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October 29, 2010 Options
Let Timmy smoke
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

B.B. Jasper 

Hard Luck Guy
(Listen: )
b/w O'Ketchee Me-Doggie Creek
(Timmy late 1960s)
Carmol Taylor  Here Comes the Fool   Options Complete Goldwax SIngles
(Ace 1967)
Waylon Jennings  Anita, You're Dreaming   Options Leavin' Town
(RCA Victor 1965)
Omar Valentine  I'm Gonna Make My Will Out   Options North Louisiana Hayride Stars
(Custom )

1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero   Options Words, Music, Laughter and Tears
(Elf 1968)
Loretta Lynn  Rated "X"   Options Entertainer of the Year
(MCA 1973)
Adam Carroll  Oklahoma Gypsy Shuffler   Options Old Town Rock 'n' Roll
(Adam Carroll 2008)

Talkover Music:
Arkie Shibley 
Blue Kelly Boogie   Options Hot Rod Race
(Collector 1948)

Ennio Morricone 

(Listen: )

(Vivimusica 1969)
Alains Romans  Ambiance Restaurant et Musique (Mr. Hulot's Holiday)   Options Composers for the Films of Jacques Tati
( 1953)
Alain Goraguer  Maquillage de Tiwa   Options La Planète Sauvage (O.S.T.)
(D.C. 1973)
Jacky Chalard  Apres L'Apocalypse   Options Je Suis Vivant, Mais J'Ai Peur (O.S.T.)
(Finders Keepers 1974)
Elmer Bernstein  The Caretakers (Main Title)
The Cage   Options
The Caretakers (O.S.T.)
(Äva 1963)
Clint Eastwood  I Talk to the Trees   Options Paint Your Wagon (O.S.T.)
(Paramount 1969)

Talkover Music:
9 Lazy 9 
Black Jesus   Options Paradise Blown
(Ninja Tune 1994)

Lydia Fernández 

(Listen: )
La Cancionera de México
(Asociacion Mexicana de Estudios Fonograficos 1937)
Arsenio Rodriguez y Su Conjunto  Corazon de Hielo   Options El Alma de Cuba: 1940-1944
(Tumbao 1941)
Walfredo De Los Reyes  Almost Like Being in Love   Options Cuban Jazz
(Palladium )
Cachao y Su Tipica  Jovenes de la Defensa   Options Camina Juan Pescao
(Duher 1958)

(Willie Rosario)
El Bravo Soy Yo   Options El Bravo Soy Yo!
(Alegre 1963)
Frank Hernández y Su Nuevo Sonido  Arriba   Options El Pavo
(RCA/Antor 1969)

Talkover Music:
Rubén Gonzalez 
Tumbao   Options Introducing Rubén Gonzalez
(World Circuit / Nonesuch 1999)

Roscoe Holcomb 

(Listen: )
The High Lonesome Sound
(Smithsonian/Folkways 1937)
Woody Guthrie  Zanzetti's Letter (pts. 1 & 2)   Options

Ballads of Sacco &

(Folkways 1946/7)
Jim White  Still Waters   Options Wrong-Eyed Jesus!
(Luaka Bop 1997)
Tom House  Judas Song   Options Long Time Home From Here
(Catamount 2003)
Mary Gautier  Karla Faye   Options Drag Queens in Limousines
(Munich 2001)

Talkover Music:
Joe Henderson (w/Alice Coltrane) 
Water   Options The Elements
(Milestone 1973)

Evolution Ensemble Unity 

Stone Blues
(Listen: )
Concrete Voices
(EEU 1976)
Tony Scott  Remembrance of Art Tatum   Options Sung Heroes
(Sunnyside 1959)
Ornette Coleman  Lorraine   Options Tomorrow Is the Question!
(Contemporary 1959)

Seven Bernstein
Marcus Rojas
Kresten Osgood
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry   Options Tattoos and Mushrooms
(Ilk 2008)

Talkover Music:
Thelonious Monk 
Ruby My Dear   Options Monk Alone: The Complete Columbia Solo Recordings 1962-1968
(Columbia 1963)

Silvinha  Canto de Reis   Options b/w Paraíba
(Odeon 1970)
Takkhalha  Rain and Rain   Options Persian Underground
(Persianna )

