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Playlist for 11 August 2010 Options | Satan's Significant Other

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Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
Messer Fur Frau Müller   Holiday of Love   Options Remixodelica  *   0:00:00 ()
Junk Culture  American Minute Song   Options West Coast  *   0:02:32 ()
Junk Culture  Daydream on Olea   Options West Coast  *   0:03:42 ()
Baths  Apologetic Shoulder Blades   Options Cerulean  *   0:05:14 ()
ae  Gauche   Options bootleg    0:07:39 ()
Magdalene Keibel Combo  Er Hat's Geschafft   Options Spannun  *   0:12:25 ()
Drop Z  The King of Pop   Options   *   0:18:46 ()
Jack Cardwell  The Death of Hanik WIlliams   Options     0:22:47 ()
Pastor John Rydgren  Here Lies The Church   Options Silhouette Segments    0:27:14 ()
Satan's Boyfriend  Close To You   Options     0:28:34 ()
Tanum Og Jong Skolekorps  Someones Knocking At Your Door   Options     0:31:42 ()
Trond Viggo Torgerson  Det Var En Gang???!!...Og En??   Options     0:33:28 ()
Amnesie  Lapin Numero Un   Options Cock Rock Disco Greatest It    0:35:59 ()
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
Super T-Bone   Options     0:39:35 ()
Don Trust  Snack Bar   Options Don't Rust  *   0:48:58 ()
Beta Collide  Nude   Options Psst!  *   0:51:12 ()
David Shire  Taking of Pelham 1 2 3   Options     0:53:18 ()
DJ Yoda, Heritage Orchestra & Jules Buckley  Track 5   Options Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra (G Prokofiev)    0:58:08 ()
Immortal Technique  Crossing The Boundary   Options     0:59:58 ()
Leonard Emmanual  Hollerin'   Options     1:16:05 ()
Ketcak        1:23:20 ()
Unknown  Bad Tap Dancing   Options     1:30:36 ()
Anita Feldman & Michael Kowalski  Riffle   Options Tellus Dance    1:31:55 ()
Pierre Henry  Gestures   Options Variations for a Door and a Sigh    1:34:31 ()
Quadron  Slippin'   Options     1:36:11 ()
Casiokids  Gront Lys I Alle Ledd   Options Topp Steming Pa Lokal Bar  *   1:40:25 ()
Felix Kubin  Track 3 - Russki Beat   Options Atoma Exi Mono    1:45:12 ()
Messer Fur Frau Müller   Fantomas Time   Options Remixodelica  *   1:49:17 ()
Kommunizm / Коммунизм  Two Years   Options A Soldier's Dream    1:51:57 ()
De Press  Pad Maskownye Wietsjiera   Options Vodka Party    1:54:44 ()
Abbass Mehrpouya  Soul Raga   Options Mehrpouya Sitar    2:03:29 ()
Ravi Harris & The Prophets  Lost Dragon of the Sahara   Options Funky Sitar Man    2:07:29 ()
Ashwin   Bombay Boogie   Options Sitar Power    2:10:25 ()
Lord Sitar  I Am The Walrus   Options The Lord Sitar    2:19:06 ()
Lida Husik  Up   Options Bozo    2:23:53 ()
Omo  Track 10   Options Loaf: 35    2:28:51 ()
Big Blood  Heart of Glass   Options Under Covers (For WFMU)    2:33:18 ()
Music behind DJ:
Prokofiev Loop       2:39:55 ()
Rosa Extra  Was Mir Deine Schleuder Ist Mir Deine Waschmaschine   Options Spannung, Leistung, Widerstand (V/A)    2:44:11 ()
Jim Sharpe & Lary 7 & Mountain  Burlap Breaks   Options     2:47:56 ()
Swell Maps  Let's Build a Car   Options     2:50:30 ()
Led Snoopelin  Drop It Like Its a Whole Lotta Love   Options Party Ben Gettin Stoopid    2:53:58 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 8/11/10 9:00am Ne-guh-tor:

  Wed. 8/11/10 9:00am Ne-guh-tor:

Good Morning, Ken!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:01am Bad Ronald:

Morning all!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:01am Goyim in the AM:

Morning Ken! Hey, does anybody know what kind of knife it is, and why Frau Müller wants it?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:02am Dan B From Upstate:

Howdy, all!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:03am Bad Ronald:

She wants a paper knife so she can ice her cake!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:04am Ne-guh-tor:

Great show, Ken! See you next week!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:04am Ken:

Hello all! Goodbye Negator!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:06am Ken:

I have no pics today and I am particularly receptive to requests... that's the kind of morning it is...
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:07am Bad Ronald:

Do you have any XTC lying around the studio?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:08am dimitri:

  Wed. 8/11/10 9:08am Ken:

Hello Dimitri!! Are you in Moscow or back home?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:08am seang:

@Bad Ronald --Man, I was listening to The Big Express last night. so good!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:08am chrizzi:

me too!! in berlin..
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:10am Bad Ronald:

@SeanG - HA yes! I love the syncopated guitar bit in "Wake Up"!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:10am Dan B From Upstate:

Ken, there is a series of about 33 photos here... I'd convert them for you, but I'm working.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:11am Bad Ronald:
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:11am dimitri:

dimitri is in berlin and drnks milk.. not all dimis are russian.. 8)
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:12am Ne-guh-tor:

Got any pics of pole dancing midgets?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:12am Ken:

But all Dimitris speak of themselves in the third person!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:14am the bears at the lake:
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:17am dimitri:

oh yes, as your dimitris... think your dimitris are feale. the keibel combo is great
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:19am Laura L:

If you're taking requests, gosh, we haven't heard the German Mr. Ed the talking horse song in an awful long time. That old Pferd song would be a sound for sore ears.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:20am Rep Anthony Weiner:

Ken will there be a live 7 sec delay tonight? My sexy Jew hating wife just loves you and Andy breckman?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:22am Ken:

Tributes to dead musicians!!!!! I need em!! YES, live Seven Sec Delay tonight for self hating Jews and the women who love them.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:22am Sam:

Perhaps you should play "pay respect to Michael Jackson" by James Kochalka Superstar
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:22am Rep Anthony Weiner:

My wife just loves seven second delay:) but I can get her to stop with the kill all the Jews comments:(
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:23am Ken:

Yes. Thank you, Anthony Weiner. That will be quite enough.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:24am Ken:

Hurry! I need another tribute to a different dead musician or the theme set DIES!~!!!!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:25am Ne-guh-tor:

  Wed. 8/11/10 9:26am paul:

if you have the Joe Meek "It's Hard To BelievE It" comp, there's an amazing Buddy Holly tribute
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:26am Goyim in the AM:

Ballad of Jimi Hendrix by S.O.D?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:27am Lizardner Dave:

For classic rock cheese factor, "All Those Years Ago" by George Harrison or "Under A Raging Moon" by Roger Daltrey will fit the bill.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:27am Sam:

What about "American Pie", the day the MUSIC died? Didn't Andy Breckman write the lyrics to that?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:27am still b/p:

Rock and Roll Heaven, and Traktor the livin'(!) hellll out of it.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:27am Bad Ronald:

Ramones: "Love Kills"
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:28am Scott S.:

How bout JIm Carroll "people who died"
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:28am Ne-guh-tor:

The Commodores-Nightshift
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:29am still b/p:

Porcelain Monkey - Warren Zevon
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:30am Ne-guh-tor:

You can't always get what you want-Stones
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:31am Ken:

Ah well.... the theme set has done up and died///
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:31am Bad Ronald:

Dickies - "Wagon Train"
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:31am dimi:

wanna be satan, if thats her boyfriend!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:32am Lizardner Dave:

We held up our end, dammit.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:33am Sam:

We weren't fast enough for Ken's brain
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:33am Ne-guh-tor:

I was SO hoping you play that f**king Don McClean songo......
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:34am still b/p:

We barked and honked but got no herring chunks tossed. We have been played falsely and abused.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:38am paul:

finnish smurfs doing "mambo no. 5"?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:40am Gil Roitto:

Happy music time again. No playlist pictures today?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:42am Sen Ted Stevens:

I'm in a CIA underwater base here in Alaska?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:43am Sen Ted Stevens:

Tell the world that senator Ted Stevens is alive and being held hostage in a secret CIA underwater base!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:43am Cecile:

Good morning. You are a chatty bunch today!
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:47am Cecile:

I love that.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:47am catpatz:

is bmx bandits the 1st best australian biker movie of all time?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:49am bennett4senate:

hola ken
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:52am Ken:

We only seemed chatty, Cecile. One person was playing many stupid roles, since banished.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:52am Ken:

No, sorry. No pics today! Didnt think I would be here... so I didnt prepare any..
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:52am trs:

Sounds like the woods have been brought into the show. Sounds good.

Cities need more trees and fresh air.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:53am Guerin:

Had a turkey come to my front door last week. Through the screen I did my best turkey imitation. Turkey looked at me. I opened the door. Turkey kept looking but backed away slowly. My mouser cat watched it serenely. Turkeys everywhere in Michigan now.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:54am Cecile:

oh, ok.

trs - ITA. Minneapolis has been planting flowers everywhere, and little trees and it makes a difference.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:55am Swami:

David Shire! Mr. Talia? Music for "The Conversation"?
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:56am Sam:

This is a great little number! No pun intended.
  Wed. 8/11/10 9:57am bennett4senate:

not prepared indeed - ken, I see your careful self-hosting of all playlist pics. no hotlinking for this perpetuity-minded station manager.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:03am Mark:

  Wed. 8/11/10 10:04am trs:

I dunno, Cecile. Suckin on an exhaust pipe seems like a better idea to a lot of people, for some reason. Gritty.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:05am Ne-guh-tor:

True story. Years ago I was drinking and driving with a former girlfriend. We were driving around the country here in NC. I stopped in a pasture to heed nature's call. While heeding I heard rustling in the brush next to me. Then, out of nowhere, this giant prehistoric animal jumped out screaming! I yelled and heeded all over my self while running back to the car. When I got in the car, my girlfriend asked me what happened. I told her that I was almost killed by a prehistoric bird. When we got back I looked up this bird. It was a large wild turkey. At the time I had never seen one in person. Formidable bird, I tell you.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:06am bennett4senate:

wow, YES Immortal Technique meets Andy Breckman
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:08am Dan B From Upstate:

How about having the speed eater eat all of the zucchini?
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:08am Cecile:

I think they should meet in the squared circle. Best two falls out of three.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:08am sugarwolf:

Oh, I might going to the NJ State Fair on Friday!! I'll be sure to bring some zucchini...
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:10am sugarwolf:

last year at the Lou Dobbs horse thingy one of the riders fell off a horse.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:12am Guerin:

I got chased off by a little grouse once. My family still laughs about it when it comes up. They can scare you!
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:12am sugarwolf:

"4-H Rabbit and Small Animal Costume Contest"

OMG I have to see this
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:16am Cecile:

  Wed. 8/11/10 10:16am Goyim in the AMc:

Oooh, I feel a Ramayana Monkey Chant coming on...
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:18am Cecile:

ken, there are also some great haka moments when the NZ Maori Team plays the Solomon Island and Australian Aboriginal teams. Serious chanting and cursing people's mommas going on.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:19am Sam:

Quit your hollerin' an git back in the van!
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:24am bennett4senate:

  Wed. 8/11/10 10:24am Ken:

Wow. I drove all my regular listeners away! I salute you, the few remaining!
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:25am Mike East:

Did Mike Patton sample this or just rip it off for that Mr. Bungle track?
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:26am Bad Ronald:

Still here but reeling from your neglect of our suggestions...
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:26am Cecile:

hey, Ken. I have a question. Is the Hollerin' track public domain? Because I think it would be a great remix contest track.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:26am Spankyflop:

Still here! Regular listener since '99!
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:26am Mark:

are you gonna play all 20 minutes or so of this? (I hope)
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:29am Ken:

No, I cannot bring myself to play all 20 minutes! Sorry! Cecile, I doubt it's public domain.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:29am Dan B From Upstate:

I've got nothing else better to listen to. Okay, that's not true. I have a backlog of podcasts over 24 hours long, but Wednesday is Kensday!
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:30am Mark:

aw too bad, sounds like it's on vinyl too
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:31am Cecile:

aw, bummer. Because I think someone could remix the honking into a scandalously evil Euro-house soccer-chant dance track.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:33am still b/p:

Maybe some willing listener from way back up in the holler can volunteer to record some hollerin' and submit it for Ken to give us.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:37am Dan B From Upstate:

This Quaddron song is hard to get out of one's head. Just sayin'.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:38am WebHamster Henry:

Speaking of the dead, how about some Free Design? That Free Design Redesigned album may be appropriate.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:39am Vicki:

morning/afternoon Ken :)
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:41am Ken:

Hi Vicki!
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:43am Gil Roitto:

So much Swedish, Norwegian etc music lately. I almost feel too priviligied to be one of the few understanding the lyrics :) Seriously, most Nordic music I've discovered lately have been through the amazing Ken show.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:46am paul:

trent played almost all swedish music monday night, if anyone missed it
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:57am WebHamster Henry:

Are these Germans singing in Russian? The accent is funny.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:58am Robert:

Ne-guh-tor, turkeys in the vicinity of hiking & biking trails seem to lose any fear of humans thru exposure, but they don't do anything worse AFAIK than make noise & show off. Some of them become quite tame. They're cute. But, as "explained" on 7SD (Saving Superfresh the Turkey from Thanksgiving), not likely to be good pets -- at least not those dumb ones raised for meat, maybe the wild ones would be better. Nah, come to think of it, wild turkey's better for drinking.
  Wed. 8/11/10 10:59am Gil Roitto:

Thanks for the tip Paul! Will check it out.
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:01am Cecile:

when did everyone at my work decide they were all my boss? :(
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:02am Robert:

Ken, did you have diarrhea continuously, or in bouts that made you wonder whether you were bette yet?
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:03am Ken:

Robert - You got it! Several times I thought I was better but it was not to be.
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:04am Robert:

Heh..."seat of your pants" better be good now that you're better for real...we hope.
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:08am -max-:

Ah, this hits the spot! Thanks Ken!
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:10am Mike East:

My bosses left me in charge today, so I can crank the FMU extra loud. Been a great mix this morning, Ken.
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:12am Mike East:

my co workers have been giving me strange looks from time to time...but like I said, I'm in charge.
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:17am still b/p:

Was that Santana's "Hope You're Feeling Better" that the Soul Raga riff sounded like, hey?
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:19am Vicki:

this puts me in mind of Charanjit Singh's 'Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat'
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:20am Vicki:

it's probably in the record library
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:22am Sam:

This is definitely my favorite Beatles song of all time!
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:22am John McCabe in LA:

where the freak is my freaking Ken DVD and SSD DVD!
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:23am hamburger:

day in the life sitar version - huhuhu!
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:24am Ken:

I apologize John McCabe. Now that I am in the woods I will finish them.
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:24am -max-:

"Paul wasn't the Walrus, I was just saying that to be nice."
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:36am JT:

this is a great cover. recognizable and not, sincere and latched on to something i liked about the original.
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:37am hamburger:

mm is haunting!
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:54am Cecile:

I remember Rob Weisberg's comments being used in the publicity for Sitar Power!
Also, emusic has them, so I'll have to download one...
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:55am Cecile:

WAY better than P Diddlysquat's Jimmy Page cameo.
  Wed. 8/11/10 11:58am chris:

This is sick, Ken. Where can one acquire such a fine cut?
  Sun. 8/15/10 3:00pm Cat:

Thnx Ken! ..this show rocks!
  Tue. 8/17/10 3:55am Seamus:

You're my favorite radio station of all times. If you need some outer love from the mid west to give the country point of view , I* m always hear to love and grow with all of youre lov3
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