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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options April 15, 2011

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Natsuki Tamura  Kappa   Options A Song for Jyaki    0:00:00 ()
Natsuki Tamura  Insect of Mars   Options A Song for Jyaki    0:06:45 ()
Nmperign  Dalton   Options Ommatidia    0:09:55 ()
Tom Djll  Split   Options Smudge    0:17:23 ()
Malcolm Gladwell  Summer   Options The Seasons: Vermont    0:33:38 ()
Malcolm Goldstein  Autumn   Options The Seasons: Vermont    0:49:32 ()
Malcolm Goldstein  Winter   Options The Seasons: Vermont    1:02:09 ()
Malcolm Goldstein  Spring   Options The Seasons: Vermont    1:28:04 ()
Joëlle Léandre & William Parker  Duet One   Options Contrabasses    1:35:42 ()
Mark Dresser & Frances-Marie Uitti  Arcahuis   Options Sonomondo    1:46:06 ()
Fernando Grillo  Fluvine Quattro   Options Fluvine    1:56:35 ()
Iancu Dumitrescu  Ouranos II   Options   12 cellos, tape, & percussion  2:19:40 ()
Karlheinz Stockhausen  Trans (studio version)   Options     2:30:25 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 4/15/11 12:05pm BSI:

I promise not to mention food.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:05pm BSI:

  Fri. 4/15/11 12:05pm bryce:

  Fri. 4/15/11 12:08pm Carmichael:

Hey ...
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:13pm bryce:

  Fri. 4/15/11 12:18pm Cockie Monster:

  Fri. 4/15/11 12:20pm ben drinken:

i just got back from the store and bought some mayo. came inside to hear Bryce. it wasn't planned.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:20pm bryce:

intelligent design
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:23pm Handsome Harry:

Enjoying the unorthodox high brass over here.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:36pm um:

malcolm gladwell or goldstein?
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:36pm bryce:

  Fri. 4/15/11 12:36pm um:

  Fri. 4/15/11 12:37pm Ike:

Neither. Malcolm McDowell.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:38pm bryce:

i wish malcolm gladwell would be in my band
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:38pm bryce:

i keep texting him
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:39pm ben drinken:

i like malcom gladwell's hair.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:39pm bryce:

that hair is made of GOLD
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:40pm BSI:

...it being a lunchbreak of much energy expenditure...
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:41pm ben drinken:

this does sound like the seasons in vermont. mud season now.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:42pm bryce:

  Fri. 4/15/11 12:42pm tahomajohn:

Is this the writer Malcolm Gladwell?
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:42pm um:

i hear chimps in this recording but am fairly certain no chimps live in vermont.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:43pm bryce:

nah...i'm just being a idiot
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:44pm Ike:

  Fri. 4/15/11 12:44pm BSI:

diamond-crusted cuttlefish, that's what.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:44pm tahomajohn:

hahaha you funny
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:45pm ben drinken:

we have woodchucks and chimpmonks in vt
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:46pm um:

vermont also has nice deer. and wild turkeys. and black bears.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:47pm ben drinken:

that pic of gladwell doesn't have the big fro of hair he usually has.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:48pm um:

i'm having dinner with malcom's son tomorrow night. i've heard stories about malcolm's vermont cabin...
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:48pm bryce:

oh, did he change his hair?
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:49pm um:

what kind of person poses like that for a picture?
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:50pm BSI:

...a man with a belly fulla cuttlefish. You betcha.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:51pm Olan Mills:

A lot of people pose like that. It's natural.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:51pm bryce:

i'm sitting like that right now
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:53pm tahomajohn:

You be you, Roy.
Edward, I'll be the mith of thithyfuth.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:55pm Hugo:

I'm glad there's gold at the bottom of the well ...
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:56pm um:

i'm pretty sure he's trying to hypnotize me with that stare. woah, texas chainsaw massacre vibe right there...
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:57pm βrian:

Ah. Bryce. I thought I recognized that racket.
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:57pm bryce:

how do you work this thing???!?
  Fri. 4/15/11 12:58pm βrian:

Wha? Sounds like a first date.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:00pm ben drinken:

if you like that pic of malcolm gladwell do an image search for him and see what he looks with his full fro going. great head of hair.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:01pm annie:

yes, i am present..
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:01pm tahomajohn:

which thing are you trying to work?!?!?
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:02pm bryce:

annieeeeeeeeee :)

what's growin'?
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:03pm βrian:

"Get up offa that thang."
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:05pm Hugo:

the other malcolm ...

  Fri. 4/15/11 1:05pm (¸.•[]`•.¸.•´¯`•:

@tahomajohn, I assume it's Frangry's thing.

...what? βrian mentioned a date so it must be, right?
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:07pm tahomajohn:

Thanks Hugo... well, i am trying to get my lazy Frangy thang to do some work too but this playlist yak is very distracting, dammit.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:09pm tahomajohn:

so mysterious, yet so... revealing. answers wrapped in questions wrapped in enigmas wrapped in wikipedia links.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:09pm Hugo:

Sounds a bit like Takehisa Kosugi's violin improvisations ...
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:10pm ledzeppelinsux:

happy Friday from Bay Area
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:11pm old old brain:

don't kid around. stress leads to belly fat. belly fat leads to, well...
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:11pm annie:

great painting music, bryce..
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:12pm um:

now there's clearly a laser gun being fired. laser guns in vermont. who knew?
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:13pm Carmichael:

Jeez, someone finally took the kettle off the boil!
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:13pm ben drinken:

did goldstein do a stick season and mud season? mud season is in the early spring when all the snow melts and we get rain turning the ground into thick mud. stick season is in the late fall when all the pretty leaves are gone and you just see sticks and dark skies.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:14pm bruceleh:

Great coding music too, none of that silly lyrics or beat to distract me.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what's the next season, you suppose?
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:15pm um:

i do miss the smell of mud season, though. i used to live just under the border of vermont, in western mass.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:18pm Ike:

Mud season is grodey. A hiking buddy once got a great deal on a weekend condo in Killington -- because it was mud season. I tried to tell him. We ended up hiking knee-deep in melting snow patches with oozing muck underneath. But other than that, I *love* VT.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:18pm βrian:

Vermont misses me.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:20pm ben drinken:

oh, surgaring season. but it is about the same time as mud season. smells great with the woodsmoke in the air boiling sap.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:20pm BSI:

Having done time in Maine, I knows me some mud season.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:21pm Hugo:

This is off an interview:

The experience of living out in the woods put you in touch with things many of us have forgotten, I imagine.

