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June 28, 2000: Just Showing Up

Accuplaylist 9000: On Wednesday mornings, Ken posts his playlist in realtime, so you can see the information shown below while each song is actually being broadcast. Like the playlist? Now you can listen to Ken's Realaudio archives or WFMU's live stream 24 hours a day.
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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release

"Miss Brown To You" THE GONE ORCHESTRA (No Price Too High)
"Solitude" THE GONE ORCHESTRA (No Price Too High)
"Retarded Water Survey" TOUCH TONE TERRORISTS (Permanent Lapse of Reason)
"Clementine" PARLOR JAMES (Old Dreams)

"Xhoomei BW" PAT CONTE (2 X Drops)
"Fute Robot" MICROMARS (Harpsichord 2000)
"Aint Nothin' But A Texas Boogie on a Harpsichord" MEMPHIS SLIM (South Side Reunion)
"Sons of '68" STEREO TOTAL (Harpsichord 2000)
"Drive Music" QYPTHONE (Sushi 4004)
"Track 22" OVUCA (Onclements)
"Le Rayon Magique" DIM DIM (Ananas)
"Happy Mail" HOAHIO aka HACO (Ohayo! Hoahio!)
"I'm Just A Hop Head" MOONDOG (H'art Songs)

"Newton's Gravitatlichkeit" EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN (Silence is Sexy)
"Zampano" EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN (Silence is Sexy)
"Gore in Beans" DEERHOOF (Cool Beans 312)
"Guitar Gal" WONDER 3 (W-W-Wonder)
"Track 17" UNKNOWN ARTIST (Cambodian Rocks)
"Tu Seras Mi Baby" LAS MOSQUITOS (self titled)
"Our Day Will Come" RUBY & THE ROMANTICS (title track)
"Langgam Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama" ORKES KRONCONG MUTIARA (Indonesian Guitars)

"North Campus" THE PROFESSOR (Spatula Scrapings)
"Cannot Find A Way" CURTIS MAYFIELD (Got To Find A Way)
"Nao Identificado" PORTASTATIC (De Mel de Melao)
"I'll Keep It With Mine" NICO (Chelsea Girl)
"Baby" OS MUTANTES (self titled)
"Live it Down" MEDICINE (The Buried Life)

"Rudy Zarniwoop" MOMETERS (Meet The Mometers)
"Prikkebeen" BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT (self titled)
"Soupe Au Crapaud" JULVERNE (Ne Parlons De Mahleur)
"Petits Champignons" KLIMPEREI (Tout Seul Sur la Plage En Hiver)
"Marimo" HOAHIO aka HACO (Ohayo Hoahio!)
"Track Ten' AKIKO YANO (Super Folk Song)
"Headpop" TOT TAYLOR (Piano Music)
"Night in Topeka" BILLER & WAKEFIELD (The Hot Guitars of Biller & Wakefield)

"Birthday Present" TOUCHTONE TERRORISTS (A Permanent Lapse of Reason)
"It's Alright Baby" KOMEDA (What Makes It Go?)
"Call Yourself A Man" COUNT INDIGO (Harpsichord 2000)
"Through The Closet" KRZYSZTOF KOMEDA (Rosemary's Baby)
"Pelikonal (excerpt)" EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN (Silence is Sexy)
"Shea's Groove" DJ LOGIC (Project Logic)
"Flowerages" MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ (From A Summer to Another Summer)
"Our First Date" MISS FROSTY (Eating Me)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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