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A showcase for the widest-possible definition of pop music, plus interviews with the world's finest music makers. (Visit homepage.)

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Artist Track
Mack Rice  Respect Yourself (demo)   Options
Los Gatitos  I Can See Clearly Now (from: Super Hits Of The 70s: HIt EXPLOSION!)   Options
Tom Petty  I Need To Know   Options
Pandoras, The  harder All The Time   Options
Dahlmanns, The  Tear Me Apart (from: Super Hits Of The 70s: HIt EXPLOSION!)   Options
Del Ashley  Little Miss Stuck Up   Options
Little Willie John  Mister Glenn   Options
Jay Gonzalez  Knowing Me, Knowing You (from: Super Hits Of The 70s: HIt EXPLOSION!)   Options
Anand Prayag & Chorus  Pretty Pretty Priya   Options
Yolks, The   
Staples Singers  For What It's Worth   Options
Cactus Blossoms, The   
Crystal Robots  Why Do I hate Most Of It   Options
Key Wilde and Mr Clarke  Seasons In The Sun   Options
James Hunter Six  (Baby) Hold On   Options
Tripwires, The  Games People Play (From Super Hits of the 70s: Hit Explosion!)   Options

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Apparently Bowie offered "Golden Years" to Elvis Presley - but The King declined. CLICK HERE former guest Stevie Riks nails the Elvis/Bowie duet version.

Listener comments!

  Sat. 3/19/16 11:02am Frank Above:

Get pledging people!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 3/19/16 11:03am Listener Baby:

BABY!! Channel Dr. Gene Scott today. Spit some truth to these folks.We need WFMU, more than you need us. And, thanks !!
Avatar Sat. 3/19/16 11:04am Sonny Rickles:

Never would have heard this song if it wasn't for you Mike!
  Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 3/19/16 11:07am Gaylord Fields:

Please take this final opportunity to pledge to Michael Shelley's show and WFMU! Click the banner to pledge, or call 800-989-9368.
  Sat. 3/19/16 11:13am PR:

I'm Tom Petty.
Avatar Sat. 3/19/16 11:13am marc15:

I pledged to Hearty White's "Miracle Nutrition" Show Thursday Evening
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 3/19/16 11:21am purpleknif:

I love WFMU and am proud to get a chance to prove it.
Avatar Sat. 3/19/16 11:28am marc15:

I suffer with Clinical Depression and WFMU has helped me get through some of my toughest times. Thank you, WFMU.
  Sat. 3/19/16 11:32am Schads:

The Dahlmans ROCK!
  Sat. 3/19/16 11:36am Miss Georgia Peach:

Hello Dynamic Duo - Nice to hear your voice , Gaylord!
  Sat. 3/19/16 11:40am Philip:

Yes, that was my email. Accidentally sent via my "for ordering stuff online only" email address. Someone posted pictures of that place and it looked good. Any idea? (But not blues jam night)

You guys are rockin. Really enjoying the show.
Avatar Sat. 3/19/16 11:44am drr:

Texas chiming in...
  Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 3/19/16 11:50am Gaylord Fields:

@Miss Georgia Peach: As always, you deliver!
  Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 3/19/16 11:51am Gaylord Fields:

@marc15: It is our pleasure!
Avatar Sat. 3/19/16 11:51am drr:

What's the minimum to get the premium?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 3/19/16 11:52am Ken From Hyde Park:

Good morning, Gentlemen DJs. Capital programming today. Gaylord, it appears you're logged in with Tamar's profile. Keep collecting those pledges!
  Sat. 3/19/16 11:55am Gaylord Fields:

@Ken From Hyde Park: I hope to be Tamar when I grow up!
Avatar Sat. 3/19/16 11:59am marc15:

Thank you, Gaylord
  Sat. 3/19/16 12:01pm Scott & Rebecca:

Hello to all, sounds great!!! The combo of Michael and Gaylord is what I first heard when I tuned into WFMU for the first time in the 90s...and I was immediately sold on the whole shebang.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/19/16 12:02pm Melissa Jean:

hay good mornin Michael & Gaylord!
Avatar Sat. 3/19/16 12:07pm Michael Shelley:

Avatar Sat. 3/19/16 12:09pm cosmic matrix:

great show! thanks for cheering up my morning!
  Sat. 3/19/16 12:10pm anndal:

pretty priya is amazing. i actually have a cousin by that name.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 3/19/16 12:11pm Listener Baby:

Hey all you folks listening on the web, from far a field. Throw WFMU a bone. You almost certainly have not discovered ALL that WFMU has to offer. Michael Shelley is the best there is, but there are many many fantastic shows to discover. If you listen, please help. Now.
Avatar Sat. 3/19/16 12:12pm Juke Joint Jonny:

Just watched the youtube. As great as the Pretty Priya tune is, those dudes' guitars! Forget about it! Amazing!
Avatar 🎃 Sat. 3/19/16 12:14pm Marc Francis:

Howday Melissa Jean!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 3/19/16 12:17pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Drat! RIP Joe Santos, aka police Sgt. Dennis Becker on The Rockford Files. He was 84.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 3/19/16 12:31pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Up until a couple of years ago, the station had income by renting out the first floor to various businesses. Now that Monty Hall occupies the space, that is some lost income that needs to be made up from marathon donations.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/19/16 12:40pm Caryn:

We do actually have delicious chocolate.
  Sat. 3/19/16 12:40pm tomasz.:

*Italian chef finger-kiss* gabagool
  Sat. 3/19/16 12:40pm P-90:

Gaylord's Guido-style gets gold star!
  Sat. 3/19/16 12:44pm anndal:

nice cover of seasons in the sun, but kind of glad it doesn't make me cry like the original.
  Sat. 3/19/16 12:51pm Finer Whiner:

I'd like to point out that the prevoius James Hunter LP is every bit as good! Everyone should find a copy.
  Sat. 3/19/16 12:57pm Joe R.:

Maybe it's just me but I'd swear that intro to "Games People Play" sounds likes "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" - can't wait for my copy just the same!
  Sat. 3/19/16 1:10pm tomasz.:

i feel like i've heard a lot about the bird, and yet i sill don't *know* much about it, except that the bird is widely known, it is "the word", and it enjoys surfin', which, to be fair, is quite an unusual hobby for a bird
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