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Playlist for 17 October 2007 Favoriting | Jiffy Pope

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Einsturzende Neubauten  Ic Hatte Ein Wort   Favoriting Alles Wiederoffen    *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Cobra Killer & Kapajkos  High Is The Pine   Favoriting Das Mandolineorchester      0:04:06 (Pop-up)
Dalek  In This City (Deadverse Remix)   Favoriting Deadverse Massive Vol 1: Dalek Rariites 1999-2006    *   0:07:41 (Pop-up)
t.A.T.u.  Track 9   Favoriting 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane      0:13:22 (Pop-up)
Benjamin, Wildman of Hypnosis  Audio Letter   Favoriting       0:17:07 (Pop-up)
X Ray Spex  Germfree Adolescents   Favoriting       0:24:15 (Pop-up)
Boruk Glasgow  Eddie My Love   Favoriting Blackhole Boogie      0:32:08 (Pop-up)
Estelle  In The Year 2000   Favoriting       0:34:12 (Pop-up)
Strawberry Switchblade  Since Yesterday   Favoriting Self Titled      0:37:03 (Pop-up)
Camera Obscura  Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken   Favoriting Let's Get Out of This Country      0:39:54 (Pop-up)
The Bluebells  Red Guitars   Favoriting Sisters      0:43:12 (Pop-up)
Aztec Camera  Lost Outside The Tunnel   Favoriting High Land Hard Rain      0:46:31 (Pop-up)
De Artsen  Connie Waves With A Shell   Favoriting Self Titled      0:50:17 (Pop-up)
We Are Wolves  Fight and Kiss   Favoriting Total Magique    *   1:01:31 (Pop-up)
Mouse on Mars  Duul   Favoriting Varcharz    *   1:04:11 (Pop-up)
Psychedelic Horseshit  Can't Get Enough   Favoriting Magic Flowers Droned    *   1:11:01 (Pop-up)
The Billy Nayer Show  Party   Favoriting The American Astronaut      1:13:05 (Pop-up)
Flaming Fire  Love The Way You Kill Me   Favoriting Kentucky Shroud    *   1:16:04 (Pop-up)
Big Boys  We Got Soul   Favoriting Wreck Collection      1:19:37 (Pop-up)
Curtis Mayfield  Dont Worry, If There's A Hell Below We're All Gonna Go   Favoriting       1:22:11 (Pop-up)
Ike and Tina Turner  Doin' It   Favoriting       1:30:38 (Pop-up)
The Ray Bryant Combo  Thge Madison Time, Part 1   Favoriting       1:37:07 (Pop-up)
Arnett Cobb  Top Flight   Favoriting Arnett Blows for 1300      1:40:09 (Pop-up)
Wynder K Frog  Green Door   Favoriting       1:42:54 (Pop-up)
D. Cordell's Tea Time Ensemble  A Quick One For Sanity   Favoriting Return of The Instro-Hipsters Vol 2    *   1:45:24 (Pop-up)
Young-Holt Limited  Food Stamps   Favoriting       1:48:24 (Pop-up)
101 Strings  Flameout   Favoriting       1:52:41 (Pop-up)
Volker Kriegel  Zoom   Favoriting       1:55:22 (Pop-up)
Pop John Paul II  Cristo E Liberazione   Favoriting Abba Pater  He's Back!    2:07:05 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Katia, Tania, Paulina Y La Kim   Favoriting Pinata      2:10:49 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  Right Side (excerpt)   Favoriting Your Mom's Favorite DJ      2:15:52 (Pop-up)
Rocket Freudental  Gerumpel Zu Verkaufen   Favoriting Wir Leben Wie Gespenster      2:20:25 (Pop-up)
Die Purpurrote Ente  Wo Hin Meine Wurst Gegangen?   Favoriting Rebirth of the Fool Vol 3    *   2:24:04 (Pop-up)
RIAA  Models Got to Fight For Their Right To Mambo   Favoriting A Tribute To Ktaftwerk      2:26:57 (Pop-up)
Losfeld  Um   Favoriting 1      2:30:09 (Pop-up)
Elekelaiset  Tarakahumppa   Favoriting       2:34:19 (Pop-up)
King Missile  America Kicks Ass   Favoriting       2:37:11 (Pop-up)
Ammer, Einheit & Haage  I Will Survive   Favoriting Apocalypse Live      2:40:45 (Pop-up)
DJ Rupture and Andy Moor  Track Two   Favoriting Improvisation For Guitar and Turntables    *   2:44:05 (Pop-up)
Turzi  Attila Blues   Favoriting A    *   2:46:33 (Pop-up)
Electric Six  Down at Mcdonnelzz   Favoriting I Shall Exterminate EVerything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master    *   2:51:04 (Pop-up)
Head and Leg  Poke You In The Eye   Favoriting       2:55:44 (Pop-up)
Music Fur Allum  Os   Favoriting Twice      2:56:33 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:15am Listener Dave:

Nothing brightens the morning like t.a.t.u
  9:16am Ken:

Only 112 days until the tATu movie is released. I posted a preview from it on the FMU blog yesterday. It looks quite promising.
  9:17am Gene:

Oh, geez... what's next on wfmu? Ruki vverh (translation: hands up)? :)
Whah? there is a movie??
  9:19am john from Oslo:

Hands up, baby, hands up,
Gimme your heart, gimme, gimme your heart
Gimme gimme
Hands up, baby, hands up,
Gimme your heart, gimme, gimme your heart
Gimme gimme
All your love,
All your love.
  9:22am Parq:

You are getting sleepy. You are getting very sleepy. You are going to your checkbook and sending WFMU a boatload of your money . . .
  9:24am Vicki:

Hey John from Oslo, could you drop me a line please - I need to ask you a question - you can contact me through Thanks! Vicki
  9:24am Trish:

Hahaha. A read, live, staged, pre-taped, fictional perfomance.
  9:32am Listener Dave:

Can the t.a.t.u movie be works than "You Can't Stop The Music"? Or "Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park"?
  9:35am Listener Dave:

Sorry, that's "worse"
  9:35am Ken:

Worst music moveis I've seen: Sergeant Peppers, The Doors, A Night In Heaven, Footloose
  9:35am Vivian:

Or Xanadu?
  9:37am Vicki:

Leave off Xanadu, the soundtrack is fantastic!
  9:39am John from Oslo:

Xanadu has that great Olivia Newton John / The Tubes song, n'est pas
  9:40am Sarah:

The Phantom of the Paradise:
  9:40am Parq:

Streisand's "Star is Born". And though I know people disagree, I hated Ken Russel's "Tommy."
  9:40am delos:

the spice girl movie sucks
  9:42am s808:

such pretty music. so 80's obscura...more please of this jangly brit pop.
  9:43am dieuwke (from holland):

i'm getting married in februari, does anybody know a song that we can play at the ceremony?
  9:45am Vivian:

Dieuwke, may I suggest 'Night and Day'?
  9:47am mouse:

Wedding music: Not Gonna Get Us by t.a.T.u., of course!
  9:48am gene:

... or robot-robot
  9:50am yesman no:

oh jyiess i wike ze toonz
  9:51am john from Oslo:

Valuta USD
Month Buying Selling
2007.09 5.5175 5.8075
2007.08 5.7380 6.0280
2007.07 5.6688 5.9588
2007.06 5.8895 6.1776
2007.05 5.9032 6.1732
2007.04 5.8816 6.1516
2007.03 6.0204 6.2904
2007.02 6.0680 6.3380
2007.01 6.2449 6.5149
2006.12 6.0562 6.3262
2006.11 6.2806 6.5506
2006.10 6.5337 6.8037

In 1 year the USD has dropped with 1 Norwegian kroner. So a contribution worth $100 would be $17 less than last year out of a Norwegian pocket. Imagine if this holds up the next 6 years! Boy, will I have a shitload of t-shirts...
  9:54am gene:

Time to move to Canada...
  9:55am dave in vermont:

That is a fantastic movie! I just revisited it with my 10 yr old daughter. The film stock, the cinematography, some of the music, Kevin Bacon's hair, John Lithgow's acting. Though the dialogue is not great there is no fat, it is quick and tight like a pulp western. Lori Singer need to eat a sandwich though. I do lament that Sarah Jessica Parker went on to such fame. Don't dis Footloose.
  9:59am MOUSE:

Everybody cut, everybody cut.
  10:01am Mouse, again:

Worst rock & roll movie: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains.
  10:03am dei xhrist:

what about Spice World? It's worth watching for the cameos alone.

dieuwke : I wanted the theme from Phantom of the Opera (tocotta & fugue in D minor I think), but in the mad rush to clean house before the ceremony, it got lost. So instead, bride dei entered to Kronos Quartet's Early Music.
  10:03am Puerto Rico:

I liked the De Artsen that was really cool. Keep up the cool jams.
  10:04am Pietro:

Song Remains the Same, The Wall, and lest we forget, the Tom Petty movie Bogdanovich just did--like we need 3 hours of that mediocrity? Krikey.
  10:04am Mike Harding:

The Spice Girls Movie gets my vote.
  10:04am dave in vermont:

"Almost Famous"
  10:04am lee:

worst rock films: "purple rain", "rock star"
  10:05am HoofHearted:

What about Saving Private Ryan?
  10:06am Vicki:

The Spice Girls movie - I have never seen it and it's the worst movie I've never seen.
  10:06am Irwin Chusid:

Worst rock movie nomination: "FM"
  10:07am Ken:

Wow, Irwin - you're right. FM really is up there. Truly, truly awful. I thought Saving Private Ryan was good, except for the part about World War Two.
  10:10am Wes:

My Polish Princess just came into the office, maybe some day I'll get up the nerve to ask her out....
  10:11am dave in vermont:

I could maybe go with "Purple Rain"-Great music terrible move. But "FM"? that inspired "WKRP" and has one of the great covers for dead air of all time.."...a track from the best of Marcel Marceau"
  10:19am dieuwke:

just listened to the kronos quartet, it's nice but i'm looking for happy music. thanks for the suggestion.
  10:20am Mike Harding:

Lets have a minute's noise for Marcel Marceau! In Memoriam...
  10:21am Vivian:

Moulin Rouge needs to be added to the worst movie list. Sheer torture. I sat through it only because someone I had a crush on thought it was the best movie. Argh!
  10:24am Poj:

Worst Rock and Roll movie? The Apple.
  10:25am BillyJam:

worst rock related movie I have seen would be Gus Van Sant's "Last Days" about Kurt Cobain - which was so torturous to watch that by the end of it I was ready to blow my own brains out! Meanwhile the best remains Spinal Tap
  10:26am dave in vermont:

my co-worker who is also not supposed to be listening to music at work agrees with Vivian re: Moulin Rouge, though I disagree for reasons to visceral to express.
  10:29am Michael:

Irwin is right about FM. I've been watching a lot of rock doumentaries lately and I gotta say there's a whole bunch of bad rock docs too - many without any context or even a reason to be made for that matter. One of the worst I saw was something they used to play on Channel 13 eons ago "Music from Big Sur" I think it was called. Ugh.
  10:34am John from Oslo:

"Detroit Rock City" is terrible AND co produced by Gene Simmons from Kiss, funny though since the whole plot is about some Kiss-fans trying to get into a Kiss concert (sic)
  10:34am pat:

The best: Head
  10:40am dei xhrist:

definately, Head is great. Even if you're sober. And in the "best" direction, allow me to add An American Astronaut. It's not about rock, but it is a movie length music video so it almost counts. Plus it would pair quite well with Head as a double feature.
  10:42am Ann Arbor Doug:

What did you think of "Dig?"
  10:47am Vivian:

I don't know about 'Dig' but I'm digging this set...
  10:47am Michael:

I saw Dig - it was interesting. Around the same time I watched "Mayor of Sunset Strip" about Rodney Bingenheimer and I'd recommend that as well.
  10:49am Gazoo:

Also on the good side, although it was just videos, Urgh! A Music War is really cool.
  10:51am Listener David in Budd Lake:

I have to agree, Detroit Rock City was pretty awful!
  10:56am Listener Sharon:

You're Gonna Miss Me, the Roky Erickson doc is a great, great film that put me in 13th Floor Elevators mode for weeks. Definitely recommend it.
  10:56am HotRod:

Wow. I haven't heard any Scamp titles in a while. Nice.
  10:57am dave in vermont:

can anyone else chime in on the atrocity of "Almost Famous" and the mischarecterization of Lester Bangs please?
  10:59am dei xhrist:

Life's too short to seek out popular movies that other FMU listers have dissed.
  10:59am Bad Ronald:

Yes, almost as bad as "Sid and Nancy"
  11:01am Parq:

I liked Urrgh too, and also the Daniel Johnston and Danielson Familie docums.
  11:01am Ken:

I actually thought that Almost Famous had a few redeeming things about it, including Philip Seymour Hoffman's portrayal of Bangs. And then there was the great Peter Frampton poker scene.
  11:01am dei:

  11:02am Listener Sharon:

Oh come on, tell me you didn't love it when the white limo took Sid to heaven...
  11:06am dave in vermont:

In fact; "Almost Famous" may be my only Phillip Seymout Hoffman disappointment.
  11:08am monkey:

Resurrecting the!
  11:09am Listener Sharon:

Gotta love a pope who sounds like Bela Lugosi! In fact it gives you a whole different way to think about his "resurrection."
  11:11am Ken:

But Dave - Think about how much worse it could've been if they had picked someone other than Hoffman to play Bangs. It could've been like Hayden Christenson playing a buff and chiseled Bob Dylan in Factory Girl.
  11:12am Listener Sharon:

Another reason not to see Factory Girl!
  11:16am -max-:

Best rock movie: 200 MOTELS!!!
  11:18am Ken:

Actually, Sienna Miller was a good Edie in Factory Girl, but almost everything else in the film stunk. Although I've heard that the director's cut is way improved.
  11:23am Shaun of the Meds:

That Pope in the Fire picture is very convincing. I believe!
  11:26am john from Oslo:

OH NO - Wohin ist mein Wurst gegangen. My sausage has gone AGAIN!!!
  11:28am fach001:

die wurst, demnaechst als Hit auf der Soester Kirmes!
  11:28am dei:

Hier bist seine Wurst... (naughty innuendos weren't covered in high school german). Now I habe durst for german rap.
  11:38am Bad Ronald:

King Missile Rules!
  11:42am bpab:

Jiffy Pope, Jiffy Pope -- the magic sight!
When the faithwood gets wet, he's damn hard to light!
  11:49am pat:

Andy Moore rules. one of the most distinctive guitar sounds around now.
  11:52am pat:

actually it's Andy MOOR -->
  9:24am Bryan B:

Ken - I've been an FMU listener since the late 60's and your show is one of the best but the Pope on fire - WTF? Would you put up something like that with the head Rabbi of whatever or perhaps a recognizable Mullah? Just some trival hipster nonsense...
  5:44am James:

Is this last comment a complicated multi-layered self parody joke? I mean has FMU really been on air since the 60s? I can't believe it.
  5:51am Ken:

Bryan - The answer is Yes - if any particular religious leader claims that their (dead) leader has been manifested in a taco or a fire, I will report it. My promise to you. The Pope in the Fire was reported by none other than the Vatican News Service.
  11:08am James:

but.... it's not the pope on fire..... it's not a burning pope..... errr it's not an ignited pope..... it's the appearance of the pope as fire. in much the same way as jesus appears in clouds and such like.
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