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Playlist for 14 May 2014 Options | Sizzling Hot Meat For You

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Artist Song Album Images New Approx. start time
Laibach  Love on the Beat   Options Spectre 
Alto!  Piece 9   Options Title Track 
  0:03:05 ()
Bernibas Milicija  Jera Dvesele   Options Dzeriet Van Hutena Kako! 
  0:12:25 ()
Big Blood  You Need it Then it Comes   Options Fight for Your Dinner, Volume 1 
*   0:16:32 ()
Buddy Scott Trio  Barbecue   Options You Win 
  0:21:25 ()
Motelli Skronkile  Polvi   Options Collection 
  0:26:49 ()
Gezan  MAN Machine   Options Katsute Uta Toiwaretasore 
*   0:29:21 ()
Enbilulugugal  Goatstrom Blitzkrieg   Options Noizemongers For Goatserpent 2CD 
*   0:32:08 ()
Foetus  Danger Global Warming   Options Soak 
  0:36:36 ()
The Buddy Scott Trio  barbecue   Options You Win 
  0:42:12 ()
John  Corn Weenie CW Cyrus Mix   Options  
  0:49:31 ()
Rammstein  Moskau   Options Reise, Reise 
  0:54:20 ()
Brigitte Fontaine  Genre Humain   Options Title Track 
  0:58:34 ()
Les Innocents  Des Jours Adverses   Options Post-Partum 
  1:02:36 ()
ARLT & Thomas Bonvalet  Tu m'as encore creve un cheval   Options Self Titled      1:06:49 ()
The Buddy Scott Trio  Barbecue   Options You Win      1:13:40 ()
Wire  Down to This   Options Red Barked Tree 
  1:20:17 ()
Workshop  Die Verwundung   Options Es Liebt Dich and Deine Koperlichkeit Ein Ausgeflippter 
  1:25:04 ()
Monopol  Anarchie   Options Monopol 
  1:28:45 ()
Bernibas Milicija  Velni   Options Dzeriet Van Hutena Kako! 
*   1:32:30 ()
Khlam  San Francisco   Options Sverkh Novy Hund Sverkh Russkie 
  1:35:42 ()
Nina Simone  Rich Girl   Options All The Way Live: Duane's 2014 Premium 
  1:45:59 ()
Brown Whornet  Sweaty Freddy   Options Radio Ablum (sic) 
  1:49:36 ()
Wevie De Crepon  The Wobbler   Options Sonig Exp/Hop/DVD 
  1:52:32 ()
Peter Blegvad & John Greaves  The Only Song   Options Unearthed 
  1:55:33 ()
P.K.14  May   Options 1984    *   2:04:55 ()
Should  Dont Send Me Your Regrets   Options The Great Pretend 
*   2:07:51 ()
Matt King  The Right Equation   Options Songs for the Offering 
*   2:13:04 ()
Dva  Nunki   Options Nipomo 
*   2:14:44 ()
Buffalo Daughter  Daisy   Options Shaggy Head Dressers 
  2:19:05 ()
Homer Henderson  Planets   Options Greatest Flops & Golden Filler 
*   2:23:06 ()
Sexton Ming  Take it Slow   Options Barking at the Half Moon 
*   2:30:59 ()
Rudimentary Peni  Tracks 10 & 12   Options Death Church 
*   2:33:05 ()
8 Eye Spy  Track 2   Options How Damn Far To YinMa Lane?    *   2:36:40 ()
Mars  Helen Forsdale   Options No New York 
  2:37:00 ()
Max aka Sudden Infant  Mother   Options  
  2:39:13 ()
Neil Cicierega  Crocodile Chop   Options  
  2:42:09 ()
Velvet Underdog  Temptation Inside of Your Flea Collar   Options  
  2:46:21 ()
Aavikko & Felix Kubin  Superlake Beat   Options  
  2:47:37 ()
Kazma Kazma  Forgotten Hit (feat Foa Hoka)   Options  
  2:50:07 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 5:58am Station Mgr Ken:

Morning friends!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 7:09am Mark S:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 7:22am Cory:

  Wed. 5/14/14 7:51am Kilroy:

You get blind drunk in your live shows, you get high on bath salts, you constantly post maniac Gifs, you only play hippie noise...but you are DJ.