(Los Shain's)
96 Lagrimas   Options Anthology
Galatasaray Lisesi  Zazie   Options Anatolia Rocks: A Musical Trip Through Turkey 1968-1983
Les Fleurs De Pavot  Le Rateau de la Meduse   Options Les Fleurs de Pavot
(Underground Masters 1968)
Evelyn Künnecke  Kikilala Hawaii   Options Funky Fräuleins: Female Beat,
Groove, Disco, Funk in Germany 1968-1978

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/29/10 8:56am marcury:

I clicked on the listen link and it took me to FMU. I clicked on the Drummer stream I have set in Itunes and am not hearing the stream
  Fri. 10/29/10 8:57am Tom:

Not workin in winamp either.
  Fri. 10/29/10 8:58am Drummer Some:

I cannot connect to the stream, which appears to be down!!! Trying to figure it out.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:04am annie:

we will wait...
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:06am Drummer Some:

This is terribly frustrating. I haven't reached anyone at the station who can HOPEFULLY re-set the thing. Sorry!
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:09am annie:

not sure if this info helps, but winamp keeps buffering.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:13am texas scott:

i think your stream was abducted by aliens.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:14am annie:

silence is okay for now... awaiting the sweet sounds of drummer some tunes.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:17am texas scott:

  Fri. 10/29/10 9:18am Drummer Some:

I can fix that, Texas Scott...
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:18am monica:

i've got 79% buffer on winamp over here doug. patiently awaiting liftoff.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:18am annie:

ts, your show was good.. wish there was a way to get that chat to work.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:20am Drummer Some:

The stream is completely down and I can't get the thingy to see my thingy to change the thingy. (That is the extent of my knowledge.) I've got calls and emails out to all the rescue squad members...
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:20am texas scott:

outta my hands,annie.
kinda like now.
oh, the magic of radio.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:21am Drummer Some:

Monica, do you have a cell phone number for Doron? (I hate to bug him, but...) Idf so, email me. (Thanks)
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:21am marcury:

Have you rebooted everything on your end?
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:23am marcury:

never mind, just realized it has to be on the station end.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:23am Drummer Some:

Marcury, I surely did. Thanks.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:26am annie:

(it's fine ts), working with two very unresponsive browsers this am, so maybe it's just a thing thing,
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:26am Scott m:

New streams guy is Mike Adler emailing you doug
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:26am texas scott:

I commented on Scott's show.
maybe help is on the way.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:26am Bill:

I'm going out for coffee until the stream comes back. Anyone want anything?
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:27am Drummer Some:

The weird thing is that I have the remote broadcaster tool open that I use to swtich the stream over to the live show, but it is not registering my mouse clicks. SO I can't click anything.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:27am trs:

Press the escape button a few times. See if that helps free the moose.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:30am still b/p:

The air may be dead this morning, but I believe, I BELIEVE in a resurrection! System gonna stand up and take my ears to glory! Stream gonna wash the silence away! Give the drummer some help, now, some HELP, now, you tech spirits, and bury the devil thing with righteous Friday morning music! Aaaamen!!!
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:32am annie:

  Fri. 10/29/10 9:32am ken:

i am having a last episode of sopranos moment
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:33am Aaron:

ame…Rebuffering Stream…n
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:33am Drummer Some:

Can y'all start chanting or something? Me, I'm having a NETWORK moment and shouting out my window...
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:34am Dickdong (UK):

  Fri. 10/29/10 9:35am jill:

Good morning all. Nothing on Real Player...
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:36am annie:

no rain no rain no rain.. wait that's not right.. drum some drum some drum some!!
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:36am Drummer Some:

And I was up till frickin 2AM putting this baby together. It was gonna be something special. Still...could...maybe...?
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:37am Tom:

Got freaked out by the silence and was afraid I'd start to notice crickets so I switched to Long Rally. Will keep an eye on things here tho. Like I said, was gettin scaird.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:40am annie:

i'll be over there reading gocomics..
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:40am Mr. Cogswell:

  Fri. 10/29/10 9:43am jill:

Well, I am going to replay Tuesday night's show until we can figure this all all out - must..hear..GTDS...
Danny Barker/Baby Dodds closing the set was fantastic.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:43am texas scott:
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:44am texas scott:

  Fri. 10/29/10 9:44am Drummer Some:

Someone has reached my tiny island. WFMU's new tech/computer saviour Mike Adler, who hasn't even officially started yet, is trying to help. The thingy is being rebooted.Fingers crossed.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:44am trs:

Yeah, Tuesday. Good idea. Wish I could help w/ the server reboot or whatever needs doing to fix and fix.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:44am monica:

you're on!
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:45am annie:

got it!!!
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:45am trs:

oh. hey. There.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:45am Paul Sherratt:

Well my listening device defaulted to Tom Brosseau' s 'Brass Ring ' ... and now a song called ' Happy Survival'
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:45am Dickdong (UK):

This is good!
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:46am Drummer Some:

I think we have lift-off!
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:46am gumby:

Just in time fo rMR Big Stuff, NICE!
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:46am Robert:

I came in just in time, it seems; I'm getting it. I just think it's sweet of WFMU to keep streaming you in competition with their house schedule.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:46am Paul Sherratt:

This IS good ( also UK )
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:46am marcury:

  Fri. 10/29/10 9:47am Merv:

Thank those spirits! Here we go...
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:47am Bob:

"Let's get on down and give the drummer some..."
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:50am Aaron:

OYE! OYE! OYE! OYE! escuchar!!!!
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:54am still b/p:

Faith rewarded! Thank you crisis improv team!
Now stop the sun in place in the sky til we catch up on that hour.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:55am youthelectronix:

well done,
emergency tech team!
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:58am Drummer Some:

Thank you all SO much for sticking it out. It makes a guy feel damn good.
  Fri. 10/29/10 9:59am GD@chicago:

music to me ears!
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:00am Al:

Life in the wired world is just a thrill a minute!
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:06am Aaron:

great set!
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:08am listener james from westwood:

just checking in now; batteries died in wireless mouse and was devoid of live AAs. hope all's well with y'all.
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:11am Drummer Some:

Haven't we all snorted cocaine of a buck knife? Once or twice?
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:13am Bruce in Boston:

Great Loretta song. She played in Mass. this summer. Here's a pic w/Peter Wolf:
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:17am GD@chicago:

didn't snort cocaine off a buck knife, but I remember smoking opium off a buck knife at a grateful dead concert in 1984....
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:23am Drummer Some:

Versatile items, them Buck knives.
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:28am youthelectronix:

thanks for the Morricone Doug. The movie is pretty good too...!
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:29am Drummer Some:

Thank you youthelectronix!
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:30am Shaun:

Forget the buck knife, anyone willing to admit to 'slipping it to a hayseed's wife', yet?
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:32am annie:

AAAAHHHH, i was right.. jacques tati!!! unmistakable sounds,, incredible movies.. loved "playtime."
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:41am ∂avid:

Mr. Bernstein! I picked up 'the man with the golden arm' soundtrack at the record fair last weekend.
  Fri. 10/29/10 10:47am ∂avid:

and i got paint yer wagon at last years!!!!
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:00am Drummer Some:

I'm pretty sure I nicked that Elmer B. soundtrack for The Caretakers at a past record fair.

I would love to hear from all those who attended the fair. Whadja get??!!
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:02am annie:

very intereresting about "playtime", doug. i know only a handful of people who can sit through the whole thing without fidgeting. i find that movie to his best oeuvre. auditory-wise and visually exciting and fascinating. pure genius.
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:04am Drummer Some:

An old girlfriend of mine was an architect (on the theory side) and she explained the most interesting minute details about all the angles and reflections and use of glass, etc. That's a movie you could watch with your eyes closed and your ears open or vice versa.
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:05am seang:

Muy Chevere!
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:07am annie:

i never tire of it... perhaps i'll watch it tonight. i have it bookmarked in youtube.
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:08am Carmichael:

Good morning, all.
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:14am seang:

yeah man, roll the R's like a Colombiano
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:15am Carmichael:

Let Timmy Smoke!!!
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:16am willy x:

MURRAY AND RIPKEN! word to Batmocity -- Boog and Brooks!
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:19am jill:

Speaking of great bass players, it would be remiss of my not to mention the passing of New Orleans beloved Walter Payton. A stalwart of the great musical tradition, he was a member of Preservation Hall Band, played on Aaron Neville's "Tell it Like It Is", a kick ass karate master and an all around sweetie.
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:20am Drummer Some:

Willy X,
Check out the title to one of my past shows:
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:23am youthelectronix:

Guthrie! Preservation work was just done to his archives
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:24am annie:

is zanzetti the cousin? :)

(and i love that "the daily bleed" uses S&V constantly on their page
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:25am willy x:

Eddie rocked that ole Memorial stadium, dint he hon!
The man was the coolest. As was Earl the Pearl, what what.
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:28am Drummer Some:

Willy X,
And that white house out beyond the centerfield fence which was situated perfectly to hide the ball as it came out of Jim Palmer's hand. Go O's!
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:46am ∂avid:

that was great. reminds me of 'the mercy seat'
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:47am willy x:

MY man! the white house- many hot summer afternoons spent with it in view - how bout "score card Annie" up in the bleachers ? -
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:53am Drummer Some:

And the crazy peanut vendor who'd toss the bags of nuts from like 30 rows away—and never missed a customer. Nothing like catching an afternoon game, then heading over to Obrycki's for a crabfest.
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:55am Drummer Some:

Hey, can you all hang on for a while? Shall I continue with two more sets after this one or just end it at Noon. Let me know if you can stick around.
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:58am willy x:

If you buyin the Crabs , I'll listen. my new band...
the Art Tatum O'neils
  Fri. 10/29/10 11:59am trs:

Keep playing.
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:01pm trs:

I like/don't like how the time spill messes with my sense of time.
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:02pm Merv:

I'm not goin' anywhere... no reason for you to...
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:05pm Drummer Some:

This may be the greatest Hank Williams cover evah!
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:07pm Chas.:

Oh, Man! I just looked up at the clock, saw it was noon (DC time), said "Damn, I missed it...", then checked the playlist to find that you're still going strong. Thanks, Doug. No reason to ever stop, is there?
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:09pm Drummer Some:

I've got to stop 'cause I'm visiting my daughter's fifth-grade class this afternoon. A herd of wild Ornette Coleman's couldn't drag me away from that.
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:10pm Chas.:

That would be a sight to see though.
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:11pm Drummer Some:

But I've got about 45 more minutes of music to go, so no skiddadling yet.
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:18pm willy x:

Don lived upstairs from me in L.I.C. - padre of Neneh and Eagle eye -- I gotta get back to work -
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:19pm jessek:

hello Doug,
great show today
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:20pm don (but not the one willy x just mentioned):

diggin it doug. steady rocking into the after noon .
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:21pm Drummer Some:

Don, if you were the "Don" Willy X was referencing, I would think the stream was reaching farther than usual...
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:26pm annie:

very strange, my browser keeps sending me to the email section of fmu.. i'm still here, btw, but had a phone call, so i missed some drummin'.. i loved that mary gauthier song; wrote a nice reply and then the phone call came.. totally lost my train.
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:28pm Drummer Some:

You are always free to move about the cabin, Annie. Go get another packet of nuts.
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:30pm don (but not the one willy x just mentioned):

i may not be proof of a further reaching stream, but i did just compile 7 hours of horror movie clips and trailers... partay !
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:31pm annie:

haha, :) there's this bag of peanuts i want to open, but if i do... well,... that's the end of my digestive system for a day or so.
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:33pm Drummer Some:

Not Willy's Don:
Check out the first item in my line-up for this week's Mining the Audio Motherlode: That's 5 CDs worth of gorgeous horror film music!
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:36pm don (but not the one willy x just mentioned):

thanks doug! this will be useful
  Fri. 10/29/10 12:36pm Drummer Some:

I'm intolerant of nuts, too. Especially the guy who lives on my block who's got a John Birch bumper sticker on his car. (Scary.)
  Mon. 11/1/10 12:09am bob:

How about that cut, "Electrotherapy" from Caretakers. Whew.
  Thu. 11/4/10 12:42pm Dan:

Doug, another great show! I just watched "Fantastic Planet" again recently, good to hear part of Alain Goraguer's soundtrack in this episode of GTDS. - Dan
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