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May 10, 2000: Getcher Hot Burros!

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release

"Im Nin'alu" OFRA HAZA (Fifty Gates of Wisdom)
"Paid in Full" ERIC B & RAKIM (Paid in Full / Platinum Edition)
"Babylon Rhythm Exorcism" MUSAICS - DJ SOLE (Deep Concentration 3)
"Spoons" STOCK, HAUSEN & WALKMAN (Organ Transplants Vol 2)
"Limbo: The Organized Mind" RAYMOND SCOTT (Manhattan Research Inc)
"Chicken" JOHNNY GUNN (Introspection IV)
"Ganz leis erklingt Musik" HARTE 10 (self titled)
"Hello / Teedjes" DJ COR BLIMEY AND HIS PIGEON (self titled)
"Blommen" PHILEMON ARTHUR & THE DUNG (self titled)
"Mor Anka" PHILEMON ARTHUR & THE DUNG (self titled)

"Marimba Mondo 1" MOONDOG (Elpmas)
"O Ovo Da Serpente" UAKTI (self titled)
"Rendezvous" JOEL CHADABE (Rhythms)
"Space Flower" A CERTAIN FRANK / CHARLES WILP (The Bunny Remixes)

"Impossible Love" DANIEL JOHNSTON (Rejected Unknown)
"Do You Ever Think of Me" LAURA CANTRELL (Not The Trembling Kind)
"El Gaucho Rojo" MARC RIBOT (Muy Divertido!)
"Numbers" SMOKE CITY (Brasil 2mil)
"Mic Check" CORNELIUS (showa 64)
"Off Road - Karafuto remix" UFO (Showa 64)
"Everybody Pass Me By" PEPE DELUXE (12 Inch)
"Red China" KIM FOWLEY (I'm Bad)
"Old Gopher" EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND (Picnic A Breath of fresh Air)
"Punishing Sun" GIANT SAND (The Rock Opera Years)

"John Wilkes Booth" THE DONNER PARTY (Complete Recordings)
"Internal Wrangler" CLINIC (title track)
"Korega Watahsino Ikuru Michi" PUFFY (Japan Not For Sale)
"Market Vendor" PREACHER (Strictly Soca Vol. 5)
"Rude Boy Rock" LIONROCK (City Delirious)
"Live at the Fishbucket Part 2" PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS (The Cat)
"Quality Control" JURASSIC FIVE (single)
"1625 - Stein" FM EINHEIT (FM 4.5.1 Compilation)

"Je T'ai Vu Passer' GERT JAN BLOM & FRIENDS (Street organ - The Cuban)
"Where Is My Pants?" MICKEY KATZ (Greatest Schticks)
"Strike Up The Band" ZARAH LEANDER (Ihre Grossen Ehrfolge)
"Strike Up The Band" ARTHUR BLYTHE (Blythe Spirit)
"Street Blues" ORNETTE COLEMAN & PRIME TIME (Tone Dialing)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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