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Music to slaughter livestock to; 5,000 factory farmers can't all be wrong. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 8, 2011: SPECIAL 70,000 Tons of Metal Tribute

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Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Exodus  Bonded By Blood   Options Bonded By Blood  Torrid/Combat    0:00:00 ()
Nevermore  Enemies of Reality   Options Enemies of Reality  Century Media    0:06:11 ()
Destruction  Mad Butcher   Options Mad Butcher  SPV/Steamhammer    0:11:30 ()
Gamma Ray  Gardens of the Sinner   Options Powerplant  Noise    0:14:56 ()
Blind Guardian  Mirror Mirror   Options Nightfall in Middle Earth  Virgin/Century Media  Photo: Andrei aka torpedo20  0:21:12 ()
Marduk  The Levelling Dust   Options Rom 5:12  Regain    0:26:00 ()
Unleashed  My Life For You   Options Warrior  Century Media    0:42:46 ()
Malevolent Creation  Conflict Finalized   Options Invidious Dominion  Nuclear Blast  Photo: Max Roman  0:45:16 ()
Finntroll  Korpens Saga   Options Ur Jordens Djup  Century Media    0:48:39 ()
Agent Steel  The Calling/Agents of Steel   Options Skeptics Apocalypse  Combat    0:52:07 ()
Trouble  The Tempter   Options Psalm 9  Metal Blade    0:55:55 ()
Tyr  Regin Smidur   Options Eric the Red  Napalm    1:02:29 ()
Ensiferum  Twilight Tavern   Options From Afar  Spinefarm    1:08:55 ()
Forbidden  Forsaken At The Gates   Options Omega Wave  Nuclear Blast    1:26:45 ()
Voivod  Experiment   Options Dimension Hatross  Noise    1:31:36 ()
Obituary  Cause of Death   Options Cause of Death  Roadrunner  Photo: Andrei aka torpedo20  1:37:53 ()
Sanctuary  Seasons of Destruction   Options Into the Mirror Black  Epic    1:43:45 ()
Death Angel  Disturbing the Peace   Options Act III  Geffen    1:48:40 ()
Amon Amarth  War of the Gods   Options Surtur Rising  Metal Blade  Photo: Andrei aka torpedo20  1:52:28 ()
Saxon  Denim and Leather   Options The Eagle Has Landed Part II  Virgin    2:09:48 ()
Testament  Over the Wall   Options The Legacy  Megaforce Worldwide  Photo: Max Roman  2:16:00 ()
Raven  Rock Until You Drop   Options Rock Until You Drop  Neat    2:20:22 ()
Uli Jon Roth  Electric Sun   Options Earthquake  Steamhammer    2:24:21 ()
Sodom  Bombenhagel   Options Persecution Mania  Steamhammer    2:29:21 ()
Korpiklaani  Tuli Kokko   Options Tales Along This Road  Napalm    2:34:25 ()
Dark Tranquillity  The Wonders At Your Feet   Options Haven  Century Media    2:39:45 ()
Amon Amarth  The Pursuit of Vikings   Options Fate of Norns  Metal Blade    2:54:21 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 2/8/11 12:04pm Jim Idol:

  Tue. 2/8/11 12:05pm CheriPi:

Head banging!
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:06pm Cecile:

DIANE. Metal...cruise!
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:07pm ?:

all thrash metal sounds like care bears, rainbows and unicorns unless its SLAYER 'Reign in Blood.'
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:08pm CheriPi:

I wish I could have been on that cruise with you! Were there Metal versions of the Love boat staff?
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:09pm Cecile:

Even "Killing Is my Business"? And "Kill 'Em All?" I don't think so.
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:09pm hank:

seventy thousand tons can't be wrong...
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:10pm Cecile:

And Exodus's "Shovel Headed Kill Machine" is pretty damn tough. I give you "I am Abomination"
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:15pm Cecile:

Now this is rainbows and unicorns.
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:18pm CheriPi:

Rainbow was rainbow, & Unicorn was unicorn.
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:18pm mocklah:

if yous guys wanna see the photos full size...right click on the image and select the appropriate option for your browser to view the image in a new tab or window.
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:20pm Cecile:

Okay, it's charging up the hill in your SCA armor with a sword you got from BudK mailorder metal.
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:22pm Cecile:

YES. I love "Iron Maiden as a Second Language" accents.
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:22pm Richard from Venezuela:

Hi diane and all the listeners.
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:29pm sonny in oakland:

hello diane aeverybody in streamland! diane so cool you went to this fest!
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:30pm Cecile:

Streamland, I like that. Hi, sonny!
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:32pm hank:

gooden mogen Richard frm Venezuela. Cheers
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:50pm Cecile:

hahahaha. Love that Finnish oompa-metal - Finntroll, Korpiklaani.
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:50pm trent:

this song fucking rocks
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:51pm Jim Idol:

  Tue. 2/8/11 12:54pm CheriPi:

I'm in heaven/hell right now.
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:56pm Grandma Rock/Groove Armada:

I see you, baby, banging that head. Banging that head.
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:56pm Cecile:

Original lineup, Diane?
  Tue. 2/8/11 12:58pm Jim Idol:

No, Trouble now has the singer from Warrior Soul..Kory Clarke
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:00pm Cecile:

Aw, man. Kory is pretty good, though.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:03pm eric:

Great photos Diane!
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:07pm Cayenne:

  Tue. 2/8/11 1:10pm mocklah:

the vocalist/guitarist for Tyr is looking right at you in that pic,
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:20pm Cecile:

Korpiklaani are great. They are NOT Vikings, they will be the first to tell you. They're "forest people".
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:21pm matt:

i do believe that make-up is known as 'corpse paint'.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:22pm Cecile:

I think personality as much as vocals would be important to Trouble, if they're still maintaining their fervent Christianity. A big partyer might not mesh...
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:23pm Jim Idol:

"Eric Forrest "people?
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:24pm Cecile:

Stalk-Forrest people.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:25pm Tom Angelripper:

Life begins at midnight 12....
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:26pm Jim Idol:

  Tue. 2/8/11 1:26pm sonny in oakland:

  Tue. 2/8/11 1:27pm Cecile:

How was the food? The food must have been great.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:27pm matt:

my bad. - hey, got jag panzer, 'battlezone?'
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:27pm Jim Idol:

sven schmier
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:28pm jljl:

How many people went and how much was it? Typical cruise price of around $800 or so?
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:29pm matt:

... late getting in. noticing a theme. - howsabout destruction, 'the ritual' - also, who was singign for trouble?
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:29pm sonny in oakland:

was jack gibson from exodus playing banjo poolside at all?
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:31pm Cecile:

Ha! I looked it up, and it says according to their research, tribes in Scandinavia and surrounding regions (Finland is not part of Scandinavia) face paint wasn't worn in battle.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:33pm PKNY:

Voivod! Oh hell yeah!
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:34pm CheriPi:

Mind reader! I was just thinking-I need some Voivod to put it all in perspective.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:34pm matt:

oh man.... dimension hatross! - one fo my top five concept records of all time. - these guys were amazing. rip piggy.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:35pm Cecile:

ITA matt.
Voivod were there, weren't they?
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:37pm PKNY:

I'm thankful I got to see Voivod on this tour back in '88. So great.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:39pm CheriPi:

Voivod came to Cincy in 1988-my brother went and he stilltalks about it as the best show he's ever seen.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:41pm Vince:

Obituary! Aaaaaargh ! I'm trying to get the same as the singer :D
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:45pm Vince:

You're the best! This is exactly the one I wanted from Sanctuary! This one live was so good!
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:49pm Chris:

I can only think that this cruise must have been the best thing ever.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:49pm PKNY:

Death Angel! Oh hell yeah!
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:51pm CheriPi:

I saw Death Angel in 1990!
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:52pm PKNY:

@CheriPI: me too!
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:52pm matt:

ita? - cecile... who wore 'woud' that blue stuff? the gols? celts? - i saw voi vod open for soundgarden at city gardens in 89 for the nothingface record. (still lots of dimension hatross stuff though.)
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:54pm CheriPi:

@PKNY=Yay! maybe we'll get our chance this year.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:54pm CheriPi:

My last math question 's answer was 666!!! Do I win a prize?
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:55pm Chris:

Celts wore Woad, they thought covering themselves with blue pigment was better than armour, they were wrong
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:55pm Cecile:

The Celts.
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:55pm Jim Idol:

yes..some VOIVODKA
  Tue. 2/8/11 1:57pm matt:

vince, yeah man, fantastic vocals on that obituary stuff. 'slowly we rot!' - thanks all re; 'woud'.
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:05pm Cecile:

Diane, you're doing a great job with the Finnish.
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:11pm Chris:

Denim and Leather! Yeah!
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:12pm Metal Melvin:

I bet that other boat did suck. Pretty hard at that.
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:14pm mocklah:

lineup: http://www.70000tons.com/order.htm
pricing: http://www.70000tons.com/pricing.htm
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:26pm Jim Idol:

  Tue. 2/8/11 2:32pm Cecile:

  Tue. 2/8/11 2:33pm Richard from Venezuela:

Sodom. Hell yeah!!
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:35pm Cecile:

the forest people!
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:38pm Tom Angelripper:

I used to sell lead figurines to these guys at the renaissance festival.
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:39pm Mat:

Head banging in the crows nest?
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:39pm Nate Wilson:

thanks for making my day Diane. I knew I was in for a good day when I heard bonded by blood while driving around NJ today.
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:41pm rada:

holy hari shizznah, now I WANNA be a FOREST PERSON!
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:42pm Chris:

Should have started boarding other ships.
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:43pm Cecile:

All you need is some buckskin jeans, a barren potato farm, some vodka and a button accordian set to stun.
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:43pm R I S K Y !:

  Tue. 2/8/11 2:43pm Cecile:

You could have been a raiding party.
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:45pm Mat:

throwing beer cans at dolphins?
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:49pm tontone y:

what is that annoying sound? wip wip wip. driving me crazy.
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:50pm Cecile:

well, thanks for the travelogue, Diane! I gotta get going, but great show!
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:52pm Jim Idol:

Saxon almost fell off the stage
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:57pm Vince:

When will you play Fear Factory? :p
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:57pm Jim Idol:

Oden! Guide our ships
Our axes, spears and swords
Guide us through storms that whip
And in brutal war
  Tue. 2/8/11 2:58pm Tim Serpas:

\m/ \m/
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