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February 16, 2000: Easy Come Easy Go

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release

"Tomorrow I'll Be Perfect" STELLA (The Golden Age)
"Shame, Shame, Shame" SHIRLEY & COMPANY (single)
"Further On Up the Road" JAMES BROWN (Messing With The Blues)
"diskdusk" MOUSE ON MARS (Niun Niggung)
"Ai No Shirushi" PUFFY (A Japan Not For Sale Compilation)
"Too Fortiche" PIERRE HENRY (Messe Pour Le temps)
"Green Typewriters Excerpt" OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL (Dusk At Cubist Castle)
"Burden" HOME (XIV)
"Hollow Earth" REBBY SHARP (7 Inch)

"Eliancito" DAVE WELSH (single)
"Montreal Canada Blues' EDDIE MURRAY (7 Inch)
"Chicago" THE PROMENADERS (The Promenaders)
"Temple of Gloom" KID KOALA (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
"Mic Check" CORNELIUS (Show/64)
"Spa" DJ ME DJ YOU (Rainbows and Robots)
"Ugly Stadium" TIPSY (Trip Tease - The Seductive Sounds of Tipsy)
"Nice Cave" LUKE VIBERT & BJ COLE (Stop the Panic)

"Cherry Bomb" OLIVIA NEW*TON*JON (Girly Cover)
"TV Eye alternate takes" STOOGES (FunHouse Box)
"Allt pa ett kort" BOB HUND (Sover Aldrig)
"Driveway to Driveway" SUPERCHUNK (Foolish)
"Shampoodle" LES SANS CULOTTES (single)
"Hey Bulldog" BEATLES (Yellow Submarine)
"Moanin'" BUNNYS (Pebbles Vol 12 / The World)

"7 - EWE remix" BOREDOMS (Super Roots 7 & 8)
"Frustr8ed" STEEV HISE (Original)
"Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Desire" DJ SOUP (Cocktail Shaker)
"The Grind" SEX MOB (Solid Sender)

"Dead Monkey Arcade" WAYNE BUTANE (Split 7")
"The Music (I Feel Good)" EDDIE DEF (Pirate Fucking Radio)
"Dont Make Your Children Pay" JOE TEX (Golden Classics)
"For Sale" ROBOT USA (Robot USA)
"Track 1" DJ PANTSHEAD (Refreshing Sound Recording)
"Easy Come Easy Go" BOBBY SHERMAN (vanilla Fudge Remix)
Idiots Guide to Classical Music Search
"Vi Ska Ga hand i Hand" EILERT PILARM (Eilert Is back)
"Strange to Your Ears"
"Telling The Truth Abut K Minor" HANS REICHEL (Lower Lurum)
"As the Crow Flies" BRADFORD REED (Live! At Home)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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