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Playlist for 12 March 2008 Favoriting | Marathon Hangover 2008 - Dedicated to Client Number Nine

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
The Beatles  Revolution Number 9   Favoriting White Album      0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Diana Ross  Love Hangover   Favoriting       0:08:55 (Pop-up)
Pizzicatto Five  Thank You   Favoriting This Year's Girl      0:12:09 (Pop-up)
Hawkwind  Silver Machine   Favoriting Live 1972      0:17:31 (Pop-up)
Neil Youn  Revolution Blues   Favoriting On The Beach      0:22:18 (Pop-up)
UFO  Off Road   Favoriting showa 64 (compilation)      0:25:55 (Pop-up)
Eglantine Gouzy & Landini  LA   Favoriting Monika Barchen: Songs For Bruno, Knut & Tom    *   0:39:23 (Pop-up)
Cobra Killer  Chemie Des Alltags   Favoriting 76 / 77      0:42:21 (Pop-up)
Stereo Total  Das Erset Mal   Favoriting Do the Bambi      0:45:14 (Pop-up)
Tony Mason Cox  The Impossible Dream   Favoriting       0:51:33 (Pop-up)
Worksshop  Simply What I Want To Do   Favoriting Welcome Back The Workshop      0:53:53 (Pop-up)
Psychedelic Horseshit  Can't Get Enough   Favoriting       1:01:11 (Pop-up)
Rush  Seven and Seven Is   Favoriting Feedback      1:03:39 (Pop-up)
Outlaws and Neil Young and The Guide Dog Glee Club  Last Trip to Green Grass and High Tides   Favoriting       1:07:04 (Pop-up)
Bob Dylan  Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands   Favoriting Blonde on Blonde      1:15:13 (Pop-up)
Ivor Cutler  WHat Have You Got?   Favoriting A Flat Man    *   1:25:44 (Pop-up)
Jacques Dutronc  Le Roi de le Fete   Favoriting Unhinged Melodies: Liz Berg's 2007 WFMU Marathon Premium      1:29:23 (Pop-up)
Anaphie vs Phlex  Caramba Caracho Ein Whisky   Favoriting Shitkatapult Strike 88cd      1:32:24 (Pop-up)
Half Japanese  Firecracker   Favoriting Greatest Hits      1:37:17 (Pop-up)
The Beatles and David Lee Roth  Runnin' With The Beatles   Favoriting       1:39:33 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Der Plan 
        1:43:11 (Pop-up)
Messer Chups  When A Knife Thrower Missed The Target   Favoriting Zombie Shopping    *   1:54:55 (Pop-up)
Messer Chups  Zombie in a Mini Skirt   Favoriting Zombie Shopping    *   1:57:27 (Pop-up)
Andy Lewis and Betty Lavette  Love Ever After   Favoriting       1:59:33 (Pop-up)
R Stevie Moore  Puttin' Up The Groceries   Favoriting Meet The R. Stevie Moore    *   2:03:40 (Pop-up)
Unknown Japanese Artist  Track 3   Favoriting The GoGo Guitar 70s of Japan      2:06:14 (Pop-up)
Mustangs  Sativa   Favoriting Asian Flashback: Underground Music From Asia      2:09:18 (Pop-up)
Love of Life Orchestra  Siberia   Favoriting New Music from Antarctica Vol. 1      2:15:25 (Pop-up)
Yen Artists / Haruomi Hosono  God Be With You Till We meet Again   Favoriting Yen Memorial Album      2:19:41 (Pop-up)
Right Said Fred  I'm Too Sexy Elliot Spitzer Catwalk Mix   Favoriting       2:27:07 (Pop-up)
Labelle  Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi?   Favoriting       2:34:12 (Pop-up)
Ben Davidson Hewitt  Border City Call Girl   Favoriting       2:38:34 (Pop-up)
Various  Waiting for Elliot to Resign!   Favoriting       2:43:03 (Pop-up)
The Pop Group  We Are All Prostitutes   Favoriting       2:50:09 (Pop-up)
Dr Stephen Baird  They Caught Jimmy With Another Whore   Favoriting Hallelujah! Evolution!      2:52:55 (Pop-up)
      From this point on, I'll embed videos that people suggest. The first one is from fiteJCityWay:     
rx  The End of the World   Favoriting        

Listener comments!

