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Playlist for 10 October 2007 Favoriting | Where Has My Sausage Gone?

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
die purpurrote ente  wo hin ist meine wurst gegangen?   Favoriting Rebirth of the Fool Vol 3    *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Music Fur Allum  Sveket   Favoriting Twice      0:02:32 (Pop-up)
Motelli Skronkle  8. Polvi   Favoriting Collection      0:04:54 (Pop-up)
Coalesce  Whole Lotta Love   Favoriting There is Nothing New Under The Sun    *   0:08:21 (Pop-up)
Pink Floyd  Corporal Clegg   Favoriting A Saucerful of Secrets      0:11:39 (Pop-up)
Simply Saucer  Nazi Apocalypse   Favoriting Cyborgs Revisited      0:16:11 (Pop-up)
DJ Rupture and Andy Moore  Track One   Favoriting Imporvisation for Guitar and Turntables    *   0:25:27 (Pop-up)
Turzi  Axis of Good   Favoriting A    *   0:29:18 (Pop-up)
The Fiery Furnaces  Ex-Guru   Favoriting Widow City    *   0:37:48 (Pop-up)
Psychedelic Horseshit  New Wave Hippies   Favoriting Magic Flowers Droned    *   0:40:26 (Pop-up)
Japanther  Summer of 79   Favoriting Skuffed Up My Huffy    *   0:43:02 (Pop-up)
Electric Six  It's Showtime!   Favoriting I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master    *   0:45:02 (Pop-up)
Bobby Conn  69 Annee Erotique   Favoriting Camp Skingraft (!)  Thanks for the title Mark!    0:47:11 (Pop-up)
Devendra Banhart  Lover   Favoriting Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon    *   0:50:30 (Pop-up)
Les Rita Mitsouko  Femmes D'Affaires   Favoriting Systeme D      0:54:01 (Pop-up)
Oolanbator  Fire In The Dead of the Night   Favoriting 1382: The Persian New Waves - Underground Out Of The Islamic Republic of Iran      1:04:12 (Pop-up)
Malik  Shaft   Favoriting Generation Beur FM      1:10:05 (Pop-up)
Betty Davis  Come Take Me   Favoriting Self Titled      1:12:47 (Pop-up)
Dinosaur L  Clean On Your Bean #1   Favoriting 24-24 Music      1:16:23 (Pop-up)
Old Time Relijun  Veleno Mortale   Favoriting Catharsis In Crisis    *   1:23:08 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Katia. Tania. Paulina Y La Kim   Favoriting Pinata    *   1:28:29 (Pop-up)
Meat Puppets  Up On The Sun   Favoriting No Strings Attached      1:34:11 (Pop-up)
Juicy Panic  What Feeling?   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup      1:38:05 (Pop-up)
Caffe In  Mario & Peaches   Favoriting Stare Directly at the Sun: Beijing Pop 2007 (V/A)    *   1:48:50 (Pop-up)
The Pipettes  We Are The Pipettes   Favoriting Title Track    *   1:51:25 (Pop-up)
The Go! Team  Doing It Right   Favoriting Proof of Youth    *   1:54:32 (Pop-up)
tATu  Ubizienka Nol   Favoriting Dangerous and Moving      1:57:53 (Pop-up)
Chris Morris and Osymyso  Bushwhacked slushalodmix   Favoriting       2:02:06 (Pop-up)
Curlew  Let's Sit Right Down / The Passing   Favoriting A Beautiful Western Saddle      2:06:50 (Pop-up)
Robert Wyatt  A Beautiful Peace   Favoriting Comic Opera    *   2:10:34 (Pop-up)
Robert Wyatt  Be Serious   Favoriting Comic Opera    *   2:13:16 (Pop-up)
David Darling & The Wulu Bunun  Ku-IsaTama Lang   Favoriting Mudanin Kata      2:15:33 (Pop-up)
Mum  These Eyes Are Berries   Favoriting Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy    *   2:23:28 (Pop-up)
Mr. Black  Lesson 45 Motoring   Favoriting   thanks John!    2:26:40 (Pop-up)
Music fur Allum  Kommunismen Is Back In Town   Favoriting Twice      2:30:56 (Pop-up)
Mugwort Lycanthrope  Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition   Favoriting Rebirth of the Fool Vol 3    *   2:32:32 (Pop-up)
RIAA  I Don't Give Paper Mache   Favoriting Dirt Bacharach      2:36:43 (Pop-up)
The Minutemen  Political Song For Michael Jackson to Sing   Favoriting Double Nickels on the Dime      2:39:36 (Pop-up)
The Mink Lungs  I Sell Love   Favoriting The Better Button      2:40:55 (Pop-up)
Catatonic Youth  I've Had It   Favoriting     *   2:44:35 (Pop-up)
Me First and The Gimmee Gimmees  Annies Song   Favoriting       2:46:43 (Pop-up)
DJ Yoda  Just Practicing   Favoriting The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda    *   2:48:43 (Pop-up)
Audio Sports  Eat and Buy and Eat   Favoriting Era of Glittering Glass      2:50:19 (Pop-up)
DJ Riko  Whistler's Delight   Favoriting       2:54:18 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am bruceleh:

And I just started my diet today!
  9:05am John from Oslo:

Oh my GOD! Music Fur Allum, is priceless - and raunchy!
  9:05am Ken:

Why, what is a wurst gegangen?
  9:21am Eric:

I believe that a "wurst gegangen" would be a missing sausage (Where has my sausage gone?)
  9:23am Parq:

Hey, there's any idea! I'll market a line of lapel buttons that say "Motelli Skronkle Is a Group".
  9:26am john:

all right, a request. something by josef k, the only band my 5-year-old son will dance to
  9:27am bruceleh:

More than usual open to requests?
How about 'In Jail in Jacksonville" from Root Boy Slim?
I knows you guys got that album....
  9:27am north guinea hills:

i need to get my hands on this dj /rupture + andy moor. is there anything jace can't do?!

oh, and the combo w/ the ex's andy..... schiidt!
  9:29am Kat:

New Fiery Furnaces!
  9:35am north guinea hills:

requests? how about some cluster?
  9:37am Ken:

Today's personal pharmaceutical report: Alleve, Allegra-D, Fluticasone Propianate and Caffeine.
  9:39am Kat:

Thank you!
  9:41am Loratta Dene:

Allegra is great, is my favourite of the antihystamines! And it really doesn't make you psychotic at all!
  9:41am Jack:

God Bless Coffee!
Ken, the Alleve doesn't mess up your stomach? The Fluticasone Proprianate is one of my favorite nasal sprays (and smells so good). I'm on Sudafed, Zertec, Vospire(albuterol) and various inhalers (I got asthma bad and it's rainy today)
  9:42am Vivian:

Open for request, eh? What about the Minutemen's 'Political Song for Michael Jackson'?
Another morning, another cup of joe..
  9:43am lonnie:

requests? how about anything by iran
  9:45am north guinea hills:

i like this better then the pumpkin's "1979"
  9:48am listener jeremy:

i think everyone should put a little mustard on it
  9:52am Mark:

track 27 by bobby conn = 69 Année Érotique
  9:53am Mark:

make that 69 Annee Erotique
  9:54am Mark:

You're welcome
  9:57am Tirhs:

"Soixante-neuf " ! probably with les accents aigus.
  9:58am John from Oslo:

If you need more scandi-pranky / anglo-swedo to play on the go Ken, then try: it is radio clean
  10:05am Vicki:

John from Oslo - I recognise that BBC recording! He's turned up in some People Like Us too!
  10:05am lonnie:

no ken, i meant the band iran (mid to late '90s noise rock band). it's kind of a stumper, but i've had a real problem finding their records, and i didn't save the stuff i downloaded from audiogalaxy so many years ago. oolanbator's pretty tight, though.
  10:10am Listener Dave:

I know the Jesus Christ Superstar thing is so last year, so how about some Godspell? In a language other than English, of course.
  10:10am Pamela:

With all the talk of wurst, how about Meat Puppets? or Rammstein's Weisses Fleisch?
  10:12am K.:

i second the Meat Puppets
  10:13am thant:

Okay, that's a cool version of 'Shaft.'
  10:16am Liz B.:

The Arthur Brown sample in that Oolanbator song reminded me that the God of Hellfire recently set himself ablaze:
  10:20am Flock of Seagulls:

did someone say "i ran?" thanks for the shout out.
  10:25am -max-:

Request: R. Stevie Moore "Fridge Magnet Poem #1" from the Yung & Moore Show cd (2004). Crunchy instrumental, includes the sound of a NYC subway.
  10:26am Steve Barton:

Liz B, thanks for that link to the Arthur Brown story. Did you watch the video of him and his bandmate on fire?! Yikes.
  10:28am Doug:

You played Simply Saucer! ... and that version of Shaft was wonderful ...
  10:31am Ken:

Simply Saucer are playing our free show at Southpaw on Saturday night.
  10:33am Patrick:

that old time relljun track was super dooper!
  10:35am lonnie:

  10:35am Steve Barton:

  10:41am Trip G:

Did anyone see Meat Puppets play at Luna Lounge several weeks back? The original bassist is back and looks like an old crackhead and flails about in a way that must be seen. Incredible!
  10:41am jeremiah:

this is awesome what you're pplaying right here.
  10:44am lonnie:

meat puppets' bassist cris (or is it kurt?) kirkwood has lead quite the interesting life. look it up some time; old crackhead isn't too far off the mark.
  10:46am north guinea hills:

the juicy panic track sounded like a liberal take on the flashdance ost theme song.
  10:46am Snortley:

Simply the best classical music on jaw harp of any station around!
  10:47am Dickdong.:

Once again you are talking over Albrectsberger Concerto for Jew's Harp. I can't tell you how frustrating this is. It's a true rarity, we should hear more of it.
  10:48am Trip G:

Yes, I believe one of the Kirkwood bros. was shot a year or so ago in a skirmish with a security guard. Quite the characters! I first heard "Up on the Sun" when Ken played it during a 2004 show, one of his superb Summery Pop shows, my fave style show of his.
  10:49am OSHA:

we listen with interest to your description of work place conditions
  10:53am Ken:

DickDong, I put the entire ALbrechstberger CD on the FMU blog a while back. Download it and quit whining.
  10:53am K.:

  10:55am pat:

Cris Kirkwood was shot in the back and then served 4 years in a fed prison.
  10:59am K.:

new Go! Team is just like the last- ehh.
  11:01am Laurie:

You should play "Lesbians of Russia" by Bongwater whenever you play tATu
  11:01am Laurie:

Even though they're fake lesbians.
  11:02am trip G:

Wow. I just googled the Cris Kirkwood story. He's 47 but looks 67. His wife died from heroin. It's incredible seeing pictures of him when he was young. The Meat Puppets are playing the grossly new-refurbished Lion's Den (!) as part of CMJ soon.... highly recommended!
  11:07am Listener James from Westwood:

The Bush remix is doubly funny b.c I just finished the recent biography on Dear Leader by Draper. And by "funny," I mean I'm weeping under my desk.
  11:08am Melissa:

K, your last comment is just like the last one too.
  11:14am Dickdong:

<Download it and quit whining. >
K, thanks for the useful info.
  11:17am lonnie:

just yesterday my grass salesman was telling me that he never gets into politics or religion because it's never very interesting or fruitful what other people believe. he should have listened to this block of ken's show. or at least given me the weed for free. and you're right laurie, "lesbians from russia" is very fitting. how about some bongwater
  11:20am Listener Dave from NH:

Arthur Russell and David Darling in one show - what about Tom Cora for a trifecta of modern cellists?
You played Tom Cora + The Ex's "State of Shock" on your show a few years back and that got me started on hunting down everything by The Ex that I could. Even having seen them play it in concert, I don't think it's possible to play that song too loud.
  11:22am Lukas:

Actually, Tom Cora was on the Curlew track Ken just played.
  11:24am negator:

Fuck your weed salesman, Lonnie. He's just a bore, more than likely....
  11:30am pat:

The Ex (with or without Cora) is the best live performance there is, hands my opinion.
  11:35am Doug:

If you're listing imporatant modern cellists, you can't stop at three. Eric Friedlander, Abdul Wadud, John Contreras, Hans Buetow, Charlotte Moorman, Tristan Honsinger, etc., etc. all should be checked. Cellos rule!
  11:35am BlackBeard:

Hey! What is this crap!!!???
  11:37am Lukas:

Lil Jon it is!
  11:38am BlackBeard:

  11:38am Marcus:

Oh god, I really like this.
  11:40am Ann Arbor Doug:

Where do I get this RIAA material please Ken??
  11:41am Vivian:

thank you !!!!!! I'm such a dork....
  11:42am Ken:

Doug - It's here:
  11:42am friend of RIAA:
  11:43am Mark:

how about "If Reagan played disco" or would that be too much minutemen?
and according to amazon "these eyes are berries" is the title of the mum song.
  11:45am Listener Dave from NH:

Oh snap - I've been out cello nerd'd! I'll have to get on my Google game and find out what all albums by those other cats are worth hunting down. Thanks for the tips.
The Ex does put on a hell of a show, but best ever is a bold statement.
Thanks for the link to the RIAA tracks!
  11:46am NEGATOR:

Shiver me timbers, I feel a might better after ye pirate essay, Ken. Glad to know ye supports lad-fucking! See you on the poop deck...
  11:48am pat:

I did say "in my opinion" but who puts on a better show than the Ex?
  11:52am pat:

Although the Boredoms' shows were pretty intense too...
  11:57am Amdrrw:

On the Beta Band's 3 EPs there is a sudden handclap breakdown with wonderful Japanese rapping. I always luffed it maximally, never tried to find out its source. I think you mightah found it in Audio Sports!! Thank you sew much
  11:58am Laurie:

QUICK! Someone tell August that a whistled rendition of his favorite song, the Hamster Dance, is the bed music for Ken's show.
  12:00pm NEgator:

Yeah, Tony! Whaaaaaaa, Charlie......
  2:10pm Doug:

Simply Saucer is playing a show for you? First of all the fact that these guys are even known outside of Ontario (where I am) amazes me .... that they're still around is even weirder ... but cool.
  4:55pm Gil:

Wow, that second song "Sveket" was pretty dirty text in Swedish... funny :)
  6:43am TIM FELEPPA:

bless you ken for playing mink lungs love tim from mink lungs..
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