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A genre-less playlist of music old and new, plus selections from the WFMU vinyl new bin and the Free Music Archive.

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Options May 29, 2015

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Bryce Dessner & So Percussion  Sections 3 - 9   Options Music for Wood and Strings  Brassland  0:00:00 ()
Courge  Track 5   Options   KaKa Kids  0:30:11 ()
Deadly Orgone Radiation  Nexus of Entitlement   Options Power Trips  Copepod  0:33:44 ()
Thee Oh Sees  Lupine Ossuary   Options Mutilator Defeated At Last  Castle Face  0:39:09 ()
Melt Banana  Creeps In A White Cake   Options Return of 13 Hedgehogs (Mxbx Singles 2000-2009)  A-Zap  0:42:19 ()
Wei Zhongle  Hidden Kingdom   Options Raised High / Brought Low  Edible Onion  0:43:47 ()
Andy Human   Biffed Up   Options Andy Human and the Reptoids  S-s  0:49:42 ()
Tapes  Gold Love Riddim   Options No Broken Hearts On This Factory Floor  Em  0:53:04 ()
Syntoma  Mi Robot +   Options Syntoma  Em  0:55:35 ()
Rimbaud  Potop   Options Rimbaud (Featuring Jacaszek)  Gusstaff  1:00:35 ()
Frank Evans  The Bistro Kid   Options VA: A New Life: Independent and Youth Jazz In Great Britain 1966-1990  Jazzman  1:07:56 ()
Alceu Valença  Papagaio Do Futuro   Options Molhado de Suor  Sol Re Sol  1:15:25 ()
Odessey & Oracle and the Casiotone Orchestra  Track 5   Options   Carton  1:16:55 ()
Ajinai  Bunburei   Options Synthesis  Zkewen  1:20:17 ()
Kamasi Washington  Miss Understanding   Options The Epic [Disc 2: Volume 2 - The Glorious Tale]  Brainfeeder  1:31:44 ()
White Manna  E Shra   Options Pan  Captcha  1:31:53 ()
Steve Reich (with Ensemble Signal)  Music For 18 Musicians: Ensemble Signal   Options Music for 18 Musicians: Ensemble Signal  Harmonia Mundi  1:45:47 ()
Pip Proud  An Old Servant   Options Adrenaline & Richard  Superior Viaduct  2:49:45 ()
Matt Valetine  Now   Options Midden Mound  Child of Microtones  2:58:55 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/29/15 12:06am Claw!:

Good evening, Nick! Good people!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:06am JakeGould:

  Fri. 5/29/15 12:06am Nick Name:

Willkommen one and all….
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:07am Nick Name:

Mornin' Claw! / JakeGould
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:08am cheri:

greetings and goodmorning nick and everybody!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 12:08am fleep:

What a beautiful way to start an evening. Greetings Nick and Nickateers.
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:11am P-90:

Good Morning Nick and Namesters, and congratulations, Sir, on persisting into the new Summer Schedule.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:12am coelacanth:

top o' the mornin' Nick!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 12:12am fleep:

This shimmering 36-minute piece is performed by So Percussion on amplified, dulcimer-like “Chord Sticks”
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:14am P-90:

thanks, fleep, always on the ball...
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:14am cheri:

nick, my congrats on still being on the schedule!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:17am coelacanth:

i need my headphones for this. hold on!
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:18am Nick Name:

hi cheri / fleep / P-90 / coelacanth - thx all!
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:21am Nick Name:

@ coelacanth: ha, i know what you mean, and id been meaning to ask, not that i want to pry, but how do you all listen to FMU at home? via stereo system? computer? 30k rig ?
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:28am Claw!:

  Fri. 5/29/15 12:29am Claw!:

Where have you been all my life???
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:30am P-90:

o.k., I admit I'm a little stumped here, what exactly is a "30k rig?" Like a $30,000 sound system, or something to do with 30k ohms, or......what?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 12:31am fleep:

Nick - laptop plugged into powered speakers/subwoofer. Or Sony cans. And what is a 30k rig?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:31am JakeGould:

I listen to it via a Sony ICF-M1000 desktop mono-radio via 91.1FM. And if it goes out, I just plug my iPhone into the dock—that is hooked up to AUX—and let that do the trick.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:31am coelacanth:

yes,even on my old,13" laptop i could hear the stereo separation on this one! now with headphones it's dazzling!
so,at home i listen usually on 90.1;sometimes via internet but routed through my ancient amp & ancient-er speakers...but i usually hear your show on this laptop because i'm at my sister's house.
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:32am Claw!:

I listen on my mobile or on my computer. Don't get FMU's radio signal in Baltimore, I'm afraid.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:32am JakeGould:

@fleep: If you have to ask about 30k rigs, you can’t afford it. *sips tea*
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:33am coelacanth:

Aloha Bear!! i've missed you!
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:34am cheri:

hey claw!, goodmorning.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 12:35am Ken From Hyde Park:

What is this, C-Section Latenight Edition?
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:35am Claw!:

Hey, Cheri. Mornin'!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:36am coelacanth:

'sup, Cken from Hyde Park!
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:36am rw:

Hello Nick! Kids!

I bought a used iTouch from a kid in my neighborhood for $50. I plug that into a stereo. Also listen on computer speakers while working which is what I'm doing now. Oh, and on my phone in the car. So many ways to FMU.
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:36am Claw!:

Not as much as I've missed *you,* Fish! What's up? How ya been?
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:37am P-90:

I know it's not about a 30,000 watt rms, unless one lives in a sports arena, or the Grand Canyon or something....
so coel: what make/model of headphones? Do you go straight to the computer or through an outboard DA converter?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 12:38am fleep:

[imagines a tavern called The Fish and Bear]
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 12:38am Ken From Hyde Park:

I'm listening via laptop speakers.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:38am coelacanth:

nah ah,i missed you more!
...i've been good- just taking advantage of work opportunities.
...how 'bout you,Darlin'?
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:40am Nick Name:

1k or 1kw = 1000 watts
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:40am JakeGould:

Did you guys hear the one about the fish, Rabbi & Priest that walked into a bear? The bear said, “Don’t blame me for your typo!” and mauled them all to death.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:40am coelacanth:

(Thank you fleep)...so Bear!,when's our tavern due to open?
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:42am cheri:

well I got to check out nick, i'll listen on my radio. bye everybody!
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:42am Nick Name:

thx for ya answers , was just curious
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:43am Nick Name:

have a good weekend cheri
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:44am JakeGould:

@NickName: The Sony ICF-M1000 is odd. It originally sold for like $200 but I got two of them for $40 a pop when Sony realized it was a bad idea. So it’s basically a cheap Sony radio but with a very nice speaker in a very nice case.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:45am coelacanth:

P-90 this is shure srh440.they came with something else i bought on ebay. they're decent,i guess. the ones i have at home are by koss- from around 1978. they still sound beautiful and have better volume,but the air in the ear cushions disappeared a long time ago!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:47am coelacanth:

Jake Ha! good one. (really!)
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:50am Nick Name:

@Jakegould : nice! thats is a bargain
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:50am Claw!:

I've been alright - just now starting to unpack and get settled into the new spot. Been fighting a surprise roach infestation for the past month, but I think we finally got those nasty little fuckers under control...
Gonna be working from home Tues and Thurs starting June 1st, so I'm stoked about that. Things are going ok, I'd say. Feelin pretty alright. :)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:51am coelacanth:

oh,year P-90- i just go from the headphone jack to an aux input.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:51am coelacanth:

("yeah",not "year"!)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:55am Claw!:

Just got back from seeing Death play with Obnox in DC. Been a good night.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:55am coelacanth:

we had lots of roaches in ashville when i lived there. i found that "tylex" stops them in their tracks; while "roach killer" made them laugh at us.
  Fri. 5/29/15 12:57am P-90:

Almost everyone I new in the 70's had Koss headphones, coel. Back then even Sennheisers were a bit exotic. My actual stereo is in storage since the last time I moved, but I find I 'm pretty damned content listening to the FMU stream (and the BBC streams, etc) on a Mac laptop through the fab little Dragonfly AD converter (which I recommend as excellent bang-for-buck) into either the PSB-1 headphones (outrageously good for a few hundred bucks) at home or the venerable, stalwart Sony mdr's when out and about.
And may we ask, Nick, how you listen to the interwebs at home, and elsewhere?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:58am coelacanth:

you're either worn-out or revved-up then!
...i'm ashamed to admit that i didn't get to the ufomammut show after all.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 12:58am Claw!:

We had our landlord hit em with an exterminator twice, and we just put down this high-rated gel last night ourselves. Now we just keep finding dead ones. It's moving along pretty well, I think.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:00am JakeGould:

@P-90: And now in the 2010’s it seems like Panasonic is the cheap headphone of choice for folks who don’t care about Beats by Dre.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 1:00am Ken From Hyde Park:

Listener Chris from DC was going to go to the Death/Obnox show. How was it?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:00am Claw!:

No Ufomammut?? Bummer! I missed em, too, if that's any consolation. Couldn't swing DeathFest tickets to see em. Oh well. Another time.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:02am Claw!:

It was good! Both bands played well. Wished I coulda caught more of Obnox, tho... I got there in time only to catch their last three songs.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 1:03am Tome:

eh up morning all , dig the sounds Nick !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 1:04am Tome:

.. oh bum was on my phone ,, ,, missed 1st hour of hi fi chat
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:05am coelacanth:

i'm glad you're getting the upper hand,Bear!.
yes,the timing of some other work- then family-related bullshit was perfectly bad. i'm sorry you missed them too. it doesn't make me feel better! i wish ONE of us had seen em!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:05am Claw!:

No Kit Kats at Mother's house tonight, but there is some cut up mango in the fridge that I am about to DESTROY. Thanks, Ma!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:07am coelacanth:

mmm. i'm drinking mango vodka in ginger beer right now.
  Fri. 5/29/15 1:07am microstoria:

For tribeca, please?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:08am coelacanth:

Howdy Tome
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:08am Claw!:

Mango's got it goin' awwwwn...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:09am coelacanth:

those yellow,kidney-shaped ones from haiti are the shit!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:10am coelacanth:

Like This!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:11am Claw!:

Does anyone else always get mango threads stuck in their teeth?
  Fri. 5/29/15 1:12am P-90:

Claw: Have you ever tried the boric acid powder for roaches? It's non-toxic to people and pets, and it seems to prevent them from coming back, they seem to know it's there and avoid the area. I grew up in Manhattan, so I'm a lifetime roach-war veteran...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:15am coelacanth:

if you get mango threads stuck in your teeth,it means you have at least 2 teeth that are next to each-other...it's a good sign.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:16am Claw!:

P-90: Yeah, we put down lots of boric acid powder and diatomaceous earth in combination with the fumigating. We also got these discs that release some insect hormone that keeps em from reaching sexual maturity... We're hitting em with anything and everything. We ain't playin'.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:17am Claw!:

I hear that for every mango thread you pull out, two more grow back in its place. Is this a true fact?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:17am coelacanth:

yes i was going to suggest diatomaceous earth, though i've never used it myself for that.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:18am coelacanth:

...that's an old wive's tale; so it's probably true.
  Fri. 5/29/15 1:19am P-90:

Claw, what's the gel called?
And yes, those mango threads are always an issue. Worth it though, IMO.
  Fri. 5/29/15 1:20am cheri:

goodnight tome and claw! see you all soon!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:20am Claw!:

The exterminator said that DE is good for long-term treatment. We have a huge bag of it, so it should last us for a good while.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:22am coelacanth:

please be careful not to breathe it in,Bear!.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:23am coelacanth:

(i'm sure you knew that.)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:24am Claw!:

P-90: It's called Invict Gold Roach Gel. It's supposed to be as good as Advion, although I may stillmget the Advion just to switch up treatments. Don't want em getting used to any one thing, you know? I'm thinking I may just alternate gels every month. This gel is supposed to be THE SHIT, though. All the reviews for it are overwhelmingly positive.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:25am Claw!:

I've been staying up late doing lines of DE. Really gets me wired and it keeps my sinuses free from any infestations.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 1:27am Ken From Hyde Park:

My niece has been making scientific experiments with roaches in college - www.inforum.com...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:28am coelacanth:

hmm,i wonder if that would take care of this yellow-jacket nest up my nose?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:31am Claw!:

Nice, Ken! Good for her. :-) Always good to see a lady get some recognition in a STEM field.

