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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options June 24, 2011

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Henry Flynt  Glissando No. 1   Options Glissando No. 1  0:00:00 ()
Deuter  Krishna Eating Fish and Chips   Options D  0:28:06 ()
Lawrence English & Stephen Vitiello  Soft Plastic Shell   Options Acute Inbetweens  0:38:14 ()
Chris Watson & Marcus Davidson  The Bee Symphony   Options Cross-Pollination  0:49:02 ()
Alexey Tegin  Bod   Options Sacred Tibetan Music of Bon Tradition  1:09:13 ()
Eli Keszler  part 1   Options Oxtirn  1:16:10 ()
Alberorovesciato  Tigersonacidinthehellofthebrushwoods   Options Sauvage,Sauvage,Sauvage  1:29:53 ()
Alberorovesciato  Tigersonacidinthehellofthebrushwoods   Options Barefootedadventuresintheringsnake'sterritory,marshy  1:35:48 ()
Daniel Menche  Feral two   Options Feral  1:40:03 ()
Valerio Tricoli & Thomas Ankersmit  Plague #7   Options Forma II  1:56:35 ()
Rafael Toral  III.I   Options Space Elements vol. III  2:08:54 ()
Mani Neumeier  Smoking the Contracts   Options Smoking the Contracts  2:14:13 ()
Sujo  Qatada   Options   2:38:23 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:08pm Carmichael:

Our man Bryce, with our man Flynt!
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:10pm hamburger / london:

howdy howdy howdy - so, um, slap bass solo gonna kick in anytime soon?
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:11pm Hubba:

Mix-in a Mtume rap...
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:13pm Hubba:

Carmichael, how you doin? Do you go to many shows here in the area? I do not go to as many as I'd like...
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

maybe not a slap-bass solo, but SOMETHING's gonna kick in soon
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:16pm Ike:

Thx for calming me w/soothing Flynt so that I don't try to murder whomever snuck into the office last night and threw out all my stuff in the fridge and freezer.
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:17pm Hubba:

I better go check on my carrots...
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Ike, blame the cleaning staff.
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:19pm Cleaning staff:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:19pm Hubba:

One of the admin guys, nice guy, really, is hunting around for food from cubie to cubie... "anyone got anything... this place is bone dry."
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:19pm Carmichael:

Hubba, I don't go to ANY shows anymore. Too much of a family man and workaholic loser.
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:20pm Carmichael:

Ike, next time put some Ex-Lax and elephant tranquilizer in a container marked "delicious pudding", and watch the fun begin.
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:22pm Hubba:

I too have a family, but that doens't keep me from occasioanlly going "out" to shows every once in a while... my significant other is in a band, and it is required that I go out so that I don't gripe and complain. I DON'T like goign to shows
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:23pm hamburger / london:

wow - always thought of putting lax in stuff as a trap, but elephant tranquilizer is just genius!
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:23pm Hubba:

Yet...the reason I bring it up: Animals & Men are playing on Tuesday...
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:24pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:25pm Hubba:

I kinda prefer the "ass pennies" route... just a quick lil swab and wipe it underneath the lettuce... ti-dow!
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:25pm bryce:

hello, giraffy!
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:26pm Giraffe:

hello, pootle
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:28pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you lost me with the "ass pennies" thing...!
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:29pm bryce:

you know it freaks me out when you speak english, giraffy
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:29pm hamburger / london:

I remember ass pennies :)
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:30pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:30pm Hubba:

It is from an Upright Citizens Brigade skit... this guy gets a psychological competetive edge over just about anyone because he has shoved a roll of pennies in his behind everyday for 20 years... he figures just about everyone, at some point, as had an ass penny in their hand.
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:31pm Hugo:

Deuteronomy ...
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:31pm hamburger / london:

hmm google translate: Well because it bought a box of cassette is set on ebay that I should say it is interesting
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:32pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:33pm Jack:

Bryce, thank you
this is perfect.
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:33pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:34pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:35pm bryce:


thanks, jack :)

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:37pm Ike:

Stop breaking the column width w/all those exclamation points, you grammar hippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:38pm Column Margin:

I really enjoy getting stretched sometimes. O:-)
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:40pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:41pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:42pm Giraffe:

ooompah PAH ooom PAH PAH
彼らはooom PAH PAHを聞くとき。
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:43pm r:

really like this piece by lawrence english
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:43pm Hugo:

... there are limits to the margin of appreciation ...
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:43pm Carmichael:

Did you turn your head when you coughed, Bryce?
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:44pm Foxconn:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:44pm Vicki:

all the way round
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:45pm Foxconn:

Bryce uses leftover mayo for neck lubrication., as Vicki well knows.
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:46pm Hubba:

lessen the chafe
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:46pm Vicki:

I'm not that kind of girl
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:46pm Foxconn:

That's what they all say, Vicki.
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:48pm father:

It was medical mayo
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:54pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:54pm Hubba:

This is an amazing track
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:55pm Looms:

Nice sounds to start the weekend.
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:57pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:57pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 6/24/11 12:58pm Hugo:

Bees are the latest buzz ...
  Fri. 6/24/11 12:59pm Vicki:

I tried, Bryce.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:00pm Hubba:

Reminds me of the Prima Materia disc, except with bees
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:00pm bryce:

i know.

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

people are nuts
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:03pm Mike Harding:

hi. Mike from Touch here. Great you are playing this fantastic piece.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:03pm Vicki:

herro Mike
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:03pm +/:

this trach plays secod time today
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:03pm Mike Harding:

hello vicki
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:04pm Vicki:

who else played it?
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:04pm Foxconn:

Bee major, Bee minor, or Bee modal?
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:04pm bryce:

oh, hey! it sure is wonderful......
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:07pm +/:

to Vicki.
I dont remember name of dj and broadcast. DJ i guess ir black guy ~40yo and he usualy dont have online playlist and comments.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:07pm Hugo:

Have some?


Err, maybe not:

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:08pm Vicki:

ok thanks, wonder who that is
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:08pm +/:

I think its Stan's show. But this piece is very good
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:11pm archives:

Yes, early on in Stan's show.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:12pm I wonder:

is Stan indeed a black male approximately 40 years old?
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:13pm Cajun Monk:

Laissez les bons moines rouler.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:13pm +/:

he sounds like :D
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:14pm Looms:

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:17pm Cajun Monk:


I'm down with that.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:18pm northguineahills:

Vicki, I dug your Invisible Jukebox interview thingey.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:19pm Vicki:

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:19pm northguineahills:

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:19pm Hugo:

Always look on the bright side of life:

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:20pm Mike Harding:

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:20pm Carmichael:

Sounds they're killing Mary, Queen of Scots again.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:21pm Cajun Monk:

[chants] For mash, get Smash.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:21pm +/:

ver good music today. 3 amazing tracks consecutive
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:21pm Giraffe:

can I have a Yorkie?
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:22pm bryce:

ask nicely
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:22pm Ike:

Stan is a calm and mysterious character, perhaps of Polish descent, who lurks in the night, gets the munchies for lots of fruit, and has a groovy white beard, dude. Stan is nifty. One of the last few DJs with no playlist or comments.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:22pm Hugo:

So did I, with Roy Harper on the cover. That has been a while, close to 40 years since I saw him on stage .
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:22pm stefica:

I like this oxtirn! It's like someone else is smashing all the things i feel like smashing!
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:23pm Sammy The Demon Butcher:

Yorkshire terriers. We have a few left. How would you like it portioned?
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:23pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:23pm bryce:

i will trade you for an ECCLES CAKE
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:24pm Hugo:

Stan is the man!
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:25pm Giraffe:

and some new shoeses for my little trotters
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:25pm Ike:

Heh @Stefica yeah! Precisely! :)
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:25pm bryce:

hey, stef! would you believe the racket is all one guy? drums, motors, crotales, guitar, sheet metal, & springs. ( w/friends on cbrass instruments)
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:25pm FMUctionary:

"Oxtirn" is what they call the college-age volunteer who helps Bryce pull discs.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:25pm Hubba:

ESP: "like a cross between Xenakis and free jazz."
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:26pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:26pm Garibaldi Biscuit:

The Garibaldi biscuit shares many common ingredients with the Eccles Cake but is smaller and a dry product rather than a moist cake.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:28pm Vet:

Giraffes are deathly allergic to Garibaldi biscuits. Little known fact. That and poinsettia leaves.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:28pm Mike Harding:

its a biscuit, not a cake, like the much-maligned jaffa cake, which is, in fact, a biscuit
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:31pm Vet:

Medically, giraffes simply cannot have their cake and eat it too.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:31pm Vicki:

I used to eat one eccles cake a day but then I got more into Yorkie bars until the local shop banned me from buying them when the ad campaign "not for girls" came about and they believed the packaging.
I would not be able to make this up.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:33pm Humph!:

We are asked to believe Vicki has little imagination.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:34pm Sigmund Fraud:

NOW ve know vut happened to you, you poor traumatized ting. Lie on ze couch and tell me mohr.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:34pm Vicki:

yes it's true! The corner shop banned me from Yorkies.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:34pm hamburger / london:

and rightly so vicki
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

don a fake mustache
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:37pm Humph!:

@DCE, she has too little imagination for that!
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:37pm stefica:

bryce, i think i love that racketous guy!
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:38pm bryce:

i saw him first
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I believe that Ms. Vicki's imagination is equal to Bryce's ability to absorb mayonnaise!
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:42pm Hugo:

That is actually so. Too unbelievable to be made up.

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:42pm bryce:

i am no longer able to process egg-based products
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:43pm stefica:

i'll wrestle you for him.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

brilliant marketing--eliminate more than half of your potential client base just by deeming it so
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:52pm raga:

i think you're EGGAGERATING. HAR HAR.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:54pm J J:

Their plans will take a twisted turn when it will actually be the chocolate of choice for specifically gay men.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:54pm Vicki:

you ate MEAT too
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:56pm Sven:

Floods are coming?... Wuh?...
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:57pm J J:

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:57pm Cecile:

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 6/24/11 1:58pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

best weather-warning ever!
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:58pm Ike:

That was deeply compelling. You deserve a Pulitzer for weather reporting.
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:59pm Hugo:

As long as it's Bergen, New Jersey, I'll take it easy ...
  Fri. 6/24/11 1:59pm DJ KG:

is this an emergency of some sort?
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:00pm Parq:

Panic in Dee-troit -- they asked for an auto-graph --
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:00pm Looms:

I'm listening from abroad and this weather warning scared me :(
Blame it on the mean dj...
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:00pm +/:

Thomas Ankersmit have met him a lot of times
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:01pm dEEp:

Is this still a test?
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:01pm +/:

like his track Weerzin from split with Jim O'Rourke
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yes, and you've just failed by asking
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

now we all have to stay after school
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:02pm Hugo:

It's a remix of the test.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:03pm Doug:

I don't care about your tests anyway! I'm outta he-he-he-re.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

maybe we'll hear Dan Tullis and Joel break in
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:04pm Dad:

Hey, it is cool with me... you don't have to take refuge from the floods Doug, I'm hip, i get it...
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:06pm Dan and Joel:

Take Noah's damage claim. Different companies are gonna price that differently.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:07pm Ike:

Is it time to talk about mangosteen and durian yet? HERE:
WOW! I had no idea there was such a thing... as a REASON to go to PARK SLOPE!
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:09pm Hugo:

Reminds me of Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. Don't forget the rambutan.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:14pm Mom:

he's not your dad
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:16pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 6/24/11 2:17pm Doug's Friends:

I'm with your mom... yeah, me too... I don't think he's your dad... yeah, you kinda look like George Hamilton
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:17pm Giraffe:

_ o o
\ \|/ _,
__.' /`_/
/` u ;#
`c-_..__,/ ##
| ##
|. ##
/ ' ##
|.:' ##
;::' .:#
/ ' '#
| .: '::.`'-..__
|:. .::' `',
|::: ':. .:,\
\ ', . .::' .:: | |
|'.|.:| ' ' /\#
| \ '|._.:: | |##
| /|.:| `"";`| .:|##
/ || / | ; '|
\ // | \:'\ |
| /\ / ; ;| \
| || | | || /
| || | | || |
_/ j| | _/ J| |
(/_/_/ J (/_/_/ j
(/_/ (/_/
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:18pm bryce:

oh no, giraffe fell out a window in sideways gravity
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:19pm Guru Squared:

Is this something new he has recorded?
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:20pm Hugo:

Yeah, what's he up to these days?
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:20pm bryce:

er...this! :)

new release, recording from from '07 with oren ambarchi, edmondo ammendola, & brendan walls
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:21pm Giraffe:

.-. .-.
| \/ |
/, ,_ `'-.
.-|\ /`\ '.
.' 0/ | 0\ \_ `".
.-' _,/ '--'.'|#''---'
`--' | / \#
| / \#
\ ;|\ .\#
|' ' // \ ::\#
\ /` \ ':\#
`"` \.. \#
\::. \#
\:: \#
\' .:\#
\ :::\#
\ '::\#
\ \#
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:22pm bryce:

and ate my longkongs
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:22pm bryce:

you're lucky i can't find enough rope
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:22pm Giraffe:

. -",
|| ||
|| ||
^^ ^^
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:23pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 6/24/11 2:24pm Giraffe:

lick lick jump lick bite POOP
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:24pm bryce:

awwwww, comere
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:25pm Vicki:

creeped out now
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:26pm poop deck:

jealous much?
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:27pm bryce:

awwwwww, comere
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:27pm Vicki:

ha ha
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:29pm Oren you glad:

Black Truffle?
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:29pm bryce:

ike, you too
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:30pm Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La, Po:

@@ @@ @@ @@
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:34pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

smoke any contracts lately?
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:36pm Contract smoker:

Mani contracts, actually.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 6/24/11 2:37pm Hugo:

Really liked this Neumeier piece. And the Gurus were great back in the day.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:40pm Ike:

Entering cuddly mode.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:41pm bryce:

awwwww, everybody sit on my face!
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:42pm bald face liar:

Shaven, not stirred
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:42pm Ike:

Oh shit, I didn't know this was THAT kind of radio program.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:42pm Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La, Po:

  Fri. 6/24/11 2:43pm Das:

Usually after listening to this show I feel like I need a warm bath. After reading this it'll have to be a cold shower.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:43pm bryce:

hugo, yeah, great to see him doing nice stuff -- and also connecting with musicians i never would have expected!
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:43pm Vicki:

going to go and stand in the rain now and eat some razor blades
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:44pm Care Bear Stare:

Catch the Rainbow
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:44pm Jerry Falwell:

What the Teletubbies said.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sorry Vicki, those are for boys only too
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:45pm Hugo:

Marjory razorblades?
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:46pm Vicki:

  Fri. 6/24/11 2:48pm Blobfish:

I call lookism.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:48pm Mary Lou Breton:

Eating Wheaties just got REAL!
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:49pm Hugo:

Sounds like an idea for a horror movie.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:49pm bryce:

awwww, you're cuter than a sea pig
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:50pm See Pig Diet:

Everytime I see a pig I diet
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:52pm Hubba:

Time for lunch
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:52pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that creature exists somewhere??
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:53pm Blobfish:

Gee, thanks.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

other than the Yellow Submarine?
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:54pm Hugo:

Something unnerving about food staring at you, innit?
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:56pm Looms:

Great show as always, Mr. Bryce.
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:57pm bryce:

thx, looms, you're nice :)

have nice weeks, everyone!
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

severely enjoyed it
  Fri. 6/24/11 2:59pm Blobfish:

It sounds like it might be ending. Cadence. Resolution.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:00pm Hugo:

Bryce is nyce as always.
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