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Playlist for 19 March 2008 Favoriting | Wake and Bake

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
Pink Floyd  Fearless   Favoriting Meddle    0:00:00 (Pop-up)
David Darling & The Wulu Bunun  Ku-Isa Tama Laug   Favoriting Mudanin Kata    0:05:57 (Pop-up)
Edda Dell'Orso / Armando Travajoli  Love is a Woman   Favoriting Voice  *   0:07:45 (Pop-up)
Martyn Jacques  The Pedophile In The Park   Favoriting Blood, Muscle & Air: The Intimate Voice  *   0:10:18 (Pop-up)
Carla Bley Band  Drinking Music   Favoriting European Tour 1977    0:12:48 (Pop-up)
Faust / Nurse With Wound  Lass Mich   Favoriting Disconnected  *   0:26:19 (Pop-up)
Veronica Elsea  The Juno Waltz   Favoriting The Guide Dog Glee Club  *   0:39:23 (Pop-up)
John Malkovich  Malkovich Masterpiece Remix   Favoriting Being John Malkovich OST    0:42:07 (Pop-up)
Yamataka Eye  Cosmic Hierarchy (Wrench) Remix   Favoriting Re...Remix?  *   0:44:24 (Pop-up)
White Noise  Here Come The Fleas   Favoriting An Electric Storm    0:51:13 (Pop-up)
Wire  Strange   Favoriting Pink Flag    1:00:42 (Pop-up)
Times New Viking  teen drama   Favoriting Rip It Off  *   1:04:16 (Pop-up)
Jesu  Track 3   Favoriting Life Line  *   1:06:04 (Pop-up)
Quarks  Willkommen   Favoriting Monika Barchen: Songs For Bruno, Knut & Tom  *   1:11:49 (Pop-up)
Jeffrey Lewis  Systematic Death   Favoriting 12 Crass Songs  *   1:13:44 (Pop-up)
The Venus Fly Trap One Girl Band  You Loved Me Fast   Favoriting Toppler Records See Dee Too 2008  *   1:16:44 (Pop-up)
Meadow House  My Window Cleaning Days are Over   Favoriting Tongue Under a Ton of Nine Volters    1:22:07 (Pop-up)
When  Sin The Sailor   Favoriting Trippy Happy  *   1:24:29 (Pop-up)
Magnetic Fields (vocal: Claudia Gonson)  Three Way   Favoriting Distortion is Truth  *   1:37:01 (Pop-up)
Unknown Artist  Track One   Favoriting The GoGo Guitar 70s of Japan    1:40:09 (Pop-up)
John Zorn  Seduction   Favoriting Filmworks 1986-1990    1:43:17 (Pop-up)
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath  Nick Tete   Favoriting Eclipse at Dawn    1:47:30 (Pop-up)
SRP  Blues   Favoriting Self-Titled    1:55:24 (Pop-up)
Carla Bley  Sing Me Softly of the Blues   Favoriting Dinner Music    2:00:19 (Pop-up)
Mary Lou Williams  Praise the Lord   Favoriting Black Christ of the Andes    2:07:43 (Pop-up)
Johnnie Lee Wills & his Boys  Thingamajig   Favoriting Victrola Favorites  *   2:19:02 (Pop-up)
Esquivel  Whatchamacallit   Favoriting     2:21:01 (Pop-up)
Mickey and the Soul Generation  The Whatzit   Favoriting     2:23:25 (Pop-up)
Tom & Jerrio  Great Googa Mooga   Favoriting Title Track  *   2:26:54 (Pop-up)
Jack Ross  Mumbles   Favoriting Las Vegas Grind    2:28:38 (Pop-up)
Chris Mann  I've Heard That One   Favoriting Blood, Muscle & Air: The Intimate Voice  *   2:31:18 (Pop-up)
Anna Homler  Oo Nu Diya   Favoriting Do Ya Sa' Di Do: A Sonic Geography    2:36:46 (Pop-up)
Native Hipsters  Abattoir   Favoriting Songs To Protest About ... and the Native Hipsters    2:40:08 (Pop-up)
Elakelaiset  Move It On Over   Favoriting     2:44:45 (Pop-up)
Seigen Ono  Roman Marching Band   Favoriting Comme Des Garcons Vol 2    2:47:00 (Pop-up)
Naing Naing  Brosse A Danse   Favoriting Toothbrush Fever    2:50:41 (Pop-up)
Das Bierbeben  Steifheit   Favoriting Shitkatapult Strike 88cd  *   2:53:33 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Listener David:

Floyd first thing in the morning! Cool..sort of like waking and baking!
  9:02am Thomas:

Hello Ken! Hello America! Hello Sweden! Hello everybody!
  9:02am Listener Dave:

Excellent opener. You know, some Rush would be a nice segue.
  9:05am Negator:

This song was my favorite song to listen to while taking LSD a long time ago. Fearless..
  9:05am Dickdong (UK):

I'm going to Sweden TOMORROW! I'll think of you Ken.
  9:07am jonathan:

i will not be going to sweden, but i will be taking drugs.
  9:09am Ken:

Morning everybody. I might as well have waked and baked, I am severely under the weather today. Been in bed for the last five days with flu.. feeling underwater crawling.. must play records...
  9:12am Dickdong.:


i will not be going to sweden, but i will be taking drugs.>

See you at 30,000 feet.
Ken - see Jonathan - he'll make you feel better.
  9:12am Irwin Chusid:

Is this Martyn from the Tiger Lillies?
  9:14am Negator:

That is truely fucked up! Who is Martyn Jacques?
  9:14am Ken:

Yep, that was Martyn all right. A solo track on a new David Moss curated compilation.
  9:20am Laurie:

I <3 Martyn Jacques.
  9:23am Bad Ronald:

Hi Laurie are you the Laurie who was interested in the Ded Skakels EP?
  9:25am -max-:

Hang in there, Ken. We're all pulling for you!
  9:27am jonathan:

don't be sorry, ken...everything is coming together...just as we planned.
  9:30am JJZ:

I've always felt that the key to getting back to good health when sick was watching The Price is Right.
  9:43am ratbone:

watching the price is right MEANS you're sick!
  9:47am cribley:

is lysol disinfectant spray safe for studio equipment, i wonder?
  9:55am jonathan:

lysol is safe for NOTHING!
  9:56am Listener John:

Hang in there, Ken! They need you in Sweden! (& in NJ!)
  9:59am PD:

Wear a mask!!!
  10:02am Will:

What was that playing behind you Ken?
  10:02am Bad Ronald:

I like this!
  10:02am fern:

Hey Ken, Just tuning in. I have to say, post-maration, you're doing some of the best shows you've done in a while. You must have been preoccupied pre-marathon.
  10:04am Ken:

That was "Nostalgia of Island" by Haruomi Hosono behind me before.
  10:06am Will:

Cheers. This is good.
  10:22am evan:

amazing song=
  10:25am ?:
  10:27am JJZ:

Speaking of amazing youtube things:
  10:29am johN:

God Bless you K man. I almost want to clean windows for a day just to see what people are up to.
  10:37am Mark B:

Liked the Meadow House. Kinda like George Formby on LSD.
  10:38am spok:

man you are amazing!hahahahahaha
  10:38am Gregory:

But, Ken, why WAS the prostitute so expensive??? If my child asked, I wouldn't have a clue, other than to engage in a long discussion of the laws of supply and demand, marginal value, and so on. Is that what the Daily News recommends? Oops, there's my son on the phone right now!!!
  10:41am Ken:

She was so expensive because she WASNT a skanky ho! Hello?!!
  10:42am cribley:

Perhaps he paid her not to sing whilst they were trysting.
  10:42am Gregory:

Good point. I am calling my son back right away. He didn't fall for that whole "marginal value" story.
  10:45am Laurie:

I had no idea John Zorn composed stripper music. Is this why they gave him a MacArthur genius grant?
  10:46am Bad Ronald:

Hi Laurie are you the Laurie who was interested in the Ded Skakels EP?
  10:51am Laurie:

Yes. I emailed you.
  10:52am Ken:

Yes, Zorn has lots of great strip-tease music. All from his Spillane period. That's not why he got the Genius award though.
  10:52am Bad Ronald:

Sorry to bother you can you please resend?
I lost it.
  10:54am Negator:

What is interesting to me about this is the lack of talk about male prostitutes. Do they have the same price point of $5000? What constitutes a $5000 an hour male hooker? I wonder if men get that much. I've never solicited a hooker, but in my past I didn't get laid much. I'm not unattractive either. Maybe I'll tell my kids when they ask, whats a hooker, daddy, I'll say, 'That's a person that lets you release your inner slut son.'
  10:56am m p:

ken, whenever i doubt the logic of pledging so much money to wfmu on my zero salary, i just need to listen to you doing a deathbed show and i know that all things are good, the world withstanding.
  11:00am Marie:

Great show Ken! I hope you feel better soon. I hope you have something fun planned for next Wednesday.
  11:01am Ken:

Thanks Marie. I'm going to Atlanta next week for a radio conference. Anybody have any suggestions for stuff to do in Hotlanta?
  11:02am JJZ:

Get stuck in traffic, I seem to recall from my last time being there.
  11:04am Bad Ronald:

Visit Richard Jewell's grave
  11:05am Ken:

Yep, this is what I thought....
  11:10am JJZ:

Actually, there was a hamburger place that was supposed to be quite good. it's "Ann's Snack Bar" at the bottom, and I think more details are linked within.
  11:15am richard:

Ken, are you and Andy back on tonight? I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from S/S Delay podcast deficit, and my doctor just doesn't understand!
  11:15am Vivian:

Oh yes, Ann's Snack Bar is home to the Ghetto Burger. You may want to stop in at the Clairmont Lounge. Saturday night generates a mixed crowd.
  11:16am Vivian:

Avoid downtown, still a mess due to last weekend's tornado
  11:19am Mark:

Perhaps something peachy
  11:20am Bad Ronald:

  11:21am Adrian in London:

I listened to the SSD waterboarding podcast on the way into work this morning then looked at the Flckr photos. You really DID have men in black hoods! I thought it was just artistic licence.
  11:24am Ken:

This is as far as I can take this whaddayacallit theme unless someone has some ideas and quick!
  11:26am JJZ:

Well, there was that old whatchamacallit candy bar, commercials on youtube, I bet.
  11:26am Mark:

Play Sister Ray twice
  11:26am Bad Ronald:

Play something by "the artist formerly known as Prince".
  11:27am Bad Ronald:

  11:29am Bad Ronald:

Blah Blah Cha Cha Cha?
  11:29am monica:

"The What-Cha-Ma-Call-It" by Johnny Mercer. Maybe in MP3 library?
  11:32am Bad Ronald:

Bo Bo Skediddle

Nick Lowe
  11:35am Sean Daily:

Sounds like Chris Mann is having a Kenny G moment.
  11:42am Listener Dave:

Hey you, hey you!
  11:42am Bad Ronald:

I Zimbra - talking Heads
Solar Prestige A Gammon - Elton John
  11:44am Parq:

[listening to Native Hipster] For some reason, I suddenly have the strangest craving for a steak sandwich.
  11:45am Sean Daily:

I have the strangest craving for a fried sandwich. Yes, this is the... first fried sandwich I have eaten.
  11:45am Mark:

Liliput - Eisiger Wind
  11:46am nh_dave:

Humpa always makes me smile
  11:47am mace:

yea el&#228;kel&#228;iset! the name means "pensioners". funny to hear finnish lyrics on wfmu. sometimes m.a. numminen is played too
  11:47am Listener Dave:

I love the Humppaa!

Ken, you're almost home....
  11:49am mace:

@nh_dave: and that was jenkka, not humppa :) they singed "jatkosotajenkka", that is "continuation war jenka". that particular war was between russia and finland in 1941-44.
  11:54am Bad Ronald:

I wish my dentist played Naing Naing during my visits
  11:59am nh_dave:

Man I need to scrub up on my finnish music references :) Thanks for the correction, who knew!
  11:59am Carl:

The Roman Marching Band has totally sold out...
  11:59am Ganjibus Gorilla:

Awesome photos... what's the story behind 'em?
  12:00pm Laurie:

Feel better, Ken!!
  12:01pm Listener Dave:

Good night Ken. Thanks for another great Wednesday morning.
  12:46pm Ken:

Thanks everybody. Ganjibus, those photos are from the annual Holi festival in India, which happens every March. It's also called the Festival of Colors. People throw colored powder all over one another. The full set is on my flickr page here:
  1:59pm Jeff M:

Good work, Ken... I can feel myself catching your cold, even through the computer and delayed by archiving. The congestion is making my ears pop.

Nonetheless, you bring joy. Kathryn was wondering why I was getting that odd grin on my face... I explained that since we were starting to hear the instrumental strains of Nilsson's Popeye music, if we were lucky we might hear some backing vocals by Zatumba. And if we were really lucky, we might get some TRAIN WHISTLE!

The joy is nearly as contagious as your cold.
  3:06pm Jeff M:

When I asked Kathryn what you should do in Atlanta -- she lived there for ten years before escaping back North -- I thought she might come up with a suggestion involving some of her old music-scene buddies or their favored haunts. Instead, she mentioned that the main place in Atlanta people used to make a pilgrimage to from within Georgia and from all the states around was the "Gold Club".

It may be a little too late, though:
  8:26pm Gonzo:

I think you mean You'll never walk alone is by Gerry and the pacemakers don't you?
  5:33am DJ N-rated:

For Bad Ronald and his dentist : Naing Naing's next album will feature samples of Naing Naing at the dentist (and this song is already included in his live shows). Some loves it and some hates it !
  9:52pm spaniel:

what? what? you're not making that up? expensive because of jets? that's insane. thanks for the mag. fields and p.floyd too. and the rest of this show has been great.
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