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Playlist for 19 September 2007 Favoriting | Leave September Song Alone!

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Santo and Johnny  September Song   Favoriting   Thanks to Jake    0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Oranj Symphonette  Midnight Cowboy   Favoriting The Oranj Album      0:02:26 (Pop-up)
Jean Shepherd  Crying Steel Guitar Waltz   Favoriting       0:05:25 (Pop-up)
L'Ensemble Raye  Un Square Au Printemps   Favoriting Comme Un Pinson Dans L'Eau      0:08:13 (Pop-up)
Gene Bianco  September Song   Favoriting       0:11:09 (Pop-up)
Einstuerzende Neubauten  Wir Lesen Zeitung   Favoriting Stimmen Reste    *   0:20:43 (Pop-up)
Gangpol und Mit  Britnu Sparxx Naked (Overprotected)   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup      0:27:09 (Pop-up)
Conceal  I Was Made For Loving You   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup      0:30:22 (Pop-up)
Mouse on Mars  Duul   Favoriting Varcharz      0:34:30 (Pop-up)
Modeselektor  Godspeed   Favoriting Happy Birthday    *   0:40:37 (Pop-up)
DJ Yoda  Tip Toe   Favoriting The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda    *   0:46:19 (Pop-up)
Lindsay Buckingham  September Song   Favoriting       0:49:31 (Pop-up)
Ian McCulloch  September Song   Favoriting Title Track of 12 Inch      0:52:15 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  KIller Kumbia   Favoriting Pinata    *   1:03:20 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Escribeme Pronto   Favoriting Pinata    *   1:04:23 (Pop-up)
Control Machete  Presente   Favoriting Solo Para Fanaticos      1:07:12 (Pop-up)
Nina Simone / Postal Service  Little Girl Blue   Favoriting Verve Remixed 3      1:12:32 (Pop-up)
The Herbalizer feat Latryx  Eight Point Agenda   Favoriting       1:17:18 (Pop-up)
ESG  Standing In Line   Favoriting A South Bronx Story 2    *   1:22:37 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Klaus Doldinger 
        1:26:34 (Pop-up)
The Harmonicats  September Song   Favoriting       1:29:28 (Pop-up)
Jimmy Durante  September Song   Favoriting       1:31:35 (Pop-up)
Charles Mingus  September Song   Favoriting       1:34:54 (Pop-up)
Stan Kenton, June Christie and The Four Freshmen  September Song   Favoriting       1:38:44 (Pop-up)
Like a Tim  The Lonely Sea   Favoriting       1:42:40 (Pop-up)
Dif Juz  Re   Favoriting Soundpool      1:45:17 (Pop-up)
His Name Is Alive  How Dark Is Your Dark Side?   Favoriting Xmmer    *   1:49:26 (Pop-up)
The Living Jarboe  This Is Life   Favoriting How To Destroy The Universe Part 5    *   1:54:23 (Pop-up)
Die Weltraumeforscher  Sweet Bird   Favoriting 21 Weltraum Standards      1:59:39 (Pop-up)
Harry James and His orchestra  September Song   Favoriting       2:10:00 (Pop-up)
Terry Gibbs Dream Band  The Claw   Favoriting Volume Two - The Sundown Sessions      2:13:57 (Pop-up)
George Fishoff Complex  Ping Pong   Favoriting       2:17:17 (Pop-up)
Nate Butler and Chris Crocker  September Song Britney Remix   Favoriting       2:19:58 (Pop-up)
The Go! Team  Grip Like A Vice   Favoriting Proof of Youth    *   2:21:47 (Pop-up)
Turzi  Afghanistan   Favoriting A    *   2:25:40 (Pop-up)
Owada  1-100   Favoriting Nothing      2:30:45 (Pop-up)
3puen  Flackel Wei Blaqkel   Favoriting     *   2:32:16 (Pop-up)
Doers  As All get Out   Favoriting Gaiety    *   2:35:22 (Pop-up)
Catatonic Youth  I've Had it   Favoriting     *   2:36:33 (Pop-up)
Githead  Drive By   Favoriting Art Pop    *   2:38:39 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
FM Einheit 
The Switch   Favoriting       2:42:54 (Pop-up)
Harmonia  Watussi   Favoriting Musik von Harmonia    *   2:50:00 (Pop-up)
Theater of Tragedy  Seraphic Deviltry   Favoriting Velvet Darkness They Fear      2:54:34 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am JJZ:

Happy September!
  9:02am Dickdong:

Nice one, Ken. More, please, more!
  9:02am Scott:

Yarrrrrr, today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!
  9:03am JJZ:

I could be pretty happy with a show of just covers of Midnight Cowboy.
  9:05am listener jeremy:

ooooooh snazzy new listener comments page. or is it just new to me?
  9:06am Ken:

A lot more September Songs on the way... anybody have the Rod McKuen version?
  9:15am krex:

I like this 'playist with comments' format much better than the old one.
  9:21am Brandon:

isn't September over yet :(
  9:21am dei xhrist:

SNEEZE you fool, SNEEZE!
Anecdote; at my very 1st band practice this weekend, I ended an improv ensemble piece with a very well timed sneeze. Nothing says "it's over!" like an explosive burst of moisture on a theremin.
  9:22am Ken:

Yes, thanks to Buz for the inspiration on the new comments layout, and to Kenzo for the execution. We still await Buz's next incarnation of this basic idea.. which is to allow the song currently playing and the most recent comment to appear at the same time on the screen.
  9:23am dei xhrist:

sneezy pirate: SNARRR!
  9:25am negator:

leave brittany alone!
  9:26am NEGATOR:

  9:30am john:

kudos to your web guy - the new listener-comments-and-playlist design looks good and works well
  9:32am ?:

is the accuplaylist available to other independent/college stations? i thought you guys bought it and when i googled it could only find it in conjunction FMU
  9:33am NEGATOR:

  9:33am Brandon:

daaaaar, swab the poop deck...daaaarrrr
  9:33am Ken:

Talk to Kenzo about licensing the accuplaylist - kenzo at wfmu dot org
  9:38am Ken:

I'm still looking for versions of September Song by Rod McKuen, Arnett Cobb, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Fats Domino, Dean Martin, David Murray, Les Paul and Mary Ford, 101 Strings, Charlie Parker, Johnny Ray and Buddy Morrow. E-mail me if you can hep! ken at wfmu dot org
  9:42am listener jeremy:

if only brittney would put out a version of september song. maybe that would make everything alright
  9:45am Ann Arbor Doug:

When the frame refreshes as I'm reading comments it inflames my cranial war wound and I go bezerk. My coworkers do not appreciate this.
  9:47am north guinea hills:

i might have the 101 strings version of september song, but i'm at work right now, and when i get home i'll have to plow through tons and tons of vinyl. haven't seen that record in years....
  9:47am Adrian:

Ian McCullogh from Echo and the Bunnymen did a version of September Song too.
  9:51am Scouserella:

Too right he did Adrian, as did Lou Reed
Love this show why it makes me happier than the white adder s at a sale at spikes r us
  9:51am The Framinator.......:

....... is liking the new frame format. have you considered putting the new posts at the top of the frame rather than at the bottom so the reader does not have to scroll down to the very bottom to see if anyone has posted something new?
  9:54am Adrian:

Ooh, that was spooky!
  9:54am Ken:

Framinator - The comments are supposed to go to the bottom so that the most current comment always appears just aboce the input box. It sounds like that aint happening for you, though. What browser ate you using (and which version)?
  10:01am The Framinator:

Internet Explorer Version 6.0. Man, I am so totally 2004. I need to upgrade my life, or at least my computer.
  10:01am Ann Arbor Doug:

I really think it would be best if the input frame were on the top and the comments were listed in reverse chronological order. It would prevent us having to scroll down in order to view the most recent comments.
  10:02am NEGATOR:

  10:03am listener jeremy:

I'm having the same issue using IE 7. Every 30 second refresh, the listener comments refreshes to the top of the list
  10:03am The Framinator:

When I post, my new post inotially appears right above the input box. When the screen refreshes, The beginning of the listener comments appears right above the input box.
  10:06am ?:

i've used many different browsers and always have the same expereince as these other noise lovers with no life
  10:06am The Framinator:

A little off topic, i will concede, but I think you need to increase the difficulty of the math problems that are the gateway to posting. Perhaps you should introduce some multiplication and division problems. Using the math problem as a meaningful screening tool may increase the quality of the posts.
  10:09am listener jeremy:

yarrrrr don't ye do nothing with the arithmatic. the monkey on my shoulder has a hard enough time guessing the answer as tis
  10:10am scouserella:

Ken perhaps you should require them to come up with the recipe for the Philosophers stone. Or how to get the philosophers stoned. Hope you feel better
Love from Liverpool
  10:11am Ken:

Our Math Pledge to you: No WFMU Listener Will Ever Be Forced To Carry The One Against Their Will. Sounds like the frames aint working right in all browsers. It's fine in Firefox 2.0. Kenzo will weight in on this..
  10:12am Ann Arbor Doug:

Fun fact: "Wir Lesen Zeitung" means "We read newspapers" I think.

