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Playlist for 04 March 2009 Options | Marathon Show Week One with Bronwyn C

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Artist Song Album Approx. start time
Albert Brooks  The Englishman German Jew Blues   Options A Star Is Bought  0:00:00 ()
John  CW Cyrus Weenie Mix   Options   0:07:28 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sex Bomb   Options   0:11:25 ()
Elakelaiset  Puliukko   Options   0:20:06 ()
Tony Brower  FMU FMU The Station For The Few   Options   0:21:49 ()
Wire  Hard Currency   Options Object 47  0:35:53 ()
Von Sudenfed  The Rhinohead   Options Tromatic Reflexxions  0:38:41 ()
The Billy Nayer Show  Party   Options The American Astronaut (soundtrack)  0:44:45 ()
Yamasuka Singers      1:05:41 ()
Jonathan Kane  BQE   Options   1:08:32 ()
Puffy  The Readymade JBL Mix   Options   1:25:23 ()
Cornelius  Cannabis   Options   1:31:07 ()
Music behind DJ:
    1:34:50 ()
Steinski  excerpt from Nothing To Fear   Options   1:46:15 ()
LIttle Axe  The Wolf That House Built   Options   1:55:12 ()
Genghis Jung  Now You Can SIng The Song   Options   2:12:35 ()
The Human  Corn Weenie   Options   2:18:53 ()
Nurse with Wound  Groove Grease (Hot Catz)   Options Huffin' Rag Blue  2:23:46 ()
Gimmicks  Cigarette   Options   2:38:34 ()
Olivier Messaien  The Opera House   Options   2:41:48 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/4/09 9:06am cribley:

Good morning, and good luck!
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:06am BSI:

pfft.... tap-tap... is this mike on?
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:06am cribley:

Hey Ken, are you soaking Andy tonight, or next week?
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:07am Ken:

Forget the mic, is the phone or website working?
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:08am Lizardner Dave:

Good morning everyone.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:08am annie:

finally made it... computer issues for three days.

good morning everyone
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:09am Listener Tony:

English Jew in the house. Oy, y'all.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:09am Bad Ronald:

Morning everyone!

Albert Brooks is a mensch!
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:09am -max-:

Greetings Ken.

Couldn't commit to a volunteer slot due to the uncertainty principal, but I was able to get the day off, so I will be coming by to help out today. Apologies to the volunteer coordinator.

32k stream is up, but a little delayed, it seems.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:11am Ghengis Jung:

  Wed. 3/4/09 9:11am annie:

i'm very sad i cannot make it down to volunteer.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:13am Joe:

Anyone have any tips for a first-time volunteer?

Seriously, I'm nervous.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:16am Mac:

Shouting out support for FMU and you Ken Person... the holder of the corn weenie crown.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:16am dei xhrist:

to pledge, or to listen??? Nurse Ike got me all a-skeered.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:16am -max-:

I'm coming, Weenie Boy! (tip 'o the hat to Bob Clampett)
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:21am BSI:

don't take olive's pills!
lookit that face!
oooooooooowookit dat face!
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:22am Parq:

Hmm. I hear "high and pointy" and I don't think impalement. Just me, I guess.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:25am paulp in berlinski:

sex bomb sex bomb yeah. was listening to brian turner archive, slipped back to live. cutting up and splicing 16mm found footage film collage in south inner city berlin. its a hard life been unemployed with no interests;)
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:27am owen:

ha! indeed, paulp...
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:31am annie:

aarrgghhh, the guilt, the's killing me!
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:32am Lizardner Dave:

I'm awaiting a cash influx from some arms deals I made, then the pledge will come.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:34am dei xhrist:

All bands should learn the FMU song, perform copiously, and send all proceeds to WFMU. Especially if your band has an audience.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:36am BSI:

before the dog tranquilizers, Ken, please god, try alternate nostril breathing...
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:37am Parq:

"Supreme Balloon"
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:37am jan:

Ken and Bronwyn: Tramadol- I have a bottle right here 37.5/325MG
prescribed by my chinese Dr for back pain. And I am no dog. It's a pain reliever.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:38am Parq:

Ike, stop kibbitzing and wear your nurse hat.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:40am nurse ratchet:

i'm sending the tramadol fed ex overnight
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:41am Your Instructor:

Each listener should take a firm grip on the waistband of his/her funderwear and yank firmly upward for a pledgie!!!
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:41am paulp in berlinski:

limerick city in ireland by the way is known as stab city. its the detroit of ireland. billy jam couldnt pick a better place for turntablist action;)
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:41am Martini:

  Wed. 3/4/09 9:45am John from Oslo:

Happy Marathon!
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:45am stingy d:

i'm the bullgoose looney!!!
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:47am annie:

stingy, as long as you wear your nurse's hat, you can be anything you want.
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:47am Ghengis Jung:

Less Music, More Begging!!!
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:51am stingy d:

bronwyn c in the place to be!!
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:51am The Internet:

Hey check out this awesome website!!!
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:55am stingy d:

bronwyn should be the official co-host for every show round the clock! that would reeeallly be somethin
  Wed. 3/4/09 9:56am Ghengis Jung:

  Wed. 3/4/09 9:58am Cecile:

Aw, Billy Nayer and the American Astronaut.
What a strange, delightful film.

