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November 19, 2010 Options
New favorite bumper sticker: "Ankh if you love Isis"
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Carlton Alphonso 

Where in This World
(Listen: )
Ready Steady Go Rock Steady
(Pama 1967)
The Inspirations  Bhutto Girl   Options Wizdom
(Ascension early 1970s)
Little Roy  You Run Come   Options b/w Skank King
(Camel 1970)
Dillinger  Mickey Mouse (Crab Louse)   Options b/w Slite Pen Road Rock
(Jamaica Sound 1978)

Sam Carty
Brother Man   Options b/w Brotherly Dub
(Pisces 1975)
Trinity / The Mighty Diamonds  Garvey Live   Options Trinity Meet the Mighty Diamonds
(Gorgon 1979)

Talkover Music:
Peter Herbolzheimer 
That Ol' Bus Smell   Options Wide Open
(MPS 1974)

Les Chambers 

Bald Headed Daddy
(Listen: )
b/w Sneakin' Out
(Staday 1955)
Pat Brown  Forbidden Fruit   Options b/w Has Our Love Any Future
(Wedge 1960)
Willie Ward & the Warblers  I'm a Madman   Options Rockabilly Gold, Volume 4
(Lucky 1959)
Lucky Wray (w/Link and Doug Wray)  Teenage Cutie   Options

b/w You're My Song
(Starday 1957)
Johnny Fallin  Party Line   Options A Capitol Rockabilly Party, Part 2
(Disky 1959)
George Cromwell  Washed Up   Options Rare Fifties Boston Rock A Billy,
Volume 2
(Brunswick 1959)
Keith Courvale  Trapped Love   Options Cotton Pickin' Rock
(ABC 1958)
Pico Pete  Hot Dog   Options b/w Chicken Little
(Jet 1956)

Talkover Music:
How Rustem, the Thief, Moves Through Fire   Options Sufiq
(Soleilmoon 2000)

The Gipsys 

Oh! Malala
(Listen: )
Diggin' Down Argentina:
Nuggets from the Rioplatense Scene 1969-1975
(Crazy Apple Boutique 1971)
La Kábala  El Cumbanchero   Options La Kábala
(RCA Victor 1970)
The Dhag Dhag's  Tipo Sicodélico   Options Psicofasicos de Bolivia: Go-Gó a 4000 Metros
(Condor 1968)
Control  Nada Nadie   Options The Spanish Trip: 23 Obscure Freak
Artifacts From the Spanish Underground Scene

(Bang Bang )

(Los Impala)
Todo Gira   Options Sensacional Soul:
37 Groovy Spanish Soul & Funk Stompers 1966-1976
(Vampisoul 1968)
Latin Playboys  Same Brown Earth   Options Latin Playboys
(Slash/ Warner Bros. 1994)

Talkover Music:
DJ Gregory 
Block Party   Options Organic Audio Presents Hi-Life
(Fuego 2002)

Roy Eldridge 

Hi Ho Trailus Boot Whip
(Listen: )
Roy Eldridge 1945-1947
(Chronological Classics 1945)
Sid Catlett & His All Stars  Open the Door Richard   Options Sid Catlett 1944-1946
(Chronological Classics 1946)
Big Joe Turner  Chewed Up Grass   Options Big Joe Turner 1941-1946
(Chronological Classics 1941)
Earl Hines (w/Sugar Ray Robinson)  I Shoulda Been on My Merry Way   Options Earl Hines 1953-1954
(Chronological Classics 1953)
Una Mae Carlisle  Strange   Options

Una Mae Carlisle

(Chron. Classics 1950)
Jimmy Jones  Empty Space   Options Jimmy Jones 1946-1947
(Chronological Classics 1947)

Talkover Music:
Milt Jackson 
Olinga   Options Olinga
(CTI 1974)

Noah Howard 

Schizophrenic Blues
(Listen: )
Schizophrenic Blues
(FMP 1977)

(Dennis González)
The Biggest Liar in Asia
(Babble on, Babylon)   Options
(Daagnim 1983)
Nicholas and Gallivan with Larry Young  Tomorrow, Today Will Be Yesterday   Options Love Cry Want
(Weird Forest 1972)
Leon Thomas  Come Along   Options The Leon Thomas Album
(Flying Dutchman 1970)

