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Playlist for 26 September 2007 Favoriting | End of September Songs

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Hildegarde Neff  September Song   Favoriting   Thanks Thelma!    0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Zarah Leander  Ich Weiss Es Wird Einmal Ein Wunder Geschehn   Favoriting       0:01:55 (Pop-up)
Nico Vs. Trance Groove  Reich Der Traume   Favoriting       0:05:22 (Pop-up)
Mum  Blessed Brambles   Favoriting Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy    *   0:13:17 (Pop-up)
Nini Raviolette  Suis-Je Normale   Favoriting       0:19:31 (Pop-up)
Cibo Matto  Artichoke   Favoriting Viva! La Woman      0:23:19 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
Sin Swing   Favoriting       0:28:42 (Pop-up)
Moskitoo  Skie   Favoriting Drape    *   0:32:26 (Pop-up)
Bibziliba  Track Nine   Favoriting Title Track?  Who are they? Where do they come from? One of the great mystery disks of the FMU library...    0:35:04 (Pop-up)
Efterklang  Mirador   Favoriting Parades    *   0:39:45 (Pop-up)
Big Blood  Full of Smoke   Favoriting Strange Maine 11.04.06    *   0:44:50 (Pop-up)
Shirley Collins  Space Girl   Favoriting       0:48:44 (Pop-up)
Devendra Banhart  Samba Vexillographica   Favoriting Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon    *   0:50:29 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  A Girl Like You   Favoriting Pinata    *   0:55:17 (Pop-up)
OLAibi  Track 4   Favoriting Humming Moon Drip  New side project of Yoshimi (aka OOIOO)  *   0:58:46 (Pop-up)
George Coleman  I WIsh I Knew How To Sing   Favoriting Bongo Joe      1:05:26 (Pop-up)
RIAA  Sexy Pipeline   Favoriting       1:14:39 (Pop-up)
Christine Lautenberg  Erika's Alpentraum   Favoriting The Rough Guide to Yodel      1:18:42 (Pop-up)
Sydtroler Spitzbaum  Ewalds Jodlegruss   Favoriting       1:21:03 (Pop-up)
Mouse on Mars  Skik   Favoriting Varcharz      1:23:14 (Pop-up)
Electro Group  Trauma   Favoriting Good Technology    *   1:26:23 (Pop-up)
Modeselektor  The Dark Side of the Sun   Favoriting   I had to dump and bail on this. sorry!    1:29:07 (Pop-up)
DJ Gaston  Groove in a Radioaktive World   Favoriting       1:29:21 (Pop-up)
KInski  Crybaby Blowout   Favoriting Down Below Its Chaos    *   1:35:03 (Pop-up)
The Fall  Mr Pharmacist   Favoriting Bend Sinister      1:38:25 (Pop-up)
Turzi  Aigle   Favoriting A    *   1:41:10 (Pop-up)
Electrelane  Bells   Favoriting Axes      1:46:07 (Pop-up)
Irving Klaw Trio  Cubano Saucer   Favoriting Utek Pahtoo Mogol      1:50:37 (Pop-up)
Bush Tetras  Funky   Favoriting Boom In The Night      1:56:00 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
        1:58:46 (Pop-up)
Maurice Chevalier  September Song   Favoriting       2:04:56 (Pop-up)
John Lennon  Dear John / September Song   Favoriting       2:07:32 (Pop-up)
Rod McKuen  September Song   Favoriting   definitely the most depressing version yet.    2:10:05 (Pop-up)
Red Norvo Trio  September Song   Favoriting   with Charles Mingus on bass. Thanks Ira!    2:14:35 (Pop-up)
Dean Martin  September Song   Favoriting       2:17:14 (Pop-up)
Walter Huston  September Song   Favoriting   the original version, sort of    2:19:48 (Pop-up)
Lotte Lenya  September Song   Favoriting       2:22:11 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
101 Strings 
September Song   Favoriting       2:25:46 (Pop-up)
Media Defender C&S Remix  Gimmee More   Favoriting       2:30:49 (Pop-up)
Hassan  Gay Goes West   Favoriting       2:35:22 (Pop-up)
DJ Yoda  Just Practicing   Favoriting The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda    *   2:37:21 (Pop-up)
RIAA  Lunar Luau   Favoriting       2:39:55 (Pop-up)
Noah Creshevsky  Strategic Defense Initiaive   Favoriting The Tape Music of Noah Creshevsky      2:42:10 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  El Microfono   Favoriting PInata    *   2:53:17 (Pop-up)
Hildegarde Knef  Der alta Wolf   Favoriting 25 Hits Des Jahres      2:56:16 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am jeremy:

