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June 14, 2000: Tailgator

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release

"Witzbold" METAMORPHOSIS (self titled)
"Enter Sandman" APOCALYPTICA (Plays Metallica by Four Cellos)
"Purple Haze" KRONOS QUARTET (Music by Sculthorpe...)
"Satin Doll" ORANJ SYMPHONETTE (the oranj album)
"You Are My Destiny" MOMETERS (Meet the Mometers)
"Tango Ballad" UTE LEMPER (Punishing Kiss)
"Funeral Tango" SCOTT WALKER (Scott 3)
"Drinking Music" CARLA BLEY (European Tour 1977)
"The Big Town" EDDIE LAWRENCE (The Old Philosopher)

"Pygmy Pig" MOONDOG (H'art Songs)
"Le Jour ou Allah Bouddha" ZELWER (Les Dieux Sont Faches)
"Gyneco Zebre" GABRIEL YARED (Betty Blue Soundtrack)
"Fellini's Hat" WHEN (Black White & Gray)
Judy Garland
"Ugly Jim" NEBLUNG PRICE (Self titled)
"I Gotta Walk" MOMETERS (Meet the Mometers)
"Miss Brown To You" THE GONE ORCHESTRA (No Price Too High)
"In The Park With You" HAMPTON COLES (One Ruined Life of a Bronze Tourist)

"Set The Controls" DJ ME DJ YOU (Rainbows and Robots)
"Quality Control" JURASSIC FIVE (title track)
"Together Now" TRICKY (Nearly God)
"Cripples & Kings" OPTICAL 8 (Bug)
"She's In the Attic" SHOOGLENIFTY (Roots, Reels & Rhythms)
"Scottish Rite Temple Stomp" NINIAN HAWICK (Steep Steps)
"Deadbeat Sea" YO (Charm World)
"Pink Flag" WIRE (title track)
"Surfs Up / Europe By Car" THE MOLES (Untune the Sky)

"Picknick" BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT (self titled)
"Baker Street" CARNIVAL OF COAL (French Cancan)
"Svetelny Narez" SUM SVISTU (Czeching In)
"White Gardenia" ELLIOT ROSENTHAL (Drugstore Cowboy)
"Part One" APES OF GOD (How to Pick Up Girls)
Judy Garland Speaks Some More
"Track Five" UNKNOWN ARTIST (Cambodian Rocks)
"Numbers" SMOKE CITY (Brasil 2 mil)
"Twist of the Spinsters" ENNIO MORRICONE (Malamando)
"Funny Little Man" APHEX TWIN (Come to Daddy)
"Run On" MOBY (Play)
"My Baby's Gone" ROBERT BELFOUR (What's Wrong With You)

"West of Samoa" SPEEDY WEST (Steel Guitar)
"Spellbound Concerto" MARTY MANNING & HIS ORCHESTRA (Twilight Zone)
"Lost Weekend Theme" MARTY MANNING & HIS ORCHESTRA (Twilight Zone)
"Invitation" MARTY MANNING & HIS ORCHESTRA (Twilight Zone)
"Morceau en forme de pinces" KLIMPEREI & PIERRE BASTIEN (Mecanologie Portative)
"L'Internationale" GROUPE 17 (Chants Revolutionnaires du Monde)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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