Talkover Music:
Melvin Jackson 
Funky Skull (pts. 1 & 2)   Options Funky Skull
(Limelight 1970)

Pello el Afrokán 

Arrimate Pa'ca
(Listen: )
Maria Caracoles
(Zombie mid-1960s)
Kent Gomez & His Orquesta  My Ghetto   Options

My Ghetto

(Mio International 1968)
Manny Corchado & His Orchestra  Pow-Wow   Options Boogaloo Pow Wow:
Dancefloor Rendez-Vous in Young Nuyorica
(Honest Jons 1967)
Los Brito  El 4-5-6   Options Si, Para Usted, Volume 2:
The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba
(Waxing Deep )
Eddie Palmieri  Camagüeyanos y Habaneros   Options Mozambique
(Tico 1965)
Los Hermanos Rivera  Por Culpa de Ella   Options Lost Classics of Salsa, Volume 2
(Libertad )

Talkover Music:
Marc Ribot 
Los Teenagers Bailan Changui   Options Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos
(Warner Bros. 1998)

Ashiedu Keteke Cultural Group 

Ake Mi Aya
(Listen: )
Gbo Ofo Mino
(Polydor 1978)

Gentleman Mike Ejeagha
and His
Premiers Dance Band
Ikpechakwaa Ka Am Kpee   Options Onye Ndidi
(Philips 1975)
Katakumbey  Katakumbey   Options Agoro Nkoaa!: Party Time Africa
(Agoro 1977)
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley  Toffie   Options Simigwa
(Essiebons 1975)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 11/19/10 7:11am early bird:

any worms?
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:15am Drummer Some:

Crikey, Early Bird, you're up early (or maybe it's high tea time for you). Show is 45 minutes away. Your pre-show comment makes me smile. On the inside.
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:20am early bird:

getting antsy... good to see the stream is running nicely. looking forward to the show.
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:25am Drummer Some:

Thanks, EB. The stream was in the deep fryer yesterday. Charlie Lewis's great radio show will be coming up on the stream immediately following Give the Drummer Some at Noon today.
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:29am early bird:

yes, i got his email; have the page ready to load the comments section.. snow here in upstate ny, btw..still coming down lightly.
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:38am Drummer Some:

No snow here in Pittsburgh, but the frost is thick as a slab of pancetta in my Nonna's kitchen back in Firenze.
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:42am early bird:

better get out and walk this dog before the show.. later..
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:48am dj scott:

Hiya Doug!
How's Pittsburgh treatin' ya?
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:51am Drummer Some:

DJ Scott,
I can't complain at all about Pittsburgh. Thanks for asking. I found a good bagel place and a great Vietnamese Restaurant. What else is there?
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:55am dj scott:

Never had the chance to visit.Personally,I would have to find a good barbeque joint.
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:57am early bird:

scott, the show was good, but when you gonna speak? would love to hear that voice
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:58am Drummer Some:

Two minutes, ladies and germs, two minutes...
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:59am dj scott:

thanks early bird.mic problems currently.sounds terrible.the inner techie in me is working on it.
  Fri. 11/19/10 8:59am annie:

making bread today.. spelt
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:00am marcury:

Found a Vietnamese restaurant eh! I'll have three orders of Spring Rolls.
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:01am annie:

......any worms? ;)
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:02am Drummer Some:

The Spring rolls at this restaurant are like the summer rolls at the late, lamented Vietnam on Doyers Street. The new place doesn't have anything like the old spring rolls. (No one does.)
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:02am marcury:

That's sad.
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:03am Drummer Some:

But the new spring (old summer) rolls are quite good. Glad!
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:04am listener james from westwood:

mornin' all! the sky is blue, gtds is on, and work awaits. all i ask out of a friday morning!
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:05am Parq:

Jeez, it don't pay to be late to this playlist, do it?
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:08am Aaron:

this is some great Alphonso!!!
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:08am Drummer Some:

But you're here, Parq, and that's virtually all that matters.

Howdy Aaron.

Was Carlton Roland's brother? Anyone know?
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:22am Aaron:

I have to grow more ears to listen to all the punk-fronted bands! thanks!
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:23am Jack:

checking in...
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:24am Drummer Some:

You're welcome Aaron. I still love woman drummers better.

