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Playlist for 19 December 2007 Favoriting | Krampus Christmas

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
Jonathan Kane  Little Drummer Boy   Favoriting   *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
The Jingle Cats  Little Drummer Boy   Favoriting     0:19:04 (Pop-up)
DJ Brokenwindow  Slay Bells   Favoriting     0:21:26 (Pop-up)
Cristina  Things Fall Apart   Favoriting     0:23:41 (Pop-up)
The Waitresses  Christmas Wrapping   Favoriting     0:28:06 (Pop-up)
Jason Forrest  so this is xmas, and what have we done?   Favoriting     0:38:23 (Pop-up)
Social Skills Center  Away In A Manger   Favoriting     0:41:34 (Pop-up)
BBC Radiophonic Workshop  Christmas Commercial   Favoriting     0:43:39 (Pop-up)
Woody Phillips  I Saw Three Ships   Favoriting A Toolbox Christmas    0:44:58 (Pop-up)
Wayne Butane  Xmas Excerpt   Favoriting     0:46:47 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Xmas Psycho   Favoriting     0:51:40 (Pop-up)
Commander Cody  Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas   Favoriting Hillbilly Christmas    0:54:52 (Pop-up)
Nick and RIck Gadler  Jingle Belch   Favoriting     0:57:54 (Pop-up)
Too many things going on...        1:01:17 (Pop-up)
Irwin Chusid  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town   Favoriting     1:02:35 (Pop-up)
Winston Tong  Twelve Days of Christmas   Favoriting     1:06:47 (Pop-up)
Coyle and Sharpe  Christmas Gift   Favoriting     1:11:20 (Pop-up)
God  Silent Night   Favoriting     1:14:26 (Pop-up)
Klaus Nomi  Silent Night   Favoriting     1:19:22 (Pop-up)
George W Bush / James Allenspach  The Night Before Christmas   Favoriting     1:30:05 (Pop-up)
Wing  Ave Maria   Favoriting     1:33:51 (Pop-up)
Little Cindy  Happy Birthday Jesus (A Child's Prayer)   Favoriting     1:39:08 (Pop-up)
Social Skills Center  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town   Favoriting     1:41:11 (Pop-up)
Princess Ramona  Then I Start to Yodel   Favoriting     1:42:08 (Pop-up)
Roger Christian  Mary Christmas   Favoriting     1:44:35 (Pop-up)
James White  Christmas with Satan   Favoriting     1:53:44 (Pop-up)
Sonic Youth  Santa Doesn't Cop Out On Dope   Favoriting     1:59:29 (Pop-up)
Trish and Christoph  Blue Christmas   Favoriting     2:03:00 (Pop-up)
Esquivel  Intro to Xmas Record   Favoriting     2:06:14 (Pop-up)
Children of CPH  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas   Favoriting     2:07:58 (Pop-up)
Tyskarna från Lund  Achtung Christmas   Favoriting via youtube:    2:14:45 (Pop-up)
DJ Riko  Boogaloo and Holly   Favoriting     2:18:02 (Pop-up)
Run DMC + SWAD  Christmas In Hollis   Favoriting     2:21:18 (Pop-up)
James Brown  Santa Claus Go Straight To the Ghetto   Favoriting     2:23:23 (Pop-up)
The Campbell Brothers  Hark The Herald Angels Sing   Favoriting Sacred Steel For The Holidays    2:26:26 (Pop-up)
Jingle Cats  Oh Holy Night   Favoriting     2:30:57 (Pop-up)
Eddie Lawrence  Merry Old Philosopher #1   Favoriting     2:35:47 (Pop-up)
Eddie Lawrence  Merry Old Philosopher #2   Favoriting     2:36:31 (Pop-up)
Eddie Lawrence  Merry Old Philosopher #3   Favoriting     2:37:17 (Pop-up)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam  Santa's An American   Favoriting     2:38:34 (Pop-up)
Tony Mason Cox  The Impossible Dream   Favoriting My True Feelings About the Birth of Jesus: A Musical Notebook    2:40:40 (Pop-up)
Gloria Parker & Her Singing Glasses  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen   Favoriting     2:44:41 (Pop-up)
Dennis James  Mozart Adagio in C Major   Favoriting     2:47:11 (Pop-up)
Thurl Ravenscroft  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen   Favoriting     2:50:51 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am John from Oslo:

  9:07am Listener Dave:

So when does David Bowie drop in?
  9:11am John from Oslo:

Heisan og hopsan og fallerallera!
Om julkvelden da
skal allesammen vaere glad!
Heisen og hopsan og fallerallera!
Om julekvelden da
skal allesammen vaere glad!
  9:12am Ken:

I dont reckon we'll be hearing from David Bowie this morning.
  9:12am Vicki:

Repeat to Fade
  9:13am Negator:

When does Andy Griffith drop in?
  9:14am Negator:

Got any Rod Stewart Xmas?
  9:15am Listener Dave:

So when does Thurl Ravenscroft drop by?
  9:16am lonnie:

i have no idea why, but the high llama's album hawaii is my favorite christmas record of all time. the backwards charlie brown song reminded me of that.
  9:18am jonathan:

what's the waitresses' xmas song called? asss - a - good one!
  9:22am Negator:

Ken, play some of that sick, twisted, old Christian shit from some obscure record from the early 70's. You know some song with a spoken word breakdown in the middle of some sick shit like little Johnny dies because he was singing a secular Christmas song, or something like that. I love that type of XXXmas!
  9:23am Listener Dave:

Yeah, Negator's right. When's little dead Johnny gonna drop by?
  9:24am mouse:

  9:27am Ken:

Negator - that sounds great but I dont know which comp or song you're talking about.
  9:27am Negator:

THis Christina does kick ass.
  9:29am jonathan:

  9:30am Long time listener:

So, can anyone tell me what was up with Irwin last week? He seemed to be having some sort of breakdown. (See last week's 7SD comments.)
  9:30am Listener Dave:

And through a wormhole in the space-time-radio continuum, Ken picks up WNEW-FM's signal from December 22, 1988 for just one song
  9:33am Keith:

Does that mean that the next song will be "Life in the Fast Lane"?
  9:33am Parq:

Kenster: There's a great Poi Dog Pondering version of the Hawaiian-American classic, "Mele Kalikimaka". It's on lots of comps, including "A Different Kind of Christmas", on the Riksy Business label, which also features Syd Straw, Shonen Knife, NRBQ, Timbuk 3 and more.
  9:33am Pamela:

How mainstream!
  9:33am Ike:

I love wormholes in the space-time-radio continuum.

LTL, what do you mean about Irwin? That seemed like the same old usual Irwin to me.
  9:34am dave in vermont:

i like low's "silent night" since you aked for my opinion-but my all time favorite christmas song is "cry of a tiny babe" by Bruce Cockburn-makes me weep everytime,seriously
  9:35am Listener Dave:

So Zatumaba dropped by with his buddy Elvis! Great to see you guys! Barumpabapum!
  9:37am Listener David:

MY favorite xmas song is our very own Old Pal Irwin's "Santa Claus is coming to town" Can't be matched!
  9:37am evan:

  9:38am nEGATOR:

Hey! Aren't you jewish, Ken?
  9:38am LTL:

  9:40am Charles:

Great show, as always, Ken!