nice way to start the morning off!!
  9:06am Laura:

Jeremy, thanks for beating Sean to the first comment. I am inclined to say "Woo Hoo!" on your behalf, but I will resist the impulse.
  9:08am Vivian:

Good morning to you Ken!
Nice beginning, enjoying the Nico in trance.
  9:14am Thelma Blitz:

Hi Ken. we spelled Hildegarde's name wrong. "Hildegarde Knef" Still sounds great.
  9:15am Ken:

Morning all. Kenzo may have fixed the problems this comment frame was having in Safari and Internet Explorer. Let me know. (Previously, it wasnt updating in Safari after the initial page loaded, and in IE, it was refreshing but it kept jumping to the oldest comment, not the most recent one.)
  9:17am Wes:

Good morning, Ken. So far Internet Explorer refreshing with no problems. Good stuff.
  9:17am Ken:

Hi Thelma - I am going with "Neff"
because it returns the most hits on google. What can I say.. I'm a google whore.
  9:17am jeremy:

looking good for me on IE 7 running Windows Server 2003. Thanks ken + kenzo
  9:21am jeremy:

Wikipedia on Hildegard Knef: "She was billed in some English language films as Hildegard(e) Neff"

i need to get a variation on my name. maybe gheremie...
  9:29am Negator:

Ok, this Cibo Matto song is giving me a chubby! HELP!
  9:32am Keith:

Funny you said that Negator. Viva! La Woman always makes me think of my carnal pastimes from the mid to late 90's era.
  9:34am dickdong:

jeremy, g followed by h hardens the g as in spaghetti. How about Giuerhemie
  9:34am Ken:

Thanks for sharing, Negator. Close your eyes and think of Madeline Albright.
  9:34am Sadie:

Reporting from Safari, now refreshing spiffily as well.
  9:36am seanh:

looks fine in ie6 as well. updates, jumps to last post, etc.
  9:36am Giuerhemie:

sweet! now to star in some foreign films...
  9:38am dave in vermont:

you're cool
  9:40am lonnie:

it sounds recent, but only production-wise. it's funny to listen something that you know nothing about. no myspace page? no web site? i don't even want to google it, out of fear that there will be info
  9:43am Ken:

Bid3iliba is from Japan, 1994. Everything is in Japanese except for: FMN Sound Factory and personnel, which includes: Fuchigami Junko.
  9:47am Sadie:

Mysteriously, after my previous post the comments frame stopped refreshing -- I just had to do it manually. Just so's you know...
  9:48am Wes:

Efterklang was excellent, they sound like a Danish GYBE/ASMZ using films and strings and vocals and such. Very nice set.
  9:49am The Framinator...:

... is very happy with the frame fix. oh, by the way, the music is not so bad, either. ;-)
  9:50am seanh:

absolutely love Big Blood, especially that album. It's like bluegrass reimagined by hippie keibler elves.
  9:52am Ken:

Sadie, which browser and which version of it are you using?
  9:56am Negator:

Albright's skills of politics and diplomacy are as powerful as I've ever seen in anybody, but shes got to be good cause she is fugly! You should hear the Islamic leaders speak of her. They LOVE her! No shit. I think she was giving them all free peeks. OK, chubby gone! THanks, KEn...
  10:00am Negator:

Always knew those Kiebler Elves were Hippies! Yippees!
  10:02am Ann Arbor Doug:

Nice job Kenzo, thanks!
  10:05am The Framinator...:

... is experiencing the same problem as Sadie. the comment frame stopped refreshing after my post. is this your way of discouraging me from contributing my palaver?
  10:06am dickdong:

Bongo Joe! Thanks Ken.
  10:06am The Framinator:

oh, yes, IE6 here.
  10:08am pat:

Hmm, think I'll test this issue--I'm on Ubuntu, using Firefox 2.0.
  10:09am bwalker:

gay? who said we are gay? lies I tell you

really great to hear that byte!
  10:11am pat:

It's working for me--dump Microsoft folks...
  10:13am Mark:

bib3iliba seems to be Bidziliba
  10:14am Sadie:

Framinator, the good news is that it started working for me again after my second post. Whatever that means! The mysteries of Safari. (Well that's what I'm using anyway.)

Oh one more (persnickety) thing: the right edge of all 3 typing fields in the "post your comment" section here get cut off unless I make my window very wide. Which I don't recall being the case before -- or maybe just didn't notice. Which is entirely possible.
  10:16am bsack:

corticosteroid nasal sprays keep us happy here ...
  10:16am Pamela:

This format still drives me nuts, especially if you haven't been reading the comments since the beginning. I'll try and read the thread, and it refreshes, or someone makes a comment, and it bumps me to the bottom. Often I give up. It's not like I have anything too exciting to say, but still, sometimes I'd like to be inspired to participate.
  10:16am Ken:

Drugs in my system this AM: Allegra, Sudafed, Ibuprofen, Caffeine. What's in yours?
  10:17am Wimpy Speedball:

My morning meds today: hydrocodone and caffeine.
  10:17am Pamela:

I'm in Firefox
  10:18am bwalker:

stone cold pill free

  10:19am pat:

coffee and avacados
  10:19am pacatatu:

Mexican Institute of Sound is a great project by camilo lara, one guy sampling & sampling & building up his tracks. The track played here features the lyrics to a brazilian children´s song, lifted off from a kiddie record. The words go "Who wants to marry Little Cockroach Lady? She has a ribbon in her hair and money in her pocket." (just thought it would share this so important info, direct from brazil)
  10:20am Wes:

Same thing that is usually in my system, sticky icky. Can't wait for lunch.
  10:20am Jack:

Sudafed Rules! (Pseudoepinephrine-same as in Allegra, I think) They make bathtub meth from Sudafed. Vitamin I (Ibuprofen) works as a mild anti inflammatory. You need a powerful antihistimine; I suggest Zertec (my fave) very powerful. Alleve is Naproxen; it can seriously upset your stomach.
  10:21am Vivian:

Christmas coffee and Chamomile tea. Unfortunately, it slipped my mind that I was out of full strength coffee until this morning. Attempting to fight off a no-caffeine induced headache with tea.
  10:23am Frank Rossi:

The right stuff for the morning. Yodeln am morgen,
vertreibt kummer und sorgen. Ha.
  10:23am NEGATOR:

thc AND CAFFINE (A liitle sugar) in my veins Ken
  10:23am Giuerhemie:

caffine and some adreneline (does that count?) which comes naturaly when i ride my bike on the DC beltway
  10:24am Zmhelg:

Yodele hee hoo everyone!
  10:24am Ken:

Thanks for the info Jack! It's great to have a Pharmacist on board.
  10:25am Pamela:

I'd highly recommend Claritin or the generic alternative. It's fall allergy time, but I'm trying to hold off taking it, since I met someone for whom it didn't work anymore and I never want that to happen to me!