Although after reading that, I'm now afraid of contracting tularemia...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 1:31am fleep:

Have you tried flossing your nose with mango threads?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:32am Claw!:

The dolphin is making sense.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:34am coelacanth:

dolphins DO make sense.
...maybe i'll dip the fresh mango threads in diatomaceous earth and floss with that.
  Fri. 5/29/15 1:34am i k e:

This is great music to struggle futilely to repair a grossly corrupted Windows XP desktop to!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:35am Claw!:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:38am Claw!:

OMG, you guys - Weird Al is in eight days and I AM SO EXCITED.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:39am coelacanth:

i sent birds up to deal with it,but they came out with their tails between their legs.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 1:42am Uncle Michael:

I like White Manna!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:43am Claw!:

  Fri. 5/29/15 1:43am cheri:

claw! I also think that weird al is cool!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 1:44am Brian in UK:

Hey Nick, into the future. I do not listen, just type comments. Off to the stone grinders.
Oh have you seen this?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:45am Claw!:

  Fri. 5/29/15 1:48am cheri:

claw! do you know who discovered weird al?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:49am coelacanth:

Bear!,i'm happy you're happy,though i don't know enough to share your enthusiasm!
...but i wish i had a friend named Al so i could often say "That's weird,Al."
i used to know someone named "Gopi". that was fun. i could find a way to say "I have to,Gopi."in any conversation.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:50am coelacanth:

Dr. Demento helped.
  Fri. 5/29/15 1:51am Nick Name:

Hey Brain…ha! they should crowd-fund the Sinclair C-5!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:52am Claw!:

Yeah, I thought it was Dr. Demento too.
  Fri. 5/29/15 1:54am cheri:

dr. demento also discovered "BARNES & BARNES" "fish heads"
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:55am Claw!:

I need to, Gopi.
Why don't you, Gopi?
We all should, Gopi.

I can see why you'd like that, Fish.
  Fri. 5/29/15 1:55am Nick Name:

Hi Ken from Hyde Park / Tome / ike / Uncle Michael - thx all for checking in
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 1:55am Ken From Hyde Park:

Roly poly fish heads?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:56am Claw!:

I love "Fish Heads!" I have the fish head-shaped record of that.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 1:57am Claw!:

Eat them up - yum!
  Fri. 5/29/15 1:59am B9:

DANGER, Will Robinson!
  Fri. 5/29/15 1:59am cheri:

on that note, I really must head out, so nick , claw! and everybody, night.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:01am JakeGould:

@Ike: You are using Windows XP in 2015?
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:01am rw:

In 1983 or so I was driving across the country with my friend Marcus and a girl from our college who needed a ride to California. She was asleep in the back seat and Marcus and I were listening to Music for 18 Musicians on a cassette. When she woke up she said, "There's something wrong with the car. It's making a funny noise." We said, "No that's the stereo. It's Steve Reich." She said, "No, don't you hear that?" We said, "Yeah, it's Steve Reich on the stereo." The conversation continued on like this for quite a while.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:02am Claw!:

B9 says we are all in danger. Beware.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 2:03am Ken From Hyde Park:

"We have reached the end of this broadcast day. ..."
Thanks, Nick. Night, all.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:03am coelacanth:

'night cheri

Bear!,i was fine not knowing fish head-shaped records existed. now i covet it!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:04am Claw!:

Bye, Ken! Sleep tight!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:06am coelacanth:

gnight Ken

Bear!- no,there's no danger. it's B9!
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:06am Nick Name:

night cheri / Ken from hyde park
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:06am JakeGould:

Remember when TV went off the air? That’s me. Now. Goodnight People!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:08am coelacanth:

i remember when wfmu went off the air at midnight; or 3am.
ciao Jake.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:08am Claw!:

It's this gem right here:
I always debate hanging it up on the wall with some other picture discs, but I just can't bring myself to do it with that one. On the one hand - if you're gonna hang a record, it's gonna be the one shaped like a damn fish head. On the other hand - I don't want to risk it getting ruined. Decisions, decisions...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:09am Claw!:

Nighty-Night, Jake!
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:11am cheri:

claw! hope to see you again.
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:11am Nick Name:

have a good weeekend JakeGould
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:12am Claw!:

G'nite, Cheri.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:13am coelacanth:

it's downright gorgeous!
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:13am rw:

Everybody's leaving. Was my story too long? Good night kids!

Nick, I'm here for the duration.
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:13am Nick Name:

BTW : Child Abuse to be aired on the 19th - recording the session next week
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:15am rw:

Claw! you should hang it on the wall. Maybe you could frame it somehow... I'm sure there's something made specifically for picture-discs.
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:15am Nick Name:

mornin' rw!
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:15am i k e:

This is what I get for dragging my feet on updating for so long. Only this music is keeping me from tearing my ears off my head in frustration and barbecuing them. Thanks Nick!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:16am Claw!:

Yeah, rw, I suppose I could stick it one of those LP frames.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:17am coelacanth:

rw i liked your story!
- it reminds me of when i gave a cd of my own crap to my downstairs neighbor. she was on her way to a first date with someone & i told her it's definitely NOT driving music. she played it anyway,and her date was insisting there was something rolling around in her car trunk!
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:17am rw:

But then you couldn't play it. There's your dilemma...
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:19am rw:

coelacanth, Haha! I guess we probably all have a story like that!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:19am Claw!:

Yeah, that's been a deterrent as well.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:23am Cheer:

This Reich is really great!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:27am coelacanth:

Nick i'm very stoked for that child abuse set! i am also for their cd that i'm pretty sure i won during the marathon. (maybe during your show actually)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:33am Claw!:

I reckon my eyelids are starting to feel mighty heavy right about now...
I'm gonna try to make it til 3:00 tonight, but no promises.
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:34am rw:

coelacanth, I like that your neighbor played your CD in the car on a first date. Seems like a good way to filter out unworthy men.
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:42am rw:

Nick this is a long piece of music. Do you have all your records put away yet?
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:43am Nick Name:

rw: I'm already home in bed , listening to myself djing
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:43am rw:

Nice. You're a genius!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:44am Claw!:

I need my swag soon, damn it. I've had this mental boner for the two DJ premiums I ordered, and I NEED that sweet release of finally being able to listen to them.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:47am Claw!:

Hahaha Nick. Love it!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:47am coelacanth:

rw ha! i like your theory,and i'll give her that credit;but the case is that she was hearing it for the first time too; and i wouldn't be too surprised if she never did listen to the whole cd (after 2 years)...which is fine. she "likes happy music". i told her it got a bit dark,even when it got more "musical",but she wanted it anyway- i doubt she'd like any of it.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:50am coelacanth:

the marathon is a blur now, but i know something good is on it's way. eventually!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/29/15 2:58am Ike:

HA! XP (more or less) repaired! Thanks Nick! You probably didn't know you were helping me, but you were. The music was key.
  Fri. 5/29/15 2:58am rw:

Good night and thank you Mr. Name! Have a good one!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 2:59am Claw!:

Nick, as always - thanks for the tunes! Have a great weekend!
Good night, Dearest Fish! Good to catch ya on the board today. Go in peace.
Til next time, Everyone! It's been real. G'nite!
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:00am rw:

Congratulations Ike! I knew you could do it.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:00am coelacanth:

Brilliant as always! Thanks Nick
Ciao good people,and others!
Bear! Glad to see you!
Peace go with you
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:01am rw:

Later Claw!, coelacanth.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:02am coelacanth:

...ha! that's funny,Bear! synchronicity.
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:03am Nick Name:

thx all - have a good weekend
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