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Playlist for 21 November 2007 Favoriting | Cold Turkey Day

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
Plastic Ono Band  Cold Turkey   Favoriting Live Jam    0:00:00 (Pop-up)
15.60.75 (The Numbers Band)  Jimmy Bell   Favoriting Jimmy Bell's Still in Town    0:06:34 (Pop-up)
Television  Ain't That Nothin'   Favoriting Live at the Old Waldorf    0:17:33 (Pop-up)
Wire  Our Time   Favoriting Read and Burn 03  *   0:23:58 (Pop-up)
Ruins  Love of Sun   Favoriting Stare Directly at the Sun: Beijing Pop 2007  *   0:32:29 (Pop-up)
Anna Elektronische  Ha   Favoriting Olakranon  *   0:35:49 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  Get Ur Freak On   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup    0:39:46 (Pop-up)
Le Mans  Un Rayo De Sol   Favoriting Trattoria Menu 100  *   0:43:15 (Pop-up)
Supergrass  Alright   Favoriting The Brit Box  *   0:46:48 (Pop-up)
KROCK Announcer  Pavement Stage Announcement   Favoriting     0:49:17 (Pop-up)
Cristina  Is That All There Is?   Favoriting Rodney on the Roq Vol?    0:52:52 (Pop-up)
DJ Axel  Stand Up Fever   Favoriting Breakin' The Law  *   0:58:15 (Pop-up)
Soft Boys  Cold Turkey   Favoriting     1:06:31 (Pop-up)
William Burroughs  A Thanksgiving Prayer   Favoriting     1:13:21 (Pop-up)
Audio Sports  Eat and Buy and Eat   Favoriting     1:13:28 (Pop-up)
RIP Slyme  Nettaiya   Favoriting Title Track    1:17:40 (Pop-up)
Rita Lee  Corista De Rock   Favoriting Brazil '70  *   1:22:22 (Pop-up)
Joshua Fried  Second Cumbia   Favoriting Music by Joshua Fried    1:26:10 (Pop-up)
Rudy Giuliani  September 11   Favoriting     1:30:17 (Pop-up)
Station 17  Teile Drei   Favoriting Genau So    1:32:13 (Pop-up)
Ross Johnson  Theme From "A Summer Place"   Favoriting Make It Stop!  *   1:35:08 (Pop-up)
Ferlin Husky  Drunken Driver   Favoriting Shit Happens    1:38:09 (Pop-up)
Maybelle Carter  Drunkard's Hell   Favoriting     1:40:47 (Pop-up)
Goebbel Reeves  H.O.B.O. Calling   Favoriting Yodelling Mad    1:44:47 (Pop-up)
Grandpa Jones, Rudy Giuliani and Jim Roche  Drunken Bubble Nine Eleven   Favoriting     1:55:18 (Pop-up)
Chrome  The Phantom of Sanity   Favoriting Third From The Sun    1:54:17 (Pop-up)
Chapstick  Retainer   Favoriting Acid Ranch 2000    1:58:52 (Pop-up)
Bush Tetras  Cold Turkey   Favoriting     2:08:39 (Pop-up)
Alien Sex Fiend  Stuff The Turkey   Favoriting     2:12:18 (Pop-up)
Dumptruck  Thanksgiving   Favoriting     2:16:07 (Pop-up)
Cold Turkey  Godfathers   Favoriting Hit By Hit    2:21:31 (Pop-up)
Electric Six  Lucifer Airlines   Favoriting I Shall Exterminate Yadda Yadda Yadda  *   2:26:14 (Pop-up)
Loudon Wainwright  Fear With Flying   Favoriting Final Exam    2:29:01 (Pop-up)
Big Blood  Frost Farm   Favoriting Sew Your Wild Days Tour Vol II  *   2:32:19 (Pop-up)
Tim Gane & Sean O'Hagan  La Consecration?   Favoriting La Vie D'Artiste Soundtrack  *   2:38:36 (Pop-up)
Peter Vermeersch  Two Volcanoes   Favoriting Immer Das Selbe Gelogen    2:40:40 (Pop-up)
Gustav  Rettet Die Wale   Favoriting Title Track    2:45:18 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Jack Nietzche 
Medication Waltz Coming and Going   Favoriting     2:49:43 (Pop-up)
Henry Flynt & Nova Billy  Amphetamine Rhapsody   Favoriting Nova Billy  *   2:55:08 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am JJZ:

Gobble gobble.
  9:04am Listener Dave:

Didn't see that one coming.
  9:06am Sean:

Primal Turkey Scream
  9:09am Ken:

Morning all. Due to popular demand (two weeks ago) Kenzo has added a feature which temporarily stops these comments from refreshing. The link is at the top to pause the comments from auto-refreshing. WHen you pause it, another link will appear at the top and the bottom to restart it.
  9:10am Parq:

Oh thank you, Kenzo, you are one of my top FMU heroes!
  9:12am Listener Dave:

Fantastic. Love the new feature. Thanks Kenzo!
  9:16am -max-:

Excellent job, Kenzo! Great choices to start the ol' blood flowing, Ken! Kudos all 'round!!
  9:18am RyanDC:

Does that Plastic Ono Band cut have Frank Zappa on gee-tar?
  9:19am Bethany:

Agreed, Max...Man that drum solo had me a tappin
  9:20am Ken:

Ryan - I'll have to defer to another Lennon completist for that answer, but it doesn't appear to include Zappa. G Harrison and Clapton might be playing on some of it.
  9:30am Kosta:

Aint that nothing rocked!!!!!!!!!
  9:31am negator:

Diane you hot warbling milf take it OFF!
  9:31am Doug:

I'm taking my clothes off too!
  9:32am negator:

Yeah, baby, yeah!
  9:32am Doug:

The rock band Moes Haven released a song called "Diane Rehm" in 2004.
  9:32am cheri:

happy thanksgiving ken,,have you got any plans?? will you watch the parade??
  9:32am Bethany:

You know Diane Rehm is way too classy for that..
  9:33am Ben:

You are making me feel a little weird inside.
  9:34am Ken:

I must have the Diane Rehm song.. please send it if possible. She is my new heroine.
  9:34am John from Oslo:

Wow, That sounded like Peter Sellers doing the voice of "Auntie Rotter", from the sketch of the same name
  9:35am Doug:

I don't have it, that's from her Wikipedia entry.

Spasmodic Dysphonia is a pretty good band name.
  9:38am cheri:

Wow, this Anna Electronische is outstanding!
  9:40am steve beshekis:

Anna Electronische=extremely cool....
  9:40am Doug:

The last track I heard from this was awful, like a substandard Britney tune. This isn't bad though. Incidentally I was only able to get google results by spelling the name with a "K" - Elektronische.
  9:41am Bethany:

Goin' back to Diane Rehm, she's pretty hot. You don't really get that impression from her voice.
  9:42am nh_dave:

Shockingly Satanicpornocultshop's myspace page is so NSFW
  9:42am Ken:

It's true. Diane Rehm looks about 50 years younger than she sounds. And her radio show is actually pretty good.
  9:43am nh_dave:

Oh yeah Ken frequent posters should get a 'no math' pass, kinda like the TSA 'breeze through security' passes they are thinking of. Morning + simple math doesn't work for me so well...
  9:46am Ken:

That's not too shocking NH Dave - they are generally NSFW. I edited the curses out of the track I just played.
  9:50am mike:

i love this pavement guy!
  9:51am Adam in London:

Supergrass, brilliant..
  9:53am Listener Dave:

I say if the crowd turns on you, just go with it.
  9:53am jamest:

KROCK announcer is your mom, Ken
  9:55am Ben:

no, that's MY mom
  9:55am Bethany:

I like the wackiness of this version of "Is That All There Is?"
  9:56am dave from baltimore:

hey, this isn't pavement... Good Morning everyone!
  9:57am jonathan:

let us break out the booze
  9:58am Ken:

You can grab this version of Is That All There Is from the FMU blog, btw.
  9:59am Bethany:

Sweet, Ken..I never knew nihilism could make me wanna dance so much
  9:59am Doug of Canada:

Nice... always loved "Is that all there is?" ... and Cold Turkey (thanksgiving joke, I guess) ... "This is a song about pain!"
  10:07am Doc Fu:

Thank you for telling me about pausing the comments. Now I don't have to see this one!
  10:10am Listener Dave:

What's tonight's SSD encore presentation going to be?
  10:12am nh_dave:

Oh yeah! WSB! I love the video (thanks for the blog for posting it a few years ago)
  10:12am raga:

YES! no thanksgiving would be complete without uncle bill's thanksgiving prayer.
  10:14am dave from baltimore:

I played this for my ex and it made her angry at me for not being in the holiday spirit- thankfull that that one is over! happy thanksgiving everyone
  10:17am Ken:

Dave - Tonight's SSD will be a never before re-run show from 1994. Not sure which one though.. I have three to choose from.
  10:19am Listener Dave:

Cool! I'll be listening while I start to do prep for tomorrow's festivities.
  10:20am Wes:

Jeeeeeyah. (don't you fumble, just be humble)
  10:25am -max-:

RyanDC: That Plastic Ono Band live version Cold Turkey did not have FZappa playing on it. He joined in later, starting with the song "Well". Just for the record...
  10:32am nh_dave:

Rudy was on the local talk radio station up in boston the other day and I could have sworn that the interview was 9:11 long
  10:32am Webhamster Henry:

Joshua Fried is lots of fun! see more his stuff on
  10:33am Wes:

Break out the powder puffs, it's Judy Ghoul-e-Annie!! Talk to you later, 9/11.
  10:34am Mark:

Joe Biden on Rudy Giuliani "And the irony is, Rudy Giuliani, probably the most underqualified man since George Bush to seek the presidency, is here talking about any of the people here. Rudy Giuliani... I mean, think about it! Rudy Giuliani. There's only three things he mentions in a sentence -- a noun, a verb, and 9/11. There's nothing else! There's nothing else! And I mean this sincerely. He's genuinely not qualified to be president
  10:35am ?:

Liked Corsta De Rock, how is the rest of Brazil '70? Ah, Good Morning Ken and other WFMU listeners. Can one anticipate a September 11 mp3 up on the WFMU blog? Looking forward to a nice afternoon nap...
  10:36am Bethany:

Joe Biden was compared with the best soccer player in America today on Morning Edition..he's super qualified but nobody knows who he is..Wow big ups to NPR this morning, I guess.
  10:36am nEGATOR:

'shit out by wholesome American guts'
  10:37am jonathan:

weak and afraid
  10:40am Pamela:

What an uplifting song for the holidays (drunken driver)
  10:42am negator:

This is the kind of irony I fear...(drunken driver)
  10:42am Bethany:

Pamela- for real, though. How about a follow up with John Prine's "Sam Stone"? All the money goes into daddyyyyy's arrrmmm
  10:42am Listener Dave:

Any chance of rounding out the set with Jean Shepherd doing a reading of "Hellbound Train"?
  10:45am Parq:

I was away from the puter for over an hour, and I came back, hit pause, and read all the back comments at my leisure without losing my place once. It's a miracle!

Boy that Ferlin sure put a scare into me. I'll never go driving drunk late at night while my kids are out on the road homeless again!
  10:47am Bethany:

Holy crap, is this for real? Hobo radio? So freakin sweet. Sorry to post so much
  10:49am (mta) Tony:

No need to apologize, Bethany. We love having you and reading what you have to say. Keep on postin'! Are you Bethany Ryker?
  10:51am Bethany:

Nope...Enright. From Lansing, MI.
  10:51am jamest:

No I am Bethany Ryker you bastards!
  10:52am Parq:

Bonne chance, Wes.
  10:53am Vivian:

Bethany Ryker broke my bubble i know how to blow bubble.s..
  10:53am Rob W:

Giuliani Speaks for Himself! (I'm reminded of:
  10:53am jonathan:

where did the bubble blower stuff come from?
  10:54am (mta) Tony:

Good to have you aboard! Happy Thanksgiving, Bethany from Lansing, Bethany Ryker, jamest, Parq, Wes, Ken, Dave (both of you's), Cheri, and all the rest.
  10:55am Andrew:

Helios Creed Thanksgiving
  10:55am Bethany:

To you as well, Tony!
  10:57am Wes:

Merci, Parq.....getting close to lunch time!
  11:01am Listener Dave:

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well
  11:08am Bethany:

Wasn't Werner Herzog interested in hypnotism, too?
  11:08am cheri:

so ken,,bethany,,,what are your plans for thanksging???
  11:11am Pamela:

Tony-wrote to Big Blood and they have CDR's at the following locations (can't believe I'm giving this out before I buy!)
  11:12am Bethany:

Cheri- Going to my aunt's and wishing there was beer to drink
  11:13am efd:

I don't know if this is in the library (or if it would be to your liking, Ken) but the Godfathers did a decent (imho) "Cold Turkey" cover on their Hit After Hit album.

I guess I have just outed myself as a Godfathers fan.
  11:18am negator:

Poor Alien Sex Fiend. Is he dead yet?
  11:18am Mark:

He's been dead 2 or 3 times at least
  11:21am Ken:

Just a reminder for anybody checking in late, you can now pause the comments from refreshing so you can scroll through them and actually read them, Hit the "pause" link at the top. This is a new feature for all shows that do playlists with comments.
  11:25am Ken:

Thanks efd, great version! Cant find the Cheap Trick version, damnit!
  11:26am mark m:

the show's great & so were the Godfathers. I saw 'em in an Austin club in the late 80s and they KILLED.
  11:31am Listener Dave:

This isn't going to lead to "Fire and Rain", is it? Well, Andy would be happy.
  11:31am Mark:

Should I mention that Cold Turkey was also covered by Lenny Kravitz?
  11:32am Listener Dave:

"Hit The Plane Down" wuold be cool, however. Sorry, I'm being a backseat DJ.
  11:32am cheri:

well ken,,happy thanksgiving anyway,,,,,have fun
  11:35am Ken:

"Should I mention that Cold Turkey was also covered by Lenny Kravitz?"

No, I'd prefer that you not bring that up.
  11:40am Mark:

I thought so
  11:41am Bethany:

This (Tim Gane) kinda sounds like the High Llamas making a song for a television show that features in-depth reports...I'm not sure why, though. Or maybe the soundtrack to a jazzy Steve McQueen movie.
  11:42am evan:

Do you have a cover of Lenny Kravitz playing Turkey In The Straw?
  11:42am efd:

Ken, check your email (if you haven't already) for a link to an mp3 of the Cheap Trick version.
  11:43am Bethany:

Or maybe I'm confused and this is Peter Vermeersch..That sounds like the coolest thing Lenny Kravitz ever did
  11:46am Ken:

efd, I'm checking and I havent received that link yet...
  11:51am Sara:

Nerdy commenting interface interlude -- it would be grand if that fabulous pause/resume link were at the bottom of the comments list as well as the top at all times (i.e., not just in pause mode). And I join the chorus of appreciative voices, it is a most handy feature!
  11:52am Mark:

I'll second Sara's suggestion
  11:53am efd:

hm, I wonder if it got flagged as spam? Just tried sending it again; if it still doesn't show up I will try posting it here.
  11:56am efd:

oops, i guess there's not enough time anyway, I didn't realize it was almost 12 already. oh well, there's always next year!
  11:57am Helen:

That pause-update would be handy on the playlist as well-- I hate when I'm perusing it and it flips to the top. But that's a minor complaint-- the show is great, the playlist feature is great, and the comments are great too. What am I complaining about?
  12:00pm Ken:

Thanks for the comments everybody, have a great holiday if you get one. I will be posting that September 11th on the blog later today for your remixing pleasure.
  7:36am spaz:

hey KENDO awesome goodies going to do it again turkey day
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