  9:03am Dominick:

  9:04am The Framinator:

#9. its been years. sweet.
  9:06am ike:

The 'idols' were doing beatles tunes last nite.
  9:07am dei xhrist:

This is the second time I have ever heard Revolution #9 over the airwaves. The other time was when a NH radio station filled up its Thanksgiving broadcast with every Beatles song, alphabetically, thereby creating an audio quilt unfettered by career context.
  9:07am The Framinator:

might i suggest you follow this up with a little Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed...... that would set many a workplace listener on edge.
  9:09am Ike (the real one):

That wasn't me. I pride myself on never knowing what the hell is happening on "American Idol." Bryce, is that you, you bastard?!?
  9:10am dei x:

Ah, Ken's show... when I find all sorts of things to do at my desk so I don't have to miss some of the audio collage.
  9:11am c:

Was that a jibe at Spitzer?
  9:13am Listener Dave:

Mornin' Ken!

Thanks for another terrific two weeks of Marathon programming.
  9:13am fiteJCityWay:

david lee roth cant do this:

go ken go
  9:14am woj:

select * from songs where song_title like '%thank%'
  9:14am PMD:

Ack! I don't want to miss anything either, but forgot to peee before it started. Good thing there's Depends.
  9:14am Richard:

May I be the 50,000th person to congratulate you Ken! Super Marathon this year - excellent energy vibe from the whole crew! One question, why no webcams this year? Is it just the cost?
  9:14am pat:

Hey Ken! What's up with the quality of the H&M Symphonia? I thought you said "drunk and unrehearsed" singers? And the band was TOO tight. What should we expect next year? Perfection? I had to explain to my wife why in the world I was listening to a RUSH song on the radio with my mouth open! Rush for chrissakes!
  9:16am Ken:

I'm with you Pat! That's why I refused to rehearse. Next year I will put acid in the bottled water backstage.
  9:18am pat:

I have a couple of suggestions: 1. ensure singers have blood/alcohol content of at least .1% 2. make musicians switch instruments after each song in a clockwise fashion. 3. don't let Bryce play drums!
  9:19am Ken:

Thanks so much to everybody who pledged!! To those who didn't pledge.... im comin fo yo ass.
  9:19am John from Oslo:

...and just as Ken had written the word "acid", he hits the play button on Hawkwind... are we in for hallucinated set or...
  9:22am Ghengis Jung:

Listen Closely. Is Zatumba singing backup?
  9:34am TheVF:

Ken, the cartoon depiction of NPR Hell put the fear of God in me to donate some more cash this year. Good work on the mind numbing propaganda.
  9:38am Listener David:

Hey Ken....why do you hate Rush so much?
  9:42am Ken:

What's not to hate about Rush? Sheesh...
  9:48am Ken:

TheVF, glad you liked that graphic. I hope you get to see the version we did in case we made the goal. I will put it up if we pass the goal due to post-marathon pledges. The graphic was based on this Mormon graphic:
  9:49am david lee roth:

rush sucks

flipper does not suck
  9:51am Wes:

Rush sucks.
It does appear that I'm getting my morning dose of organ though, thank you sincerely.
  9:54am pat:

Rush does indeed suck but after Sunday I have a new appreciation of their insane time signature/changes...or maybe just the H&MS interpretation of them.

Flipper does indeed not suck.
  9:55am Negator:

Next year you should have a marathon propaganda contest like you did during your logo search. By the way, the logo should have been mine:
  10:00am dei x:

I would edit it a little on the lower right to make the mushroom shape a little more defined. But then this part of the country likes things rather heavy handed and easily interpreted within a fraction of a second. Um, which is probably why Rush has such a strong following here.
  10:01am dei x:

BOTH Rushes.
  10:01am Listener Dave:

You said "morning dose of organ" Uh huh huh. Huh huh.
  10:02am pat:

That Mormon board game image is hilarious! You only have to spend 1000 years in hell according to Mormonism??
  10:05am Negator:

Rush Rules! Everybody knows Rush rules. They rule.
  10:05am pat:

  10:06am -max-:

This set is clearing the cobwebs quite nicely. Thanks Ken!
Wait! Is that RUSH covering the LOVE classic?!! Too much!
  10:07am lonnie:

suddenly my mullett feels good. one thing about rush, alex liefson has never been your run of the mill blues\-based guitar player. he was always kind of unusual for his time. still can't write a decent song, but a little out of step and that's okay.
  10:08am woj:

i feel a pitch-shifted all-rush set coming on...or maybe a billy jam re-rush-mix show?
  10:09am Crazy Kiwi:

What am i doing up at 3.08 AM in New Zealand? Listening to WFMU!
  10:11am -max-:

  10:12am John from Oslo:

To end this Rush discussion:

Rush followers are either Commodore 64 nerds from the 80s or wannabe drummers who force Rush upon late night male guests while they airdrum the rudiments to "Tom Sawyer" from the "Moving Pictures" LP with half closed eyes and go "wooooooooow, listen to that drummer go - do you know he's a professor?" And then they toast with import beer to the passing of Jeff Porcaro, and play some Toto.

