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June 4, 2010 Options
No more crying, no more weeping and no more moaning
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

L.V. Sisters 

(Listen: )

Classic South
African Jive

(Electric Jive 1964)
S.D.V. Swing Band  Yo-Yo Jive   Options Ice Cream & Suckers: South African Soul
(Mercury )
Chris Schilder Quintet feat. Mankunku  Spring   Options Spring
(Atlantic 1968)
Barney Rachabane & Company  Bambo's Bump   Options Sweet Matara
(Black Music 1976)
Johannesburg Street Band  Letter to Prospect Township   Options Dancin' Through the Streets
(Uni 1968)
Super Tens  Ba Ka-Sipho   Options Indod' Iyakhuluma
(Beat City 1981)

Talkover Music:
Memphis Black (Ingfried Hoffman) 
Why Don't You Play the Organ, Man   Options Soul Club
(Sonoroma 1969)

Daddy Grace 

Cool Down by the
Banks of Jordan
(Listen: )
A Night With Daddy Grace
(American Odeon ca. 1955)
Mighty Sensational Six of Little Rock, AK  Can't Hide Sinner   Options b/w When I'm Gone
(Rae-Cox )
Kindly Shepherds  Every Year Carries a Number   Options Gospel Grooves, Volume 5
(Nashboro 1960)
Dixie Hummingbirds  Stop By Here   Options b/w Christians Automobile
(Peackock 1957)
Spirit of Memphis  Lost in Sin   Options b/w When
(Peacock 1957)

The Supreme
Soon I Will Be Done   Options An Evening with Slim and the
Supreme Angels
(Nashboro 1978)
Spiritual Singers  Come and Save Us   Options Ntasima
(Mississippi )

Talkover Music:
James Moody 
The Teachers   Options The Teachers
(Perception 1970)

Agostinho Dos Santos 

Cancão do Mar
(Listen: )
Agostinho Dos Santos
(Polydor 1958)
Adoniran Barbosa  Vespera de Natal   Options Adoniran Barbosa
(Odeon 1974)
Dominuinhos  De Mala e Cuia   Options Domingo Menino Dominguinhos
(Philips 1976)
Wilson Simonal  Enxugue Os Olhos   Options

Vou Deixar Cair

(Odeon )
Os Sambistas  Tanta Tristeza   Options Conjunto Voz a Do Morro, Volume 3
(RGE 1966)
Manduka  Saidacão   Options Caravana
(Le Chant du Monde 1978)

Talkover Music:
Franz Auffray 
Sweet Popcorn (pt. 1)   Options Original Popcorn
(Egg 1969)

Kappo Umezu 

(Listen: )
Seikatsu Kojyo Iinkai
(SKI 1975)
Jef Gilson Nonet  A Free Call   Options New Call From France
(MPS 1966)

Peter Kowald
Watu Wote   Options Open Secrets
(FMP 1988)
Freddie Hubbard  Interlude I   Options Sing Me A Song Of Songmy:
A Fantasy For Electromagnetic Tape
(Atlantic 1971)
Don Sleet  The Hearing   Options All Members
(Jazzland 1961)

Talkover Music:
Dave Hubbard 
Booga Bop   Options Dave Hubbard
(Mainstream 1971)


Grooving Out on Life
(Listen: )
Blood Brothers
(Afrodisia 1973)
The Funkees  Life   Options Point of No Return
(Amba 1974)
Witch  That's What I Am   Options Introduction
(?? 1973)
The Blackfoot  Jefferson   Options The Foot Steps
(?? 1970s)
Blackman Akeeb Kareem  Esin Funfun   Options


(EMI 1972)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/4/10 9:19am Bad Ronald:

Morning Doug, sweet tunes. Thanks.
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:21am still b/p:

All quiet on the WoofMoo front.

Good morning. Good music, though I'd rather be listening on a porch.
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:24am Devin:

No comments yet...?
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:25am Bad Ronald:

On a porch with a pooch drinking hooch...
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:25am Devin:

Oh, there we go... Good morning ya'll
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:26am Drummer Some:

Morning BR, b/p & Devin. Looks like it's just us four. Just keep passing that flask around the campfire.
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:27am trsh:

More than 4. This music is a fine filter on big construction sounds, here. Best wishes on your upcoming move, Doug.
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:27am texas scott:

with ya BR.
nothin betta than a porch pooch on hooch.
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:30am Drummer Some:

Thanks trsh!
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:30am That Guy:

Doug we will listen to you from where ever you broadcast from....yes the township sounds!
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:32am still b/p:

...and with Minnie to add the mooch and Charo to add the cuchi-cuchi.
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:32am Drummer Some:

That Guy,
You message makes me so happy. Much appreciated.
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:34am jill:

i swore that was Hugh Masakela...I'm digging the show, as always...
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:37am Drummer Some:

That WAS Masakela!
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:37am C:

You'll be leaving this slot red hot for whoever takes over. Really going out with a bang these last few weeks!
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:39am jill:

thank you for dropping the knowledge. you never cease to amaze us. And this Ingfried Hoffman is on fiya.
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:55am erella:

You're playing such wonderful songs today. Thank you. I love your show, but today it is sublime.
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:57am Aaron:

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I love this song by the angels - I'm gonna miss the drummer!
  Fri. 6/4/10 9:57am Drummer Some:

I am loving it right along with you!
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:00am em:

supreme angels are knocking my socks off. Marvin Gaye, eat your heart out!
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:03am Joe:

What a song!!
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:13am Cecile:

Hola, Doug, all!
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:16am erella:

I don't know if I understand how to get the new webstream on my Aluratek internet radio gizmo.
Doug, I love your show.
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:17am Daniel:

Doug, you're the best. I've enjoyed you show so much for years. Good luck in your new adventure! Thanks for keeping the music coming, and thanks to WFMU for making the technology available to do it.
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:19am barrianne:

wow awesome Is that Brazilian or Portuguese? Canção do Mar -- pronunciation hints: Con-SOWN do Mar by Ah-go-SHTEEN-you deuce Santos
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:21am Drummer Some:

You will access the new web stream exactly the way you currently access WFMU's broadcast stream. You will just have to click a different link. The link will appear on WFMU's website, but if you send me your email, I will be sure to send you the link directly.
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:21am barrianne:

Christmas Eve! Ah-doe-NEER-an Barbosa! Good luck with this major change in your life Doug.
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:23am Drummer Some:

Yay Barrianne! Give the Drummer Some's exec. Vice Pres. in charge of Portuguese pronunciation!
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:23am barrianne:

And Dominguinhos too -- perfect after last night's great Nation Beat performance with Scott Kettner. Gosto do forró!
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:24am barrianne:

Dominguinhos Daw-meen-GEEN-use
De Mala e Cuia gee MAH-la e QWEE-yah
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:25am barrianne:

Yeah just don't put me in finance. Took me 3 times to add up the numbers!
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:30am barrianne:

Con-ZHOON-two voice ah dew MAW-hoo Wow, 1966. BELEZA!
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:30am Shaun:

Cuica - kweeka. The laughing gourd.
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:32am barrianne:

Saidacão = Sigh-dah-SOWN
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:43am Cecile:

I just wish I had Thurston's magic touch. I talk to people about free jazz and Philip K. Dick, and they look at their watches and walk away slowly.
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:45am Carmichael:

Hiya Doug and everyone.
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:53am ∂avid:

@Cecile That's why we are all here. i've always fit in with people who don't fit in anywhere else....
  Fri. 6/4/10 10:55am Cecile:

Very true. Good point, David!

I love SY and Thurston, but sometimes get frustrated that things need his stamp to get noticed. But I'm glad he takes his role as tastemaker and popularizer seriously. He could get a lot of people to buy a lot of crap if he wanted. I guess I'm glad he uses his powers for good! :D
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:03am Cecile:

and this is a great record. Worth waiting for, Doug!
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:03am Drummer Some:

I avoided Thurston's free jazz list for years out of some kind of reverse snobbery (for the very reason you articulate). Then, as I began to amass more and more amazing records via downloading, I couldn't help but note that every record on the list is flat-out killer stuff. Avoiding the list had been my loss.
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:05am Cecile:

Exactly. He jumps on the train late, but he's a quick learner and gravitates to the very best stuff. Can't fault him for that one single bit.
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:10am ∂avid:

@Drummer and Camile. I had the same experience with his black metal recommendations. I thought he would just pollute with artsy recommendations, but when i really checked out what he was saying, I was impressed. Does that mean I'm a snob, too?
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:16am drunk right now:

David- is there a link to Thurston's black metal recomendations?
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:18am north guinea hills:

I heart Peter Kowald. I'm happy I saw him before he died, and saw his memorial concert.
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:20am Cecile:

Here's the interview where he talks about black metal:
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:21am Drummer Some:

Heart is still heavy about Kowald. What a devastating loss.
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:23am Drummer Some:

And here is Thurston's free jazz list (with download links!):
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:25am drunk right now:

thanks for the links!
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:29am ∂avid:

yeah thanks. i remember it was in decible but couldn't find a link and still get enough work done to still be able to leave early. so thanks!
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:50am Carmichael:

This guitarist is using the same phase shifter as in tyhe Lou Reed song "Rock N Roll".
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:52am north guinea hills:

I'm going to be out next week, so I'll catch the archive. Good luck Doug, and thanks for all of the sounds. Catch you on the next stream!
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:53am Cecile:

have a great week, ngh!
  Fri. 6/4/10 11:56am north guinea hills:

Thanks Cecile! I'll be in most of the week, but out next Friday. Cheers!
  Fri. 6/4/10 12:00pm Aaron:

Thanks Doug!!!
  Mon. 6/7/10 9:11pm owlqaeda:

hey now dug, nice to hear the tunes i share at me blogue experiment branch out across WFMU's various playlists. been following yr motherlode mining meself fer a minute. a sweet surprise
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