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For more than 25 years, Bob Irwin, the Dean of Sundazed Music, has befuddled, disoriented, and otherwise thrilled collectors and consumers alike by refusing to drive between the lines. Swerving wildly from garage to psych, from surf to soul, from biker to bossa, Bob’s steering with his elbows and hollerin’ like a banshee as he careens all over Route ‘60s, knocking over traffic cones.

The show is called Big Planet Noise! – and it’s hosted by Bob and Gina Frary Bacon, the gal with the great voice. It’s almost always all-vinyl, from Bob’s insane collection. The show became a must-listen in Nashville, a town unaccustomed to such carryings-on, and it’s now primed to become a part of your not-too-proud-to-be-surprised lives. Strap in and head to WFMU.org’s Rock ’n’ Soul Ichiban stream, every Monday from 8-10 pm EST!

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Options January 14, 2019: Big Planet Noise! Show #131

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Artist Track Album Label Format Approx. start time
Nick Ingman  Trip Wire   Options Big Beat  Music DeWolfe  LP  0:00:00 ()
Blood, Sweat & Tears   I Can’t Quit Her   Options Child is Father To The Man  Columbia  LP  0:03:09 ()
The Chocolate Watchband  In The Past   Options The Inner Mystique  Tower  LP  0:06:39 ()
The Sonics  Bama Lama Bama Loo   Options   Burdette  45  0:09:44 ()
Eric Burdon & the Animals  In The Night   Options Eric is Here  MGM  LP  0:12:18 ()
The Yardbirds  No Excess Baggage   Options Little Games  Epic  LP  0:14:49 ()
Sandy Nelson  Pandora’s Golden Heebie Jeebies   Options Cheetah Beat  Imperial  LP  0:17:18 ()
  Big Planet Chat!         0:20:40 ()
13th Floor Elevators  Tried To Hide   Options Psychedelic Sounds  International Artists  LP  0:24:16 ()
The Fantastic Zoo  Light Show   Options   Double Shot   45  0:27:13 ()
John Cale  Gideon’s Bible   Options Vintage Violence  Columbia  LP  0:29:30 ()
Sopwith Camel  Frantic Desolation   Options Sopwith Camel  Kama Sutra  LP  0:32:50 ()
The Bad Roads  Too Bad   Options   Jin  45  0:35:04 ()
The New Colony Six  The Time of the Year is Sunset   Options Breakthrough  Sentar  LP  0:37:14 ()
The Deep  Color Dreams   Options Psychedelic Moods  Cameo Parkway  LP  0:39:51 ()
Blue Cheer  Come and Get It   Options Outsideinside  Philips   LP  0:42:43 ()
  Big Planet Chat!         0:45:51 ()
The Mothers of Invention  I’m Not Satisfied   Options Freak Out!   Verve  LP  0:49:36 ()
Johnny Winter  Parchman Farm   Options First Winter  Buddah   LP  0:52:08 ()
The Moving Sidewalks  Need Me   Options   Wand  45  0:54:51 ()
The Strawberry Alarm Clock  Birds In My Tree   Options   UNI  45  0:56:59 ()
Fever Tree  I Can Beat Your Drum   Options   Mainstream  45  0:58:56 ()
The Young Rascals  Of Course   Options   Atlantic  45  1:00:53 ()
Park Avenue Playground  The Trip   Options   USA  45  1:03:31 ()
Howard Roberts   Howard T. Ostley The County Tax Assessor   Options Equinox Express Elevator  Capitol  LP  1:05:56 ()
  Big Planet Chat!         1:10:12 ()
Donovan  The Fat Angel   Options Sunshine Superman  Epic  LP  1:13:39 ()
The Searchers  If I Could Find Someone   Options Sounds Like Searchers  Pye UK  LP  1:18:02 ()
The Chapters  Can’t Stop Thinking About Her   Options   Pye UK  45  1:20:09 ()
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich  Hideaway   Options   Fontana  45  1:21:54 ()
Manfred Mann  Up The Junction   Options   Fontana UK  45  1:24:12 ()
The Kinks  Mr. Pleasant   Options   Reprise  45  1:27:49 ()
Wayne Fontana  Pamela, Pamela   Options   MGM  45  1:30:46 ()
Scott Walker  The Girls and the Dogs   Options Scott 2  Philips UK  LP  1:32:46 ()
  Big Planet Chat!         1:35:48 ()
Country Joe & the Fish  Flying High   Options Electric Music for the Mind & Body  Vanguard  LP  1:39:11 ()
Love   Nothing   Options Four Sail   Elektra  LP  1:42:01 ()
The Fourth Way  The Far Side of Your Moon   Options   Soul City  45  1:46:44 ()
The Myddle Class  Don’t Let Me Sleep Too Long   Options   Tomorrow  45  1:49:32 ()
The Blues Project   Flute Thing   Options Projections  Verve Forecast  LP  1:52:46 ()
Bob Summers & Mike Curb  Geisha Girl   Options Teenage Rebellion STK  Sidewalk  LP  1:58:45 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 7:59pm Gina Bacon:

Happy Monday, everybody!!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 7:59pm bigplanetnoise:

Hi and howdy, Planeteers!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:00pm Andy R:

Hey hey!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:01pm bigplanetnoise:

Andy Andy! Hey!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:01pm Jay S.:

Good evening!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:02pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Jay!!! Welcome!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:03pm bigplanetnoise:

How is everyone tonight???
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:03pm Andy R:

Doing pretty good!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:04pm Jay S.:

Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:04pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Jay S!!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:04pm Smoketown Joe:

Al Kooper! Yet another reason I'm hooked on this show
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:04pm Gina Bacon:

Hey hey Andy!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:04pm bigplanetnoise:

Andy - your column in the Loafer made me want to fight people....
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:04pm Jay S.:

Hi Gina!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:04pm Snayle:

Well, the 7:59 blast off took Mac by surprise... ! The audio on but comments page got hung up in unresponsive script-ness. But we made it ! GOOD EVENING BOB & GINA & PLANETEERS!!! Kooper kills my heart with this one... <3
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:04pm Gina Bacon:

Smoketown Joe!!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:05pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Snayle!!! (:
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:05pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Smoketown Joe! So glad you're a Kooper fan - I sure am!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:05pm bigplanetnoise:

Hi Snayle!!!! Thank you for fighting the Mac demons and making it here! ❤️
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:05pm Snayle:

Hi Gina !!! YAY ! :D
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:06pm Mary:

Hi Everyone!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:06pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Mary Mary Mary!!! ❤️
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:07pm Andy R:

Which one, last week's?
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:07pm bigplanetnoise:

The blind date one....
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:07pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Mary!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:07pm Smoketown Joe:

Serious question; With the wonders of the internet and WFMU's archives I can listen to Big Planet Noise anytime I want (not just Monday nights). Where are shows #1-#80???
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:09pm bigplanetnoise:

Smoketown, 1-80 were done for a local station here in Nashville, where... two things... we trying to find ourselves and - simultaneously - not really being allowed to BE ourselves. But - it was a good launchpad!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:10pm Eargasm!:

Que pasa Bob and Gina!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:10pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Eargasm! Welcome!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:10pm Gina Bacon:

Howdy, Eargasm!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:11pm Smoketown Joe:

The background noise you hear is the sound of my tears falling on my keyboard. At least I have #81 - tonight.
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:11pm Eargasm!:

Sounding Great as usual!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:12pm bigplanetnoise:

Hahahahaha!!! I'll take that compliment, Smoketown! We have LOTS more shows to do, so there's that!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:12pm Gina Bacon:

Aw...you're breaking my heart, Smoketown Joe!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:12pm bigplanetnoise:

Thank you, Eargasm!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:12pm Andy R:

Ahh, yeah. That damn date was the damndest night.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:13pm bigplanetnoise:

Andy - it sure sounded it... I need the backstory sometime!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:13pm Andy R:

I'll promise to fill you in one day!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:13pm Mailman Tom:

Hey Bob and Gina! Love hearing the Sonics play one of my favorite Little Richard songs. Thanks!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:13pm bigplanetnoise:

Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:14pm bigplanetnoise:

This is the most underrated Animals albums... you can still find it for 5 bucks!!! WHY?!?!?!?!?
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:14pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Mailman Tom!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:14pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Mailman!!!! Welcome! Happy to oblige anything you want to hear, always! That goes for everyone!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:15pm Tim from LH:

Eric is Here! And so am I . Happy Monday night everyone!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:16pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Tim - glad you're here!!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:16pm Gina Bacon:

Hey, Tim from LH!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:18pm bigplanetnoise:

I have been on SUCH a Sandy Nelson tear lately....
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:20pm bigplanetnoise:

You guys all know you can make requests for future shows, right? It may take me a bit to get 'em on, but I'll do it, I swear!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:21pm Eargasm!:

You are always on a Sandy Nelson tear!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:21pm Andy R:

I was just re-organizing my Sandy Nelson LPs last week!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:22pm Snayle:

Gotcha... but since u play so many amazing tunes, it's fun to kick back, and listen to your choices ! :D
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:25pm bigplanetnoise:

Eargasm - I AM indeed always on a Sandy Nelson tear!!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:26pm bigplanetnoise:

Andy - how many?!? How long could that take?!? Hahahaha!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:26pm Jay S.:

Exactly Snayle
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:26pm Smoketown Joe:

I'm with Snayle, I enjoyed being educated with music I don't know or surprised with tunes I almost forgot about.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 8:26pm Matt Clarke:

Good evening everyone
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:27pm bigplanetnoise:

Awww - thanks, Snayle and Jay! I appreciate that! I do kind of like being all over the place with this show and just heading where and when the mood strikes...
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:27pm bigplanetnoise:

Matt!!! Hey and hey!!!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:27pm Andy R:

Not as many as you, I just have about eight LPs, but they were scattered all over my records instead of in one location.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 8:28pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

I was just playing thi sone the other day!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:28pm bigplanetnoise:

Ahhh - yeah - ya gotta pull 'em all together!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:28pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Glynis!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:29pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey GGGG!! Why did their other 45s fall down - compared to this?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 8:29pm Matt Clarke:

My favorite Cale LP
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:30pm Snayle:

Bob, that's why BPN is so awesome ! You know how to rock the roll, splatter the platters, cuz u r the Vycount of Vinyl ! :D
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:30pm bigplanetnoise:

Mine too, Matt! Glad you like it!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:31pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Matt!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:31pm bigplanetnoise:

Hahahahaha! High praise! Thanks, Snayle! It's my favorite high in the world, snagging records to play as quickly I think of 'em!!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:34pm bigplanetnoise:

Another underrated album in my book...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 8:36pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

This one is a big fave...
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:36pm bigplanetnoise:

Double sider - so good!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:36pm Mailman Tom:

I'd like to request one of my favorite Seeds songs, "The Other Place". It features a short, but terrific, saxophone solo!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:37pm bigplanetnoise:

You GOT it, Mailman. A fave of mine, too. And - non-LP to boot!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 8:39pm Dominick:

Hi, hi, hi
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:39pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Dominick!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:39pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Hey Dom!!! Thanks for being here!!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:41pm Senor Headache:

Thanks for the hit of Sopwith Camel, BPN.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:42pm bigplanetnoise:

Eargasm - I still need you to send me your copy of this LP please.
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:42pm Eargasm!:

It hasn't arrived yet?
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:43pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Senor Headache - thanks for sneaking in here! Really glad you like the Camel!!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:43pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Senor Headache!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:43pm Mailman Tom:

A most amazing Blue Cheer song!
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:44pm Jay S.:

I love Blue Cheer
  Mon. 1/14/19 8:44pm Andy R:

I really need to check out more Blue Cheer Lps.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:44pm Senor Headache:

Holy crap. Thanks for the hit of Blue Cheer, BPN, as always.