Oh dear.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 8:04am Okasa:

Morning Ken. I'm ready for you to fire up my fan with your high grade AGTBTPOTSB's.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 8:08am Ken:

Theyre not as heavy as last week's GTBTPOTSBs
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 8:15am Planet Tyler:

Morning all! BTW Ken, thanks for sending out that pic of Andy's remote controls a while back. Very funny.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 8:23am Ken:

You're welcome, Tyler - that pic was from Andy's rec room, which is where he will be doing tonight's video Seven Second Delay from.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 8:26am Ken:

Shit. I feel Hall and Oates comin' on
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 8:28am Dan B From Upstate:

Dang it! I was gonna send the cat gif, but I knew you weren't a fan of cats on the internet. Oh well.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 8:33am Okasa:

Re: the cat UFO gif, I saw some 'making of' gifs that show how it was done. If interested, I could dig up a URL.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 8:41am Asheville Jon:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 8:44am Ken From Hyde Park:

Where in the world is Casey Kasem?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 8:48am Asheville Jon:

i'm gonna guess he's in california
  Wed. 5/14/14 8:54am Barney Sawtooth:

The best part of waking up... Ken's show.
  Wed. 5/14/14 8:56am P-90:

Hall & Oats?
  Wed. 5/14/14 8:56am F▥ F▥ ☾:

Hola, Ken and amig@s!

The slow motion effect hides the fact that the pie crashed into this poor man's face at 117mph.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:00am Michael:

I thought there was going to be talk about the Pulaski Skyway and maybe some about Tonnelle Avenue.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:01am MD:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:01am common:

yep yep!
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:02am Brendan:

Sacrebleu cheese . Good morning station manager Ken.
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:02am P-90:

So, you like the SPECTRE album, Commander Bond?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:03am MD:

sorry for yelling i was listening to To Tough To die by the Ramones on the way to work....FULL BLAST...!!!XOXO!!!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:04am bibi:

hi all. fun how many english speakers are convinced 'sacre bleu' is a gimmick in french. it is eventually the way french mock english mocking french.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:04am Ken:

Pulaski Skyway video tribute is next week, 11am to Noon.
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:06am ratty:

sounds like that african band that plays music with junkyard created instruments.. well, it did there for a second
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:06am Ken:

Anybody in Morris County want to go over Andy Breckman's house for hotdogs tonight from 6-7pm?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:08am βrian:

Speaking of bleu, I understand there are some folks who don't like blue cheese. Is it akin to the Great Cilantro Divide?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:09am Michael:

Darn, read that wrong about the Skyway. Hopefully we will see a similar feature on the Outerbridge Crossing!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:10am Ken:

I'm serious about the hotdogs at Andy Breckman's house. Anybody?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:10am MD:

i'm gonna name my first kid....Pulaski Skyway....that's almost as good a ...."7"
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:11am Brendan:

My raison d' etre is to make fun of bleu cheese
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:11am common:

is andy gonna have any veggie dogs, ken?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:11am Cheri Pi:

This is cool
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:12am bibi:

blue cheese can be really strong. it lives in yr mouth for a while. it is not half of a divide.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:13am MD:

"Your mom and I couldn't get onto the Pulaski Skyway so we ducked into the Skyway Motel....and the rest is history!!!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:13am Ken:

Andy's hot dogs are practically veggie dogs already - they have hardly any actual meat in them.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:14am bibi:

mon petit doigt me dit que ken va mettre du zombie zombie, même sans bleu dessus, même sans la fausse viande d'andy...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:14am common:

@ken: oh, those. Heehee!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:16am Ken:

bibi - I might play Zombie Zombie, I do have it pulled.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:18am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:19am Roberto:

  Wed. 5/14/14 9:19am F▥ F▥ ☾:

It seems to me 'Crocodile Chop' hasn't been played enough in this show.
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:20am Barney Sawtooth:

music plaease
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:20am amewcow:

Ken, are you gonna archive the video feeds on youtube?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:20am Neg-guh-tor:

Piece of hot meat for you.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:21am thedunkel:

Good morning Ken and other Hot Meats!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:22am βrian:

In Wisconsin, they sometimes crumble blue cheese over their brats before eating them. No lie.
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:22am Oscar Meyer:

I love this song!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:23am AnAnonymousParty:

It's not just in Wisconsin.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:23am egal:

Beer brats are popular in Ohio.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:23am thedunkel:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:23am thedunkel:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:24am Greg from Bloomfield:

Can you reveal what town he's in, Ken?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:25am βrian:

Beer brats and Rugrats. My favorite Country song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:25am Marcel M:

He talks about being from Madison all the time.
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:26am Barney Sawtooth:

that BBQ song is going to be in my head for days
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:27am common:

bbq song is so good! i could hear it 6 times.
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:29am P-90:

"[Huge martian tripod war machine] now turns East, crossing Passaic River into the Jersey marshes. Another straddles the PULASKI SKYWAY. Evident objective is New York City."
-News announcer's voice from Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast, Oct.30, 1938.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:29am Guido from Cologne:

Guten TZAG everyone!
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:30am P-90:

Ciao! und TZAG, Guido!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:31am bibi:

  Wed. 5/14/14 9:31am Barney Sawtooth:

corn weenie
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:32am Webhamster Henry:

That BBQ song is traditionally segued with Morricone's "Cannibal".
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:34am r i s k y:

Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:34am Guido from Cologne:

Would it make sense, to produce the most awesome album along with the most rediculous titles in the most esotheric languages just in order to force WFMU DeeJays to pronounce them?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:36am Cory:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:36am AnAnonymousParty:

" . . . 'cause Oscar Meyer has a way, of damaging your D.N.A."
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:36am bibi:

lets face it, ken loves to pronounce the unpronounceable. it's a latvian tradition.
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:37am P-90:

@ Guido in C.: Ja wohl!
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:37am F▥ F▥ ☾:

I prefer Imbilingualgual.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:38am bibi:

i saw umbilicalcal last week, nice gig.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:39am βrian:

@Guido. I think that would work well, especially if paired with pronunciations by native speakers. Sometimes the DJ's version will be impressive. Other times ... quite interesting.
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:41am Buddy from BST:

Thanks Ken for playing BBQ. It is always a fun one to play. Love this Foetus track Film like epoch.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:42am fred von helsing:

How about: Every time you put out a new album, you use the same album name but change the name of the band.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:42am Neg-guh-tor:

Sizzling hot meat for you!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:43am common:

Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:43am Neg-guh-tor:

Buddy! What album is this from and how can I get it! I love your work!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:44am amanda c:

this gif + this song is just too much. i love it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:44am common:

is that cosby gif from leonard part 6?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:44am MD:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:47am MD:

ken...can you play that song know the one....about meat....i forgot the name...???
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:48am Brendan:

For Andy :
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:48am northguineahills:

I was going to have chili dogs before even hearing the bbq song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:49am Asheville Jon:

will he be serving CORN WEENIES?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:49am AnAnonymousParty:

Is that hot dog made of pudding?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:50am Webhamster Henry:

Are you going to play a large selection of Corn Weenie remixes? It's no barbecue without at least six.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:51am davex:

Speaking of experimental video, will we be seeing the rest of the Union Square Dusty Show soon?
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:51am P-90:

"The Warriors"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:53am thedunkel:

Cyrus incited bridgegate
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:54am Neg-guh-tor:

Love the shot at the end of the Corn Weenie remix!
  Wed. 5/14/14 9:54am P-90:

Speech made to assembled NY gangs by
"Cyrus", played by Roger hill, who passed away in Feb.
RIP Cyrus
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:55am Marcel M:

Ken will we be able to go back and watch the video feed tonight and the Pulaski one next week? I got work :-(
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:56am βrian:

Bibi, how does one pronounce Putin in the French media? I've always wondered ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:57am Ken:

Yeah, they will be archived on and then search for WFMU
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:57am bibi:

@fvh, we had a band with no name, we just gave names to our gatherings, numbering them chronologically. we probably thought it was some bad ass existentialist concept.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 9:57am Marcel M:

Cool! Thanks Ken.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:58am bibi:

@brian, in english phonetics : POO TEEN
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:58am fred von helsing:

Weenies Over Weehawken
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:59am bobdoesthings:

@Brian - poutine?!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:59am fred von helsing:

@bibi I hope the numbers were as irrational as the concept
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 9:59am bibi:

@bbt, written thats it, exactly.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:00am fred von helsing:

Do not confuse poutine and poutain. Different gravies.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:00am Guido from Cologne:

Good idea
& irrational numbers = endles names
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:01am bibi:

@fvh, sadly no, it was chronological, starting from 1. but we could attribute a number even without playing a single note. like going together to a gig, having a booze.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:01am ga01:

Bon jour!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:02am bobdoesthings:

Putin Poutine has a nice ring to it... I wonder how it tastes
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:02am βrian:

Damn. Not what I was hoping for ...
Butin, Putin ...
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:02am Guido from Cologne:

john fahey used to confuse collectors by issuing different records under the same title and same catalog number.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:03am fred von helsing:

@bobdoesthings Anchovies in their own gravy
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:03am bibi:

the fun is that poutine also looks like that :
quite close to the russian version.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:03am bobdoesthings:

@fvh not in Borscht?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:05am bibi:

hey, the innocents singer is my neighbour ! watch out ken, this could be broadcast on cheesiest french stations. and not even hard to pronounce...
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:07am fred von helsing:

Finns dilute borscht with delicious Molotov cocktail.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:08am Guido from Cologne:

Not hard to pronounce? wrong song!
actually this playlist looked like the most awesome selctions of the season.
maybe intentd as counterbalance? who knows?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:11am fred von helsing:

  Wed. 5/14/14 10:11am P-90:

@ bibi: Fear not, Ken will find a way to unpronounce it.
It's an American specialty.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:11am P-90:

Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:12am egal:

I see a remix contest in the offing.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:12am Guido from Cologne:


Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:12am Neg-guh-tor:

I wonder if Buddy likes this remix of meat song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:12am common:

still not gettin old at all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:12am thedunkel:

Does Hawkwind use their 'Silver Machine' at bbqs?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:13am bibi:

etymology time, do you know why barbecue ? hm ?
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:13am Buddy from BST:

I think you have something there Ken...I love your version!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:14am Guido from Cologne:

The silver machine is the grill actually.
grills and chicken wings in outer space.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:14am βrian:

It's not really known, but I like the "barbe à queue" theory.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:14am F▥ F▥ ☾:

I have heard the BBQ song about 88 times and I still don't get the innuendo.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:15am bibi:

literally in french 'from beard to ass'. in old times, to bake the sheep or pig or whatever you had to put the fork from beard to ass...
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:15am Guido from Cologne:

barbeque is not french but adapted from some "savage" language.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:15am βrian:

Where does it go? Innuendo!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:17am βrian:

Hey, no spoilers! DVDs aren't even out yet.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:17am P-90:

@bibi: from the word "barbicu" used by the Taino people of the Carribean, one of the very first cultures encountered by Europeans in The New World
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:17am KP:

No spoilers!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:17am earrie:

J'aime la poutine.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:17am adrian in mpls:

Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:17am Guido from Cologne:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:17am common:

congrats on the theater!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:17am bobdoesthings:

::everybody clap::
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:18am Webhamster Henry:

I'm clapping. I am the adopter of the stage!
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:18am P-90:

J'aime La Putin aussi.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:18am speck:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:18am Marcel M:

I clapped at home Bob.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:18am Slater:

Barbacoa is a form of cooking meat that originated in the Caribbean with the Taíno people, from which the term “barbecue” derives
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:18am Mark S:

I remember Yello
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:18am Marcel M:

COL, I clapped out loud.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:19am fred von helsing:

rats, can't find a download of Barbecue, a critical theme song for my next grillfest
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:19am Sem Chumbo:

@earrie: moi aussi!
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:19am P-90:

Ken Show guest host Gene Simmons
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:19am egal:

DJ Satan
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:19am bibi:

i love linguistic battles ! it smells so tasty.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:20am Buddy from BST:

WFMU's own theater! And we thought they were dangerous before!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:20am Neg-guh-tor:

fred von helsing it's no where. I've been looking. Buddy, help us! He's listening you know!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:20am fred von helsing:

hey yeah is the perf space all legal-beagle yet???
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:21am Webhamster Henry:

You should definitely have DJ MAC do his antique radio DJ spinning show in there.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:21am fred von helsing:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:21am common:

good call, webhamster! Tony!!!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:21am earrie:

Every time I hear the word 'terrorist' in the media/politic used like some kinda salting, I go, "tourist???"
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:23am earrie:

  Wed. 5/14/14 10:23am Buddy from BST:

clue.. jimmyrigg- bands- download
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:23am βrian:

Le mien c'est le mien, le tien c'est le tien.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:23am P-90:

@ Slater: "Barbacoa" was the Latinization of the original "barbicu" (from the Taino dialect), by which this exoticforeign cuisine became known in Europe
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:24am bibi:

oeil pour oeil, dent pour dent, saucisse pour saucisse !
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:24am βrian:

Among we oenophiles, the talk is of terroiristes.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:24am fred von helsing:

We are all Terrists
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:25am P-90:

@ earrie: even more confusing, in Oklahoma "terrorism" is actually pronounced as "tourism"
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:25am Nick From Indy:

Drill drill drill
Dugga dugga dugga
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:26am fred von helsing:

I want my poutine drowning in Sans Soucis Sauce
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:26am earrie:

@fred "Tourists???"
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:27am βrian:

@P-90 And that telethon guy is Jurr Luce.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:28am Sem Chumbo:

@Brian: hahaha.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:28am Guido from Cologne:

Is Finland afrais of Russia again?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:28am βrian:

For me, San Soucis requires Sancerre.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:29am fred von helsing:

We are Terrists. OTOH Dick Cheney is a terraforming space lizard. Starfaring Gila monsters don't need no steenking icecaps. They Live!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:30am Guido from Cologne:

Dat is ja voll die schräge Mucke, ey!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:31am fred von helsing:

@guido Nah, but it's revived the debate about NATO membership. The NATO chief said both Sweden and Finland would be admitted in a snap.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:31am Guido from Cologne:

Terrists? Is that a kind of addiction or a disease?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:31am davex:

@Guido: Total abgefahren.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:32am bibi:

san soucios requires sincere tourists. we are making NSA machines go crazy right now.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:32am Neg-guh-tor:

Thank you, Buddy! Got it. Nice clue. You rule supreme.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:32am Guido from Cologne:

@davex: absolut durchgeknallt!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:33am fred von helsing:

As I understand it, a Terrist is a resident of Terra who objects to planet-rape
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:33am davex:

@Guido: Und jetzt Schnee von gestern...
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:34am Guido from Cologne:

will the planet go pregnant from this?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:34am bibi:

is that slovakian ? czech ?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:35am bibi:

of course, it is latvian !
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:36am Brendan:

Its about time
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:36am Guido from Cologne:

@davex : sonnencreme von morgen.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:37am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

I lived in San Francisco for 3 years. This song pretty much sums it up.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:38am fred von helsing:

argh Neg-guh-tor, not finding it
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:38am Guido from Cologne:

Great track by Khlam
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:38am davex:

Yeltsin was a much better dancer, apparently.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:38am bibi:

boris incarnates sf so well.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:39am F▥ F▥ ☾:


Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:40am YETI BOB:

you mean: ХЛАМ !
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:40am bibi:

people, turn down yr volume for ken's khlam announcement.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:41am P-90:

...I'm still not a Khlamvert, but I'll keep trying
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:42am fred von helsing:

(obligatory bearded Khlam joke)
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:42am bibi:

isnt louis khlam, sorry, kahn latvian rooted ?
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:43am F▥ F▥ ☾:

I believe Khlamverts are born (not made).
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:45am Nolen:

You should play Double Dagger (singer is second-generation Latvian-American). They played live on FMU twice.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:45am P-90:

@ Ken: You're confusing Jazz composer Dave Grusin with Jazz mandolinist David Grisman...
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:46am Barney Sawtooth:

  Wed. 5/14/14 10:46am Nolen:

And by the singer I mean me
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:46am fred von helsing:

Riga (Latvian capital) has a fab art deco/jugend shop
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:46am coelacanth: now you must share your pain with everyone,is that it?