This layout is much better than the old one, indeed.

I feel like a total dorf complaining about the comments layout, for the record, but if nobody makes suggestions the thing won't improve. :-/
  10:12am Wes:

Control Machete has got some sick beats. (my page refreshes the wrong way, too -- IE)
  10:12am Trish:

test test - 920 ! <kssscchhctt> 686 !
This page opens up in IE6 with the frame automatically dropped to the most recent comment, but unlike firefox and like the playlist over there in the other frame, it refreshed to the top of the comment page.

So, the same as the playlist has always been?
  10:14am Kevin:

Hey Ken, your Spanish set reminds me - I keep meaning to tell you about Dick el Demasiado - have you heard his stuff? I think you'ld dig it. Free samples here:
  10:14am Wes:

Aww, Ken....the absolute best track on this Verve CD is the RJD2 mix!!
  10:25am brian:

Great listener-comment layout -- Thanks!.
And thanks for playing that Herbalizer feat Larynx cut
  10:31am Brandon:

wow, the most hellacious September Song yet!!!
  10:34am listener jeremy:

Jimmy Durante, it's SeptembER not septembah!
  10:38am Irwin Chusid:

"September Song" is nice, but 17 out of 4,332 listeners still prefer "Everlasting Love"
  10:38am marty:

play september song by Pascal Comelade & Robert Wyatt
  10:42am sara:

I think he played it the first week, mr. m... and hello
  10:43am dave from baltimore:

the Harmonicats version is great!
  10:44am GB:

Like a Tim!!! Like a Tim!!!
  10:46am Doug Again:

I vote 5/5 for "Lonely Sea"
  10:47am brandon:

Dif Juz...what a lovely surprise.
  10:49am Jeff:

Oh, my. After that Four Freshmen version, the next step is to find out if Bert Kaempfert ever recorded September Song...
  10:53am HotRod:

The new Modeselektor album is delicious. Great way to start my morning. Who new I'd have enough energy to dance? Apparently you did! :)
  10:55am Wes:

Dif Juz! From the early 80s, Going to have to pick up an LP or two of theirs.
  10:55am north guinea hills:

yaye! the new His Name is Alive!
  10:55am ?:

i really enjoyed that everlasting love set as well but i don't mind all the september songs-the melody is pretty timeless
  10:57am Listener Dave:

Loud, cheesy Casio-type version here:
  11:06am Vivian:

Oh, so that's the guy who puts the B in blogging. Good morning Ken, wishing you a speedy recovery!
  11:22am HotRod:

Gimme more! I want more more more!!!
  11:28am Listener Dave from NH:

Was the guy using "blog" every 5th word part of that Die Weltraumeforscher track? Could you blog about it and let me know? That'd totally get the blogosphere on fire.
  11:33am Ken:

No, the blogging guy was from some youtube video. Brian Turner dug it up.
  11:42am seanh:

that blogging guy was some fanatical britney spears fan sharing his mental breakdown and unsettling obsession britney spears with the world. (i'd suggest covering your eyes and ears before you watch this video)
  11:49am Ken:

Sean - those are two different youtube videos. The blogging guy is not Chris Crocker, the auteur of the "Leave Britney Alone" screed.
  11:57am Brandon:

Cookie Monster!!!
  11:58am Ken:

Thanks to everybody for the comments, and thanks to these folks for helping with the versions of September Song: Spazz, Charlie, Vicki, jelbogen, Jake, Lewis, BT, Joe B and Clinton. More next week, he threatened.
  12:38pm Sadie:

Listener Dave, that website is a virtual treasure trove -- I may never have to buy music again. And that ghost dove... there just aren't words. Thank you!!
  4:19pm fatty jubbo:

speaking of YouTube...Ken, have you plunged the depths of possibility on YouTube?
  9:44pm Kenzo:

On comments about comments:
1) For what it's worth, the new 3-frame layout wasn't inspired by or based on Buz's suggested redesign.
2) Buz's suggested redesign is really cool.
3) Framinator: You use IE 6 and you feel you should upgrade? Indeed, you should upgrade to Firefox or Opera.
4) I will soon be attempting to resolve the problem that occurs in IE wherein the comments frame doesn't jump to the bottom when the page refreshes itself.
5) When I had the "no carrying" math idea, I thought it would make things easy for people. Perhaps y'all might appreciate it if I changed it so you always just have to add zero. But maybe the occasional calculus problem might be good.
6) Does anyone read comments this far down? Give the code phrase "king of the dues!!" if you do.
  10:27am Marie:

King of the dues!!
(but I did not read all the way through!)!
  3:09am HotRod:

king of the dues!!
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