Those Camel guys are lovely gents and they'll be thrilled to know you're playing their jams.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:44pm bigplanetnoise:

I was hoping you'd dig it, Mailman!!! Yes - wake the kids!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:45pm Gina Bacon:

Blue Cheer every week!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:45pm bigplanetnoise:

I agree!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 8:46pm Dominick:

That sure kicked ass
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:50pm bigplanetnoise:

Thanks, Dom! Ass-kickin's our game!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:54pm bigplanetnoise:

Senor - you have a handle on the Camel guys?
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:56pm Snayle:

Can't you just shout out "Hello, Hello" ? :p
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 8:57pm Uncle Michael:

More Billy G. Please.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:57pm bigplanetnoise:

Oy. Snayle. Oy.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:57pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Uncle Mike!!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:58pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Uncle Michael!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:58pm bigplanetnoise:

Those shrimp & grits has me hankering.....
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:59pm Senor Headache:

Love that connection between Johnny Winter and the afore mentioned Blue Cheer as both covered Mose Allison's "Parchman Farm".
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 8:59pm Uncle Michael:

We had the leftovers tonight. I posted my recipe with that photo.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:59pm bigplanetnoise:

Exactly what made me think to play it, Senor!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 8:59pm Gina Bacon:

Oh, man...that sure did look good.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:00pm bigplanetnoise:

I'd rather have you just make it for us some night, Uncle Mike. I'll make the margaritas and sides......
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:00pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks, Gina. I'm pretty handy in the kitchen.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:00pm Gina Bacon:

I saved that recipe, Uncle Michael!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:01pm Matt Clarke:

Great Rascals tune
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:01pm Uncle Michael:

Let me know when you're passing through my neck of t e woods
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:01pm Senor Headache:

Yeah, I've interviewed Peter Kraemer a few times for an article and then talked to all of the surviving members a few years ago while working on the liner notes for the proposed re-issue of their two LPs, but that project was scrapped, unfortunately.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:02pm bigplanetnoise:

One of our faves, Matt! But - why the sheep???
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:02pm Gina Bacon:

So I see! I wouldn't mind a taste test!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:02pm bigplanetnoise:

Well, we need to find out what reels might be hiding in their closets, Senor... You know there's something.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:03pm Matt Clarke:

B-side of It's Wonderful wasn't it? They were in SFX mode
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:03pm Tim from LH:

Yea, cool Rascals tune!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:04pm bigplanetnoise:

You mean like the entire last minute-plus of "It's Wonderful," Matt?!?!?!?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:04pm Matt Clarke:

; )
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:05pm Uncle Michael:

Nice mix on the playlist of what I think of as AM psyche and FM psyche.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:05pm Senor Headache:

The re-issue of their debut LP was going to have an extra CD of demos and live tracks. There was a particular hot version of them covering "Straight Shooter" from a late '66 show at the Matrix.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:05pm bigplanetnoise:

Tim - Rascals were another band where I loved most b-sides as much as the A-side...
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:06pm bigplanetnoise:

Thank you, Uncle Mike! Love to hear that!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:06pm bigplanetnoise:

Well, Senor - we've got to get on that disc. Does the band have the material? Let's do it!
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:08pm Andy R:

Is this the same Howard Roberts of the album 'HR is a dirty guitar player?"
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:08pm bigplanetnoise:

It sure is, Andy. He swung into this wacky psych-jazz world on two of his later Capitol LPs.
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:09pm Andy R:

Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:09pm Gina Bacon:

That's a nice way to describe it, Uncle Michael!
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:09pm Andy R:

This almost sounds like Zappa stuff.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:09pm bigplanetnoise:

It sounds JUST like Zappa. Good job nailing it, Andy.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:09pm Gina Bacon:

He must have been listening, Andy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:10pm Uncle Michael:

If only all Frank's music had been instrumentals.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:11pm Gina Bacon:

I kind of like it when he sings.
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:11pm Andy R:

Growing up with the only the CDs of Zappa, it was REALLY surprising to go back and get the LPs and hear the whole things in totally new to me mixes.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:14pm Mailman Tom:

Uncle Michael- A have a 3 disc Zappa collection called Shut Up and Play Your Guitar. No vocals, all instrumentals!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:14pm Matt Clarke:

Oh yes. Will we be getting Donovan every week?
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:15pm Gina Bacon:

I'm all for it, Matt!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:15pm bigplanetnoise:

I'm all for Donovan every week!!!!
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:15pm Tim from LH:

There’s our sitar fix of the week!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:16pm Gina Bacon:

Ours too, Tim!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:16pm bigplanetnoise:

I'm so glad you enjoy that as much as I do, Tim!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:17pm Senor Headache:

As far as I know, the only thing left to finish for the Sopwith Camel re-issue before the plug was pulled was final artwork and mastering. I can make some inquiries as to what they intend to do with all of that now, if anything.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:18pm bigplanetnoise:

For sure, Senor - we'll get emails going after the show. Perfect.
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:18pm Tim from LH:

Bob, I’m sitting cross legged on the floor just for this song.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:19pm Gina Bacon:

Hahaha Tim! Perfect.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:19pm bigplanetnoise:

Tim - the Searchers? Cool!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:20pm bigplanetnoise:

Oh - you meant Donovan, right?!? yes!
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:21pm Tim from LH:

I meant for Donovan, but Searchers always cool!
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:21pm Eargasm!:

I Love The Searchers!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:22pm Matt Clarke:

I go to the "I'm not worthy" worship for The Searchers
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:22pm bigplanetnoise:

Me tooooo.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:24pm bigplanetnoise:

Dave Dee and Co. were SUCH a strange band....
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:25pm Tim from LH:

I love the drum sound on their records.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:25pm Matt Clarke:

Brilliant number from the Manfreds. This era had so many great pop tunes
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:26pm Jay S.:

Still active with Tich II, Dozy II Beaky I and Mick III
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:26pm bigplanetnoise:

I was saying the same thing to Gina, Matt. Chills from all of it. Even the poppy stuff.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:26pm bigplanetnoise:

Really, Jay? I did see something recently about a gig they were playing....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:27pm Matt Clarke:

The Mighty Garvey! is essential overtly-British pop
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:27pm bigplanetnoise:

Too Many People is a fave.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:29pm Matt Clarke:

Speaking of overtly British pop ;)
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:29pm bigplanetnoise:

Yeah - I'll say!
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:30pm Jay S.:

The music hall influence was strong
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:30pm Tim from LH:

No matter how many times you listen to a Kinks record, it just keeps getting better and better every time!
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:30pm Eargasm!:

They really embraced their music hall influence
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:30pm Gina Bacon:

It sure was! Vaudevillian, even!
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:31pm Jay S.:

Still rocked, though
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:31pm Gina Bacon:

It did, indeed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:31pm Uncle Michael:

Oh how I love this twee Wayne Fontana track. Too bad he turned into a crazy person.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:32pm bigplanetnoise:

And - no matter where you play it from - Mr. Pleasant still sounds BEST on the U.S. Reprise 45. For whatever reason.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:32pm bigplanetnoise:

I love it too, Uncle Mike - we just don't look at the recent Mr. Fontana....
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:33pm Andy R:

I do love me some Scott Walker.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:34pm Uncle Michael:

Scott...art-song Scott...yes.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:34pm bigplanetnoise:

Makes me want to shake cocktails.
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:35pm Jay S.:

Shatner stole this style
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:35pm Uncle Michael:

Makes me want to sit with Mort and Jacques. What a collab.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:35pm Gina Bacon:

It is Shatner-esque.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:36pm Uncle Michael:

I could go for some Hi-C.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:41pm Mailman Tom:

Someone once described Country Joe's 1st album as music to get stoned by.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:42pm bigplanetnoise:

Well, I think that's a given, right?!?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:42pm Matt Clarke:

Four Sail is such a brilliant album
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:43pm Uncle Michael:

Four Sail...not as good, perhaps...but still massively underrated.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:43pm bigplanetnoise:

Four Sail is probably my most-played Love LP.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:45pm Matt Clarke:

So much to love on this LP. Arthur had magic in his soul
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:46pm bigplanetnoise:

And cough syrup in his pocket.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:46pm Matt Clarke:

And elderberry wine mayhaps?
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:47pm bigplanetnoise:

I'm betting.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:50pm Matt Clarke:

Hey you all see this footage of the Springfield yet? Save it for after the show
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:50pm Tim from LH:

Before it gets too late, for those not on social media who might have missed it, someone just had a birthday. Happy Birthday Bob!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:51pm Gina Bacon:

Yay! Yes, Happy Belated, Bob!!!
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:51pm Eargasm!:

Four Sail is a brilliant album
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:51pm bigplanetnoise:

Ahhhh! Well, thank you, Tim!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:51pm Matt Clarke:

Happy Birthday Bob! May many more 45s come your way
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:52pm bigplanetnoise:

Thank you, Matt! i was out digging today! More tomorrow!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:52pm Dominick:

Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:53pm bigplanetnoise:

You got that, Dom?
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:54pm Mailman Tom:

The Monterey Pop Festival DVD has the Blues Project playing this song.
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:54pm Jay S.:

Bob has the birthday, but we get the present! Another fantastic show!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:55pm bigplanetnoise:

I don't think I've seen that, Mailman. But - I've got to!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:55pm Uncle Michael:

That's one of my favorite parts of the film.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:55pm Dominick:

Never heard that Myddle Class version. Frantic!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:55pm bigplanetnoise:

Aw - Jay - thank you!!! So appreciated!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:55pm Snayle:

Hope your party never ends ! Here's to 45 more rockin revolutions around the sun ! :-)
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:55pm Gina Bacon:

Nice, Jay S! Thank you.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:56pm Gina Bacon:

I still haven't seen that, either.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:56pm bigplanetnoise:

Dom - yes - frantic! And a big top-10 chart hit in upstate NY!!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:56pm bigplanetnoise:

I love Danny Kalb's guitar in this.
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:57pm bigplanetnoise:

Thank you, Snayle! ❤️
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:57pm Mailman Tom:

It's on the deluxe edition
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:58pm bigplanetnoise:

Will watch it - and will scope that Buffalo Spring clip that Matt posted.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:59pm Matt Clarke:

Great show tonite!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/14/19 9:59pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks, B&G!
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:59pm Eargasm!:

Great as usual
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:59pm bigplanetnoise:

Thank you, thank you, everyone for being here with us tonight!!!! My Ichiban family! Hope to be with you all again next Monday eve - we’re loosely planning on making a racket... I hope everyone has a perfectly fantastic week - love to all!!!
  Mon. 1/14/19 9:59pm Andy R:

Great show!
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 9:59pm Gina Bacon:

Thank you all for hanging with us tonight...so much fun! See you all next week!! xoxo
Avatar Mon. 1/14/19 10:00pm Snayle:

That's the ticket - a 4 hour tour ! YESSS ! Another great night! Thanks Bob & Gina ! Time flies at BPN... Can't wait til next time ! ox
  Mon. 1/14/19 10:28pm Bklyn Listener:

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