If you're looking for bad xmas songs, check if you've got "What Sweet Child of Mine Is This?" by Wonderful World of Joey.
  9:40am LTL:

I love FEAR's xmas song, but I seriously doubt if Ken would play it.
  9:41am Keith:

There was that metal/glam band Angel that had "The Christmas Song" which was kinda bad, but kinda good. I think it was from '77 or '78.
  9:41am punkymunky:

REQUEST: can you play Santa Claus Was My Lover by Culturecide
  9:41am lonnie:

one of my favorite all-time holiday traditions is someone releasing an embarrassing cover of this song. does anyone know who's on the hook for this year?
  9:43am Negator:

Social Skills Center.... Awwwww HELL YEAH!!!!
  9:44am John from Oslo:

I wonder if we're about to hear something from "A BRUTAL CHRISTMAS: The Season in Chaos" on this show...
  9:47am Claused:

Like a drill boring into a brain.
  9:47am PARIA:


three Songs especialy for christmas from the great musican 'Winson' fromm Berlin (Germany)you can hear and download on . So you do not buy things noone needs.
  9:50am Listener Dave:

Wayne Butane is awesome. So when is our friend Johnny Mathis dropping by?
  9:51am Barbara Bell:

Ken- here is my pick for a Christmas song up in the same league as The Waitresses' song, it's "Christmas in Suburbia" by Martin Newell. Track 8 on The Greatest Living Englishman.
  9:51am jonathan:

wayne butane is GENIUS!!
  9:51am hjmaiere:

  9:53am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

I want Krampus...
  9:55am Wes:

Did I hear Julius Axelrod will be stopping by today for a chat?
  9:56am Parq:

The Eddie Noack parody had me grinning all over the place at a time of day when I usually can't open my eyes all the way.
  9:58am Ike:

Yeah that parody was the GREATEST Xmas song I've ever heard.
  10:01am Wes:

Might as well play barking dog jingle bells in the same set as jingle know, keep that all together, nice and tidy
  10:01am Listener David:

  10:02am John from Oslo:

Fartin & Burping Bells RULE! And it is a great thing that the FCC allows load farting! But saying arse, uh oh...
  10:03am jonathan:

  10:05am Parq:

Outright prolonged laughter!
  10:05am Listener Dave:

Elakeliaset has a Christmas album. Someone even did a youtube thing
  10:06am Listener Gazoo:

Irwin Rules!!
  10:07am nh_dave:

Ken I just got back from a vacation in acapulco. While driving around in the back of a taxi the taxi driver was blaring (and humming along) with Tatu's song. The hit they had. I laughed thinking of how much you would enjoy that image :)
  10:10am nEGATOR:

Ken, you are now creating the, "Christmas soundtrack for the rest of my life". Thanks!
  10:10am Todd 76%:

is that Irwin track available for download? it just kicked my yule..
  10:13am People Like Us:

here's part of a cut up I did on the subject - you can grab this until the end of today or until Ken plays it, whichever is sooner!
  10:13am Wes:

I'd like to have one of those electrical project kits where you can make over 100 different gadgets, thanks.
  10:16am Webhamster Henry:

Coyle & Sharpe .are the REAL Santas!
  10:17am Negator:

That sick Christian shit I asked for! Thanks, Santa!
  10:17am Listener Dave:

So when is our good friend God dropping by? Ah, here He is now!

I woulda thought God would make a better record.
  10:17am jan:

this is rough- god's home tape. Can we get back to more coyle and sharpe
  10:18am Webhamster Henry:

God sounds a whole lot like Joe Frank.
  10:18am maria:

woa-- sounds kind of like Joe Frank without the iron-ee and plenty of crreepiness to boot.
  10:18am Charles:

Yes, just like Joe Frank. Just wait until God starts brooding about Kate.
  10:19am Charles:

I have a "stairwell of final moments"?
  10:19am Wes:

This is creeping me out.
  10:20am Dickdong:

I've just run out of kleenex
  10:20am nh_dave:

Not going to lie, listening to god kinda scares me
  10:22am Charles:

Was that reconstituted Klaus Nomi?
  10:32am Tom:

Can you post Irwin's "Santa Clause" on the blog?
  10:32am rachel.:

great stuff.

