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Playlist for 28 November 2007 Favoriting | I Found A Raisin

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
TZA  Master G   Favoriting Rudy Remixes  *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Hawkwind  Black Elk Speaks   Favoriting Space Bandits    0:02:36 (Pop-up)
Dunja Raiter  I WIll Survive   Favoriting     0:07:41 (Pop-up)
Anna Elektronische  Wha Ha Ha   Favoriting Olakranon  *   0:11:33 (Pop-up)
Gangpol und Mit  Naked / Overprotected V2   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup    0:15:03 (Pop-up)
Sarah Michelle Gellar  Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime   Favoriting Southland Tales OST  *   0:17:31 (Pop-up)
Dave Krooshof / Britney  Toxic in Sixty Seconds   Favoriting     0:20:41 (Pop-up)
Kahimi Karie  Elastic Girl   Favoriting Trattoria Menu 100  *   0:21:32 (Pop-up)
Kumisolo  excerpt from Phuj Phactory session   Favoriting Sugar Beats From The Chocolate Emporium  *   0:27:08 (Pop-up)
Social Skills Center  Santa Claus is Coming To Town   Favoriting     0:36:43 (Pop-up)
Don Bartnick  Gefahrlich   Favoriting     0:37:21 (Pop-up)
Starlite Desperation  New Years Bathroom Magic   Favoriting Don't Do Time  *   0:40:38 (Pop-up)
Chrome  Heart Beat   Favoriting 3rd From The Sun    0:44:02 (Pop-up)
The Glove Compartment  The Secret 301   Favoriting New Numbers    0:48:56 (Pop-up)
Queen Sea Big Shark  Hold The Line   Favoriting Stare Directly At The Sun: Beijing Pop 2007  *   0:51:55 (Pop-up)
Ross Johnson  Theme From A Summer Place   Favoriting Make It Stop!    0:56:02 (Pop-up)
Lorette Velvette  Dirt   Favoriting Lost Part of Me    0:59:38 (Pop-up)
The Ridiculous Trio  Dirt   Favoriting Play The Stooges    1:04:17 (Pop-up)
Flipper  Ha Ha Ha   Favoriting     1:09:32 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Tomorrow Belongs To Me   Favoriting Cabaret    1:11:51 (Pop-up)
Migeulito Contraband  Dont Fear The Rudy   Favoriting Rudy Remixes  *   1:22:01 (Pop-up)
rx  Boys and Girls   Favoriting     1:24:26 (Pop-up)
Matmos  Solo Buttons For Joe Meek   Favoriting The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth of A Beast    1:29:03 (Pop-up)
Jason Forrest  A Gentle Tax In A Giant Season   Favoriting Blood Tax At Harvest Time  *   1:32:23 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  Track Two Excerpt   Favoriting Your Mom's Favorite DJ    1:37:46 (Pop-up)
Fat Freddy  Frenesim De Canabalismo Ritual   Favoriting Exploratory Music From Portugal    1:50:02 (Pop-up)
Yellow Magic Orchestra  Tighten Up   Favoriting Multiplies    1:52:54 (Pop-up)
James Brown  Further On Up The Road   Favoriting Messing With The Blues    1:55:52 (Pop-up)
Nini Raviolette  Suis-Je Normale   Favoriting     2:06:35 (Pop-up)
Robert Wyatt  A Beautiful Peace   Favoriting Comic Opera  *   2:10:03 (Pop-up)
The Reveries  Close Your Eyes   Favoriting Live In Bologna  *   2:12:48 (Pop-up)
The Gist  Light Aircraft   Favoriting Embrace The Herd  *   2:23:11 (Pop-up)
Token Wonder  Open Your Mind   Favoriting Rudy Remixes  *   2:26:04 (Pop-up)
Velvet Underground  I Found A Reason   Favoriting Peel Slowly and See Boxed Set    2:32:07 (Pop-up)
Tim Gane & Sean O'Hagan  La Vie D'Artiste   Favoriting Title Track (OST)  *   2:35:38 (Pop-up)
Girls At Our Best  Getting Beautful (Medley)   Favoriting     2:43:02 (Pop-up)
Dolly Mixture  Everything and More   Favoriting Trattoria Menu 100  *   2:47:42 (Pop-up)
The Rosehips  So Naive   Favoriting Room In Your Heart    2:50:08 (Pop-up)
Johnny Boy  You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve   Favoriting Title Track    2:52:24 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:06am JJZ:

Good morning.
  9:06am John from Oslo:

Good morning Ken.