The Only good thing to come out of Rush, was the Sabian Paragon Cymbals series...
  10:14am Lang:

Can you please tell me what this incredible Neil ( part of) this song is? I am coming up empty on the internets
  10:15am Crazy kiwi:

Its Thursday morning here! Have a cool Wednesday guys!
  10:16am g:

lang: it's "last trip to tulsa" from NY's s/t record
  10:16am jeff:

Last Trip to Tulsa
  10:17am Ken:

Lang, That was "Last Trip to Tulsa" from the first Neil solo LP, and it was mixed with The Guide Dog Glee Club's Adogio, which was played through the reverb unit and started and stopped a lot.
  10:18am Listener Dave:

I like Rush, and I pledge. Tphtttt!!
  10:21am John from Oslo:

I like to pick my nose, and I Pledge. Tphtttt!!
  10:21am Jack:

Re: "Sad Eyed Lady..."

OK, who are you - really - and what have you done with Ken Freedman?
  10:22am Ken:

Dave - I just played Rush, so I hope your feelings are not TOO hurt. But you have to understand that with the exception of yourself, Rush fans are, at least technically, not even human. They are still able to feel pain though and reproduce and love, so I wish them no harm. But human? No.
  10:23am John from Oslo:

Ken is gone, it is Sven Freedmansson the Swedish DJ who runs the operation now
  10:26am pat:

I love staying up late and forcing my male guests to listen to Who albums while I air-drum along and then toasting the greatest drummer EVER: Keith Moon. Actually I've been finding that a lot of my Who albums aren't aging too well...
  10:26am Listener Dave:

It just shows that even in WFMU, the land of the outcasts, I am outcast. But do not weep for me. Do not cry. I shall survive.
  10:26am Negator:

Bob Dylan vs. Bert Jansh. This just in! Bert kicks that sad-eyed know-it-all in the nuts!
  10:27am Bad Ronald:

God Bless Moonie!
  10:27am proplox:

Beautiful! Should be a national referendum to play Ivor Cutler once a day...
  10:29am Lang:

Thanks for the info guys! A good reason to pull that out and listen past 'I've been waiting for you', I guess I could just imagine the effects processing
  10:30am John from Oslo:

Prairie Prince (The Tubes), now that's a versatile drummer!
  10:30am Parq:

Ken can slag Rush all he wants, just so he keeps his paws off Speedwagon. And Pat, the classic rock crowd have killed the Who for all of us.
  10:33am lonnie:

hey pat, how great is the who by numbers? blows that bloated overrated piece of crap quadraphenia out of the water, and has aged quite well.
  10:34am Listener Dave:

I like the Who too.

I do not like REO Speedwagon. In the normal world, this would score points for taste. Don't know what happens here.
  10:34am pat:

I still think ..Sings My Generation, Sell Out, and Tommy are amazing. But I can't listen to Quatropenia anymore, or really anything after 1969.

If we're switching to a drummer debate may I just put in a vote for Moonie and RINGO STARR!
  10:36am Ken:

Just dont think you're going to trick me into playing any REO Speedwagon...
  10:36am nEGATOR:

I think Kevin Croanin, Getty Lee, and Billy Squire were actually brothers or went to the same stylist. Ever noticed the similarities in the way these guys look?
  10:38am Listener Dave:

See, I still love Quadrophenia but can't listen to Tommy anymore (well the album version anyway..the live versions like Woodstock and Isle of Wight still work).
  10:38am pat:

this Anaphie vs Phlex rules!
  10:38am John from Oslo:

I agree with Pat on Ringo Starr, he's one of the most underrated drummers ever, I mean.. just listen to "Come together"!
  10:38am g:

but Ken, all of the jukeboxes in Williamsburg are packed with REO these days. you'd be really hip to play it. in an "ironic" way, of course . ..
  10:40am pat:

Coolest thing about Ringo is nobody sounds like him. When you hear him drumming you instantly know it's him....even if you hadn't heard the song a million times. Okay I'm done commenting for the day...
  10:41am Listener Dave from NH:

This Beatles/Roth mashup is freaking insane.
I love it.
  10:42am Listener Dave:

Of course, those jukeboxes are located in bars where idiots pay 5 bucks a can to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon in an ironic way too, right?