I have a girl crush on Bronwyn.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:01am Cecile:

Ken, what do you have on your forehead today?
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:02am annie:

cecile, i share your passion.i have always been a bronwyn fan. no matter if she has a show or not!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:05am Cecile:

Right on, Annie! Especially today, since I feel quite manly.

BSI, do the dog tranquilizers send you to Epiphany at Port Said? ;D
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:05am BSI:

I just did the mouse-of-today online, & thought I'd get bumped to a list of adoption stuff! Naming Rights! Naming Rights! Aieee! How do I do dat?
..... and no prime number?
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:06am stingy d:

you should adopt night people, they need dads.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:06am Ruggerio:

Enough incoherent blabbing
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:06am BSI:


the best epiphanies can be found down a dog-tranquilizer-hole...

or at least, i hope so!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:07am I'm a listener to this station:

Music, please! hehe
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:07am stingy d:

  Wed. 3/4/09 10:08am BSI:

I'll give 666 points to Kenny G.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:09am Otis:

Bronwyn, pleeeeassse come on Ken's show every week. You two are so great!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:10am Cecile:

one meeelion points for Doug
one meeelion points for Scott
one meeelion points for Kenny G
one meeelion points for Station Manager Ken
one meeliong points for Trouble
two meelion points for Bronwyn

911 points for Dave Emory.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:11am stingy d:

i hereby transfer all of night people's points to bronwyn. because they are pointless (in a good way).
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:14am wha?:

I miss the days of the Bronwyn show.
Bronwyn, would you ever really come back and do a show?
Really really?
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:15am annie:

really really miss the book show.. really..
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:16am John from Oslo:

I just pledged (really really!)
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:16am stingy d:

i miss kelly too! and news of the dead!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:17am annie:

aaaahhhhhh, those were the halcyon days ...
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:18am amy:

how 'bout a little corn weenie...come on...just a touch.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:18am Cecile:

deron! What are you up to?
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:19am stingy d:

  Wed. 3/4/09 10:24am stingy d:

no speaking of pork, go to the following places:

porchetta on 7th street in the east village and the excellent pork chop house in china town on doyers street. mmmmmmmm!!! ppooooorrrk!!!! i love fooood!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:25am Bad Ronald:

Stingy - Porchetta - 7th and what?
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:26am stingy d:

btw a and first or first and second. south side of the street. standing room only! very excellent!!!!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:27am Bad Ronald:

Cool, thx. I will check it out!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:27am Joe:

yessss... Porchetta is amaaaazing.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:28am stingy d:

joe gets it!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:28am Cecile:

We call it porketta up in the UP of Michigan.

mmmm, hazely eye like Jemaine from FOTC?
Who I am gay for today.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:29am John from Oslo:


  Wed. 3/4/09 10:30am stingy d:

sometimes i say it like porsche, sometimes i say it like chedda, but never have i said ketta.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:30am fishmonkeystew:

Get Bryce a giant eyeball costume.

This is the best fund drive EVA!!!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:30am Cecile:



Stinge, you are not from da 'UP.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:33am Parq:

I am assigning all of my points to The Immigrant. Bring the fella back.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:34am Cecile:

Hey, fishmonkey, good to see ya!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:35am BSI:

Speaking of which, I have just attempted to adopt Bryce. Haven't seen his pedigree papers yet, but I trust it's all in order.....
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:39am Cecile:

I do believe Bryce has had all of his shots.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:43am hathaway:

i think konishi yasuharu did that puffy remix. such a great song and a great show!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:47am Listener Dave from NH:

It's not a "Jew-fro", it's an "Isro."
Get it straight, people.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:51am fishmonkeystew:

Hiya Ken, Cecile, and all!! I've been here, but only luuuuurking. I work in the construction biz, and with the way times are right now, it's bid bid bid bid everything! No time to comment, only listen.
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:52am Otis:

Yea! Steinski!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:52am BSI:

YEEE! Quality yorkshire terriers and maltese! And within sleep-dialing range of WFMU!!!
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:57am fishmonkeystew:

Glengarry Glen Ross snippits?
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:58am Cecile:

@fms: still, good to see you popping in.