Morning Jack.
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:28am willyx:

:} "that Ol Bus Smell" is too much of a groove to talk over .
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:29am still b/p:

I'm going to PA for Thanksgiving, but.... Erie. Erie!
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:30am Unclear on the concept:

So what's wrong with getting balled?
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:33am Drummer Some:

Couldn't agree more. Mebbe it's time to dust off another show where I play nothing but my talkover music.
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:33am Brian Sanders:

Morning DS. Fela, The Musical has just opened here in London, what's the verdict of WFMU listeners of NYs original version
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:38am Parq:

Brian: it's good, but don't expect to be knocked flat if you're already into Fela - the show's main appeal is to those who are new to him. They did a good job of translating the lyrics into English without losing the feel of the songs. I dunno about you, but I never knew what the actual lyrics to "Zombie" were.
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:41am willyx:

definetly - Music over talk -
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:45am Drummer Some:

Did the musical deal at all with Fela having/dying from AIDS? Just curious because Bill T. Jones's longtime lover/partner, Arnie Zane, died of AIDS and Jones is HIV Positive, but I never read in any of the reviews or accounts that the musical dealt with Fela having AIDS. (And the despicable truth that Fela not only denied having AIDS, he denied AIDS existed and told Nigerian men to not wear condoms.) Just curious.
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:49am still b/p:

Pico Peter piqued a peck of puzzled probers.
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:57am jesse:

mornin Doug, just tuning in now, sorry to see I missed the jamaican set
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:58am jill:

Hey kids!
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:58am Parq:

Brian, I don't remember that being a part of the scenario. But I might not be remembering correctly.
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:58am Drummer Some:

Hóla, Jesse. No worries. I don't think the listeners would mind if I played the whole thing again. (Either that or you can catch it on the archive.)
  Fri. 11/19/10 9:59am Drummer Some:

Hey Jill! I like to introduce you to Jack, who commented earlier.
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:01am jesse:

archives it is!
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:11am Charlie:

Hey, Doug -- Glad everything's working this morning! Love this Latin Playboys cut.
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:13am youthelectronix:

  Fri. 11/19/10 10:15am Randy:

Good morning Doug!
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:15am david:

hello and good morning. can anyone recommend any good Mariachi collections (or specific artists). I know nothing about the genre except that I like the little I've heard.

FYI That Latin Playboys record is one of King Buzzo from The Melvins favorite records. weird, I guess. but that's The Melvins fer ya....
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:20am annie:

poor meghan, she had it bad too.. but it was cool to see all the stickers-on.. i caved and turned on wwoz... radio23 was a recorded show.
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:20am Lewis:

Riobert Rodriequez put together one called Mexico and Mariachis, that is good, but it I it isn't strongly representative of the "authentic" sound. I one, but can't find it on my ipod at the moment...
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:21am Drummer Some:

Hey Chazz! Fingers and toes crossed for Noon.

Buenos días, Randy.
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:23am Drummer Some:

Arhoolie has released a ton of amazing archival mariachi records. Go to their site and poke around.
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:24am Randy:

Isn't there a version of this tune on the Basement T
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:27am Drummer Some:

To which tune do you refer, Sir?
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:28am Randy:

Open the Door Richard
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:29am seang:

Wow, WWOZ is something else!
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:31am Drummer Some:

There have been a huge number of versions of Open the Door Richard recorded over the years. It even has its own Wikipedia page. Jack McVea was first, but Sid Catlett's version was recorded within months of McVea's.
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:32am Randy:

A little quick Wiki research reveals that the chorus to Open the Door Homer on the Basement Tapes is from the McVea original.
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:33am Drummer Some:

When WWOZ was knocked off the air by Katrina, WFMU let the station air over a web stream we provided for them. Just one of WFMU many good neighborly acts in radioland.
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:35am david:

thanks Lewis and Doug. I have Rodríguez's Chingon album and, while I like it, I'm looking for a more 'authentic' sound. I'll dig around on the Arhoolie site after the show.
Thanks again guys!
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:35am monica:

una mae! what a beauty and a talent. a swelegant show once again doug!
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:37am Hugo:

Special, that "Empty Space". Almost an other-wordly feel to it ...
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:44am Drummer Some:

Wow! Monica and Hugo, back-to-back on the comments. That's like hearing from Ruth and Gehrig, Laurel and Hardy, ham and eggs! (I live it to you to figure who is ham and who is eggs.)
Great stuff at Arhoolie, David. Enjoy
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:48am annie:

yes, OZ is surely a great station.. another little-sung free-form station..
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:50am Hugo:

"Empty Space" and Noah Howard back to back ain't bad either, Doug. Lovely record, but very much out of print, unfortunately. Do have it, though ...
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:52am willyx:

whoa Dennis Gonzales! who is on bass ? that is sick in'83? I need this ...for more liszzening
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:54am annie:

well, if the "daily bleed" is correct today is billy strayhorn's birthday 1915
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:54am Drummer Some:

The bass player on this is (I believe) Alex Camp, though it could be Buddy Mohmed. I am playing a digital copy right now. My vinyl is down in the basement...
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:54am david:

this gonzales is great. every week I leave this show and go out and look for 2 or 3 records that you've played. This one is on the list for this week.
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:56am marcury:

Sounds like two bass players on it to me.
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:57am Merv:

David-- that's funny, because as soon as the track came on I went searching for it... About to do that with the Nicholas & Gallivan right now... You truly bring it to the masses, drummer...
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:58am Drummer Some:

The fine blog El Reza has posted half of the record here:

If you email the blogger and tell him that you heard it on my show and plead for the other half, maybe he'll send it!
  Fri. 11/19/10 10:59am Merv:

Cool-- thanks... Looks like the only link for the Nicholas & Gallivan that I cam across is also down... I don't trust CaptainCrawl to be very comprehensive though... I miss chewbone. :(
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:02am youthelectronix:

great set
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:02am Carmichael:

Good morning everyone.
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:02am Carmichael:

Good morning everyone.
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:08am willyx:

dummer - you're throwing more hard hits than Ray Leonard today. BTW- The whitehouse lifted up about 4 inches-
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:19am Hugo:

There was an attempt to levitate the Pentagon a few years earlier, involving Allen Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffman and the Fugs, retold here:
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:22am youthelectronix:

  Fri. 11/19/10 11:31am seang:

Yes, Postizos!
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:31am Hugo:

is the "Love Want Cry" hard to find? If so, I can always put it on my own blog. Let me know.
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:32am Paul Sherratt:

Well I have missed a bunch of tunes today !
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:36am Drummer Some:

Hugo, someone reissued the Love Cry Want not too long ago. I'm guessing it's still in print.
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:39am Hugo:

yes, that's the one I have - the reissue on cd.
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:39am Drummer Some:

It is we who have missed you, Brother Paul. Keep your ears peeled to the stream to listen to Charlie Lewis's fantastic BUSY DOING NOTHING WITH CHARLIE, coming up at noon. (But you knew that.)
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:41am Drummer Some:

The playlist for Charlie's show will be here:
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:43am Chris:

Amazing set, I've gotta learn how to open a rar file!
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:44am Lewis:

Chris - there was a bit of discussion about .rar files during Charlie's "show" yesterday, but I don't know if those comments were archived
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:45am Drummer Some:

Opening rar files is a snap. If you have a Mac, use UnRarX; if you have a PC, use WInRar. Both are freeware and they work like a charm.
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:46am Paul Sherratt:

Ears ready-peeled, Doug.
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:48am Chris:

Cheers, I'll give that a go. I was beginning to think the computer could sense I'm a one-finger typist, and was rejecting me.
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:51am Hugo:

Yes, recommend using Winrar on a Windows platform; use it myself both for packing and unpacking files. It can also handle zip files.
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:53am annie:

when i opened this page for charlie's show yesterday there was no comments section... how can i assure i get the comments today?
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:54am Charlie:

Annie, try it again after the show starts, and see if it works today. All should go well. If not, e-mail me.
  Fri. 11/19/10 11:55am Paul Sherratt:

Bend Down Low Party Time ( Gyedu )
  Fri. 11/19/10 12:01pm Drummer Some:

Annie, once Charlie makes his playlist LIVE, it will enable the commenting.
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