Oh, I think I can say that our value system is way off. We're so fortunate, but we're so wasteful. The environment is only going to give us so much. We're too much of a consumer society, we don't think about the waste we make. I have a lot of strange habits and they all come out of living in Vermont. When I shave I take a little bowl of hot water. I don't keep lots of water running. You don't just dump waste on the street – can I use this for something else, start the fire with it or something. When I go shopping why do I need a plastic bag every time? I take my own bag. All this came out of living in the environment.

Living without electricity also means living without recordings of music, of course.

Yes, but even today I only have a certain number of CDs. Some I listen to again, but many I listen to and pass on. I don't listen much, I'm too busy playing. Living in the woods opened up my life, opened up my ears to all kinds of nuances of sound, the wind in the trees, textures. I try to capture that in The Seasons: Vermont. It's like the Judson Dance Theater experience again: these are our lives, and we're living in the world of sound and light and smell. It's not high art, it's more the experience of who you are totally, rather than thinking about some idea of perfect. I'm not interested in perfect. It must be very boring. I just want my life to be continually open, so that in death I'll just disappear. Leave no footsteps behind, no memorial. Just like a cloud, passing.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:21pm nic:

vermont is well known as being the only US state that allows open carry of laser guns.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

in Cleveland we have rust season. Doesn't smell as nice.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:21pm leatherface:

as a kid in bernardston, ma. it meant bike riding season would soon begin.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:22pm Robert:

Was that cap pistol a branch breaking?
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:24pm leatherface:

one can carry laser guns openly. but with said laser guns one is only allowed to shoot obnoxious new yorker types who head to vermont to "hunt".
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:27pm ben drinken:

many vermonters leave out T's in speech. sometimes I hear people talk about goin hn'n (hunting). almost like a grunt.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:29pm βrian:

A favorite Vermont memory:
"By jeesus, that was louder 'n a cow pissing on a flat rock."
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:34pm bruceleh:

Nah, the next season is the Iodine 131/Cesium 137 season.
It might last a while, too.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:35pm Handsome Harry:

There's that cow again.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:35pm tahomajohn:

Sound like venomous vermin vivifying virtual vaccuous vendettas to me. But what do i know.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:36pm up on the farm:

"when i walk in the barn he was standin' up on a wheelbarrow having his way with one of the heifers. so i says 'you want me to wheel you down to the next one when you're done?'"
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:38pm ben drinken:

up on the farm: that's in mayo season
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:39pm up on the farm:

yuh. you gut it.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:41pm Joe voltage:

Hi Bryce!!! Just finished repointing rocks and slate around fish pond looks good.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:43pm bryce:

nice! is it STOCKED?
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:45pm Joe voltage:

yup. I put newts in it last year but haven't seen them since. but we you can still fish for kio & goldfish.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:46pm bryce:

it's not polite to fish in people's koi ponds
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:48pm Joe voltage:

My folks would freak out.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:49pm Joe voltage:

finally listened to that Ibliss record I got from wah wah records. Really nice.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:50pm bryce:

can't wait to get my ears on that thing
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:54pm Joe voltage:

How's peter michael hamel?
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:55pm jeff-m:

sounds great man. digging the sounds.
  Fri. 4/15/11 1:58pm bryce:

jeff! thx :)
  Fri. 4/15/11 2:06pm βrian:

Am I the only one dancing?
  Fri. 4/15/11 2:15pm BSI:

Nay, Brian: The koi are doing a spastic, apocalyptic jig. They form bolts of golden lightning across the pond. ...... their leader speaks....... they demand a sacrifice....
  Fri. 4/15/11 2:34pm Celtic Wolf Bane:

this playlist is ridiculously awesome and is getting me through work! thanks!
  Fri. 4/15/11 2:37pm bryce:

cheers :)))
  Fri. 4/15/11 2:47pm Brian in UK:

Mr Bryce, have you ever let Peter Maxwell-Davies' Eight Songs for a Mad King through the door? It has oblique links to Pierrot Lunaire.
  Fri. 4/15/11 2:48pm bryce:

no i haven't — but that's a SUPER CRAZY stage show!!!!
  Fri. 4/15/11 2:49pm bryce:

i think. isn't that the one?
  Fri. 4/15/11 2:52pm Brian in UK:

I saw the world prem in '68' or '69 in London. It sure was tantilising and demanding. The musicians in cages whilst George the Third hovered around them.
  Fri. 4/15/11 2:55pm bryce:

hahaaaaaaa amazing......
  Fri. 4/15/11 2:56pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

and now, the thrilling conclusion of today's show...
  Fri. 4/15/11 2:58pm bryce:

have good weeks, all!
  Fri. 4/15/11 3:00pm Celtic Wolf Bane:

haha GREAT german accent
  Fri. 4/15/11 3:01pm Ike:

  Fri. 4/15/11 3:12pm bryce:

i'm trad
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