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July 19, 2000: Origins of Space Junk

Accuplaylist 9000: On Wednesday mornings, Ken posts his playlist in realtime, so you can see the information shown below while each song is actually being broadcast. Like the playlist? Now you can listen to Ken's Realaudio archives or WFMU's live stream 24 hours a day.
The Accuplaylist Key:

"Laughter Symphony" RALPH LUNDSTEN (Elektronisk Musik)
"Waltzinblack" THE STRANGLERS (ThemeninBlack)
"Involuntary Songs part 1" SCOTT JOHNSON (John Somebody)
"Dead Finks Don't Talk" BRIAN ENO (Here Come The Warm Jets)
"You Think You really Know Me" GARY WILSON (title track)
"Almost Summer" KIM FOWLEY (Caroline Now! Songs of the Beach Boys & Brian Wilson)

"From Russia With Love" ROLAND ALPHONSO (Something Special: Ska Hotshots)
"Rude Boy Rock" LIONROCK (City Delirious)
"The Bertha Butt Boogie" JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH (Soul Hits of the 70's Vol 12,194)
"London" NOONDAY UNDERGROUND (Self-Assembly)
"Summertime" JAMES BROWN w MARTHA HIGH (James Brown's Funky Divas)
"Summertime" JIM TURNER (The Well Tempered Saw)
"Nomads" HIGH LLAMAS (More Music Less Parking: WFMU Live from Jersey City)
"Gadget" PIERO UMILIANI (Musicaelettronica)
"Track B5" OVUCA (Onclements)

"Side Two" KID KOALA (Scratchhappyland)
"Flat as Aboard" DJ LOGIC (Project Logic)
"Track Five" PEOPLE LIKE US (Lowest Common Denominator)
"Sorocul" ORIENTEXPRESSEN (Andra Resan)

"The Castle" CLINIC (Return of Evil Bill)
"Temporary Arm" ELF POWER (Vainly Clutching at Phantom Limbs)
"Rock and Roll Radio" MUMMY THE PEEPSHOW (Punk Again)
"Rock and Roll Bastards" HELLCHILD (10 inch)
"I Gotta Walk" MOMETERS (Meet the Mometers)
"HamsterDance" HAMPTON THE HAMPSTER (single)

"Silence is Sexy" EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN (title track)
"Ball of Confusion" TEMPTATIONS (vannila Fudge Remix)
"Arschloch" VOGEL (7 inch)
"Caprifischer" ABWARTS (Gerausche fur die 80er)
"Our First Date" MISS FROSTY (Eating Me)
"Interview with Gas Expert" JESSICA KANE (Varicose Days)
"Brainticket Part One" BRAINTICKET (self titled)
"Unknown Happiness" MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ (From A Summer to Another Summer)
"You Used To be My Baby" REMINGTON SUPER (Harpsichord 2000)
"Wake My Heart" THE RUSTY NAILS (No Miracle In Ruins)
"Burden" HOME (XIV)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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