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May 24, 2000: Phoning it In

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release

"The Mooche" PIERRE DORGE & THE NEW JUNGLE ORCHESTRA (Even the Moon is Dancing)
"Mr Lucky" ORANJ SYMPHONETTE (Plays Mancini)
"Caravan" PIERO UMILIANI (Ode to Duke Ellington)
"Jealous Guy" LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS (Pop Artificiale)
"The Future" LEONARD COHEN (The Future)
"Idiot Wind" BOB DYLAN (Blood on the Tracks)
"I'm So Tired" BEATLES (The Off-White Album)
animal noises
"I Feel Fine" BEATLE BARKERS (The Chartreuse Album)
"Track One" NANI NANI (self titled)

"Prinsen" ETIENNE CHARRY (36 Erreurs)
"Genre Humain" BRIGITTE FONTAINE (title track)
"Track 14" UNKNOWN ARTISTE (Cambodian Rocks)
"Rising Guitar" TAKESHI TERAUCHI & BLUE JEANS (Guitar Mood)
"Up" LIDA HUSIK (Bozo)
"Kanarek" PULNOC (City of Hysteria)

"Earth Angel" CLINIC (Internal Wrangler)
"Your Mother Wants To Know" SCRAWL (Velvet Hammer)
"Angel" THAT DOG (title track)
"The Nasadiya" DAVE SOLDIER (The Kropotkins)
"I'm So Hungry" JESSICA KANE (title track)
"Rowboat" JOHNNY CASH (Unchained)
"Somewhere Some Night" LAURA CANTRELL (Not The Trembling Kind)
"Sweet Dreams" JOHNNY BELAR & DAVID & LINDA LAY (Masters of the Steel String Guitar)
"I Wanna Learn To Play The Steel" JERRY BYRD (Admirable Byrd)

"March of the Psychlos' L. RON HUBBARD (Battlefield Earth)
"Boys Boys Boys" SABRINA (Rebirth of the Fool)
"Molloy III" SAMUEL BECKETT (The Whole Things Coming out of the Dark)
"I'm Going To Eat Up Your Doggy" SCRATCH MY NOSE (self titled)
"50's Sewing Course" ROK/SINGER (DJ Cor Blimey & His Pigeon)
"Acropolis" TORMENTULA (Submit Your Unworthy Soul)
"Seraphic Deviltry" THEATRE OF TRAGEDY (Velvet Darkness They Fear)
"Utrenja" PENDERECKI (Shining Soundtrack)

"The Hymn of the Things We Didnt Do To Hide A Little Thought" HEFNER (Boxing Hefner)
"Jeffrey I Hear You" GIRLS (Elephant Man Single reissue)
"Plankton" BOB HUND (Istallet For Musik: Forvirring)
"Suite Two" OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL (John Peel Sessions)
"Burden" HOME (XIV)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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