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April 19, 2000: A New Plateau

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release

"Birth of the Blues" ZARAH LEANDER (Ihre Grossen Erfolge)
"East Saint Louis Toodle-oo" DUKE ELLINGTON (The Okeh Ellington)
"C'est La Goutte D'or Qui Fait Deborder La Valse" LES PRIMITIFS DU FUTUR (World Musette)
"File It Under Fun From The past" MARIANNE FAITHFUL (Vagabond Ways)
"All Tomorrow's Parties" NICO (Do or Die)
"If I Were A Rich Man" LORD SITAR (Lord Sitar)

"Guns" NEGATIVLAND (Cassette)
"The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" JOHN OTWAY (Deep Thought)
"The Hanging Tree' MARTY ROBBINS (The Essential Marty Robbins)
"Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited" PHANTOM RIDER (Sheep Sampler)
"Fellini's Hat" WHEN (Black White and Grey)
"Wire" KLETKA RED (Hybrid)

"Bendix: The Tomorow People" RAYMOND SCOTT (Manhattan Research Inc.)
"Lightworks" RAYMOND SCOTT (Manhattan Research Inc.)
"My Bathroom is a Private Kind of Place" AMERICAN STANDARDS CORPORATION (Product Music)
"I'm Gay" KIDS IN THE HALL (Brian Candy)
"Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night!" RAYMOND SCOTT (Manhattan Research Inc.)
"Hooray for Human Engineering" CLARK EQUIPMENT (Product Music)

"Burden" HOME (XIV)
"April Fools" RUFUS WAINWRIGHT (self titled)
"Sweet Mountain" SPRING (Spring)
"Til I Die" DAVID GARLAND (I Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times)
"Flutes of Chi" WEEN (White Pepper)
"The Ladder" PRINCE (Around The World In A Day)
"Joyful Sounds" GLENN LEE (Sacred Steel)
"Roman Marching band" SEIGEN ONO (Comme Des garcons Vol. Two)
"Asfalt Tango" FANFARE CIOCARLIA (Baro Biao)

"Celluloid Heroes" KINKS (Everybody's in Show Business)
"Deine Welt ist die kleine Welt" ZARAH LEANDER (Ihre Grossen Erfolge)
"The Cold Song" KLAUS NOMI (Eclipsed: The Best of Klaus Nomi)
"Holidays In The Sun" SEX PISTOLS (Never Mind The Bollocks)
"Manchester England" JAPANESE CAST OF HAIR (Hair Japan Soundtrack)
"Fairway" SUPERCAR (Japan Not For Sale Vol. 3)
"Christian Girls" HEFNER (Boxing Hefner)
"Jag Tror Jag Ar Kar" BOB HUND (Nu Ar Det Val Revolution)
"Southern Pacific" NEIL YOUNG (Reactor)
"Tourney To Meta Luna VI" THE MEN FROM SPECTRE (Finger On The Trigger)
"Ying Tong Piddle Ay Kilt" EDWIN ASTLEY ORCHESTRA (The Saint)

"Aylak" OOJAMI (Karma)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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