Ron Paul 2008.
Restore it.
  10:34am Ken:

Tom, yes, I will try to get it on there this afternoon.
  10:35am Keith:

Oy Vey Maria.
  10:36am Jeffersonic:

Great stuff Ken. (as usual)
  10:36am Charles:

Hey, Ken. I found my copy of "What Sweet Child of Mine Is This?", if you're interested. What's the best way to send it (5.3MB)?
  10:36am rachel.:

  10:37am stuart:

Oh, poop. This is an Annunciation song, not a Christmas song. Human gestation period is 9 months.
  10:38am ?:

this is my grandmother's all tiem favorite song. She died in her sleep on christmas eve the year my uncle came to visit and her whole family was together for the first time in many years-my uncle and grandfather began to reconcile from that point forward
  10:40am ?:

Too much disclosure, methinks.
  10:41am Mickey Mephistopheles:

@Stuart: Well, neither is "Let It Snow" or "Jingle Bells". And December 25 ain't Jesus's birthday. I'm waiting for "Kyle's Mom Is A Big Fat Bitch" to be included in a list of holiday favors
  10:41am ?:

everything doesn't need to be ironic-where would we be without the disclosure of artists?
  10:41am Dickdong:

Arrrrghhhh! This is so sweet my hair is turning to sugarrrrrggghhhh11
  10:42am mad:

creepy. both comment and recording "let me live with you" ????? oy
  10:42am NEgator:

Social Skills Center.... Awwwww HELL YEAH!!!! I love with People Like Us!
  10:43am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Oops! *Favorites, not favors
  10:43am Charles:

Oh yes! More Social Skills Center! I used to have to back this sort of thing up in a woodwind quintet!
  10:43am Vivian:

It's not Christmas without yodeling!
  10:44am Listener Dave:

The real birthday of Jesus was probably in September which is why I break out Christmas records on Labor Day. Adds a whole new dimension to the barbecue.
  10:44am ?:

Meph: At least Jungle Bells and Lettuce Snow are seasonal. Confusing the Annunciation and Christmas is confusing the invitation for the party.
  10:45am Charles:

New research indicates that Jesus was most likely born in April, an Aries.
  10:47am Stuart:

Aggh - Mary Christmas sending me into insulin shock!
  10:47am Webhamster Henry:

I miss KBC and his Xmas compilations... here's one that stuck in my head for years:
  10:47am Wes:

"new" research? I thought it was a given that the 25th of Dec was chosen to merge pagan festivals with Christian symbolism
  10:49am stucco toast:

don't like the swiss yodeling much.

wow! there is a book
"Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo: The Secret History of Yodeling Around the World"
and more good links on the amazon page.

i am also edumicated by the wikipedia entry on yodeling.
  10:49am Listener Dave:

Well yeah. I didn't hear about the April thing. I remember the September theory being based on records that indicated that that was the tax collecting season, hence the traveling. Hadn't heard about April.
  10:49am stuart:

Old research - shepherds tended their flocks by night only in the spring, when they were lambing. (Unless, of course, "tending" is a euphemism.)
  10:52am John from Oslo:

Virginity is hereditary, Ken
  10:53am stucco toast:

god's a fucker
  10:53am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Ken: It means "Bizarre Love Triangle" should be sung in every church in the world
  10:53am Charles:

It's all crap, Ken. A shoddy adaptation of the Egyptian myth of Osiris, Isis, and Horus. We just can't get over worshipping a Sun God. Just look at Superman.
  10:53am cheri:

ok ken the moment everybodys been waiting for,,,
  10:53am rachel.:

nice snare drum reverb.

Ron Paul 2008.
  10:54am Stuart:

Also, genetically, Jesus was Mary's twin sister.
  10:54am CHARLIE:

  10:56am -max-:

Ooo, I've got one! The Spinal Tap song - "Christmas With The Devil!"
  10:57am Keith:

Weihnachten mit Satan!!!
  10:59am Wes:

Charles: study the Superman "S" emblem...that's a snake, not a sun. But, you're right, partially, modern day Xtianity has returned to pagan idolatry and symbolism in the quest for world government/control of Jerusalem and the "end of the world" THOSE are the crazy ones. Leave us incense swinging old order catholics with our business to tend to, we don't worship the sun.
  10:59am Bad Ronald:

Ramones -
  10:59am Stephanie Monseu:

It's only in fhe forbidden books of the Apocrypha that one finds out about Joseph and Mary's other children (Jesus' bro James) and Jesus' eventual marriage to.... yes, a true marriage of good and eeeeveeel, the whore Mary Magdalen!
  11:01am stuart:

SM: No, James is mentioned in the NT. They found his ossuary a few years ago, complete with inscription. Some people doubt its authenticity, but it's got to be authentic because it was very expensive.
  11:02am Charles:

I dig the apocalyptic tone, Wes, but Superman is only powered by the Sun, and was two Jewish men's attempt at creating a fictional Messiah.
  11:02am Wes:

If nothing else, the gnostic texts sell well, see Dan Brown's book of lies and the moooovie industry making $$$ on it and inserting their own occult imagery in the process.....gotta love mental conditioning of a populace!
  11:02am Vivian:

i wonder if Thurston and Kim sing this song to Coco..
  11:03am zoe:

I don't think it's in the Apocrypha about Jesus' siblings, I think it's in the regular New Testament (Protestant translations probably tho).
  11:03am Bad Ronald:

The Dickies -
  11:03am John from Oslo:

Then there was the dyslectic black metal drummer who worshipped Santa...
  11:05am Parq:

Speaking of favorite holiday movies and proto-Christian lore, who could forget "Apocrypha of Miracles"?
  11:06am stucco toast:

i developed a cookie whose crumbs have the form of thumbtacks.

it eats fine, but can be quite painful for messy eaters.
  11:08am Marcy:

Catholics invented Christian/ pagan syncretism... exactly what church d'ya think Constantine belonged to? Happy Sol Invictus everyone!
  11:08am Bad Ronald:

The Pogues -
  11:09am Sean Daily:

Probably one of the last comments! Woo hoo!
  11:10am Stuart:

The Perfect Reference gives a NT ref. for kid brother Jimmy. Says he was called "The Just" because of his ascetic practices (as in he Just wanted a little bit of stuff?)
  11:12am Charles:

Ken, I sent you a link to more xmas music, it's in your Inbox
  11:14am Other Charles:

Ken: Put on Hallo Gallo. Not XMas-y, but it is driving music. For those of us who have to drive for the Holidays.
  11:17am Ken:

So when does the new tATu movie open? We have to plan this viewing - its supposed to open in January.
  11:22am stucco toast:

did i hear some jim nabors in there ?

i think he or gomer have an xmas albumen
  11:23am Wes:

Jim Nabors probably has half a dozen xmas albums, just check your local thrift store record rack. Jim will be there waiting.
  11:24am Sean Padilla:

Pretty much every Christmas-themed song that I can possibly stand has already been played on this program :-)
  11:24am Ken:

Wow Stucco, nice catch! There was one second of Jim Nabors in there by mistake.
  11:26am Raj:

I've got x-mas suggestions to run that maybe too obvious: "kung Foo Christmas" from NatLamp, "Father Christmas" from the Davies Family Orchestratum....
  11:26am Man Overboard:

"Christmas Is the Only Time (I Think of You)," Wes Lachot on that dBs xmas album. Or Martin Mull's "Santa Fly," what the hell.
  11:27am stucco toast:

we are listening
your every move
  11:30am Ken:

14 comments away from my all-time comment record. Just sayin...
  11:32am Charles:

13, now.
  11:33am stucco toast:

what about stream listeners?
is the number of listeners up? is it correlated?

