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Playlist for 05 December 2007 Favoriting | You Talk, I Listen

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Ross Johnson  You Talk, I Listen (Goin' To The Get High Shack)   Favoriting Make It Stop!    *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Velvet Underground  Heroin   Favoriting       0:03:07 (Pop-up)
Electrelane  To The East   Favoriting No Shouts No Calls      0:10:23 (Pop-up)
Psychedelic Furs  Pretty In Pink   Favoriting       0:15:03 (Pop-up)
RIAA  Wake Me Up When September 11 Ends   Favoriting Rudy Remix Contest    *   0:23:43 (Pop-up)
Stephen Malkmus & The Million Dollar Bashers  Ballad of a Thin Man   Favoriting I'm Not There OST    *   0:27:09 (Pop-up)
Fred Lane  White Woman   Favoriting Car Radio Jerome      0:33:49 (Pop-up)
Basement Jaxx  On The Train   Favoriting Crazy Itch Radio      0:36:40 (Pop-up)
Klaus Nomi  Valentine's Day   Favoriting Za Bakdaz    *   0:47:15 (Pop-up)
Big Blood  The Grove (Is Hotter Than An Ocean's Oven When The Rays of Light Do Boil)   Favoriting Unreleased (Grab It From the WFMU Blog)    *   0:50:07 (Pop-up)
John Lennon  Do The Oz   Favoriting Plastic Ono Band (Remaster)      0:55:51 (Pop-up)
Bill Mac and The Hoof and Mouth Sinfonia  Knuckles The Dog Who Helps People   Favoriting       0:59:06 (Pop-up)
Billy Nayer Show  Love Smiles   Favoriting The American Astronaut      1:04:08 (Pop-up)
Brian Wilson and Eugene Landy  Smart Girls   Favoriting Grab it from the WFMU Blog      1:11:57 (Pop-up)
Dee Dee King  Mashed Potato Time   Favoriting Standing In The Spotlight  (Dee Dee Ramone, with Debbie Harry on bg vocals)    1:15:46 (Pop-up)
Gruppo Sportivo  I Shot My Manager   Favoriting Mistakes      1:18:37 (Pop-up)
Les Rita Mitsouko  Femmes D'Affaires   Favoriting System D  RIP Frederic Chichin    1:23:03 (Pop-up)
Bridge  He, She and I   Favoriting Trattoria Menu 100    *   1:25:33 (Pop-up)
Noonday Underground  You Keep Holding On   Favoriting On The Freedom Flotilla    *   1:29:20 (Pop-up)
Ann Peebles  Dr. Love Power   Favoriting       1:32:44 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Klaus Doldinger 
        1:35:58 (Pop-up)
Gary Lambert  Revolution #9-11   Favoriting Rudy Remix Contest    *   1:39:26 (Pop-up)
Lalo Shifrin  Be Happy Again!   Favoriting THX 11368 OST      1:41:34 (Pop-up)
Pop Rocks  Tiikeri   Favoriting Audio    *   1:43:18 (Pop-up)
Starlite Desperation  New Year's Bathroom Magic   Favoriting Don't Do Time    *   1:47:04 (Pop-up)
PiL  This Is Not A Love Song   Favoriting       1:51:11 (Pop-up)
DJ Axel  Could You Be Kicked, Pushed and Loved?   Favoriting Breakin' The law    *   1:55:03 (Pop-up)
Beastie Boys  The Cousin of Death   Favoriting The Mix-Up      1:59:12 (Pop-up)
Klaus Nomi  High Wire   Favoriting Za Bakdaz    *   2:08:38 (Pop-up)
Edwin Astley  Danger Man   Favoriting The Thriller Memorandum      2:10:30 (Pop-up)
Bob Hund  Jag Tror Jag Ar Kar   Favoriting 10 Ar Bakat      2:13:01 (Pop-up)
Puppies Hold Hands  Return of Rudy Reagan   Favoriting Rudy Remix Contest      2:16:03 (Pop-up)
Tang Dynasty  The Internationale   Favoriting       2:19:16 (Pop-up)
Unknown  excerpt from English version of The Seventh Seal   Favoriting       2:23:40 (Pop-up)
Kim Fowley Spot          2:26:11 (Pop-up)
Joy DIvision  Day of the Lords   Favoriting       2:27:01 (Pop-up)
Einsturzende Neubauten  Ic Hatte Ein Wort   Favoriting Alles Wiederoffen      2:31:44 (Pop-up)
cLOUDDEAD  Dead Dogs Two   Favoriting Well Deep - Ten Years of Big Dad Recordings    *   2:35:44 (Pop-up)
Rokhausen  One For Each Hand   Favoriting Rudy Remix Contest    *   2:47:40 (Pop-up)
Angela  Little Children Part 1   Favoriting       2:49:38 (Pop-up)
Nina Hagen  Hatschi Waldera   Favoriting       2:52:47 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Schmetterling - Pfifferling   Favoriting Marchenland      2:56:00 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Nostalgia of Island   Favoriting       2:58:08 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:05am Ann Arbor Drug:

Good morning. Made special arrangements to be able to hear the Rudy winners today - really looking forward to it!!
  9:06am Ken:

I wont be playing the winners today as the entries are still coming in... the deadline is Midnight tonight. But I do have some excellent recent remixes that I'll be playing...
  9:07am Doug:

Oh! Well I'll go to that meeting after all then.
  9:09am seanh:

I like the new pink page tablecloth (is it even new this week? I'm pretty daft sometimes).
  9:11am Ken:

I've heard rumors of the pink tablecloth but I have never seen it myself.
  9:12am Doug:

I'm pretty sure it's been pink previously. I'm also pretty sure I like Electrelane a lot.
  9:17am seanh:

hahaha, nice song selection :)
  9:22am bummed john:

not proud of it, but i'd never heard of electrelane. liked it, went to their web site, see they're splitting up (after 10 years). thanks a lot ken
  9:23am Raj:

Ken I took this opportunity to catch you in action and Andy-free and you pull out the automated.

  9:36am Listener Dave:

This show always makes me add things to my Amazon wish list so people can buy me things for Christmas. Thanks for keeping the engines of commerce chugging ever forward!
  9:36am Doug Again:

I've been meaning to recommend these guys to you Ken. Played a show with them a couple weeks ago and they were freaking amazing. I recommend "Giant Jesus Made of Hummus."
  9:38am Ken:

Thanks a lot Doug - Sounds like it would fit into my Xmas show which is two weeks from today.
  9:41am NEGATOR:

  9:45am Wes:

I'm using it to make biodiesel, negator. It's all gone. Hershey syrup maybe?
  9:48am Ken, Not Kenzo:

Thank you Negator. Although I am Ken, not Kenzo. Two different peoples. I am Ken Freedman. Kenzo is Ken Garson.
  9:50am JJZ:

Maybe you need a good nickname.
  9:51am seanh:

more Big Blood play :). I absolutely love those folks.
  9:52am John from Oslo:

A nick competition for Ken!

Ken from Jersey City (KFJC)... hmmmm
  9:54am NEGATOR:

  9:57am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Giant Jesus Made of Hummus, is that kosher?
  9:57am Ken:

Negator, pull yourself together for God's sake. Turn off the caps lock and stop calling me Kenzo.
  9:59am ?:

Love this John Lennon song. Where's it come from. Yoko's wailing in the backgroud thrills me....
  10:00am negator:

Do the Oz sounds suprisingly like Capn Beef! Better, Ken? Huh? Oh RIAA, CHOICE!
  10:02am Ken:

EXCELLENT Negator! That version of "Do The Oz" is from "Plastic Ono Band - Remastered" whatever that means - Lennon completists or web researchers, little help?
  10:05am ?:

Wonder if that's from the same show that resulted in Live Peace in Toronto. I have an old copy on vinyl. Tasty
  10:05am Pete:

God In Heaven. This song always brings tears to my eyes. I always wanted to have a dog like Knuckles. Hey Ken, is this video still available online?
  10:06am dei xhrist:

Bill Mac = Bill Buell?
  10:07am pat:

man, never heard that Oz tune. Lennon's voice was pretty bitchin.
  10:11am Will:

What's this playing behind you Ken?
  10:11am Lukas:

"Do The Oz" was the B-side of a single (A-side "God Save Us") in support of support the "Oz" magazine in an obscenity trial. More info at
  10:13am Ken:

That was Sukiyaki by Johan Dalgas Frisch behind me that last break.
  10:14am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Ken. Make it stop or the Krampus will blister your ass tonight. (Happy 2nd day of Chanukah, everyone, and happy Krampusnacht)
  10:14am raga:

ken, i'm sorry but the icbms are on their way to the studio. there is simply no alternative response for this brian wilson track. "we have to destroy the station in order to save the station!"
  10:16am Raj:

Wow, Brian!
This gem never made it to the soundtrack of the "Frankie and Annette reunion"-eighties theatrical release with PeeWee Herman and the Fat Boys?
  10:17am dei xhrist:

This horrid Wilson track sounds like a wanna be MC 900 ft Jesus doing an educational overview of pop music. Or like all those 3/$1 CDs record stores use to prop their doors open.
  10:18am Ken:

So which one is worse - Brian Wilson's rap, or Dee Dee's?
  10:18am Lukas:

This combines the worst elements of the Ramones and Blondie. Amazing.
  10:18am raga:

wilson's. by an order of magnitude.
  10:19am Steve:

Brian Wilson sounds like Doug E Fresh compared to Dee Dee
  10:19am Mike:

I'd say Dee Dee's because he seems to say more about being a rapper.
  10:20am Melissa:

I never thought anything could be worse than DeeDee's rap album, but Brian has him beat . By FAR.
  10:20am Dominick Costanzo:

No contest.
Brian's slow motion train wreck
  10:21am Bad Ronald:

At least Dee Dee knew he was lacking.
  10:22am Vivian:

What was Debbie Harry thinking?

Worse rap? Wilson. Most. Definitely. Wilson.

Bring on the Rudy mixes!
  10:23am dei xhrist:

All crap can be defended by calling it "folk music" but not all "folk music" is crap. We're just listening to the bottom of the bell curve.
  10:23am Raj:

DeeDee was less surprising to me, gravitating toward that Bowser from Sha-Na-Na zone. So an extra vote for Brian.
  10:26am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Ken, that reminds me; do you know of any Krampus songs, or any songs about Santa's "bad cop" helpers like Pelznickel or Knecht Ruprecht, in English, German, or any other language for that matter?
  10:26am Wes:

Bring on the Rudy, but we need some more pagan folk to help realign the spirits after this train wreck disaster of a set (which I'm digging..) to get us into the moood...
  10:27am Bowser:

How to judge? Brian's recording was far more entertaining and memorable. That makes it better, imho.
  10:28am Wes:

I tried to hate it, but all I can think of is surfboards and sunshine when I hear that familiar croon... (vote for Brian)
  10:31am Ken:

Mickey - I wish I knew some Krampus songs, alas, no. But I will post some Krampus pics on my flickr stream:
  10:42am pat:

okay, this is my favorite Rudy remix so far. whatIdidwhatIdidwhatIdidwhatIdidwhatIdidwhatIdidwhatIdidwhatIdidwhatIdidwhatIdidwhatIdidwhatIdidwhatIdid
  10:43am Listener Dave:

The THX-1138 jingle is oh so Christmasy
  10:46am fern:

I agree with Pat. That's the best Rudy remix so far.
  10:50am jtm:

Yes. hats off to Gary Lambert, nice job!
  10:59am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Ah... the Krampus.
  11:01am woid:

Revolution #9-11 = genius!
  11:08am vicky:

play some hannukah songs! wait. did i miss them?
  11:12am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Maybe this video of Krampusnacht would tide you over..
  11:14am Ken:

Vicki - Hanukah didn't go so well for me last night so there shall be no Hanukah songs this morning. I am so sorry..
  11:14am Burbo:

Bob Hund are so underrated. One of my fave bands thanks to Ken. Thanks Ken!
  11:20am Puppies!:

Puppies Hold Hands was pretty great!
  11:22am Randy in NC:

I still like "Gold Plated 9-11 Diapers" AKA "Don't Fear the Rudy" from last week the best.
  11:23am Sean Daily:

Not even CLOSE to the first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:25am Listener Dave:

Who would win in a fight: Krampus or Zatumba?
  11:26am Vivian:

I second Don't Fear the Rudy! I put my pants on just like everyone else..