Other than that, lots of prescription drugs, which would tell you far too much about me.
  10:26am John from Oslo:

Ha ha - "Erika's Alpentraum" translates Erika's Alpine Dream - but take away the "en" in Alpentraum and you get Alptraum, which means Nightmare... oh well
  10:26am Mark:

An understandably underappreciated condition, a head cold and medicine is like sailing on dry land. Yesterday I was listing to starboard, today I am listing to port. Ahoy.
  10:26am Trsih:

Slow caffeine infusion and a blend of slow and speedy sugars.
  10:27am dei xhrist:

When you get home (or to a suitable room with plumbing), flush your sinus out with warm saline. Not only does it gross out anyone watching, it effectively gets a lot of the mook out so you can breathe through your nose again. Cuz that damn stuporfed only works if you take it before you need it.
  10:28am (mta) Tony:

Gotcha beat Ken. Also taking Ibuprofen, but 1600 mg (enough to cause a long-term painkilling buzz), Tussionex (liquid codeine for fast acting narcotic pain relief), Lexapro (an antidepressant that helped cope with your set list), Propranolol (a blood pressure stabilizer), and Diazapam (Vallium just to calm me down 'cause your song selections have made me hyper). Thanks for a great start to my day! - tony
  10:28am dei xhrist:

another note: today is Acorn Squash Day. But tomorrow is Answering Machine Day. I expect that Fabio will make use of that tidbit.
  10:29am Jack:

Just doing my job, Ken. (and other drugs as well...)
I agree with the others; you need massive doses of coffee, but SUGAR? Sugar is poison! (It can cause diabetes)
  10:30am Mark Bidziliba:

Bidziliba on FMN:
  10:30am pat:

Giuerhemie: you really ride on the beltway? Yer nuts. I stay on the sidewalks/trails. You'll get pizza'd by a SUV if you keep that up.
  10:30am Frank:

coffee, as always.
  10:32am Giuerhemie:

sorry i meant to should've said motorcycle - some would say that's crazy too though
  10:33am John from Oslo:

If you got a runny nose - use a syringe (without the needle...) fill it with 10ml of breastmilk from the mother of your choice, and inject 5ml into each nostril. It is a miracle worker, and a great prank at the same time!
  10:36am pat:

got it. You're only mildly nuts. Who else is yapping from DC here? Seems like there are a bunch of us. There's no radio to listen to in this stinkin' town.
  10:37am gwem:

Not in DC, but Baltimore. Radio sucks here too
  10:41am dei xhrist:

hey Oslo - without the syringe, it's boob-to-boob delivery.
(Manchester NH)
  10:42am dickdong (UK):

A morning cup of echinacea tea will eliminate all your needs for chemical support. I recommend the Yogi Tea version.
Does the entire USA run on caffiene?
  10:44am (mta) Tony:

Dear Jared, you're welcome to take a hit off the Tussionex bottle. All you gotta do is come here before 3 'cause that's when I leave for work. Take a big swig my friend! We're up by Columbia if you're close by. It's kickin' in now, oh my! Thanx Ken for the head lift! C'mon over, Jared and bring the ups so we can trade!
  10:45am The Framinator:

is in DC and agrees that the over-the-air radio bites the big one, with the notable exception being WPFW.
  10:45am Ken:

"Does the entire USA run on caffiene?"

Yes - caffeine and T-shirts.
  10:46am Giuerhemie:

yeah we don't mind the fluctuating price of gas but there will be anarchy if there is any hiccup in the coffee bean supply
  10:46am Sadie:

Is it just me or does this Turzi track sound just like Harmonia? Not that I'm complaining mind you... I love Harmonia. And it's a fine track.
  10:48am Ken:

I can report that 800mg of Ibuprofen only lasts five hours 15 minutes. My face is beginning to throb again.
  10:51am John from Oslo:

Toddy made with rhum or red wine is the best thing that doesn't help
  10:51am Shaun of the Meds:

I think we're going to break a record in terms of number of comments today.
  10:52am Bad Ronald:

We do heroin supplied by the government!
  10:54am Jack:

I'm drinking coffee, and my tee shirt reads "Better Living Through Chemistry"
  10:56am John Here:

John here from Sacramento. My tee says "Vandelay Industries, Latex Importing & Exporting".
  10:59am legally stoned:

My legal diet today are legally prescribed Benzodiazepines to calm my stress and continuing producing, but I am not allowed to relax smoking other things...leeets baaack to work!
  10:59am dei xhrist:

I will leave the Vandelay + latex word association to someone else. But I'll buy the resulting t-shirt.
  10:59am Negator:

My T-shirt reads, "I wish I'd been aborted. 3rd Trimester!"
  11:01am dei xhrist:

Prof Dumdum made t-shirts for last week's show?? OMG! Such a WFMU junkie!
  11:01am (mta) Tony:

Sorry to hear your face is hurting again. Shall I make a trip to the station with some pharaceuticals?
  11:03am (mta) Tony:

I know I spelled that word incorrectly but feel free to correct me anyway.
  11:04am Pamela:

Here in DC too. yes, radio sucks. Let's start a radio station! Can't be that difficult. WFMU does it! :-)
  11:06am zoe:

I'm on Claritin and Exedrin. Or at least the generic store brand versions.
  11:07am pat:

I'd love start a DC station but I hate music. Actually this topic comes up non-stop w/ friends. Seems no one has enough time. Stupid kids..
  11:08am dave in vermont:

only people who get really close can read my shirt: Hanes Classic
  11:08am Jeremy F.:

Do you have Jerry Orbach singing "Try to remember" that time of september?
  11:09am bpab:

Mulling introduction of more 5 day old chilled hi-test mint tea into normally caff-free system. Yesterday it turned me into psycho border collie trying to herd cars passing my lunch bench. Today's lunch: cous-cous and Answering Squash, and modest noseful of breast milk, if saintly passermum sees my "Seeking.." sign and stops at the bench.
Good show, Ken.
  11:11am zoe:

yes!!! Rod McKuen!!!
  11:11am Wes:

CVB "if I wasn't high on the flower, I could not work for the power, that stands for nothin anymore"
  11:12am Boo boo:

no!!!!!! Rod McKuen!!!!!!
  11:14am Sara:

Oof, you're right Ken -- he doesn't sound well. Kind of fits the song, ya gotta admit... though too sad to permit even a scrap of irony. (Not necessarily a bad thing.)
  11:16am Hana:

you played mum, tres awesome!
  11:20am michael b:

TAL FARLOW! Yes indeed! This is the best September ever!
  11:20am nEGATOR:

Dean sounded sober...
  11:20am Giuerhemie:

this sucks!! the internet connection has been very spotty over the past 30 minutes and i'm missing the september song grand finale!!!!!!!! i'll have to catch it on the archives
  11:24am nEGATOR:

Ken, next time you get on a theme song kick you could get listners versions like Kenny's "Cake" concept. Is Kenny going back to rehab? I know he was in for a long time a while back. Charlie's going to rehab with Irwin and Monica.... they're droppin' like flies! You're next , Ken! HA! HA! HA! HA!
  11:25am Vivian:

I have a headache AND a cloud of melancholy due to numerous versions of 'September Song'. Pass the kleenex...
  11:26am John from Oslo:

Lotte Lenya divorced Weill in 1933 but reunited with him in September 1935, when they both emigrated to the United States. They remarried in 1937. In 1941, the couple moved to a house of their own in New City, Rockland County, New York, roughly 50 km north of New York City. Their second marriage lasted until Weill's death in 1950.
  11:27am otto disc:

I guess hearing my french fellow maurice chevalier singing september calls for a cheesy comment : it's high time I said to you that your show is absolute bliss for me, thank you so much, I'm spending more time on wfmu than on french public radio (which can be quite good)
hope you'll post that shirley collins song some day

cheers, otto
  11:30am Ryan B:

Hey Ken- can you play some more Lette Lenya?
  11:33am jumpingoutwindow:

  11:33am Michael:

Ken, under Halakha the fact that you will never be able to play every single version of "September Song" does not exempt you from the obligation to _try to do.
  11:34am Ryan B:

Instead of Media Defender, the RIAA should just hire the guys from Negativland to do this.
  11:36am Ken:

John from Oslo - Explain what the hell this thing is!!!
  11:36am NEGATOR:

Ken, remember when CD's were coming out in the early 80's and they were astronomically priced. Consumers began to complain about the price and the record companies issued a statement promising to reduce the cost of them. Do you remember this event in about '84?
  11:37am jeremiah:

the media defender chopped and screwed remix sounds alright. and media defender is a pretty sweet name. i'd drop 8 bucks at the tank to see them.
  11:37am Jabez Wilson:

After Larry Flynt was "converted" by Ruth Carter Stapledon[sp?] (Jimmy's sister), he changed the name of his magazine's charming "Chester the Molester" to "Chester the Defender". ..anyone have a use for the term "Media Molester"?
  11:37am jneil:

In a perfect world, a Media Corruptor version of a Britney song would break out and get more airplay than the original.
  11:38am Norwegian dude:

Good stuff... Very funny Norwegian/Swedish stuff...
  11:38am (mta) Tony:

To Otto Disc, you can support the Artist/Recording Engineer by buying "Space Girl" at this web site: or contacting Peter Kennedy in London at and ask for FolkTrax #93, "Rocket Along" Famous Folksingers in the Fifties, FTX-093. Track #1 is Space Girl. I know this 'cause I purchased it. - tony
  11:38am dei xhrist:

Negativland being paid to letter the U and numeral the 2 would be the most perfect irony.
  12:26pm Kenzo:

Comments on comments, after the fact:
1) Thanks for the Safari-after-posting-a-comment report. I'll work on that.
2) Glad IE isn't having any problems (other than that it IS still IE).
3) Regarding the difficulty of "catching up" on a lot of comments before the refresh: In the future I will add a link that just gives you a big, frozen view of the comments, so you can catch up without fear of refresh.
4) King of the dues.
  4:15am John from Oslo:

Translation of "Gay Goes West" by Swedish prankster "Hassan"

Angel Talks with a Swedish accent in a typical fast Scandinavian gayish way; high pitched, excited, tranny'ish.
Pedro Talks with a Northern Norwegian accent - reserved - accommodative.


Pedro: Narvik Tourist Information

Angel: Hi, hello, where have I've come?

Pedro: To Narvik tou...

Angel: Hi, my name is Angel, I'm caling from Stockholm Gay Film Festival. We're taking a trip to Narvik next week.

Pedro: Yes

Angel: All of us are going; Balthazar, Tito, Robban, Jean Claude, Raoul, Fleming; ALL OF US are going. And we're really looking forward 'cause none of us have ever been to Norway.

Pedro: Yes

Angel: And, eh - yes, we're traveling under the motto; "When Narvik Goes Gay, Gay Goes Wild"

Pedro: Mmmm...

Angel: And then we go "West", in other words... And we're wondering - whereabout can we stay? Cause, we don't have that figured out.

Pedro: In Narvik?

Angel: Yes, precisely

Pedro: Yes...

Angel: IN NARVIK, WE'RE GOING TO STAY IN NARVIK! (oh, what fun - cool) [crowd cheers].

Pedro: Yes...

Angel: GOD!, how delightful - they're getting really happy here in the back...

Pedro: You are alot of people?

Angel: Yes, we're about 25 all together.

Pedro: 25?

Angel: Yes!

Pedro: And you probably want the least expensive accomodation?

Angel: No, that doesn't matter, no not at all [lots of babbling] keep calm, keep calm...

Pedro: ...yes, then I can recommend, you to... to maybe try the...

Angel: Can you recommend something?

Pedro: Eh, Nordstjernen Hotell [Northern Star Hotel]

GOING TO A HOTEL, HOTEL...! They're totally loosing it with joy here now... Ok, we'll be there.

Pedro: Yes...

Angel: [crowd gets even more excited] HOTEL, HOTEL, WE'RE GOING TO A HOTELL - PARTY!!! (I'm gonna wear a tanga!) Shhh, now keep quiet I've got this gorgeous boy on the line.

Pedro: Yes...

Angel: Yes, then we're coming, all of us. Should I call directly to...?

Pedro: Call directly to the hotel!

Angel: What is your name?

Pedro: I'm Pedro.

Angel: PEDRO! Pedro! [crowd's loosing it again] We'll meet up in Narvik later on, Pedro! Everybody; say bye to Pedro now! BYE PEDRO, SEE YOU LATER!

Pedro: Yes... [chuckles] ok... Bye then..
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