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A weekly meditation on Who did it, What it is, Where is it at, When it is going down, Why is it not working and How it should be. Add your comments to the playlists in real time or post game.

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Options May 18, 2009: RIGHTEOUS!!!

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Lulacruza & MJ Greenmountain  cenote   Options     0:00:00 ()
Aritomo  ?   Fearful Sunshine Filtering Through Foliages    0:07:08 ()
juana molina  rudo y cursi   Options     0:12:05 ()
liverpool  13 andar   Options     0:16:18 ()
Rodriguez  can't get away   Options     0:18:54 ()
Music behind DJ:
a small good thing 
loop   Options     0:22:14 ()
l horei 1981  borderline   Options youtube comp    0:30:30 ()
greg porter  i can't wait   Options     0:33:21 ()
mcginty and white  Everything Is Fine   Options     0:36:13 ()
isan  Harmonic Deluxe   Options     0:40:45 ()
Orchestra Di Rockford Kabine  Al Signor Lorenzo N   Options     0:46:59 ()
sonogram  toppless summer   Options     0:48:41 ()
Music behind DJ:
Manuel Gottsching 
e2e4 loop   Options     0:52:18 ()
the christian astronauts  prepare to fire   Options     1:00:06 ()
Astral Social Club  track 3   Options #15    1:03:23 ()
ganglians  voodoo   Options     1:04:48 ()
hexlove  verse coarse   Options     1:09:33 ()
Satanicpornocultshop  asakichi   Options     1:13:00 ()
Music behind DJ:
prefuse 73 
loop   Options     1:17:11 ()
soundcarriers  track 2   Options harmonium    1:25:20 ()
Shogun Kunitoki  riddarholman   Options     1:28:35 ()
supernatural hot rug and not used  new world   Options     1:28:59 ()
endangered ape  track 3   Options     1:32:33 ()
Alejandro Jodorowsky, Ronald Frangipane, & Don Cherry  curios mexicano   Options     1:36:28 ()
Music behind DJ:
steve mcqueen at lincoln center       1:48:25 ()
Liechtenstein  all at once   Options     1:49:11 ()
Hoodoo Gurus  I was a kamakazi pilot   Options     1:50:32 ()
Urichipangoon  boy   Options     1:53:59 ()
comet gain  jack nance hair   Options     1:58:45 ()
fresh and onlys  imaginary friends   Options     2:02:28 ()
Predrag Delibasich  leaves falling on lisbon   Options     2:04:18 ()
von hayes  between all studs   Options     2:06:03 ()
za  double cora   Options     2:08:17 ()
marcio local  pret a luxo   Options     2:09:02 ()
Music behind DJ:
      2:12:07 ()
spirit photography  time is racing   Options     2:17:52 ()
aa  society stinks   Options     2:22:34 ()
debruit  re new real   Options     2:24:02 ()
odd nosdom  we bad apples   Options     2:26:43 ()
Magnetic Fields  Please Stop Dancing   Options     2:30:59 ()
Music behind DJ:
      2:42:28 ()
music go music  warm in the shadows   Options     2:44:33 ()
butter  owey koan som tho   Options tiny toones    2:48:14 ()
Music behind DJ:
Davie Allan and the Arrows 
13th harley   Options     2:52:28 ()
Jonathan Richman  Affection   Options     2:56:15 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 5/18/09 9:02am annie:

good morning bw!!!! good morning everyone
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:04am Joe Steele:

Buenos Lunes.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:05am annie:

be forewarned, i am banging the drum this week for an equal-time tribute to utah phillips. greatly underappreciated, yet very vital and important part of our cultural history
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:07am annie:

.........just sayin....
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:09am bw:

go annie go!!!!
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:12am annie:

i'll try hard not to be overly annoying, striving towards cloyingly sweet
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:16am Parq:

Yesterday at noon, was in one of those upstate small towns taken over by the artsy set. It's one of those towns that still have noon whistles. I was reminded of that Robert Klein bit about how sirens otherwise meant a nuclear attack, and he used to wonder, what if they bombed at noon? The "fifth column" reference got me musing.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:18am bw:

I heard a siren test the other day and thought a similar thing

we live in different times now
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:19am annie:

funny, that, parq. i was in walton for the day and around two oclock the fire horn blew an alarm three separate times.. 5-1-1. made me wonder what the code was..
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:21am dc pat:

yeah, stardust! way to start the week...
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:21am BSI:

sirens, eh?
I read something last week about NORAD doing late-night test-flights & aerial manoevers over DC soon, so we've got our paranoia underwear out of the fridge & ready for action...... Bring on the Black Airships of the Apocalypse!
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:22am dc pat:

in Glover Park in DC sometimes I hear this low moan of a "siren" over toward Georgetown. I have no idea what it is and it freaks me out.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:23am dc pat:

cool BSI... did you ever see/hear a "stealth" bomber flying over our fair colony?
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:25am BSI:

DCP: not so far, praise Allah. ... All the 'stealth bombers' I need are waiting for me at Ben's Chili Bowl...
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:25am annie:

growing up on long island, there was an airport or something near us and on some nights a sweeping searchlight would splay across the sky over and over. it scared the bejeebers out of me... took me a long to to not be afraid of that.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:26am dc pat:

funny thing is, those motherfuckers are loud and scary....not very stealthy
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:27am Joe Steele:

Ah yes, the cruel, totalitarian justice of Stardust.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:28am Joe Steele:

I grew up across the street from a prison. Sirens meant escape.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:28am Cecile:

mornin' all.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:28am Chad:

Anyone else hear a siren in South WIliamsburg/Bed-Stuy a few times a wek? I always thought it was a lunch whistle or something but now I think it sounds too crazy for that.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:32am cornertavern:

This is an awesome solo version of this song. wow.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:32am Parq:

Okay, I'm stumped - someone remind me who had the 70s hit with this "Borderline" song.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:32am BSI:

Approx. age 5, we had an apartment just a few doors down from a civil defense air-raid-type siren which did regular tests -- Being that close, was fascinating as a kid to listen to the thing wind all the way down, that last descent to barely-audible, almost sub-bass silence... Oddly beautiful noise.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:34am Cecile:

Madonna, parq
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:35am Devin:

Mernin' ya'll's
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:36am annie:

well, i saw "the soloist"..... i could not stop the tears, it was awful and beautiful.... and i mean that in the best of ways... the music was incredible.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:37am Parq:

No way, really? Yep, I just looked it up. Sorry I doubted you, but I would have bet money that was a mid-70s song. Ah, my mushy memory.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:38am Parq:

McGinty and White are doing a webcast on East Village Radio tonight. Just a plug, I'm a fan of Joe's.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:40am Cecile:

Her first record, and get into the groove had her best songs on it.
After that, not so much. That's just me, though.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:42am annie:

i admired madonna for her gutsy music for a long time, not so much now.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:43am dc pat:

before we get to far into this may I just say that Madonna has absolutely no meaning to me at all...I just do not care about her or her music...that's it.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:44am bw:

i remember bein on the school bus in the 7th grade and some kids had madona in playboy - there was something really scarey about how this dude was into the pictures.. and I just didn't think they were so hot! I got called GAY!!!
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:44am annie:

those stupid costumes, though.....
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:45am Parq:

I mostly dug Madonna for her personal independence -- she was the only female popstar I knew of who wasn't being controlled by a "producer" or "manager" who was actually her boyfriend or husband. And I gotta admit, her "Blonde Ambition" persona was totally hot.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:45am Bad Ronald:

I liked her dunce-cap brassiere.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:47am karao:

morning all, morning bw!
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:48am BSI:

bw: I had a similar experience, but the mag in question was High Society, w/Jodie Foster pictorial (1981ish?).. It was like watching feral demons fighting over a kill... Somehow I wasn't impressed, which spells social DOOM for a 7th grader! Explains everything!
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:50am PMD:

Morning! Nice music! now I'm back to work.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:51am annie:

parq, word up.. i loved "vogue". she continually redefined herself. "who's that girl", her early movies, etc... she just had fun with music and her liberating talent.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:53am zoot:

Gosh, for me it was Lily Langtry in a penny dreadful. She sure did have a well-turned ankle.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:56am dc pat:

yeah but can't you say the same thing about some one like Wendy O. Williams? at least she was interesting.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:57am dc pat:

or better yet the amazing Ari Up. In my mind, she's WAY more important than Madonna.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:59am BSI:

  Mon. 5/18/09 10:01am Cecile:

I think you can find inspiration in all kind of things.
I mean I revere Mark E. Smith, Steve Lacy and Ronnie James Dio
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:03am holland oats:

this is quite mad you know
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:04am Parq:

Zoot, pictures of Lilly, Lilly oh Lilly! Pat, wasn't there a boyfriend behind Wendy O?
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:06am Cecile:

I think it's interesting that men getting assistance from women is nothing to wriite about, but if a man helps out a woman in her career however innocently or not, it instantly negates whatever talent she may have.