If this show was a dog, BSI, what dog would it be?
  Wed. 3/4/09 10:59am stingy d:

i'm the aknikulous one!!
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:00am BSI:

clearly, it would be a 16 year-old Irish Setter named Gaylord, thoroughly ripped on muscle-relaxants... Phenobarbitol, I believe.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:01am BSI:

(and i mean that in the nicest possible way...!)
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:01am Parq:

An Afgahn-Rottie-Clumber mutt.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:02am Cecile:

LOL, BSI and Parq.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:05am Parq:

Plus some dachshund. It had to stand on a chair.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:09am Otis:

what is this background song sampling the loop from "california soul" - so nice!
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:10am stingy d:

oxy's are swelllllll...mmmmmmmmm
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:12am Parq:

I’ve seen photos of Ken’s beard, and it reminds me of the following. A young man from a small farm family in the Midwest gets to go to Yale, and is immediately drawn into the Ivy League mentality. He grows a beard, and sends a photo home to the family, writing, “Rather eye-catching, no? Wouldn’t you agree that I look like a count?”

“You idiot,” his father wrote back, “we’re spending all this money on a good education for you, and you haven’t even learned to spell!”
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:12am Cecile:

I like the brave dachshunds with wheels instead of legs. They inspire me.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:13am Cecile:

*rimshot for Parq*
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:15am BSI:

or the Irish Wolfhounds with ultra rocket cannons for legs and electric laser eyeballs, stomping up the shores of Delaware from Monster Island..... they inspire me.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:15am stingy d:

hey otis... sounds like pete rock... but i can't exactly hear the rappers... but the production sounds like pete rock.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:16am stingy d:

that movie is awesome! never saw the documentary.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:16am Cecile:

WOW, BSI, I need to get on a list for a rescue for them dogs.

I have the documentary on my TiVo, gotta watch it.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:17am charlie:

can i adopt kens liver and a few onions?
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:17am Cecile:

Who won the corn weenie contest? And YAYAYA!
Genghis's remix!
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:19am Ghengis Jung:

If you listen closely you might be able to hear Ken's backing vocals on the chorus!
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:19am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:20am Parq:

'Cile, I think the winner is the one with the Warriors monologue mixed in, though I must say, I'm awfully impressed with this Genghis one.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:21am BSI:

Ghengis; this was definitely one of the sweetest weenies -- killer ending as well.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:23am Cecile:

Both were favorites of mine.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:23am Ghengis Jung:

  Wed. 3/4/09 11:27am Ghengis Jung:

This 'The Human' is awesome.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:28am Pearly Sweets:

Man, the hard part was really hard to pull off here at the home.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:28am bill:

hmmmm, I recall a certain b. janoff mix that might sound great somewhere in the next hour...... see you later for 7SD.......
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:28am BSI:

I endorse the new Nurse w/Wound...... it's a great one.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:29am fishmonkeystew:

This bass line sounds like the one from Willie the Pimp.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:29am cribley:

What's the pledge count at? (x/100)
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:30am fishmonkeystew:

Or maybe that's Hot Rats, seeing as that was "Hot Catz". Duh.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:33am Sean Daily:

Bronwyn! Yay!
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:35am Pearly Sweets:

There is nothing like making a super secret pile.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:38am stingy d:

oh wow is "in the waking" involved?!!
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:40am Cecile:

Vicki's mom has got it going on.
DJ Mon' has got it going on.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:40am BSI:

i must get me one of those super secret piles.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:40am stingy d:

ok 75?
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:42am Parq:

800-989-9368 EXT 1 to pledge and vote for Ken to take the pill. 800-989-9368 EXT 2 to pledge and vote for him not to.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:44am <>:

March 21st, 2009 is National Corndog Day!
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:45am stingy d:

i pledged but i forgot to say that i give dj points to jason sigal, you can decide how many.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:47am BSI:

yay! olivia tremor!
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:49am stingy d:

it's funny because i was listening to marty mcsorley grate on me last night, and i wanted to pledge for him but i couldnt bring myself to do it. and i said to myself that if he offer me the chance to get "in the waking", then i'm in. but he didn't
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:50am BSI:

I am now on a hunger-strike until my CORN WEENIE premium CD shows up.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:51am nna:

That wasn't Messaien
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:54am BSI:

seriously, on the corndog day thing!
March 21!
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:54am Cecile:

Listener Terry (i)? I was getting a CT scan this AM and was thinking the same thing.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:54am stingy d:

i think i don't sleep.
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:54am artsy fartsy:

we know who kenny g is and he should come clean
  Wed. 3/4/09 11:57am artsy fartsy:

kenneth goldsmith. we know who you are
  Wed. 3/4/09 12:01pm stingy d:

DAMN!@ you're lucky i like forrest hills
  Wed. 3/4/09 12:03pm GP:

Morning all.
Just barely sliding in..hit Jason yesterday with the contribution.
  Wed. 3/4/09 12:04pm Cecile:

Kenny G.
I love you.
I love you Kenny.
  Wed. 3/4/09 12:05pm GP:

Is that Phil Spector painting a premium?
  Wed. 3/4/09 4:20pm BB:

Albert Brooks is GOD
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