Hi Ken. Hi everyone.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:47am fred von helsing:

Boris R.I.P., where are ya when we need ya ?
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:47am Barney Sawtooth:

thanks for playing my CW remix, Ken.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:47am P-90:

Hi coel.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:48am coelacanth:

(no offense to Nina...but not even she can make this song okay.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:48am ken:

I stand corrected, P-90. My grandpappy reallyw as from Riga though which was a hotbed of jazz mandolin at the time.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:49am F▥ F▥ ☾:


Barney Sawtooth?! Are you really the genius behind the CW remix?!?! We have been looking for you for ages!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:50am common:

wow this is good!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:50am Webhamster Henry:

Nina is unsafe at any speed.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:51am Slater:

is that A-Rod?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:52am fred von helsing:

I am proud to have been the inspiration for this song
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:52am Guido from Cologne:

in order to make it complete it would need some Conchita Wurst now! You know Conchita Wurst? Don't stone me!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:53am fred von helsing:

won't some kind soul help me barbecue
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:53am common:

ah, the wobbler!
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:53am Barney Sawtooth:

Yes it was my entry into the remix contest. There were far better entries than mine, I recall!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:54am βrian:

How is a barbecue different from a spit roast?
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:54am F▥ F▥ ☾:

You did a great job, Barney!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:54am Guido from Cologne:

Aaaah ! just got it! The barbeque is because of Conchita Wurst !
("Wurst" = sausage)
Why didn't you tell us?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:56am bibi:

@guido, im not sure eurovision crossed the ocean. what a pity.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:56am F▥ F▥ ☾:

Wevie De Crepon's The Woobbler! Another fantastic song from this show nowhere to be found on the whole interwebz! Hooray!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:56am adrian in mpls:

Ah, "The Only Song"! Thanks Ken -- I need this right now. I'm stuck in a horrible work-loop.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:57am ChrisB.:

Eurovision contest winners, 1974: Abba. 40 years later: Conchita Wurst, who seems to be an physical amalgam of all 4 Abba members.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 10:57am Stevel:

If we properly berate Ken, we could listen to this for the remaining hour of the show.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:57am Guido from Cologne:

for ou American friends to understand:
she won the contest.
and the Russians are more afraid of her but of the NATO.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:58am Guido from Cologne:

you put it!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:59am bibi:

she's nato's butt.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 10:59am βrian:

I hope dad has more than only his apron on.
  Wed. 5/14/14 10:59am P-90:

I believe Conchitawurst will be served at Andy Brechtman's BBQ shindig this evening
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:00am F▥ F▥ ☾:

I heard that Conchita Wurst's song that won the contest has a veiled sexual innuendo ( which I also fail to miss).

I am also told the BBQ song has some sort of sexual innuendos. Can't see them. For me is still a nice picnic song that celebrates life in the outdoors.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:00am bibi:

russians call it 'the end of europe'. nice metaphor too.
the conchitawurst contains cilandro.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:01am Cheri Pi:

He had me at "fresh White Buns"
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:02am P-90:

@ Cheri Pi: you too, huh?
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:03am P-90:

Cereal killers strictly verboten
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:03am Sem Chumbo:

So the conchitawurst is actually cilandrogynous. To each his own.
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:04am P-90:

@ Sem C.: Ha!
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:04am F▥ F▥ ☾:

Don't you worry about John the Cannibal, Ken.

P.S. I'm not a hater on this one: I also love the Nina Simone!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:05am bibi:

ken, what comics are those pics from ?
few years ago, the conchitawurst recipe included bleu, not anymore.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:06am fred von helsing:

I coulda sworn that intro was a cover of Waterloo
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:06am Guido from Cologne:

cerebral killers?
talk about substances?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:07am Guido from Cologne:

yes! expert!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:07am coelacanth:

I like Nina Simone A LOT !..Just not ALL of the zillion covers she did.