-- listening in pittsburgh
  11:33am Raj:

By the way, few people know about the three wiser men who crossed Bethlehem the day after our lord savory was born bearing gifts that were half off their ticketed price....
  11:33am Sean Daily:

Awwwwwww... Pwaying "Oh Howy Night" on the kitten-o-phone... AWWWWWWWW...
  11:34am jonathan:

this is the best set i've ever heard in my life.
  11:34am cheri:

ken,,i just sent you a link to a weird xmas video
thank you for a great year,,
  11:34am Wes:

All your base are belong to us!!! (evil laugh)
  11:36am b.bell:

to John from Oslo, and the rest of you, too-

God Jul, and do you know about the julkattor?
  11:38am Parq:

Have loved this particular Eddie Lawrence track since childhood. Always treasured the image of grandma locked in an erector-set cage.
  11:39am Mike:

redeemable for one free comment. Merry Christmas.
  11:39am Ron D:

Hey Ken!
Thanks for Playing the Eddie Lawrence stuff!
  11:41am Bad Ronald:

All My Friends -
  11:43am stucco toast:

didn't like christianity that much. special fx not as good as hinduism.
hoping the sequel will be better.
  11:44am Listener Dave:

So, when is our good friend Andy Breckman dropping by?
  11:47am horatio:

nice tony mason cox joint. great continuity this program has. keep up the good work ken.

RON PAUL for president.
  11:48am ?:

Ron Jeremy for President!
  11:48am ?:

RuPaul for President!
  11:49am horatio:

freedom is at stake.

and dolla dolla bill y'all
  11:50am ?:

Freedim IS at stake. Get Harper off the Hill, Canada!
  11:51am horatio:

thats the spirit.
  11:51am horatio:

aweome baritone bass voice
  11:51am English Annie:

Oh, I love my Wednesday afternoons...thanks, Ken!
  11:52am Ken:

Yay! I've broken my comment record! Up to 155. Now I can go on vacation. Thanks everybody!
  11:52am Keith:

The RuPaul/Jeremy ticket would be a breath of fresh air.
  11:53am Wes:

Eid Mabrook and Kullu am wa anthumbukhair! Horatio Hornblower for presudent.
  11:53am ?:

They'd be the King and Queen of America!
  11:53am Listener Gazoo:

Ken....still have to break the 7SD comment record, no?
  11:54am Listener Dave:

Thanks for the Thurl! Now for some Zatumba mixed with "Hi" and I'm ready for the holiday!
  11:54am Chance From That Third World Country, Maine:

Ron Paul for President, but if not..

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for Prez!
  11:54am stucco toast:

large screens will start to be common in church.
video sermons initially, then the stained glass
(especially as sunlight becomes scarce).

the experience will merge with the theatre experience,
with church distinguishing itself with FDA-approved religio-entheogens dispensed by the Rx-preist.
or, a device that stimulates the 'god part of the brain' (which see)
depending which is approved (papally, governmentally) first.

oh yeah, related --
Troubled times for Texas hallucinogen harvesters (Reuters)
  11:56am ?:

I wish the church would extinguish itself with with all due alacrity!
  11:57am Parq:

No, Ken, that was Foghorn Leghorn,
  11:58am Prince Cobra:


  11:58am Wes:

Stucco your insight is awe inspiring.
  11:58am stucco toast:

this show's a keeper..
will burn the mp3 when it becomes available
and play for friends over the holidays.
  11:59am PRINCE COBRA:

tru that. KEEPER
  11:59am Charles:

Thanks for another great Holiday show, Ken! See ya next year!
  12:00pm Stuart:

yay for streaming and wget - am keeping the show, will replay for office christmas party
  12:00pm prince cobra:

  12:01pm Claused:

Murry Xmas, Ken
  2:29am John from Oslo:

julkattor to you b.bell and a merry kat to ken
  5:30pm Simon:

Hi Ken, great show as ever.
You might like to check out "Ghosts of Christmas past" on Les Disques Du Crepuscule. Has the track "praying for a cheaper christmas" on it by The Swinging Buildings (rumoured to be New Order in disguise), plus lots of other goodies. Favourite xmas lp in our house.

cheers, chief,

  1:16pm negator:

Listening to this show on Christmas Day! Thanks for making it holy again, Ken. I want God's sloppy thirds! THat's the way I like it....
  3:54pm Lizardner Dave:

Listening to this again on Krampus Day, 12/5/08. An all-time brilliant show.
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