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November 30, 2010 Options
Queasy Pass
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
James Brown  
Cold Sweat, pt. 1   Options b/w Cold Sweat, pt. 2
(King 1967)

Dick Todd w/His Appalachian Wildcats 

Pennsylvania Turnpike,
I Love You
(Listen: Pop‑up)
No Album
(Decca 1968)
Don Sargent & the Buddies  Leadfoot   Options b/w Voodoo Kiss
(Catalina 1959)
Bill Haley  Wreck on the Highway   Options

Hillbilly Haley

(Roller Coaster 1949)
Little Daddy Walton & Sons  Highway Blues   Options b/w I'm to Blame
(Big Hit )
Howard Vokes  Death on the Highway   Options Songs of Tragedy and Disaster
(Starday 1964)
Gene Davis  Ride   Options Rockin' HIllbilly, Volume 2
(King 1955)
Jim McGinnis  11 W. Bloody Highway   Options b/w God Gave Man a Woman
(Jed )
Danny Welch  Riding Shotgun   Options Twisted Tales from the Vinyl Wastelands,
Volume 2: Demented Rock & Roll
(Trailer-Park )
Guitar Tommy Moore  Your Car Machine   Options Your Car Machine: Hot Blues 1956-1964
Porter Wagoner  The Carroll County Accident   Options Shit Happens! Songs of Everyday Life
(Bear Family 1968)

Nervous Norvus
Transfusion   Options Hot Rods & Custom Classics
(Rhino 1956)

Talkover Music:
Sounds from the car-chase scene in Bullit 
n/a   Options Bullitt
(Warner Bros./Seven Arts 1968)

The Ides of March 

(Listen: Pop‑up)
(Warner Bros. 1970)
Leonard Rosenman  The Car   Options The Car O.S.T.
(Universal 1977)
The Cadets  Car Crash   Options The Cadets Meet the Jacks:
Stranded in the Jungle
(Ace 1959)
Jan and Dean  Dead Man's Curve   Options b/w The New Girl In School
(Liberty 1964)
Jimmy Cross  I Want My Baby Back   Options

b/w Play the Other Side
(Tollie 1965)
Adam Carroll  Race Car Joe   Options Lookin' Out the Screen Door
(Down Hole 2000)
Big Star  Big Black Car   Options Third/Sister Lovers
(PVC 1974)
Nodzzz  Highway Memorial Shrine   Options Nodzzz
(What's Your Rupture? 2008)
Riding With Mary   Options Under the Big Black Sun
( 1982)

Closing Theme:
Specks Williams 
We Gave the Drummer Some   Options Speck's Blues
(Jax 1960s)

Listener comments!

  Tue. 11/30/10 5:43pm brian:

hope all is healthy, doug.
looking forward. only 17 more of em.
  Tue. 11/30/10 5:44pm rainy day woman:

evening doug..yes, i'm early; you dry down there?..rain all day here
  Tue. 11/30/10 5:44pm Drummer Some:

We're all OK, thanks!
  Tue. 11/30/10 5:45pm Drummer Some:

Not a gibbous moon in sight. The crops are slurping it up in these precincts. So glad you're here.
  Tue. 11/30/10 5:47pm :):

happy, to be here, too.
  Tue. 11/30/10 5:49pm Drummer Some:

Hi Smiley! Looks like you've got some stubble.
  Tue. 11/30/10 5:50pm annie:

heheheh.. whah hoppa to your wheels? i'm sure you'll tell us
  Tue. 11/30/10 5:55pm Drummer Some:

A dorky driver headed to Cleveland decided to go through me to get there. Fun times.
  Tue. 11/30/10 5:57pm Jack:

Hi Doug! We've had 3 Toyota Tercels, and I miss them practically every day. I hope you're OK, though...
  Tue. 11/30/10 5:59pm Drummer Some:

Other than one case of seat-belt burn, we are perfectly fine. My lil' Tercel has (had?) 221,000 miles on her.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:03pm annie:

ohh.. awful... a very sad moment.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:04pm marcury:

Jeez, first tuesday i can tune in an Dut has been TOTALED. Yikes! Glad to hear your all okay.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:06pm texas scott:

Sorry about your mishap,Annie.Glad you're still among the living.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:07pm Robert:

With Dick Todd singing, I'd thought at first he might've been singing of its extending just from Carlisle to Irwin, but clearly this was later.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:07pm annie:

funny, my mom's honda had a small front fender dent in a small accident, and the insurance company totalled it.. it was for the best.. she couldn't see to drive anyway.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:09pm marq:

wow, doug. I've had seat belt burn before from a head on crash. hurts. but makes you glad to be alive looking at the belt shaped bruises across the chest. How was the trip to Vermont? I wondered where you went. I live in central vt in Barre.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:09pm Drummer Some:

Hey Marcury, howdy Texas Scott,
Yeah, Dut (that's my car's nickname) was a steady ride. Mebbe we can get her fixed up on the cheap. Mostly front-end damage. With a 1995 vehicle (pronounced ve-hick-ull) insurance ain't gonna cover much.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:11pm Drummer Some:

I didn't go to Vermont for T-Giving. Vermont came to Brooklyn and we all met up there. Next year in Vermont!
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:13pm marq:

Nice! It is always good for VT people to get out once in awhile. And nice for the flatlanders to come to VT once in a great while.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:17pm Drummer Some:

"Twas amusing. All the Vermonters and small-town Massachusetts folks who came to Thanksgiving in Brooklyn couldn't sleep because of all the street noise. I slept like a lamb.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:20pm noah:

assimilation of the accident -- nice line- sounds like the theme of the day -- good you're safe
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:21pm marcury:

A lamb that eats ham!
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:22pm Drummer Some:

Thanks Noah. This is my version of getting right back up on the horse that threw me. Counter-phobics unite!
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:23pm Drummer Some:

Can anyone guess what Porter Wagoner song is coming next?
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:25pm noah:

carroll county accident
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:25pm Drummer Some:

Nailed it.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:26pm noah:

just what i need, my day's been a virtual car wreck and i need a hand up
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:28pm Drummer Some:

Next a little Nervous Norvus, then we change, er, lanes.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:29pm noah:

i just love the way he can sing about tragedy with such equanimity,
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:31pm Robert:

Thnk that's Carroll Cty., Md.? The line being the Penna. border?
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:34pm listener john:

Whoa! This is some great music! And I won't speed no more after hearing these songs . . .
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:35pm Drummer Some:

Wow, is that right, Robert? Same Carroll County? I'll take off my fedora out of respect next time I'm passing through.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:35pm texas scott:

I remember this song from early top 40 days.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:37pm annie:

any songs coming up about cumberland gap accidents?
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:37pm Drummer Some:

One of the beer company's did a complete remake of this song for a commercial: "I'm your vehicle baby, I'm your designated driver..." Really. (And it was *good*.)
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:38pm rick:

Sorry to hear about your tercel. "vehicle' is a funny song and it sounds like you're in good spirits.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:42pm Drummer Some:

Thanks Rick. I could use some spirits right about now. Cocktail anyone?
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:43pm Drummer Some:

No Cumberland Gap tunes, Annie. I'm bet you know some.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:44pm Ike:

I love the Carroll Co. in Maryland, but some searching reveals: "The song... was written by noted songwriter Bob Ferguson when he passed through Carroll County when driving from Nashville to Memphis on U.S. Hwy. 70." So, TN not MD. Bummer.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:44pm marq:

Funny about the VT people affected by the noise. I live in a small city and I have always been comforted by the noise. whenever I go to big cities I always sleep like a lamb because the noise lets me know that everything is ok and life is going on. When it is not as noisy your imagination kinda kicks in. My little city is just noisy enough to let me sleep ok. It's Barre City! the granite capital of the world! AKA Rock City!
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:45pm Drummer Some:

Thanky, Ike. You are definitely NOT a mush head!
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:46pm Drummer Some:

Jimmy Cross was just singing from inside his girlfriend's coffin. Fun times.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:47pm rick:

Cumberland Infimary is a resting place of lore!
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:47pm annie:

actually not doug, ... was just wanting to hear one.. no biggie
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:48pm Lizardner Dave:

I guess Jan and Dean would be too obvious.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:49pm Drummer Some:

Lizardner Dave:
Obvious is OK. Just played Jan and Dean about 7 minutes ago.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:49pm Robert:

All these comments and I didn't say I was sorry to hear of your accident. Shouldn't've just used you and your family as objects of my amusement. Sorry.

Come to think of it, just a few days ao i was telling a friend of how my mother's skillful driving kept us out of what might've been a very bad accident that occurred just behind us as we were entering a tunnel on the Turnpike back when they were just single 2 lane, 2 way tubes.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:50pm Drummer Some:

Bless you and your mother, Robert.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:54pm Lizardner Dave:

I see that now - sorry, I had to mute the show to answer the phone and I didn't refresh the playlist. I'm a dummy. Carry on.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:55pm Drummer Some:

We are all hanging out this jalopy together, Lizardner Dave. Who's up for a game of chicken?
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:57pm marq:

I'd like some chicken after all of this turkey over the days. Just finished up the last of turkey tonight. It is now ok to cook some beef.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:57pm rick:

I wish there were more jalopies on the roads. In most of NJ , they're very rare to see.
  Tue. 11/30/10 6:58pm Lizardner Dave:

  Tue. 11/30/10 6:59pm Drummer Some:

The word jalopy always makes me think of the Hardy Boys.
  Tue. 11/30/10 7:00pm rick:

Thurber, for me
  Tue. 11/30/10 7:00pm dylan:

just started listening to your fine program today. really digging it on this cold evening in minneapolis. thanks a ton~
  Tue. 11/30/10 7:01pm Drummer Some:

My pleasure Dylan. (Hmmmm, a Dylan from Minnesota...)
  Tue. 11/30/10 7:08pm rix:

condolences. glad yer safe & well, physically.
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