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June 20, 1997: Stereo Demonstration Program, Part 2

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Ninteenth Century Man Can Delay 1968
Duell FM Einheit [sen'seifn de0]
March Donald Knaack Junk Music
Cut Three, Side A Anthony Braxton Creative Orchestra Music 1976
Pledge of Allegiance Porky Pig Arwulf Remix
Whispering, Came Violets Jack Kevorkian & Morpheus Quintet A Very Still Life
Oh Yeah Yello Tied Up
Kinna Sohna Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn / Bally Sagoo Big Noise: A Mambo Inn Compilation
Bananas Jah Wobble Jah Wobble presents The Inspiration of William Blake
the above was mixed with some aimless metaphysical blather by Exongenesis Exongenesis Exongenesis LP
Jungle Brother (True Blue) Jungle Brothers Raw Deluxe
2D Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Ambler Gambler
Cut Number 6 John Frusciante Niandra Lades and Usually Just A T-Shirt
Refazenda Gilberto Gil Red Hot & Rio
Gumbo Steve Turre Sanctified Shells
Perpetual Motion Moondog More Moondog
Charrada La Musgana Lubican
Signal Phew Phew
Friday The Momes Spiralling
Maybe Vega Pop Orange
Pillow Junction Workshop Workshop
Come Together Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
I Only Said My Bloody Valentine Loveless
Young & Beautiful Simon Fischer-Turner sft Shwarma
Marciano Mareao Jayuya Jayuya
Cache Couer Naif Mouse on Mars w/ Latitia Sadier Cache Coeur Naif
Like a Dream Rocketship Why Popstars Can't Dance
Boo the Blackberry 800 Cherries Pop Jingu Vol. 1
Unter Dem Vulkan Lost Gringos Drive to Heaven / Welcome to Chaos
Hosen, die nicht aneinander passen Holger Hiller Ein Bundel Faulnis in Der Grube
Fremde Zahlen - ein Schwacher Fluch - Als Die Nachspeise Gekommen War - Steinerne Hunde - Der Flinke Kampf Acht Oder Neun Steinerne Hunde
All We Need is Water ZGA Sub Luna Morrior
Three Throat Game Songs A Buncha Inuit Guys Standing Around LesVoix Du Monde
Glasslass Jaap Blonk Flux de Bouche
Eine Kleine Hed Musick Coldcut Rebirth of the Cool Vol. 3
March of the Beggars Ennio Morricone A Fistful of Film Music

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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