I love this David Lee/Beatles mash up. If only it had a train whistle....
  10:55am Parq:

Ken, here, play this cool Animal Collective CD. No, pay no attention to where it says "REO Speedwagon" on the label, that's just their little jape.
  10:55am north guinea hills:

i just got my wfmu pledge forms, and apparently it has me pledging twice the amount i originally did. however, the temptation of getting an additional dj premium cd is too much to pass up, so i'm game!
  10:57am dei x:

Thanks for the melty LP tutorial - I'm gonna make me a Ventures mannequin! If I had some, I'd use Heino LPs.
  11:00am Negator:

I like a "snapper" every once in a while. Take a shitty record and, with two hands bend it until the two oppisite sides are touching. Although some are better than others, plastic pieces fly everywhere and there is a loud "snap". WARNING: Wear eye protection or look away before snapper snaps AND BEWARE this tends to offend people, so if you do it around someone beware angry responses.
  11:03am ?:

Heino Rules! Everybody knows Heino rules. He rule.
  11:04am dei x:

Sounds like a Haters performance I missed in '94 ... plastic splinters everywhere, if you have the right kind of record. Otherwise your threats are kind of silly as you stand there with a bent Bananarama and a folded Stryker.
  11:04am Parq:

[[if you do it around someone beware angry responses. ]]

Especially if it was their favorite record.
  11:05am jneil:

Thanks for the Messer Chups! Their 2 shows last week were a blast.
  11:06am -max-:

Ha!! Great segue into RStevieMoore! Thanks ken! This is from his new release on Cherry Red Records. Buy it now!!
  11:11am Ken:

The great thing about playing and molding with warmed up vinyl is that you don't get one shot - if it doesnt come out right,m throw it back in the oven for another two minutes and then try it again!
  11:14am dei x:

The dimensionally corrected records SOUND better too.
  11:21am Ken:

Sorry about that - one channel was missing. Had to take the stylus off and fix it.
  11:22am Carmichael:

I dug that cool Yacht Rock sax on Siberia. Brought me back to the 80s and Mel Collins.

Only LoLO is cooler.
  11:23am jamesie:

I tried it on my wiener and it hurt! I will send you my medical bills ... you... you ...
  11:24am Carmichael:

Ken, I have to run off to a staff meeting. Don't play anything good till I get back, OK?
  11:26am Ghengis Jung:

Anyone tried glue records? completely coat one side of a record with Elmer's glue, thick and evenly distributed, and when it is dry, carefully peel it off. you can play it on a regular turntable (for awhile)...
  11:26am Listener Dave:

Yeah me too, I have to turn off the stream from about 11:30-11:45 to hold a quick meeting. Please play some REO Speedwagon so I can miss it!
  11:31am cribley:

Not only does the Elmer's play well, but it cleans your records quite well.
  11:31am Alex:

Love the Catwalk mix - is this a live mix with Brian Lehrer on WNYC in the background? And will Elliot make a cameo himself?
  11:31am Evan:

Spitzzzzzzzzer! He's walking on the catwalk right now!!
  11:33am -max-:

Poor Carmichael and Listener Dave. They don't know what they missed!! Guess they will have to wait for the archive to be posted.
  11:34am Listener Dave from NH:

This would be better if it were the 7SD Uncle Ken & Andy live re-enactment of the news stations instead of the news stations mixed in.
It's still pretty surreal.
  11:34am evan:

its too funny im watching the online feed of cnn, and they keep showing clips of spitzer walking down the street, don't know if its live or not
  11:37am Negator:

Play that Andrea True Connection song, "More, More, More"
  11:42am Bad Ronald:

Whores and Drugs:
  11:44am jeff:

spitzer or swallow?
  11:45am St.Even the Last Or Only Verbivore:

Hey who does that Missy Elliot cover?Anybody know?
  11:45am Bad Ronald:

Batter swallow at those rates.
  11:47am cribley:


roman or gyuto
  11:47am Ghengis Jung:

Why do they always have to drag the poor humiliated wife onstage with them?
  11:49am Jessica:

Ken = magic.
  11:50am Negator:

St.Even: Satanicpornocultshop
Ken: you kick my ASS!
  11:50am -max-:

Wow. This is WAY better than seeing it on TV.
  11:51am lonnie:

dammit ken, this has been a 5 diamond show, and you are a 5 diamond dj. maybe next week we can get back to all being cheap whores
  11:51am Elias:

I've had the radios in my house tuned to both WFMU and WNYC for about an hour. It highlights Ken's super mixmaster powers, I'm amazed and in awe.
  11:51am Mere:

Ken, this is brilliant. I've never enjoyed listening to NPR/public humiliation more than I do now. We can now earn yuppie cred while continuing to listen to WFMU. Way to make the impossible possible.
  11:52am jeff:

photoshop this:
  11:56am Megan:

that set earns you an extra diamond!!!
  11:57am dei x:

There's no need to photo edit that shot - too easy! Now, if prostitution were legal and unionized, the fees would be more realistic.
  11:58am Listener Dave:

Thanks for doing a genius set while I was away. I'm not being sarcastic or anything.

Good thing I caught the end of it....
  1:39pm Boob:

  2:49pm fern:

time-shifted listening is fun! Ken, I think this is your best show in a while (not including your marathon shows).
  3:56pm Tim:

I love it. Sadly it means missing out on the fun of the live playlist comments though.
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