Christmas carol? Or Krampus Carol
  11:26am Stuart:

Film is: Det sjunde inseglet. That was easy. Never heard it in English before.
  11:27am Dickdong:

Sounds like Charles Laughton - don't know which Biblical epic.
  11:27am dave in vermont:

wicker man?
  11:28am Listener James from Westwood:

Seventh Seal?
  11:28am Ken:

Wow Stuart! VERY impressive. It was the English dubbed version of The Seventh Seal. Thanks to Scott for that.,
  11:29am C:

Great show, Ken. I've noticed a couple of Chinese rock songs on your program. Have you heard Zi Yue (Confucious Says)? I think they're one of the best bands from there (or here). Cui Jian is still the best though.
  11:30am Stuart:

Not impressive. Swedish is no great intellectual accomplishment.
  11:30am dave in vermont:

i know there was another movie tho wher e someone was watching wicker man
  11:32am VL:

oooooh JOy Division! So DArk!
  11:37am Thurl Ravenscroft:

  11:38am dave from baltimore:

sorry to hear you didn't have a good 1st night of Chanukah Ken. may the next seven be better!
  11:40am Jeff M:

on the subject of Beautiful Christmas Music:

for some reason Brecht's Baal puts me in mind of that whole slouching-toward-Bethlehem theme. There's that great Bowie recording of songs from Baal, although I don't know if it's gotten overplayed -- it's practically mainstream.
  11:41am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

The Krampus. It would be a close fight, but the Krampus would whip out his proto-Dominatrix gear and whip Zatumba.
  11:47am Wes:

Today is taco salad day...I'm going to have to get one, but they better put more jalepenos on it this time, I got shorted last time around. Taco salad wednesday! Ole!
  11:48am Jeff M:

Oh, and if I were some snarky-pants DJ doing a Christmas show, which of course I am not (the DJ part -- I'm always doing a Christmas show) what I'd want on hand is samples of... y'know how on South Park, Mister Slave is always muttering, "Jesus Christ!"? That.
  11:51am Listener Dave:

For me, today is pork loin sandwich day. The deli around the corner from my office makes one every Wednesday and it is piglicious.
  11:52am Steve:

Thanks for the Kim Fowley promo. He produced some great teenaged groups in the late 70s (the Runaways, Dyan Diamond, Venus and the Razorblades)
  11:52am JJZ:

Hm... Our cafeteria in our building has taco salad too. Also rump roast and chicken pita.
  11:54am Doug:

Cafeteria rump roast! Cafeteria rump roast!
  11:55am Vivian:

Today is home-made trail mix and dried mangoes. And tea.
  11:55am Sean Daily:

Taco salad... mmmm... taco-y goodnes...
  11:59am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Vegetarian Lasagna Day
  11:59am dei xhrist:

Today's lunch is barley miso, celery, and an apple. No one ever asks for a taste.

Post lunch should be a shot of tequila, because there won't be anything in my stomach to prevent rapid absorption, and I won't get any free radical damage.
  12:00pm dei xhrist:

what I REALLY want is a fish taco. Mmmmmm
  12:00pm Wes:

Should be, or will be? Nothing wrong with leveling the playing field at work.
  12:01pm Sean Daily:

YES! Sex und sex und sex und sex und sex! YES YES YES YES YES!

(Well, none of you were stepping up to the plate on this one. Someone had to step in)
  12:06pm Steve:

Nina Hagen too, love it! There's a YouTube clip of her performing on the old Mike Douglas show where Nina interacts with Don Rickles and she was very cute. Thanks for a great radio show!
  1:57pm Kenzo:

Listener Dave: A more disturbing and very lengthy take on THX-1138 is here:

And I know where Ken is coming from: If I see NEGATOR coming towards me with a bunch of vegetable oil, I'm going to swear I'm not Kenzo, either.
  4:07am ?:

Geoff: Great music but can we have less of the `zany' stuff pls as it's starting to get boring
  2:34am Baron Exu:

Check out our song about Krampus!
it's called 'Xmas With Krampus' and you can find it at the following link.
  12:09pm Listener Dave:

Kenzo, that was simultaneously soothing and disturbing. I imagine that was the point.
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