Help is help. we all get help.
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:07am Cecile:

rant over.
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:08am bw:

MIA??? what to think about this?
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:11am dc pat:

Parq: Don' t know about that--I just think if we're talking inspiring, revolutionary women, who gives a shit about Madonna? Her music blows.

Oh yeah, M.I.A, now there's a rockin woman!
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:13am dc pat:

wow, M.I.A. is an Orioles fan??
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:14am annie:

thank god for comic-book science!!
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:18am bw:

1030 we gonna talk to the dude who put this together

any steve Mcqueen fans out there?
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:19am dc pat:

oh yeah, McQueen rules.
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:22am BSI:

Steve McQueen was the schnizzit. Whatever that means.
Hell, even Love With A Perfect Stranger was decent, despite the lack of car chases and mutually assured destruction...
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:22am bw:

whoops - better link here: http://www.filmlinc.com/wrt/onsale/mcqueen.html
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:29am Parq:

'Cile, getting help is one thing, being controlled is another. It irks me when a female popstar is marketed as a tough, think-for-herself role model for pre-teen girls, and the truth is that she can't have breakfast without her "producer" getting up from his side of the bed to tell her what to order. And when a woman controls a man to that degree, it *is* big news, the obvious example being Nancy Reagan.
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:30am Parq:

Answering rant over.
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:31am annie:

i love the comments section :)
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:34am Cecile:

The first part I agree with you. M*** C*** is way more honest than Avril Lavigne. (I don't like either of their music, but that's neither here nor there.)

The second part, hmmmm, it's a lot more prevalent, just less publicized than you think.

Rebuttal with qualifications over.
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:37am cornertavern:

@Parq re: the "grrl" female pop star that can't order breakfast for herself... I'll coin a term for it: "bland ambition"

pun interjection over...
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:38am trish:

Portrayal of women in media is just as errant as portrayal as men in media.

It's the portrayal that betrays the individual, whoever they are?
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:40am trish:

er, 'portrayal OF men'
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:43am dc pat:

talk about the Blob!
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:43am Carmichael:

Good morning Mr. Walker and fervent list contributors.

Greeting over.
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:51am Cecile:

whoo hoodoo gurus
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:52am Cecile:

the second in their WW II song series, the other being "Tojo"
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:53am dc pat:

ooo, I wonder what sadistic form of punishment Stardust has in store for them..
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:55am Cecile:

stardust is kind of a dick
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:55am cornertavern:

cruel, totalitarian justice indeed!
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:56am dc pat:

ok, what's the story with Urichipangoon?? This is my new favorite song.
  Mon. 5/18/09 10:57am bw:

my new fav too!
no idea about em though

next week I am gonna go to Montreal! viva canada
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:01am dc pat:

their myspace page is in Japanese. They're playing w/ Deerhoof somewhere at some point--that should be good...
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:07am Carmichael:

The loyal youth of the country all seem so happy ....
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:07am Parq:

Ben, thanks so much for the "Stardust" series, in which each new plot is more preposterous than the last. And what is it with this guy and flinging unprotected bad guys into outer space? DC and Marvel superheros never engaged in mass slaughter.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:09am Carmichael:

Cecile, I just read that the FOTC are playing UC Berkeley next month. Are they on tour?
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:09am Joe Steele:

There's just no way to stop him. He's frightening.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:09am cornertavern:

ditto re: stardust. amazing.
Ben - your premium next year should be a stardust t-shirt.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:09am Devin:

  Mon. 5/18/09 11:11am bw:

2 weeks from now my guest will be Paul Karasik who put TWO stardust books together!
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:11am Cecile:

Oh, yes. Saw them in Minneapolis about 2 weeks ago. Just amazing. The venue security/ushers? not so much
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:12am Joe Steele:

He's sending children into battle!?
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:13am Cecile:

he is SUCH a tool.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:16am Carmichael:

Then I must go see them. And I shall beware of evil ushers.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:18am Stardust:

*causes Cecile and Joe to rise helplessly into the air*
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:18am Cecile:

there's a lot of interplay, and dry humor, and they tweak the songs a lot. THey also usually have someone comically fantastic opening for them. We saw Eugene Mirman who was so damn funny we were exhausted by the third joke.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:18am Devin:

Urichipangoon's buddy, Oorutaichi, was on Liz Bergs show a couple months ago. Good stuff.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:19am Carmichael:

Joe and 'Cile have become the 7th column.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:19am Cecile:

  Mon. 5/18/09 11:19am Cecile:

me and joe are our own gang
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:22am Joe Steele:

We probably couldn't even assemble peacefully against Stardust's Stalin-esqe tactics. He'd turn us into space worms and feed us to the flaming superhawks from Jupiter.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:24am bw:

I wou7ld pee myself if I saw a bunch of blond american boys comin my way with superpowers!!!
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:25am Joe Steele:

And, curiously, all in suits.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:27am RW:

Is that Urichipangoon track from a specific album? Loved it.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:27am Cecile:

giving a blitzkrieg indeed

And Joe, the cruelest part is that being spaceworms, we couldn't give the finger to our raptor devourer at the last minute, like the little mouse does on the tee shirt.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:27am bw:

the cd is called GIANT CLUB
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:29am Cecile:

I suddenly hear Fabio's theme sone
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:29am Joe Steele:

Say what! I need to see this t-shirt, Cecile.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:29am Parq:

Ben, re 11:11 post -- I think I'm going to have to take that morning off and stay home to listen to that show. And I gotta hip my comic-book-maven daughter to this whole thing. 'Cile, I'm psyched, I won the FOTC 1st-season dvd from DJ Trouble last 'thon.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:31am Parq:

Jeez, has anyone ever done a body count for a Stardust adventure?
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:32am Cecile:

Nice, Parq. nice...
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:33am Cecile:

Here you go, Joe.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:33am Cecile:

  Mon. 5/18/09 11:34am Joe Steele:

At this point, Stardust probably beat out heart disease as the nation's number one killer.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:36am Cecile:

The claymation Coraline was amazing.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:36am Joe Steele:

I dig it, though I have too many t-shirts as it is. Including I think 3 due in from WFMU at some point.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:37am still b/p:

Flaming Superhawks from Jupiter = GNFA 12-member a capella hillbilly bop mob in mylar neckties.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:38am Parq:

As Ben is pointing out, they kind of insulted the auidence by adding a "boy saves the day for the hapless girl" ending. Other than that, I dug it, but not nearly as much as Wall-E or Ratatouile, or (my fave Pixar) Monstsers Inc.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:38am Cecile:

actually the movie Coraline scared the crap out of the under 8s in the audience.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:39am Ike:

Yeah, the Coraline movie was astonishingly good. Adapting it into a play seems like a bizarre idea though.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:40am annie:

speaking of swag.... have they all gone out? i await a cd from trouble's show..
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:40am Bill W:

I'm pretty sure no one involved with the Coraline musical sees it going to Broadway, but I'd love to see The Garbage Fondler musical.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:41am Cecile:

Gaiman actually said they added a friend for Coraline because Coraline doing it on screen by herself was not as good visual storytelling. He was completely fine with it.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:42am bw:

well - I think she could have done the story without the lame boy add on

but other than that I did like the movie
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:43am Cecile:

I liked him, but YMMV.
And there was a huge Michigan in-joke in there which I appreciated.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:45am dc pat:

  Mon. 5/18/09 11:46am Ike:

The boy didn't save the day, did he? I don't remember that. He seemed fairly incidental overall. But maybe another cat in his place would've been better. Any movie can always use more cats.

Parq, do you like the Iron Giant and Miyazaki films like Spirited Away and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind? Brilliant stuff.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:48am Cecile:

Well also partly most little boys want a boy in the movie or they will not go see it.
ITA with more cats.
In face, I want to be that cat.

Ike I like those movies, except for Nausicaa and that's only because I haven't seen it.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:53am bw:

phew! thanks everybody! it was fun! have a good memorial day Im goin to canada see ya in 2 weeks
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:54am cornertavern:

eh, stardust is going sort. he should have skinned them alive, and beamed the screams and haunting images directly into the minds of every youth on earth - as a warning against all who would oppose America!!
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:55am Cecile:

bw, email me for some good eatin' places if you want.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:55am cornertavern:

rather, going soft
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:57am dc pat:

yeah, I'll say--he should have sent in some Henry Darger little girls to do the skinning too instead of those lame boys...
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:57am the true frenchie:

HEY we're going to miss you next week! enjoy canada
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:57am Patrick:

This Affection song has to be the most overplayed song on WFMU.
  Mon. 5/18/09 11:58am Joe Steele:

Yeah, wouldn't want to get those Dick Tracy suits messy.
  Mon. 5/18/09 12:00pm nasok:

ahh, my favorite part of monday - affection played at maximum volume
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