Is it true Ken, that Hawkwind is banned from some US cities?
  9:08am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

  9:08am Wes:

Good morning, Rudy.
  9:09am Ken:

Morning everyone. John, I never heard that but it wouldn't surprise me. The US has banned so much music it aint funny. Check out the great book called "Taboo Tunes" for the whole history if illegal music in the US.
  9:12am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Goodness, I hope Hawkwind's not banned. (Helloooo Starwood Nation.)
  9:16am Rajput:

Diggin the new Anna Electronish more every time I hear it. Cant find it online for sale though.
  9:16am Listener John:

Guten morgen, DJ Ken!

"I will survive" in German really hits the spot in the morning!
  9:17am Chance from That Third World Country, Maine:

In Soviet America, book bans you.
  9:18am John from Oslo:

Ok, I'll check it out ; )
On the other hand, I've heard this story about the Butthole Surfers playing somewhere in Texas, where the police pulled over their tourbus, suspecting it to be full of drugs. And the conversation went something like this;
-So you're a band, got any illegal drugs?
-We're the BS, and we just had a gig in ...
-OH, the BS! Wow, we, did like 50 arrests last week when you played in ... Have a nice trip!
  9:22am Wes:

Almost as cool as the story about Godspeed you! black emperor getting pulled over in Kansas, someone at a gas station called the state police reporting they looked like "Terrorists"...cops surrounded them and searched their vans, found nothing, but gave the band substance for sure...
  9:23am marria:

that britney/Krooshof track was surprisingly intoxicating
  9:24am jan:

Well Teen Horniness is not a crime had me putting down my New York pay more attention what are those lyrics?
  9:26am Ken:

Yep, the lyrics to "Teen Horniness.." are pretty special - anybody find them online? I need to see that movie too.
  9:26am Bethany:

Wes and John, both good dumb cop stories. But I like BS better, so their story is cooler. It reminds me of the beginning of "Chewin George Lucas' Chocolate"
  9:27am Chance from That Third World Country, Maine:

Did I hear that right? Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to teach us about masturbation.
  9:28am Randy in NC:

As always a great show. Left field question. Whatever happened with FMU's protest against the new licensing fees of the RIAA re. internet music?
  9:28am Bethany:

Ken- What movie? I'm outta the loop.
  9:29am JJZ:

Southland Tales. By the guy who did Donnie Darko.
  9:31am Mark:

Lyrics to Teen Horniness is Not a Crime:
  9:33am mastertheJCityWay:

more karate guy tests please
  9:34am Wes:

This Britney spears and nekked teens horniness is making me uncomfortable....
  9:36am fighttheJCityWay:

stop B.P.P.D. and nausea with more karate gut tests!
  9:36am Pamela:

  9:37am Pamela:

Say "Social Skills Center" 3 times fast.
  9:38am Wes:

How does it feel to be kicked in the stomach 200 times by your Karate instructor?
  9:40am Parq:

Ken, you've inspired me. The official slogan of the "Parq for Congress" campaign is hereby formally changed to "We'll Legislate, Not Titillate."
  9:40am Ken:

Randy in NC - The final webcasting rules for stations like us have STILL not been finalized, believe it or not. But we will be fine - we've been way stepping up our efforts to license our way around the RIAA.
  9:45am Randy in NC:

Good, thanks! I lived in Bklyn for 18 years and was a rabid FMU listener. There are several good below 92 MHz stations here, and they also webcast, but nobody comes close to FMU.
  9:48am Melissa:

Parq for Congress! But "Don't Titillate, Legislate!" is a better slogan.
  9:48am The thousand days of xmas project:

Ken, will you continue to precede your xmas music sets with some notice/warning? I find it as jarring as the emergency signal any time but during the week of the 25th.
  9:50am Ken:

Yes, I will give plenty of warning on the Xmas stuff. Actually, what I am planning is one big, horrible Xmas special full of musical atrocities in praise of the Baby Jesus, probably on 12/19 or the Wednesday around then,
  9:52am Vicki:

I'd rather you did that in January.
  9:52am Chance from That Third World Country, Maine:

Hey Ken, could you play some Eid ul-Adha music? Don't forget the Muslims who love your show.
  9:52am Listener Dave:

I prefer to hear Christmas music in July. Especially the James Brown Christmas album. Try that sometime - and as a side benefit everyone who wants to hear Christmas music now gets irritated when you play it in the summer.
  9:53am Wes:

Muslims are more than welcome to love the Baby Jesus for a little bit, as well....
  9:57am Ken:

Well, here's the problem. I LOVE all of you, but some other playlist commenters have been very, very naughty. I'm not naming names, but you probably know who I'm talking about. So I have no choice but to pull out the big guns. And another thing - The Jingle Cars have TONS of great material! They deserve an entire show to themselves.
  9:59am Mark:

May I ask what the big guns are and what is involved in pulling them out?
  10:01am Ken:

I will certainly give equal time to Islam. I have a great joke about Jesus, Mohammed, the Hanukkah Bunny and the guy who invented Kwanza all walking into a bar. Big big yuks. But you'll have to wait for the Xmas special to hear it.
  10:04am Bad Ronald:

Digging the Stooges cover!
  10:05am Ken:

The big guns are Social Skills Center, Wing, The Jingle Cats, A Rubber Band Christmas, a Toolbox Christmas to name but a few. In order to pull them out, I need to start drinking very early in the morning.
  10:06am Listener Dave from NH:

Will that joke be told on the X-mas special on this show or on 7SD? Either way I'm totally tuning in for it.
  10:06am The Framinator:

It is sad to hear about the delinquent commenters. The listener comments feature started with such great promise. Please tell me that the halycon days are not over so soon. I beg you.
  10:06am fighttheJCityWay:

Ken - this morning has been extra awesome with the stooges coffee wake up!

Got some MULDOONS covering Stooges......
  10:06am Mark:

Not really a bad thing, drinking in the morning
  10:07am -max-:

Okay, Ken. I'm buying. What's your pleasure?
  10:08am pat:

NO WAY, I missed Lorette Velvette doing DIrt?! Feck,! Please play again...
  10:08am Bad Ronald:

Does anyone know of a cover of "Not Right"?
  10:12am jon:

thank you oh so much for the flipper!
  10:15am ?:

you are the only guys on the world to play Flipper and then Cabaret...You are insane, but I love you!
  10:20am jonathan:

did the guys in chrome make a series of records, each under the influence of a different narcotic? i have a fuzzy memory of some such something...
  10:20am ha ha ha:

ho ho ho he he he!
  10:21am SueB:

i thought Ken said 'Helios Creed' but it's not on playlist. Those guys almost made me permanently deaf in long branch.
  10:23am tom:

play the x mas song again! please everyone in the office want to hear how funny i told them it was!
  10:29am Pamela:

Oh, I like that line: The enemy is not surrounding your country, it is leading your country.
  10:31am Marcus:

Giuliani: "You're all a bunch of morons."
  10:32am Vic Perry:

You can finally play God's "Silent NIght 2001" in which God explains about that incident Rudy G. is always talking about, what was that again? Wait, according to the advanced site search, WFMU has apparently never played this song. Wait, that means that Clear Channel, or God, will do something bad if you play it. Wait, maybe I shouldn't be talking about it either. Talking about what?
  10:34am -max-:

Why would listeners ask for songs to be repeated? That's just silly! Just let the man do his job. Wait for the archive and then repeat-play any song you like to your heart's content.
  10:35am Ken:

Framinator - Nobody's been banned from playlist comments yet, so we're still officially in the period of time defined by the National Social Media and Milk Board known as the Utopian Stage.
  10:35am Ken:

Hey Vic - I've played that song! But I will play it again on my Xmas special, good idea.
  10:35am Wes:

God is busy making the oceans churn and the volcanos burn, he doesn't have time to waste wondering why we crash man-made mechanical flying objects into stationary ones. (although what came after it, especially "in his name" probably pissed him off righteously)
  10:37am Mark:

I thought God was usually busy helping beauty and reality show contestants win
  10:38am mouse:

southland tales was so so so terrible
  10:39am Vic Perry:

From You Topia to You Tubia.

O I missed it! See, I can barely stand to make that song run myself, I have to have it inflicted upon me like a divine punishment.
  10:40am Wes:

Kid Koala!!!! nice
  10:53am Keith:

That woman's voice from the Mark Foley voicemail message is the same woman who did the voice over for Tribe Called Quest Midnight Maruaders set.
  10:55am Thomas (cph):

what an amusing version of "Tighten Up"! thanks!
  10:57am Patrick:

chance what part of maine are you from? the county or eastport are kinda like third world countrys.... maybe cape elizabeth also
  10:59am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

The Midcoast. All of Maine is a 3rd World Country compared to say Chicago, where I went to college.
  11:01am patrick:

umm portland has a lot of hipsters in it now, ide say.... midcoast like rockport? camden?
  11:02am patrick:

and by hipsters i mean 19 year old art students... not really that third world
  11:02am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Portland is full of posers. I am south of Rockport and Camden. Anyway, a good song for this time of year might be LCD Soundsystem's "Someone Great".
  11:03am -max-:

  11:04am Wes:

Chance from Maine: Fire on Fire/Big Blood is from the Portland area....your thoughts? good stuff, or posers?
  11:08am Eck:

Youve heard Big Blood right here - make up your own mind! Their music is outstanding and speaks for itself.
  11:09am Chance from That Third World Country, Maine:

Fire on Fire... oh you mean Cerberus Shoal

Maine Bands like to rebrand their crap every once in awhile. See Rustic Overtones... I mean Rocktopus.... I mean Paranoid Social Club. No, wait Rustic Overtones.
  11:11am GM:

It was Bruce Dickinson demanding more cowbell. Nice Chrome song earlier!
  11:11am Listener Dave:

Wow, it IS a near-palindrome!
  11:11am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Big Blood is fine. As far as Fire on Fire, if you want to hear someone good who sounds like them, then I recommend Animal Collective.
  11:16am Wes:

From what I've seen, Big Blood is just Fire on Fire minus the extra pickers plus an extra female vocal. Rebranded and rehashed. The core duo, as well as some songs, are the same. Cerberus was electric/rock, Fire on Fire/Big Blood is acoustic/folk so it's a interesting change at least...
  11:17am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Fair enough. They aren't in my top ten. I would commit unspeakable acts to hear some Battles right now.
  11:20am Vivian:

So, I'm listening to the Reveries cut from 'Live In Bologna' and I swear I smell a baloney sandwich. Does that mean the Baloney lady is not the far behind? On a side note, I'm a vegetarian so I'm fighting waves of nausea due to the smell.
  11:21am Wes:

That's why I'm asking you, Chance. I like the sound they've got going on, but if there is something better, the penultimate thus far, I wanted to know about it.
  11:23am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Wes, in general, I am not a fan of Maine Music. Some stuff I dig is here-
  11:23am Diane Rehm:

What's brown and sounds like a bell?
  11:24am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

A brown bell..
  11:25am Mark:

  11:27am Mark:

Why don't cannibals eat comedians?
  11:28am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

They taste funny because of the trans fats.
  11:28am Ken:

Because they all (have) taste like Andy Breckman?
  11:29am Mark:

Because they taste funny
  11:30am Mark:

I guess that's the same thing
  11:31am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

White Like Me... *chuckles*
  11:31am Wes:

Don't tase me bro!
  11:32am Mark:

Why couldn't Mozart find his teacher?
  11:32am Bad Ronald:

Perfect Day!
  11:33am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Hey... even Canada is joining in the tasering two-step...
  11:34am sbstn:

open your mind blew mine!
  11:36am J:

I found a R A I S E N????
  11:36am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Wow, I strangely want to vote for Ron Paul right now. Him or محمود احمدی‌نژا
  11:37am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Yea, Mohammed Ahmadinejad doesn't come through in Arabic well over the net.
  11:37am Jack:

Must... Vote... For.... Ron.... Paul....
  11:39am Parq:

Mark, because he'd already died?
  11:41am Mark:

Because he was Haydn
  11:43am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Where will you find Karl Rove plotting nefariously?
  11:43am M.T .:

Who was the loud Canadian gentlemen (heard fairly often on the show over the years) mixed with something else a little while back? ("I'm not responsible!...")

I heard him and associates on a show on the CBC awhile back, celebrating the anniversary of WHatever It is They Do, but can't remember the name....
  11:46am Ken:

That would be Canada's own Nihilist Spasm Band.
  11:51am vivian:

This Dolly Mixture sounds very 80's Athens GA.
  11:55am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

>Where will you find Karl Rove plotting nefariously?

Behind the Bushes.
  11:56am Mark:

  11:57am Parq:

Talk about Cookie Monster vocals . . .
  12:00pm Erika:

There's a Johnny Boy self-titled out.. which I think is self-released
  12:00pm dei xhrist:

if you google Zatumba, Ken's mad type in from 11/14 is #1!
  12:00pm Mark:

Zatumba loves me
  12:02pm Guerin:

Ken, you might know, will Ira Kaplan's show from last night be archived? I can't stay up that late and I missed it.
  1:28pm jan:

Hi Ken: l am listening to the archived show having left the building before the live show completed. I hate that, much prefer the live to realplayer. Can't you come broadcast everyday like other radio personalities? Love the squid and the dancing viewers in your playlist photo. Who did it?
  12:01pm Ken:

Thanks a lot Jan - that jellyfish pic is by Jason JT:

Here is my flickr page, by the way:
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