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June 21, 2000: One of These Days

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release

"Ballade Van de Vriendinnen Van Een Nacht" BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT (self titled)
"Cinderella" BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT (self titled)
"Guido E Lusia Nostalgico Swing" NINO ROTA (8 1/2)
"Minstrel of Dumferling" MOMETERS (Meet The Mometers)
"Call Yourself A Man" COUNT INDIGO (Harpsichord 2000)
"Mama Told me Not To Come" TOM JONES & STEREOPHONICS (Reload)

"Martian Guts" BILLER & WAKEFIELD (The Hot Guitars Biller & Wakefield) *
"Joyful Sounds" GLENN LEE (Sacred Steel Vol. 1)
"Theme For A DJ" JERRY BYRD (Admirable Byrd)
"Miss Brown To You" THE GONE ORCHESTRA (No Price Too High) *
"Apple Takes Pigeon To Boot" UCHIHASHI KAZUHISA & HANS REICHEL (King Pawns)
"High On A Rocky ledge" MOONDOG (H'art Songs)
"There's Got To be Something' IVOR CUTLER (Velvet Donkey)
"What Makes The Lightning" TOM GLAZER (Weather Songs)

"Electricity vs. Foods" KAISER & KURIOKHIN (Popular Science)
"Jew In Jerusalem" KLETKA RED (Hijacking)
"Track 14" UNKNOWN ARTIST (Cambodian Rocks)
"Health & Efficiency" THIS HEAT (Title Track)
"Illusions - Muggs remix" CYPRESS HILL (single)
"Hello Hooray" ALICE COOPER (Life & Crimes of Alice)
"Track 8" CARNIVAL OF COAL (French Cancan)
"Track 4" ROVO (Imago)
"Circuit No Musume" PUFFY (Japan Not For Sale Vol. 2)
"You Used To be My Baby" REMINGTON SUPER (Harpsichord 2000) *
"Mercury Girl" CLEANERS FROM VENUS (Golden Cleaners)

"Malkovich Masterpiece remix" JOHN MALKOVICH PUPPET LOVE (being John Malkovich)
"Elephant Man main Theme" JOHN MORRIS (Elephant Man)
"The Elevator etc" BERNARD HERMANN (The Day The Earth Stood Still)
"Welcome to Violence" QUASIMOTO (The Unseen)
"The Big Town" EDDIE LAWRENCE (The Old Philosopher)
"French Quarter" ALEX NORTH & HIS ORCHESTRA (Crime Jazz 2)
"Artichoke" CIBO MATTO (Viva! La Woman)

"De Natura Sonoris No. 2" KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI (The Shining)
"One of These Days" PINK FLOYD (Meddle)
"The Switch" FM EINHEIT (sen'seifn de0)
"Fender Bender" KID KOALA (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

"Tango Ballad" UTE LEMPER (Punishing Kiss)
"Wenn Die Wilden Rosen Bluhn" ZARAH LEANDER (Ihre Grossen Erfolge)
"I'll be with You Always" BARNABAS COLLINS (Dark Shadows)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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