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July 12, 2000: MP3s for Guns

Accuplaylist 9000: On Wednesday mornings, Ken posts his playlist in realtime, so you can see the information shown below while each song is actually being broadcast. Like the playlist? Now you can listen to Ken's Realaudio archives or WFMU's live stream 24 hours a day. Or click here to download the show and listen to it later.

The Playlist Key:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release

"Cycle - MBV Remix" PASTELS (Unfair Kind of Fame 7")
"No Encores" THE NOTWIST (Shrink)
"Unter Dem Vulkan" LOST GRINGOS (Drive to Heaven, Welcome to Chaos)
"Ganz leis erklingt Musik" HARTE 10 (self titled)
"Eins, Zwei. Drei, Vier" COMEDIAN HARMONISTS (Die Grossen Erfolge)
"Strike Up The Band" ZARAH LEANDER (Ihre Grossen Erfolge)

"Enter Sandman" APOCALYPTICA (Plays Metallica by Four Cellos)
"Model" BALANESCU QUARTET (Possessed)
"Showroom Dummies" SENOR COCONUT Y SU CONJUNTO (El Baile Aleman)
"Stinky Stinky Ashtray" DAMN (Bossa Brava Vol 3)
"Where Have They Gone?" NOONDAY UNDERGROUND (Self-Assembly)

"El Amanecer" GRAN QUINTETO REAL (Maestros Del tango)
"Killer Diller" JACKIE MITTOO (Keyboard King of Studio One)
"Second Cumbia" JOSHUA FRIED (Music by Joshua Fried)
"Weg Nach Nirgendwo" STATION 17 (Scheibe)

"Guns" NEGATIVLAND (cassette)
"Take a Bomb on an Airplane" THE BRAN FLAKES (Hey Won't Somebody Come and Play?)
"Crime and the Carpet Cleaner" TOM MABE (Revenge on the Telemarketers)
"The Hamsterdance Song" HAMPTON THE HAMPSTER (title track)
"Love is a Long Road" DEL McCOURY BAND (More Music Less Parking: WFMU Live from Jersey City)
"Martian Guts" BILLER & WAKEFIELD (Hot Guitars of Biller & Wakefield)
"West of Samoa" SPEEDY WEST (Steel Guitar)
"Sukiyaki" THE PICKETTS (7 inch)

"Au Secors, Aidez Moi!" LES SEQUELLES (7 inch)
"Zilch" THE HOT DOG STAND (Buzz Buzz Buzz Vol. 1)
"Hey Gyp - Dig the Slowness" TRUTH (Maximum Freakbeat)
"When The Wrong Thing Happens" CHEVROLET CORPORATION (Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving)
"Hungarian Dance no. 5" ILONAH HADASSAH GLOSSER (Sax and the Singing Girl)
"Secherzo" CARTOON (Music from Left Field)
"Bill Sholem Quintette" MAX TUNDRA (Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be)

"Tuvan Internationale" HUUN HUUR TU (60 Horses In My Herd)
"The Blood Suckers ball" DANIEL LICHT (Vampire Circus)
"It Came From Outer Space" DICK JACOBS AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Themes from Classic Horror Films)
"Lullaby Part One" KRZYSZTOF KOMEDA (Rosemary's Baby)
"Moment Musical" KRZYSZTOF KOMEDA (Rosemary's Baby)
"Controlling the Transmission" SIMPSONS (Songs In The Key of Springfield)
"Un World Mysteriouse" DIMITRI FROM PARIS (SacreBleu)
"Spring" PHEW (Our Likeness)
"Call Yourself A Man" COUNT INDIGO (Harpsichord 2000)
"Der Zinker" PETER THOMAS (Kriminal Filmmusik)
"Jimmy Coma" PERNICE BROTHERS (7 inch)

"White Lake" FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ (A Place in the Sun)
"My Favorite Armchair" CARNIVAL OF COAL (French Cancan)
"Newton's Gravitatlichkeit" EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN (Silence is Sexy)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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