Thank you Ken.I'm out already...I have to do some groundkeeping before the groundkeepers get here.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:07am fred von helsing:

Eurovison 2014 is at TPB if you want revel in the kitsch-cum-family-squabble
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:07am P-90:

@ fred von h.: Now I actually wanna hear that hypothetical cover of "Waterloo"
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:08am fred von helsing:

@guido Level: Pro :-P
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:11am Barney Sawtooth:

BBQ Killers
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:12am coelacanth:

P-90 -By the way i did get your "good mother night" the other night...FUNNY!...'reminded me of the song "happy nightmare baby"!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:12am egal:

If it weren't for Conchitawurst, the 2014 Eurovision would be best known for the Polish entrée.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:12am Brian in UK:

@Guido Kenny Everett did it thirty years ago as Cupid Stunt.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:16am Carmichael:

Good morning from California, Kenneth.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:17am Guido from Cologne:

you haven't played the track "Vampira" yet.
Such a density of musical humor!

  Wed. 5/14/14 11:17am fascinoma:

morning, all. wonderful show, Ken
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:18am bobdoesthings:

@fascinoma.. have you been listening?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:20am bibi:

wow, this BD song reminds me of many things. thx ken, its been ages.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:20am Guido from Cologne:

wasn't there something about "one Van-Der-Graaf-Generator-track every week"? (which would be an art form in itself).
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:21am bibi:

pommel horse, i hated it so much. thigh bleeding and other joys.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:23am Asheville Jon:

Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:24am fred von helsing:

"If you lay down so that the Sun is at your head and Pluto at your feet, Uranus is about where you would expect it to be."
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:25am fascinoma:

@bobdoesthings mhmm! started with the Nina Simone, been enjoying the aural assault since then
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:26am Guido from Cologne:

... but WAY TOO SMALL!
almost microscopic size!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:26am bobdoesthings:

@fasc - ahh just teasing
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:26am P-90:

From "steaming hot meat" to "and Uranus too"
quite a tour we're getting this morning
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:26am davex:

That last one was a great cover of Holst.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:27am Asheville Jon:

you can't handle the BBQ song, yet you can handle 3 hours of bohemian crapsody? that does not make any sense at all.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:27am bibi:

but pluto is no more a planet. sad world.
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:28am fascinoma:

@bobdoesthings i gotcha ;)
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:29am bibi:

humans decide whether you are a planet or not.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:29am Sem Chumbo:

@AshevilleJon: Logic? Ken? Your premise is invalid.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:29am fred von helsing:

Pluto will always be a planet in my heart, and altho according to the body scale Uranus is small there's quite a ring around it
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:30am Pedro G.:

Ken is funny.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:30am Guido from Cologne:

who should ever decide if not humans?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:30am βrian:

Touche pas à ma planète !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:30am Asheville Jon:

Sem, not sure it's about logic, more of a pain threshold.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:31am Cory:

I bet Andy would make a wonderful skin-suit
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:31am amanda c:

i live near andy, but i just don't wanna go eat hotdogs with him on the radio. that's a valid excuse, right?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:31am bibi:

come on, guido, it's obvious, plutonians themselves.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:31am davex:

Pluto is a dwarf planet. Or a dwarf dog.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:31am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Today the full moon passes in front of Saturn, called the Full Flower Moon. Check it out.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:32am Sem Chumbo:

@Cory: as material or tailor?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:32am paul b:

Wait, between the band name Dva and the chosen picture... is this some sort of Clock DVA reference?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:33am Sem Chumbo:

@Jennique: as long as it excuses itself, all good.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:33am Cory:

i wouldn't let Andy use scissors
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:34am Mark S:

no track 11?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:34am fred von helsing:

crap there's a great yé-yé song about my planet but I can't remember the name d'oh
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:35am Cheri Pi:

rudementari peni = a great idea Ken.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:35am Carmichael:

Finally Ken, you release the kraken. Jeez, its almost lunchtime.
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:37am canionneur88:

You just asked if any listeners in an "M" town in Morris County would like to attend the festivities this evening.. If I live in Brookside (Morris County), which is not an "M" town but is part of Mendham Twp, would that make me eligible to attend the weiner roast at Mr Breckman's home. Or does the fact that Brookside begins with a "B" override the "M" in Mendham Twp?
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:37am Dean:

Another planet!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:37am AnAnonymousParty:

My coworkers looked at me funny when I said, "man, she's having a lot of fun with that banana."
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:38am Sem Chumbo:

3-D House of Bananas.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:39am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Who doesn't enjoy a good banana?
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:39am P-90:

@ fred von h.: If you're into the rings around Uranus, check out the tiny asteroid that was recently found to have rings, a first:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:40am Carmichael:

Is that a banana or are you just happy to see me?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:41am the glowing one:

Later on in his life as a grown up he will be thankful to his mother for doing all that.
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:41am ~L:

YES to the BBQ at Andy's tonight!
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:42am fascinoma:

forgot how much i love Max's song! any way to track that down besides as the former premium, Ken?
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:42am F▥ F▥ ☾:

COCRODILE CHOP!!!! Great choice, Ken! Thanks a lot!
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:43am Robert:

Considering last week & this, obviously Ken has the same rxn to "Crocodile Chop" that I do: can't put it down!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:43am bobdoesthings:

hahaha gets me everytime.. hysterical
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:43am Ken:

If anybody can really commit to going to Andy's in Madison tonight, at 6:20pm or so, and you are NOT a serial killer, please please please email me at ken at wfmu dot org
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:44am F▥ F▥ ☾:

Oh, yes! Max's Mother, is yet another of those amazing songs from this show nowhere to be found in the whole interwebz for download.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:44am Dan B From Upstate:

This is just the greatest thing.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:45am βrian:

___ dentata?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:45am bobdoesthings:

oh god.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:45am the glowing one:

I wonder if those parts are fully functional.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:45am Carmichael:

Ken, you know Andy will just force everyone to watch every single one of his shows to which he has contributed. Over and over and over ....
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:45am F▥ F▥ ☾:

Ken, what an amazing coincidence is that you choose that Gif to go along the Neil Cicierega song. Watch his Little Mermaid animation on his youtube channel to learn more about it. It's hilarious with capital H (and plural).
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:45am Sem Chumbo:

So, like a castration fear assertion .gif?
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:46am bibi:

the infinite pizza gif wouldnt exist, this crocolegs beauty would top my scary gifs list.
oh boy, the biting is synced to the dogs barking. horror.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:46am Dan B From Upstate:

the high pitched dog is prefectly matched up with the croc's mouth opening in the picture above on my computer. it's awesome.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:46am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Oh MAN, I love this barking Lou Reed mashup. It's eerie how it's sorta timed to Crocodile Crotch Lady.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:47am Guido from Cologne:

Freudian nightmares.
By some Japanese trash erotics director.
Forgot his name.
really absurd stuff!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:48am Guido from Cologne:

it was on arte TRACKS!
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:48am Barney Sawtooth:

it just keeps getting better and better!
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:49am marmalade kitty:
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:51am Frank's Brain:

Vagina Gator = Tokyo Gore Police.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:51am AnAnonymousParty:

Fido: I've always had a love and hate relationship with cabbage.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:54am bibi:

am i the only one unable to remove these crocolegs from my brain ? bibi nightmares to come. THANK you ken.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:55am Guido from Cologne:

Hey Kazma kazma!!!
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:56am northguineahills:

Time to make chili dogs!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:56am Carmichael:

Tokyo gorp police?
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:56am Brendan:

Ken the time has flown. Enjoy the hot meat.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:57am common:

scary croclegs, bibi. i concur.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:57am MD:

Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:57am Guido from Cologne:

Psychic TV is aannounced to play in Charkov, east Ukraine this month!
I'm about to believe they will actually do it!
  Wed. 5/14/14 11:57am F▥ F▥ ☾:

The woman's hysterical laughter is in perfect synch with my arrhythmic heartbeat. That's how freaked out I end up after 3 hours of listening to a great freaky booty grabber show.

Thanks, and hasta la vista, Ken and babies! Till next episode.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 11:57am Guido from Cologne:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/14/14 11:58am Carmichael:

Funny irony: Andy is actually the serial killer.
Avatar Wed. 5/14/14 12:00pm bobdoesthings:

good show!
  Wed. 5/14/14 12:00pm F▥ F▥ ☾:

Serial zinger*
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