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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 16, 2017: Pitch Us Your Movie Ideas

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:04pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:04pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:05pm Frangry:

  Fri. 6/16/17 6:05pm BennettCap:

Blast off!!!! (already)
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:05pm TehBadDr:

Wow, the girls must be really pre-gaming!
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:05pm Just Ted:

Must be hard carrying Frangry into the studio. Lift with your legs Michele.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:05pm Snortley:

This was on Sheila B.'s playlist page; looks familiar:

Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:06pm mocherz:

hey weirdos!
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:07pm Carmichael:

How many beers in?
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:07pm Just Ted:

But isn't better hanging out with me when your not sober?
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:08pm Just Ted:

Venmo? WTF
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:09pm Jordan:

Why beer and not VODKA ladies????????
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:10pm groucho:

I have a detective movie idea. You know how every detective has a 'thing'? like, Ironside has a wheelchair and columbo has a glass eye?

Well this detective's 'thing' is that he always has diarrhoea and has to run off-screen just before revealing the suspect or a clue or whatever.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:10pm Jeeeezuus:

Weekend at Franny's
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:10pm Slick Goldtooth:

So I failed the second round of interviewing/orientation for a dog walking app, pretty sure it's a lot easier and less rigorous to teach grade school kids
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:10pm Just Ted:

Whats Michele's pitch? we're dying to know.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:11pm Jim Stark:

Aren't you two MILLENIALS??????
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:11pm mocherz:

movie pitch: Married With Children spinoff: "Psycho Dad"
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:11pm Jeeeezuus:

What's on the Michele's post-it note???
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:11pm Just Ted:

Who's the exec, Bill Cosby?
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:12pm howard in nyc:

Character Tim Robbins played in The Player
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:12pm TehBadDr:

The girls might not be Millennials, but they're definitely not Gen X. Here you have it folks, the lost Gen Y!
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:12pm Linda:

These ladies always kill.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:13pm Just Ted:

Meaning she's Frangry?
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:13pm barf:

goddam sandler
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:15pm mocherz:

whoopi goldberg!
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:16pm Just Ted:

Megan Fox for Michele's movie.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:16pm Frangry:

Ew, Ted. She's tacky
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:17pm Just Ted:

@Frangry Yes, but thats why she's good for someone snotty!
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:17pm Slick Goldtooth:

I don't think an owl needs anyone to tell them who they are.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:18pm ab:

"Pre$ident Trump" starring Rodney Dangerfield (if he were alive) it would be like that one where he went to college
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:18pm Francine:

Don't steal my name GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:19pm Mark M.:

My movie idea is an adaptation of my comic book story Riot Act. The story is about a group of kids and teens with super abilities that are a team, that work and live in Crown City.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:20pm TehBadDr:

The new gentler more sensitive Frangles.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:21pm Slick Goldtooth:

Sounds like a quality smutty Hammer flick like Vampire Lovers
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:21pm Chingo:

Rebranding idea: Frangrilla, the ape woman
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:21pm Just Ted:

Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:21pm ga01:

"The Island of Dr. Trump"
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:22pm wizard frog:

movie pitch: Adam Sandler plays a janitor at a radio station when one evening, after cleaning up from a Friday night call-in show, he accidentally presses a button and has a body swap with BOTH of the radio hosts... the title: I'm... having a good ONE?!
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:22pm JimmyfromKearny:

"Thus Spake Chuck E. Cheese"
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:22pm Just Ted:

Plan Frangry from Outer Space.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:22pm ?:

Celery Stalks at Midnight is one of the Bunnicula sequels
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:23pm Just Ted:

Weirdo Science
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:23pm TehBadDr:

Fangry and Michele's Most Bogus Adventure?
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:23pm Chingo:

I've coughed up better movie ideas than these.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:24pm LarryAnne:

I wanna make a movie called "Spike's dungeon"
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:24pm wizard frog:

Spike's Gym: Who's the Boss of THIS gym?
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:24pm Slick Goldtooth:

These people sound like the old timers who constant refer to weed as reefer and love Ham's beer
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:25pm LarryAnne:

My other movie idea would be for Frangry and Michelle to switch bodies
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:25pm TehBadDr:

Chingo has all the best movie ideas! Just ask him! People are talking about it!
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:25pm Kristin:

Off Her Rocker!
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:26pm Brando:

Title but no pitch - "FRANGRY'S CHOICE"
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:26pm Slick Goldtooth:

Anyone else here that shit how they're trying to remake Scarface?

I mean yeah the 80s movie was a remake of the 30s one but still
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:27pm birth refusal:

My movie would be about a human forest fire
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:27pm Just Ted:

Wealthy New York City playgirl Francine Dreyfus is perpetually drunk and completely rudderless. Dutifully supported by her sharp-tongued and quick-witted friend, Foodbed, Frangry reluctantly prepares to enter into an arranged marriage with radio barron Ken Freedman. When she meets her former boyfriend, a Jerkoff from Queens, she falls head over heels in love all over again, but if she backs out of his engagement with Ken, she may lose her buzz.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:28pm birth refusal:

Michelle sounds like the count from Sesame Street when she laughs
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:28pm TehBadDr:

@Kristen Great. Frangles and Michele as old broads recounting their memories, in the end one finally falls of her rocker, seems to be dead. Freaks the other out so bad that the other has a heart attack!
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:28pm Slick Goldtooth:

Oh shit is this emotional decompression lunch guy?
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:29pm Just Ted:

Emotional processing, emotional decompression sounds like masturbation.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:30pm Sam:

Here's what I've learned here - your idea can be shit, but the girls will love it as long as you have a snappy title at the end. Or you can have a great idea but they won't care if you haven't come up with a hilarious title. Just come up with a bad idea and load it up with puns, you'll be golden.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:31pm wizard frog:

'Bladder-Me Not' - An NYC Socialite tries to find the man of her dreams but awakens after every encounter with a puddle of pee in her bed. Then one day, she meets a guy who has no bladder but a colostomy bag. Could this unlikely couple ever find true romance?
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:31pm Robyn:

Where's the other Robyn? (the funny one)
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:31pm Just Ted:

Three "free ones" or three free ones?
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:32pm Just Ted:

^I recently watched Unforgiven.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:32pm KidProJoe:

I am at my job designing tshirts right now. I will send some submissions.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:33pm Sam:

Jack Black could be a black blackjack dealer
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:34pm Just Ted:

Whats that movie he's in with the big monkey?
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:34pm ben:

Rachel Leigh cook
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/16/17 6:34pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Pals Frangry and Michele, after a weekend bender, find themselves living in a convent. The search for the mysterious Incubus and teach the other nuns an array of drinking games.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:36pm Massive saucewad:

Be kind rewind
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:36pm Slick Goldtooth:

I feel like "you're tacky and I hate you" is a commonly said Frangry phrase
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:36pm lala:

jennifer jason lee
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:36pm Scuzzball:

John Ham
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:37pm robyn:

it's a 3 hr documentary of a day in the life of a wall set to Bryce's show
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:38pm Just Ted:

  Fri. 6/16/17 6:38pm Robyn:

Robyn's here - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:38pm lala:

because no one else wants a case of coors lights delivered by pigeons
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:38pm grubbus:

SWF...single white female
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:39pm robyn:

Rick Steves, the movie, featuring the guy who calls in here, Mr. Know-It-All
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:40pm robyn:

Super 8 biyattttch
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:41pm Slick Goldtooth:

@robyn At the MALBA in Buenos Aires there's an installation where it's literally a ceiling fan that is just an inch to close to the corner of a room and it hits the corners . it's awesome because it sticks out and then you see the title card
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:42pm robyn:

omg Minnie Driver would be a GREAT principal
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:42pm Slick Goldtooth:

I hope it's Jon Hamm , Don and Betty 4ever and ever
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:43pm Sam:

How about Minnie Driver as a midget NASCAR champion
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:44pm robyn:

@Slick Goldtooth sounds like a recipe for ASMR. i don't really mind that stuff, actually (hence, wfmu listener)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/16/17 6:44pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This guy is just making it up as he goes along.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:44pm Sparky:

Great idea for a movie starring Jack White. He wakes up one morning upset that he's still white because he watched Black Jack. He becomes enraged in a jealous fit and stalks real Jack Black. He finally gets to him after a series of close calls... and when he finally has him pinned, he sees that Jack Black is a really great guy and finally sees the beauty within himself. Then, he turns black.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:45pm Sparky:

PS... it's called Black Jack 2
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:45pm robyn:

@Sam would watch
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:45pm Gradio:

Jack Black and Jacqueline White have a child and it becomes Dorian Gray.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:47pm Slick Goldtooth:

Is this guy an engineer or in software? This sounds like some hokey ass chain email story they send monthly
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:48pm BennettCap:

My movie is a noir piece about the mysterious conception of Frangry's child called, "Her Secret Baby-Daddy".
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:48pm robyn:

I think the movie I want to see is Frangry as a high-powered Hollywood executive who says no to men (Entou-rage; Entourvag?)
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:49pm Slick Goldtooth:

It's dark and grey and everyone is feeling their first hit of acid
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:49pm Tommy in Neversink:

Great topic, love hearing all the move ideas
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:49pm Slick Goldtooth:

Putin's America baby, nobody reads anymore
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:50pm Tommy in Neversink:

Sparky..that made me laugh ..a lot
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:50pm BennettCap:

"Even Zach Galifinakis has plants in his things."
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:51pm Noelle:

@FRANGRY - Are you back in your apartment yet?????
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:51pm Gradio:

That's probably why I'm considered alien
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:51pm Sam:

A good movie would be Frangry as a stressed out movie executive whose marriage is failing and she goes through a midlife crisis and gets major road rage and shoots at people on the freeway and then drives off a cliff with her best friend Michele holding hands, but it's all just a bad dream and she learns to be a better person because of it, kind of like an homage to A Christmas Carol.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:51pm robyn:

or maybe Frangry leads a Creative Writing course, and builds friendships with all of her circle, each learning so much about the other... while she tries to reunite with Pancake and Mike McKenzie, who we only ever hear on the phone
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:52pm lala:

pauly shore meets a dragon in jersey city and they get drunk at Lucky 7s and the dragon gets knocked up and the title is
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/16/17 6:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

A humble grocery store employee finds a sentient cabbage head in the veggie department. They go on various road trips and solve mysteries on the way. When their car breaks down in the desert, the guy is forced to make cole slaw of his companion.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:53pm Just Ted:

Know it all blind vegan
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:54pm BennettCap:

"José Queervo" for the win. King Dean smiling wide.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:55pm lala:

no one likes my pauly shore title?
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:57pm Just Ted:

Switched with Rush Limbaugh, not sure if worse or not.
Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:58pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 6/16/17 6:58pm Just Ted:

By Frangry you know I'm just trolling. Luv Ya.
  Fri. 6/16/17 6:58pm Jordan:

BYE LADIES!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/16/17 6:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I hope these movies make it! Have a good one!
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