingly uninspired;i thought the only tollerable material on double fantasy was yoko's...but john & geo were brilliant w th beatles.You cant tell from radio...and zappa does have at least 1 excellent record:ImaginaryDiseases.(uncleMeat is interesting,too)...And i hear there's a time capsule full of stuff that's not as contrived & juvenile as most of the Mothers' releases were.check it out.(i know that's about n hour go-just got on.)PS HiScott-i've missed you.'only heard th show once since you were on in the evening.
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:16pm Doug from DC:

I love Zappa's albums with the Mothers, but Burnt Weenie Sandwich, Hot Rats and especially Chunga's Revenge are his best. As for the Residents, Duck Stab has got to be their best ever, although I know at least one person who's more into their later work.
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:22pm Doug from DC:

Is he sampling the canine heart sounds record here?
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:24pm SJ:

Wrong speed on the Spider!
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:26pm Scott:

I know SJ, that's on purpose.
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:27pm SJ:

Please excuse my backseat driving!! Manipulate away!
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:28pm Mark from London UK:

Strange stuff guys...but really enjoying it all...
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:29pm dragonflyshards:

thankyou,Doug. i have a friend who's job is to convert me,but he's slow about it.'did perk up my ears,though,w.I.diseases-& liked AbsalutelyFreeeeee when i was little...i'll ask him about those 3.
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:39pm rskull:

When it comes to Zappa, I ONLY like the Mothers' stuff. Even then really only Abs Free and Freak Out! I know some fanatics who love it all, but that fusion-y later stuff is not for me.
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:39pm BSI:

Good call on Duck Stab. They kinda lost me with most releases after King & Eye (there's just the one original member left, right?), but the early stuff is crucial. Also, huge Hot Rats fan here.
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:42pm Doug from DC:

Hey BSI, Jason from Pilesar just sent me the link to an amazing YouTube vid of robot music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CdA-ivDj8o
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:44pm Parq:

Ass-kicking show today, Scott. Exceptional even by your standards. And I enjoyed reading the chat on all the old weirdo music that first set me on the road that led to FMU. Suprpised no one's brought up Pere Ubu, seeing as you played 'em and all, but good talk all the same.
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:46pm Scott:

Thanks a lot Parq! Been fun
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:48pm BSI:

great christ, man, that's the BSI number one tune of all time. Huge thanks.
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:49pm BSI:

master of the universe, that is.
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:52pm Marshall Stacks:

Really a great show, thanks.
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:54pm Marshall Stacks:

p.s. Good luck with the Marathon. I already pledged!
  Thu. 2/19/09 2:59pm Mark from London UK:

Thanks - first time I've listened to the show...I'll have to figure out when it starts GM time...
  Fri. 2/20/09 3:27pm emc:

scott, better late than never (to listen to your show, or fmu in general), right? holy krapp, this show is blowin' me mind...haisai ojisan!!! too good...never heard the orig, only the ffkt version as pointed out by yr faithful listeners...more okinawan crossover music plz...
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