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Music to slaughter livestock to; 5,000 factory farmers can't all be wrong. (Visit homepage.)

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Thu. Dec 26th, Noon - 3pm: Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine fills in for Dark Night of the Soul on the Drummer Stream!

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Artist Track Approx. start time
The Disconnects  No Life Like The Low Life   Options 0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Hang on the Box  Fish   Options 0:05:54 (Pop‑up)
D Generation  No Way Out   Options 0:08:36 (Pop‑up)
Riot  Outlaw   Options 0:12:27 (Pop‑up)
Mastodon  Emerald   Options 0:15:40 (Pop‑up)
Mortals  Black Irish Metal   Options 0:19:23 (Pop‑up)
Anaal Nathrakh  A Firm Foundation Of Unyielding Despair   Options 0:29:15 (Pop‑up)
Voivod  Tornado   Options 0:33:09 (Pop‑up)
Besta  Imperio Do Udio   Options 0:39:03 (Pop‑up)
Today Is The Day  Sick Of Your Mouth   Options 0:40:23 (Pop‑up)
Orange Goblin  The Shadow Over Innsmouth   Options 0:44:04 (Pop‑up)
Dark Entries  Honey Eater   Options 0:46:34 (Pop‑up)
Hey Colossus  Hey, Dead Eyes. Up!   Options 0:50:17 (Pop‑up)
Tombs  Echoes   Options 0:53:47 (Pop‑up)
Raspberry Bulbs  Lionhead   Options 1:01:11 (Pop‑up)
Guzzard  So Sorry   Options 1:06:18 (Pop‑up)
Itchy-O  Jaywalker   Options 1:10:56 (Pop‑up)
Sseepage  Real Ear   Options 1:14:27 (Pop‑up)
Nuslux  Trash Island   Options 1:16:47 (Pop‑up)
Snakefinger  What Wilbur?   Options 1:21:05 (Pop‑up)
Hobgoblin  Meet The Doctor   Options 1:23:42 (Pop‑up)
Dead Can Dance  The Carnival Is Over   Options 1:26:18 (Pop‑up)
Taurus  Receed   Options 1:41:23 (Pop‑up)
Leather Nun  Prime Mover   Options 1:45:27 (Pop‑up)
Godflesh  New Dark Ages   Options 1:50:22 (Pop‑up)
Batillus  Cast   Options 1:55:09 (Pop‑up)
Windhand  Evergreen   Options 1:59:41 (Pop‑up)
Dope Body  Echo   Options 2:06:06 (Pop‑up)
Cabaret Voltaire  Here She Comes Now   Options 2:10:46 (Pop‑up)
Crime  TV Blue   Options 2:15:12 (Pop‑up)
Stickers  Outlet   Options 2:18:52 (Pop‑up)
Fauntleroys  Suck My Heart Out With A Straw   Options 2:23:03 (Pop‑up)
Inquisition  Desolate Funeral Chant   Options 2:30:38 (Pop‑up)
Oozing Wound  Colonel's Kernel   Options 2:37:20 (Pop‑up)
Kvelertak  Liktorn   Options 2:42:18 (Pop‑up)
Unsane  Over Me   Options 2:47:59 (Pop‑up)
Ausmuteants  Freedom of Information   Options 2:51:26 (Pop‑up)
Nots  Reactor   Options 2:54:39 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:04pm Mugsy:

Hey Diane psyched for the show.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:05pm Luna:

Good Morning.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 12:05pm Claw!:

Happy Thursday, Diane!
Greetings to all my fellow Kamikazites.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 12:05pm V Priceless:

hiya Diane!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 12:05pm chris:

Yeah! Howdy, Diane, All!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:05pm extinct_species:

Hello Diane & everyone else!
  Thu. 1/15/15 12:17pm emile:

Mastodon is Thin Lizzy's bastard step child
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:19pm CZECHANO:

A little late on the comment, but that D Generation bought back some memories. That band was totally rocking in a time of every other band sadly staring at their untied shoe laces.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:20pm Diane Kamikaze:

Hi everyone! My guest had to postpone, so it's just us today! Happy Thursday!
  Thu. 1/15/15 12:21pm emile:

Mortals! Yes!!!
  Thu. 1/15/15 12:30pm Caryn Havlik:

Diane, Do you have a copy of the new Mortals record, "Cursed to See the Future"? May we send you one?
  Thu. 1/15/15 12:30pm emile:

Well the first few seconds were different
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:31pm Fashion Tashjian:

Rather brutal.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:33pm extinct_species:

I do not like mortals ... eeek!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 12:33pm Claw!:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 12:34pm chris:

Here is comes!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 12:34pm sphere:

Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:34pm Diane Kamikaze:

Hi Caryn! I just sent you guys a message on your FB page! Thanks for popping up on the playlist!! :)
  Thu. 1/15/15 12:34pm Caryn Havlik:

Yeah,extinct_species, I don't like that era of Mortals either! And I'm their drummer.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:35pm Diane Kamikaze:

Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 12:36pm Claw!:

  Thu. 1/15/15 12:38pm r i s k y:

Running Scared!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:39pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:39pm Cheri Pi:

One of my all time favorites too!!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:40pm Cheri Pi:

Hey I missed Hang on the Box, I love those Chinese punk-girls!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:43pm Fashion Tashjian:

My old band once opened for TITD when Connections was open in Passaic. After our set I asked Steve Austin what he thought of our set and he says "Wow, you guys were great, it felt like I took four hits of acid, and..." He then continued to just ramble on about LSD for maybe four or five minutes while I just stood there and nodded my head.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 12:46pm Luna:

VOIVOD! (heh, I'm late)
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 12:55pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

late 'VOD!
..but th'food-truck hath been VANQUISHED!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:01pm SeanG:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/15/15 1:02pm common:

missed voivod and everything...hello!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:02pm Cheri Pi:

I am on my way to thee holiest of curry joints, glad I didn't miss me Voivod. The day can't get better.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:02pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Rats...missed the Voivod!
  Thu. 1/15/15 1:04pm r i s k y:

Favorite album of last year easily.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:05pm Andrew Waterloo:

love the Bulbs
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:05pm Polyus:

Oops, go to lunch, miss Voivod seems to be the lesson of the day.
  Thu. 1/15/15 1:07pm r i s k y:

Killer diller show, Lady Die!
  Thu. 1/15/15 1:09pm Winslow Leech:

Diane, Cool tunes!!!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:11pm Luna:

  Thu. 1/15/15 1:11pm r i s k y:

Be a Lert, because the world needs more Lerts!
  Thu. 1/15/15 1:11pm Dean:

Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:11pm Diane Kamikaze:

Hello Mr. Leech!!!!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:13pm Polyus:

Funny, I just read a piece in the NYT about abandoned missle silos for sale in New Mexico.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:13pm Cecile:

  Thu. 1/15/15 1:14pm Winslow Leech:

Hello to you too
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:15pm chris:

Some knuckle head in Sout Dakota (I think) is building zombie apocalypse condos in an old missle silo (if i remember that correctly). Self contained city beneath the ground (in theory).
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:15pm Diane Kamikaze:

Hello Cecile! Hello r i s k y! Hello chris! Hello Polyus!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:16pm sphere:

nice nice Sseepage!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:16pm Diane Kamikaze:

Hello Luna! Hello common! Hello Rev. Turnip Druid! Hello Cheri!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:17pm Cecile:

I just had chicken red curry for lunch. nom.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:18pm Polyus:

@chris - I think it's in Kansas. Sounds pretty swank, actually. Diane hi!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:18pm Diane Kamikaze:

Hello Fashion Tashjian! Hello V Priceless! Hello Mugsy! Hello emile! Hellow CZECHANO! Hello Claw!! Hello extinct_species!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:18pm Cecile:

how much coffee have you had today? Or is all your interview energy spilling out?
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:18pm Chris from DC:

Sounds like the emergency broadcast system is working pretty well.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:18pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

There's always room for Helloâ„¢ ... !
  Thu. 1/15/15 1:19pm Alan B:

The Sseepage sound recording broadcast really summed up my work morning. Helped me give it structure
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:20pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Indonesian noodles & bathtub of hot-sauce down ... Life once again reasonable.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:21pm pierre:

this is perfection
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:21pm Cecile:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:22pm Stevel:

  Thu. 1/15/15 1:22pm Friend of Ralph:

I miss Snakefinger soooooo much....
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:23pm Claw!:

Hooray for Snakefinger!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:24pm Cecile:

Friend, I do too.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:24pm Cecile:

I am digging this quirk-a-delic set.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:25pm V Priceless:

cool..sounds like drunk Stranglers
  Thu. 1/15/15 1:26pm Winslow Leech:

Great show as always... Snakefinger RIP
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:26pm Claw!:

Seconded, Cecile.
Nice set of bizarre selections, Diane!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:27pm Luna:

Fuck yeah. Dead Can Dance. You've just made my day.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:29pm chris:

What a set, Diane! You're really spoiling us.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:34pm InBrkly:

haha yeah and the list would always get out of sync and you'd end up buying something maybe you didn't like but then maybe the album had some other song you liked
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:34pm Luna:

Oh man, I love BRANN even more. *swoon*
  Thu. 1/15/15 1:38pm Winslow Leech:

aaah Hobgoblin... I met the Doctor too
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:39pm V Priceless:

DK: always dig the way your long sets take us listeners on a journey filled with many a wonderful twist and turn...no apologies necessary. Ever.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:47pm jljl:

LOVE the Leather Nun
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:50pm Claw!:

I see their stuff come through here at the shop, but I've never actually listened to this band before. I like it!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:51pm Chris from DC:

Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 1:52pm Luna:

Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:53pm V Priceless:

@ Claw! If you don't mind me asking - do you work at an indie shop or a chain?
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:56pm Claw!:

I'm at a small indie shop in the DC area. Owned by the same family since 1974. Joe's Record Paradise.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:58pm Chris from DC:

Nice, Claw!, love Joe's.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:58pm sphere:

Joe's is a great place.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 1:59pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

spent many hours in there [claw!] in a couple of the previous locations up-county... The new space still freaks me out. ... the SPACE...
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:00pm V Priceless:

@ Claw! That is very cool! Not easy to be an indie brick + mortar anything nowadays, and since '74, no less!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:00pm Diane Kamikaze:

Your avatar cracks me up, Claw!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:01pm PKNY:

Love this Windhand track, it's a nice respite from the pummeling you get from the rest of "Soma".
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:02pm Claw!:

Hah, yeah, it's huge. Pepto-pink interior. Easy to spend lots of time here!
If any of you guys stop in, be sure to say hi! It'd be cool to meet other local FMU nerds!

Thanks, Diane. :)
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:08pm Cheri Pi:

back from currying. Gawd I stink but it was worth it. Though I question whether it was worth missing Snakefinger for.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:09pm Claw!:

I'm sure you smell delicious, Cheri.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:10pm Fashion Tashjian:

Dammit, I missed Godflesh.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:10pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Collateral damage is to be expected. Fog of war, and all that. Curry must happen. It's in the Geneva Convention somewhere.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:11pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Hidden in the footnotes I think.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:13pm Fashion Tashjian:

Godflesh, CabVo, this is reminding me of being 15.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:13pm YETI BOB:

Diane - it's awesome hearing Cabaret Voltaire and Snakefinger this morning. You're giving me flashbacks.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:16pm Cecile:

wow Crime!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:17pm Cheri Pi:

what a clickfest
  Thu. 1/15/15 2:18pm Dean:

Heard Crime at this show: http://www.synthpunk.org/screamers/7-3-78b.jpg Sublime.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:20pm InBrkly:

Is Diane K channeling SueP
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:24pm sphere:

"suck my heart out with a straw" is now in my list of best titles ever. dman fine tune too.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:30pm Chris from DC:

Aw missed Crime. Definite favorite from last year.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:31pm Chris from DC:

Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:31pm Cecile:

When I was listening to Lil' Steven on Sirius over thanksgiving, I was hearing the Fauntleroys, and they were sounding good.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:33pm Fashion Tashjian:

I'm sorry guys but I can't ever take Inquisition seriously, those vocals, hah!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:33pm Cheri Pi:

You know we're suckers for this DK :) Now someone hurry and throw Pappy his spinach before he drowns in the well.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:35pm Cecile:

Yat-Ka meets Satyricon
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:36pm Cecile:

and we all have both in our record collections, right?
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:38pm Cheri Pi:

dass right!
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:43pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:43pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:49pm Luna:

Holy crap, I knew that Spencer sound immediately.
Avatar Thu. 1/15/15 2:52pm Cecile:

okay, I need everything by these guys
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:52pm SeanG:

like these dudes
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:53pm V Priceless:

thanks for a fun show, Diane!
  Thu. 1/15/15 2:55pm BILL:

Got me with the bonus UNSANE teaser!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:56pm Claw!:


Thanks for a great show, Woman!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 1/15/15 2:57pm chris:

Freaking awesome show, Diane! Thanks once again!
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